10+ Best Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

Only when you fully enter the world of cryptocurrencies do you realize all the possibilities of making profits. It’s not just about trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. You can go for presales, stake crypto, lend your assets, mine coins, and more. Above everything else, joining crypto affiliate programs is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. 

In this piece, we cover the best crypto affiliate programs that offer high commissions, feature simple terms, and boast great online reputations. We’ll also tell you how these programs work, their benefits, what you can earn from them, and how to pick the right one for your needs. 

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs With the Highest Payouts

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry. According to Kinsta, its estimated global worth is around $17 billion. Considering it was only worth approximately $13 billion in 2016, it’s growing at a rapid pace. 

As such, even crypto affiliate marketing is highly lucrative in the right hands. Our experts have scoured the web to find the best crypto affiliate program offering the highest commissions. As is usually the case, it’s hard to settle for one, so we have a list of ten high-quality programs you’ll want to consider. 

Here’s a quick overview of their standout features:

  1. Eightcap — Best crypto affiliate program. Get up to 50% commissions with this crypto trading platform. 
  2. Vantage – Award-winning affiliate program with over 20,000 active affiliates and over $5 million in commissions paid.
  3. Margex – Leading cryptocurrency affiliate program with a 40% commission for all referrers.
  4. Binance — Amazon of crypto exchanges in terms of popularity, commissions go as high as 50%.
  5. OKX – Innovative crypto wallet and exchange. Up to 50% of commissions are settled hourly.
  6. MEXC – High-performance crypto trading platform with 50% referral and 10% sub-affiliate commissions.
  7. Zengo – A self-custodial crypto wallet. Earn $100 for every first commercial transaction of a qualified referee.
  8. ByBit — Affiliate program offers a dedicated account manager, daily payments, and invitations to networking events.
  9. PrimeXBT – This popular cryptocurrency platform offers up to 70% profit share, and a maximum of $1,200 per referral. 
  10. BingX – Join 6,000+ affiliates and earn up to 50% commissions on trading fees with this popular crypto platform.
  11. Paybis — One of the top options for UK citizens, Paybis pays up to 20% in commissions from all of your referrals’ purchases.
  12. Gate.io – Top crypto exchange offers 60% commission per affiliate, and 5% commission per sub-affiliate.
  13. Bitrue – Start receiving 40% commission on all futures and spot trading activities made by your referrals – for 1 year. 
  14. Phemex – Unique platform offers ownership equity along with high commissions through its affiliate campaign.
  15. SMARD – An automated crypto trading bot. SMARD’s affiliates can earn from 30% to 50% commission.
  16. Coinrule – Popular automated trading platform,  earn 25% profit share on monthly subscriptions. 
  17. Trezor — Hardware wallet affiliate program, get 12%–15% off every successful referral who makes a purchase. 

What Is a Crypto Affiliate Program?

Crypto affiliate programs are a form of affiliate marketing where you get to promote crypto-related services and earn commissions for the people you refer. Affiliate marketing has long been a tried and proven method for businesses to attract new customers. Over the years, this type of marketing has moved to the crypto world, where it also remains successful. 

Naturally, a crypto affiliate program is mainly beneficial for the business running it, allowing it to leverage the marketing skills of others to attract new users. However, this relationship is beneficial for the affiliate, too, as they get a portion of the earnings. They usually come in the form of commissions that go as high as 50% (half of what the program operator is getting). 

Due to its crypto nature, the rewards here are much bigger than with affiliate programs in other niches.

Affiliates are not required to participate in the platform, only to encourage others to use it. The program will reward them for their effort, so if you’re a good marketer, you can easily create a steady revenue stream. 

How Does Crypto Affiliate Marketing Work?

Crypto affiliate marketing and corresponding programs operate fairly simply, at least from the affiliate’s perspective. 

You first need to apply to the program. Once accepted, you’re typically offered a unique referral link and a dashboard to track the endeavor, but this part is optional. 

The goal is to invite people to join the crypto platform running the program and use its services. For instance, in the case of Eightcap Partners, you’re asking people to use its CFD trading services. 

Naturally, you need to use the link provided so the platform recognizes that the users are coming from you. You get a predetermined commission based on the rules set out in the program.

In the case of Eightcap, your referrals need to start trading for you in order to earn commissions. Since rates on Eightcap go as high as 50%, you can earn a lot from every active referral. 

Most crypto affiliate programs work in a similar way, and you only need to worry about how to attract people to use the platform. It is possible to use various methods, from messaging friends and promoting the platform’s services on social media to running blogs and creating videos with affiliate links

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs Reviewed

You’ve seen our top 10 picks and learned the basics of crypto affiliate programs.

The next step is to read the programs’ reviews in full to gain a deeper understanding of what each one offers. Let’s start with our number one pick and move down the list. 

1. Eightcap — Globally Reputable CFD Trading Platform With an Affiliate Program Covering Up to 50% Commissions

Eightcap is a globally reputable CFD trading platform founded in 2009. It’s regulated in two Tier-4, three Tier-3, and three Tier-1 jurisdictions, including the UK’s FCA, Australian Securities & Investment Commission, and EU’s MiFID. 

It’s not a crypto exchange, and crypto trading is only available through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), a derivative product that lets you speculate on the price of an asset instead of owning it directly. The platform features around 200 crypto CFDs and almost 800 CFDs in general, as well as 40+ forex pairs. 

Eightcap also offers some of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs out there — Eightcap Partners, where commissions go as high as 50%. The platform works in over 125 countries, allowing affiliate partners to promote it worldwide. 

Eightcap lets you earn affiliate commissions through its Eightcap Partners program. 

Aside from boasting some of the highest commission rates on the market, it also provides a standard commission model that offers $6 per lot together with revenue share. The platform claims to have a 40% conversion, meaning almost half of its users are satisfied. This further means that many of your referrals will stay with Eightcap, providing you with a steady passive income stream. 

Also, Eightcap claims that its partners have made over $9 million from commissions in 2022, which is an impressive sum. Their affiliate software is Cellxpert, a solution used by over 200 global brands, including AstroPay, MuchBetter, Exinity, and Fiverr. The payout threshold is set at $100, which could be lower.

You can use various marketing tools and reports to lead more successful promotional campaigns. Moreover, Eightcap Partners has no set-up costs and features an easy onboarding procedure. It also has enough tools to help you connect with new potential users. Lastly, it’s worth noting that this is also one of the best forex affiliate programs

2. Vantage – Award-winning Affiliate Program Offering Up to $800 Per Client Referral

Offering the ability to customize the affiliate options is the reason Vantage stands out from the rest. This leading affiliate program has won multiple accolades from the industry’s biggest publications and brands, such as International Business Magazine, Global Brand Magazine, and Business of Apps.

Vantage Affiliate

Primarily a forex affiliate program, Vantage is a multi-asset CFD broker offering clients access to a wide array of services for CFD trading on Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptos, and ETFs. That said, the platform does support cryptocurrencies as well.

When it comes to partnership programs, Vantage offers two options: a CPA affiliate program and a Broker program.

With the CPA affiliate program, website owners, social media influencers, affiliate marketers, and SEO professionals can earn up to $800 per client referral. With the recently introduced broker program, fund managers, signal providers, EA providers, and multi-account managers can earn up to $8 per lot.

CPA affiliate program participants will get access to a CellXpert platform, allowing them to offer more than 1000 tradable instruments, which could possibly include cryptocurrencies.

With the Vantage IB broker program, participants will gain access to daily rebate payments.

Even though crypto-specific programs are not available yet, they could be introduced since the platform is constantly evolving thanks to its customizable approach.

3. Margex – All Affiliates Earn a Fixed 40% Commission with Daily Payments

With over half a million registered users, Margex is a cryptocurrency exchange with one of the highest liquidities for trading. Members can utilize the platform’s crypto products, including cryptocurrency derivatives, copy trading, and staking.

Regarding their affiliate program, Margex users earn a flat 40% commission rate on all trading fees paid by referrals. The exchange pays thousands of US dollars worth of cryptocurrencies in affiliate commissions every month.

margex affiliate program

Affiliate partners have access to a unique dashboard, which includes a layout of transparent metrics, digital asset earnings, and referral links. Commissions are paid out daily, so affiliates can easily access the payouts and use them for trading or withdrawal.

Aside from the Margex spot and futures trading services, affiliate members can earn from the referees’ copy trading activities. Specifically, copy trading positions open for over 180 seconds will generate commissions for the affiliate. Payouts are transferred to the partner’s crypto wallet in the Margex exchange.

4. Binance — World’s Biggest Exchange Offering Base Commissions of 40% and Monthly Bonuses Up to 72,000 USDT

Binance is the global superpower in the world of cryptocurrency and one of the best beginner crypto exchanges

Looking at the daily trading volumes, covered markets, and weekly visits on CoinMarketCap, it’s clear that Binance is the unprecedented winner. Therefore, any form of affiliate program it runs is bound to benefit marketers and individuals looking to make a sizable passive income stream. 

Binance runs an affiliate program that awards up to 50% commissions. 

However, that doesn’t mean Binance cuts any corners. Its affiliate scheme is simple and awards commissions as high as 50%, placing it at the very top when looking at affiliate rewards. Moreover, you start at a 40% base referral bonus for futures trading and 41% for spot trading the moment you join the program. 

The commission rate on spot trading goes to 50% once you get over 500 referred traders. The only caveat is that once a referral reaches VIP 3, it stops counting towards this number, and you no longer earn commissions.

It is one of the lower levels of Binance’s VIP program, reached once your 30-day trading volume surpasses 20 million BUSD for spot trades or 100 million BUSD for futures trades and your BNB balance goes above 250. 

Moreover, Binance runs a monthly bonus campaign from which you can earn up to 72,000 USDT depending on the fees your referrals have paid. The only downside is that there are requirements to join the program. For example, individuals must have over 5,000 followers on one or all of their social media platforms.

5. OKX – Up to 50% Lifetime Commissions for Affiliates Distributed Hourly

OKX is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange and wallet with several innovative crypto services, including spot trading, derivatives, DeFi, and mining. With a user base of over 50 million members, the platform is a leading choice among digital asset exchanges.

The OKX affiliate program offers up to 50% commissions for successful referrals, settled hourly in USDT. This is one of the fastest payout times on our list, so affiliate partners can trade, stake, or invest their immediate earnings. 

okx affiliate program

Affiliates can view their invitees’ user metrics to monitor their potential earnings from deposited amounts, fees, and commissions. Starting out, the default commission rate is 30%, and OKX partners have a 5-month protection period where their percentage won’t fall below the rate from the first month.

Note that the affiliate program is available only in over 110 countries. The United States, Cuba, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, and other jurisdictions cannot participate. For a complete list of eligible regions, find the OKX terms and conditions on the platform.

6. MEXC – Get 50% Referral and 10% Sub-Affiliate Commissions Monthly

Founded in 2018, MEXC is an award-winning crypto exchange that handles 1.4 million transactions a second. The platform serves over 10 million users worldwide, offering spot and futures trading for more than 2,700 tokens.

The MEXC affiliate program is geared towards key opinion leaders and content creators who can best share and spread the platform’s values to their followers. Affiliate partners get 50% commissions on their referrals’ trading fees and 10% commissions on sub-affiliates.

mexc affiliate program

Join over 8,000 MEXC partners who’ve been paid more than 6,200 BTC in total commissions through the affiliate program. Payouts are sent every month with the affiliate’s preferred cryptocurrency. A detailed analysis and report of the partner’s referrals, earnings, and sub-affiliate metrics are also provided.

You can apply to be an MEXC affiliate by completing the form on their website. Current MEXC members can earn up to 70% commissions from their referrals on every MEXC Spot and Futures trade. 

7. Zengo – Make $100 Per Successful Referral On The Highly Secure Multi-Chain Wallet

Zengo is a non-custodial crypto wallet that lets users buy, sell, and swap over 120 crypto assets. Since the platform’s launch in 2018, no Zengo wallet has been hacked, thanks to its Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocol instead of private keys to access accounts.

Partners from Zengo’s affiliate program earn through their content after being approved by the team. Affiliates must promote Zengo’s products and services to potential customers and earn $100 for every qualified referral that makes a commercial transaction. This is capped at $100,000 per affiliate, which can be subject to Zengo renewal.

zengo affiliate program

Purchase Zengo Pro, the platform’s monthly subscription service, to access additional crypto wallet features. With this premium subscription, users are granted additional security functions like legacy transfer, Web3 firewall, theft protection, and private transaction mode.

Current Zengo wallet holders can also start earning without applying for the affiliate program. Members can make $10 in Bitcoin for every newly referred user that purchases at least $500 worth of cryptocurrencies from Zengo. 

8. ByBit — Fast-Growing Exchange With a Dedicated Affiliate Portal, Account Manager, and Extra Commissions for Referral Affiliates

ByBit is a popular crypto exchange with one of the fastest growth rates recently. It’s also a relative newcomer, having been founded in 2018 in Dubai, UAE. 

It offers a simple yet effective affiliate program. As with most, you need to share links and attract new users to the ByBit exchange. However, it strives to stay competitive by providing a dedicated affiliate portal that makes running campaigns and tracking earnings easier. It even allows you to access novel products. 

If you ever encounter problems with the platform, you can contact your dedicated account manager because ByBit provides a 1:1 account service for every affiliate. 

ByBit’s Affiliate Program allows you to monetize your influence online by paying you every month.

ByBit’s program lets you earn up to 50% in commissions on all referred users utilizing the platform’s spot, option, and futures trading services. Most programs offer this, but ByBit takes it a step further by giving an extra 10% on all referrals who become affiliates themselves. 

As an affiliate, you’ll also benefit from timely payments processed and sent daily and occasional invitations to affiliate and crypto networking events worldwide. 

9. PrimeXBT – Popular Crypto Exchange Offers 70% Profit Share and Upto $,1200 per New Client 

PrimeXBT is a top cryptocurrency exchange with more than 1 million registered users worldwide. This trading platform also offers investors the opportunity to earn further income with its remarkable affiliate program. 

Depending on the particular offer, PrimeXBT offers affiliates up to a staggering 70% in profit share. Furthermore, you can earn up to $1,200 per new client referral. The platform offers single-tier commissions, meaning that commissions will be generated only on an affiliate’s sales. 

PrimeXBT affiliate

PrimeXBT provides all new affiliates with full access to its education centers – where you are trained on crypto and forex trading. The affiliate campaign takes place mostly through Facebook and Google ads – allowing you to connect to a mass audience. 

Following a fixed commission structure, PrimeXBT offers weekly payouts (Minimum of $100 per payout). To offer transparency and top affiliate tracking metrics, PrimeXBT uses the Affise performance marketing software. 

This advanced tool properly tracks each affiliate and tells you about the clicks received per post, and the exact fees generated. Each affiliate gets access to basic metrics such as quick stats, trend reports, and raw clicks. 

10. BingX – User-centric Crypto Exchange Offering Up to 50% Commissions with Daily Settlements

Established in 2018, BingX is a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 750 digital assets. In addition to the standard buying and selling features, the platform provides various crypto products like P2P trading, copy trading, and crypto derivatives with up to 125x leverage.

In the BingX affiliate program, partners can earn up to 50% commissions from the trading fees of their referrals. The company’s user management platform tracks earnings and promotional data in real-time, allowing affiliates to analyze their marketing and acquisition strategies efficiently.

bingx affiliate program

Aside from BingX’s comprehensive management interface, the affiliate program offers customizable events and rewards to enhance a partner’s outreach. Partners also have access to a dedicated operations and support team that is available 24/7.

The data tells most of the affiliate experience. BingX has over 6,000 affiliates across 110 regions and pays more than 500,000 USDT monthly commissions. They’ve issued over 80,000,000 USDT in total commissions.

11. Paybis — Great Option for UK Citizens With Lifetime Payments and Commissions up to 20%

Paybis is an international crypto-exchange with low commissions and 24/7 support. It operates in more than 180 countries and 48 US states, making it ideal for affiliates with global audiences.

The platform’s program pays 20% in commissions charged on every purchase your referral makes. You’re paid on all purchases for as long as the referral is active, and Paybis doesn’t have an upper limit to how much you can earn, which is great considering its lower commissions. 

Bear in mind that larger partners and enterprises can discuss larger commissions with Paybis. As long as your following is substantial, you can strike a deal with the exchange.

You can earn 20% commissions on all purchases your referrals make through Paybis.

Paybis pays affiliates through bank transfers in fiat or through Bitcoin if you want to earn in crypto. Payments are monthly, and you need to reach a $50 minimum threshold. The system also allows you to create automated invoices to receive funds automatically. 

You get to generate reports and gain insights from various analytics on the site. If anything is unclear, Paybis provides a dedicated account manager you can reach out to at all times. 

12. Gate.io – Earn 60% Long-Term Commission and 5% Sub-Affiliate Commission

Another one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs is being conducted by Gate.io – a top crypto exchange. Playing host to over 14 million registered customers, this platform lets you trade more than 1,700 cryptos. 

Along with the potential to earn high spot and margin trading profits, you can join Gate.io’s lucrative affiliate program. Upon signing up, Gate.io gives members access to its exclusive affiliate management system. 

Gate.io affiliate program

Each affiliate is allocated a professional account manager as well. Perfect for earning long-term commissions, Gate.io offers 60% commission per affiliate. The commissions are applicable on spot and futures trading profits that your affiliates generate. 

Gate.io is also a top choice for earning passive income. This is because the platform provides 5% commission on each sub-affiliate’s spot and futures trading profits as well. With Gate.io’s affiliate program, you can earn a base salary of up to $600 per month. 

The platform also rewards members with exclusive merch packages, filled with various items. For all these reasons, Gate.io is amongst the top crypto affiliate programs to join in 2024. 

13. Bitrue – Earn 40% Commissions on Your Client’s Trades For a Year

One of the most popular crypto trading platforms – Bitrue has more than 10 million users and has amassed over 10 billion in trading volume. With the introduction of Bitrue’s new affliate program – Bitrue Partners, you can earn additional commission on the platform. 

To start with this affiliate campaign, you have to fill in a registration form to become a Bitrue Partner. If Bitrue approves your registration, you can start getting new clients and earn commission. 

Bitrue affiliate

The Bitrue partners program operates on a revenue share basis. Notably, affiliates are awarded commissions on their client’s individual trading activities. Bitrue offers 40% commission on all futures and spot trading activities made by your client – for 12 months. You can also earn an additional $10 if your invitees complete three novice tasks after signing up. 

Notably, there is no maximum cap on how much you can earn with Bitrue. Furthermore, there is no minimum payout set – allowing you to withdraw as little as you wish. Your payouts will be paid directly in cryptos. 

14. Phemex – Top Affiliate Program Offers High Commissions, Sub-Affiliate Rewards, and Platform Equity 

Phemex offers one of the most lucrative affiliate campaigns – providing high commissions, equity ownership, and sub-affiliate rewards. 

Titled the ‘Phemex Collaborator Program’ – one can fill a registration form to become a collaborator on this site. Once your application is approved, you are entitled to huge benefits. Firstly, collaborators can collect up to $6,000 worth of welcome bonuses. 

Phemex affiliate

On any new clients you refer, Phemex pays a commission between 30% – 60%. The rate increases depending on your vePT holdings – the native token of Phemex. For instance, collaborators holding under 700 vePT receive 30% commission. However, you get up to 60% commission by holding over 1 million tokens. 

Alternatively, you can switch from the typical revenue sharing model, and convert any portion of your earnings into ownership within the platform. This helps create long-term client and company relationships. 

Phemex also offers 10% commission on all sub-affiliates – referred users that also become collaborators. The platform will also offer marketing tools and resources such as an advanced data analytics dashboard to help you attract new clients. 

15. SMARD – Automated Trading Platform Offering Up To 50% Commissions Via Its Affiliate Program

SMARD is an automated crypto trading bot that operates on a trader’s smartphone without manual configuration or installation. 

The platform places orders automatically, leveraging a ready-made algorithm based on momentum effect-based scientific research and a range of proven trading performance techniques. This enables SMARD to systematically identify future market winners, offering a strategic advantage in crypto trading.

The SMARD affiliate program allows partners to earn indefinitely from 30% to 50% commissions from referred clients, making it one of the best crypto affiliate programs in 2024.

It is also worth noting that SMARD’s trading strategies are designed for long-term investment, which also means long-term income for SMARD affiliates.

SMARD operates autonomously, executing trades based on predefined strategies without manual intervention. Users need not customize the strategy or configure the bot, as all portfolio management techniques are already implemented.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Trading: The bot enables continuous trading, maximizing opportunities in the dynamic crypto market.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: SMARD eliminates emotional decision-making by relying on data-driven strategies.
  • Risk Management: The bot employs stop losses, trailing stops, and combining both to control risk without taking uncalculated risks.
  • Momentum Effect Algorithm: SMARD’s algorithm is based on the scientifically validated momentum effect, enabling the identification of future market winners and losers.
  • Cost-Effective: SMARD does not have fixed rates or upfront payments, charging only 10% of the client’s profit after the first 30 days.

16. Coinrule – Get Up to 30% Profit Share on Yearly Subscriptions with this Trading Platform 

The next top crypto affiliate program is being offered by Coinrule – a popular platform that sends automated trades on top exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. 

Coinrule’s affiliate program is a new way through which investors can generate more income. This user-friendly platform allows investors to sign-up to the affiliate program after providing basic information such as their full name and email address. 

Coinrule affiliate

Through the tools provided by Coinrule, affiliates can track their performance by accessing their click-through rates, conversions, and total earnings. By accessing automated reporting, affiliates do not need to manually gather and analyze data. 

Affiliates are provided with a 25% profit share on each monthly subscription they receive for the first 12 months. A yearly subscription guarantees you a 30% profit share. All affiliate rewards can be accessed in fiat currencies via PayPal. Alternatively, you can get paid directly in cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

17. Trezor — Best Hardware Wallet With a Partners Program Where You Earn 12%–15% From Every Referred Sale

Trezor is a unique choice because it’s a hardware wallet, not a crypto exchange or broker. In other words, as an affiliate, you don’t earn standard commission from the fees your referrals pay but from the sales. Every time a person you refer buys a Trezor hardware wallet, you get between 12% and 15%. 

The percentages are calculated based on the net sale amount, not counting shipping costs and VAT. 

Trezor has a simple affiliate program that offers regular payouts. 

Bear in mind that Trezor only has two wallets — Trezor Model T, which costs $219, and Trezor Model One, priced at $69. Trezor, together with Ledger, is the most popular choice on the crypto hardware wallet market, so you’re likely to make sales if you’re good at promoting, especially when you consider that Trezor has over a million customers. 

Compared to Ledger’s 10%, Trezor pays more through its program, as it offers 12%–15%.

The program doesn’t pay per sale but monthly, and you can receive payments in euros through wire transfer or in Bitcoin to your wallet. 

A great thing about this partner program is that you can easily track your earnings and performance with a dedicated dashboard. Furthermore, Trezor has a range of promotional materials you can use.

Are Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs Worth It?

It’s quite challenging to determine whether a crypto affiliate program is worth your time. The good thing about it is that it is only time-consuming and doesn’t affect your budget. All affiliate programs are free unless you decide to spend money on a campaign. 

Naturally, you can decide to promote a crypto platform by sharing links, writing blogs, creating videos, and employing other techniques that don’t cost money. 

Bear in mind that crypto affiliate programs can be very rewarding for any influencer, marketer, YouTuber, social media personality, or any other person with a significant following. You’ll have an easier time reaching a wider audience, which will lead to more referrals. 

In case you are still on the fence about joining an affiliate program, we have a few benefits that will help you make a decision:

  • Potentially unlimited passive income stream — You get paid for every referral you bring to the platform and every time they make a purchase. As most programs pay commissions per purchase, there is effectively no limit to how much you can earn from the program. 
  • Visibility and exposure — Every affiliate program requires attracting new customers to the platform. This will inevitably lead you to have wider audiences, so you’ll even be able to market your own services or products. 
  • Building relationships — Finding referrals for the crypto platform can also lead to establishing fruitful relationships. Naturally, the benefits come in various forms and depend entirely on the unique connections you’ll make. 

How Much Can You Earn From Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have a definitive answer in terms of numbers. In contrast, the amounts you can earn are effectively limitless. It all depends on how successful you are at attracting active users to the crypto platform. 

Whenever a referral makes a trade, you’ll earn a commission from the fees they pay; at least, that’s how the majority of crypto affiliate programs work.

This means that every trade will likely earn you a very small amount — your total earnings per day or month will depend entirely on the number of referrals you have and their activity level. The more you have, and the more they trade, the more you’ll earn.

Given that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, your earnings can potentially be much higher if the market’s doing well. Conversely, they can also be lower if we are in a bear market. The goal is to sell your crypto commission earnings when the prices are high so you can earn the most from your referrals. 

All of this can translate to as little as a few dollars per month to several thousand, leading to a passive income stream that is potentially more rewarding than your actual job. 

How to Pick the Best Crypto Affiliate Program for You

Choosing the right crypto affiliate program depends on several important factors. The whole process boils down to comparing these and choosing an option that checks the most boxes. Let’s explore these features in more detail.

Commission Rates

Commissions are the most important part of every affiliate program, and they tend to be as low as 10% and as high as 50%. For instance, our top pick, Eightcap, offers 50%.

Commission Terms

The size of the commission is not all that matters. You need to look at what they are charged and whether the site has some other stipulations. For example, on Binance, you get 50% only when you’ve referred over 500 traders, while Coinbase awards 50% only for the first three months. 

Also, some platforms tend to offer lower commission rates but allow you to earn as long as the referral is active. Therefore, it’s sometimes better to get lower rates if you’ll be paid long-term. 


It’s great when a platform pays a lot in commissions, but that means little if it’s not a legitimate and reputable crypto business. You should always go for programs run by trustworthy companies like the ones recommended here. 


It’s important to see how the program pays, which payment options it uses, and whether it pays in crypto or fiat, or preferably both, so you have options. Most programs also have certain thresholds you need to pass, and they pay at certain intervals, so you need to see if that works for you. 


The best crypto affiliate programs offer you the chance to make great passive income streams just by promoting the platform’s services online. Commissions are typically calculated on the fees your referrals pay when trading crypto and often go as high as 50%. 

We’ve prepared a detailed list of the top programs on the market, so you only need to choose the one you like the most. If you’re unsure, you can always go for our top pick, Eightcap.

It’s a strong CFD trading platform that provides 50% commissions and has a 40% conversion, meaning that you’re likely to find a significant number of referrals with good promotional tactics. 










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