10 Best Crypto Airdrops in March 2024

Best crypto airdrops

Airdrops offer free crypto tokens – often without needing to invest or risk funds. Most airdrops require users to complete tasks, like following and sharing social media posts. 

This guide reveals the 10 best crypto airdrops to claim in 2024. We also explain how crypto airdrops work and what steps need to be taken to get started today. 

List of the 10 Best Crypto Airdrops

The 10 best crypto airdrops are listed below:

  1. Smog – Overall Best Crypto Airdrop. New Solana Meme Coin With Substantial Upside Potential
  2. CEX.io – Popular Crypto Exchange Offering $3,000 Worth of Free Airdropped Coins
  3. INIT Capital – Lend or Borrow Crypto Assets to Earn Free INIT Tokens
  4. Bluefin – New Decentralized Trading Platform Built on the Sui Network
  5. Mode – Huge 550 Million MODE Airdrop. Earn Points for Bridging Tokens  
  6. Renzo – Become an Early Adopter by Staking ETH and Earning Renzo Points  
  7. B² Network – Scalability Solutions for Bitcoin. 5% of the Total Supply Will be Airdropped
  8. Ready To Fight – Social Boxing App Offering a Task-Based Airdrop Campaign 
  9. Basic Attention Token – Earn Free BAT Tokens Simply for Browsing the Web 
  10. OKX – Tier-One Exchange With Multiple Crypto Airdrop Promotions   

New Crypto Airdrops 2024: Full Reviews

Let’s take a deeper dive into the best cryptocurrency airdrops in the market today. 

1. Smog – Overall Best Free Crypto Airdrop [New Solana Meme Coin With Huge Upside Potential]

We rate Smog as the best crypto airdrop to claim today. Smog is a brand-new multi-chain meme coin project with a huge upside potential. Unlike most meme coins – which operate on the Ethereum blockchain, Smog is a Solana-based coin. This makes it considerably more efficient, especially for low fees and high scalability. 

Smog recently completed a fair launch campaign, allowing early investors to secure preferential pricing. The original fair launch price was $0.001419. According to CoinMarketCap, Smog hit an all-time high of $0.08313 just two days after launching. This translates to sizable gains of over 5,700%.  

Smog crypto airdrop

That said, you can also obtain free $SMOG tokens by completing some basic tasks. Each task pays a certain number of XP points. At the end of the campaign, those with the most XP points will be airdropped $SMOG tokens. Some entry-level airdrop tasks include following Smog on X and joining its Telegram and Discord groups. 

It also offers daily tasks, like raiding Binance tweets and engaging with Smog’s 24-hour updates. This will give Smog significant exposure, ensuring it retains its strong upward momentum. Not only is Smog a high-growth meme coin but holders also receive staking rewards. Currently, you’ll earn an APY of 42%. 

Interested readers can learn more by exploring the Smog litepaper, as well as joining its socials via Telegram and Discord.

2. CEX.io – Popular Crypto Exchange Offering $3,000 Worth of Free Airdropped Coins

CEX.io is a popular crypto exchange that was launched in 2013. It supports more than 100 crypto assets on its spot trading exchange. Not to mention a native crypto wallet, earning tools, and a prepaid debit card. CEX.io is also renowned for its trading competitions and institutional-grade security. 

CEX.io is currently offering a generous airdrop campaign. worth $3,000. There are 36 prizes up for grabs. The first price wins $500 worth of Bitcoin. The next 15 winners get $100 worth of Ethereum. And 20 winners get $50 worth of Dogecoin. To participate, users must complete tasks, which earn points. 

CEX.io airdrop

For example, you’ll get 100 points when liking a CEX.io tweet and subscribing to its newsletter. You’ll get 200 points when downloading the new CEX.io app and entering a trade. The trade must meet a minimum requirement of $25. There are many different tasks available. The more completed, the more points you’ll earn, and the more chance you have of winning airdropped tokens. 

3. INIT Capital – Lend or Borrow Crypto Assets to Earn Free INIT Tokens

INIT Capital is a non-custodial decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. It leverages ‘Liquidity Hooks’, allowing third-party developers to secure real-time liquidity via smart contracts. INIT Capital also offers lending pools and borrowing agreements. Users simply need to connect their wallets to get started. 

INIT Capital is also running an airdrop campaign. For every $100 lent on the platform, users earn 1 INIT point. This is increased to 7 INIT points for every $100 borrowed. INIT points can be converted to free INIT tokens. This can be done once INIT is launched to the public.

INIT Capital airdrop

We found that INIT Capital offers very competitive APYs to lenders. For instance, you’ll currently get 21.36% on USD Coin and 11.47% on Tether. INIT Capital is also offering 7.71% and 3.83% on WETH and WBTC, respectively. However, APRs are also considered high, hence the 7 INIT points for every $100 borrowed.  

4. Bluefin – New Decentralized Trading Platform Built on the Sui Network

Bluefin is one of the best day trading platforms on the Sui network. It offers decentralized trading on crypto spot and cross-margin markets. No accounts are required – simply connect a wallet to begin trading. What’s more, Bluefin is super-efficient – it can handle up to 5,400 transactions per second. It also offers on-chain finality of 550 milliseconds. 

The Bluefin airdrop will distribute its native crypto token for free. The objective is to spread the word about Bluefin’s trading platform. The airdrop will also help Bluefin expand its community base. To participate, you’ll first need to visit the DappRadar website and select your preferred wallet. 

free airdrop Bluefin

Bluefin supports MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and others. After clicking the ‘Claim Airdrop’ button, you’ll need to confirm the transaction from within your wallet. Although this will trigger network fees, the Bluefin tokens will then be transferred. This means you won’t need to complete any tasks. 

5. Mode – Huge 550 Million MODE Airdrop. Earn Points for Bridging Tokens 

Mode is a newly launched layer 2 network for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Leveraging the Optimism Stack, Mode facilitates fast and cost-effective token swaps. It also offers a fully-fledged money market, allowing users to earn competitive APYs on idle tokens. Mode also facilitates decentralized applications (dApps). 

Mode has allocated 550 million MODE tokens for its airdrop campaign. It wants to achieve mass adoption, so the airdropped tokens will help spread the word. To participate, users must first connect their X account. After that, users can connect their crypto wallet and begin bridging tokens, such as ETH or WBTC. 

Mode network airdrop

This will bridge the tokens from Ethereum over to the Mode network. In doing so, you’ll earn points based on how much is bridged. You can exchange points for MODE once the tokens launch. There’s no requirement to provide any personal information; points are automatically assigned to your wallet. 

6. Renzo – Become an Early Adopter by Staking ETH and Earning Renzo Points   

Renzo is an up-and-coming DeFi ecosystem that offers ‘restaking’ tools. First, users are required to stake ETH, allowing them to earn Renzo points. In return, Renzo credits the user’s wallet with ezETH. Not only are ezETH tokens native to Renzo but they’re pegged to ETH. This means users have access to liquidity even when their Ethereum is locked.  

Moreover, Renzo is running an airdrop campaign. Every time ETH is staked, additional Renzo points are earned. Further down the line, Renzo points can be converted to airdropped crypto tokens. Keep an eye on Renzo’s social channels, as more information about its token launch will be given in due course. 

Renzo airdrop

While Renzo is a new project, more than $270 million worth of ETH has already been staked. This translates to APYs of 3.49%. Additional features will be launched later in 2024. For instance, Renzo will offer DeFi integration with Curve, Uniswap, Pendle, and Balancer. Ultimately, this is a brand-new project, so early adoption will be rewarded. 

7. B² Network – Scalability Solutions for Bitcoin. 5% of the Total Supply Will be Airdropped  

B² Network is an innovative blockchain project that makes Bitcoin more efficient. Its zero-knowledge proof verification ensures faster and more cost-effective transactions. B² Network also increases scalability and privacy, while retaining Bitcoin’s core security framework. Another important segment of the B² Network is its bridging tool. 

This enables cross-functionality within its ecosystem. It also allows users to create rigs within the B² Network. In doing so, rigs generate mining rewards for users. B² Network is also running an airdrop campaign. It wants to attract more users and developers to its network. To participate, users must first follow B² Network on its social media platforms. 

B² Network airdrop details

Next, connect a wallet to the B² Network dashboard.  After that, users need to deposit an accepted crypto, which includes BTC, USDC, USDT, ETH, and MATIC. After depositing and staking crypto, interest will be earned. The more participation from the user, the more airdropped crypto tokens they’ll earn. 5% of the total supply will be airdropped. 

8. Ready To Fight – Social Boxing App Offering a Task-Based Airdrop

Ready to Fight is a social app aimed at boxers from around the world. It’s backed by Oleksandr Usyk – the current IBF, WBA, and WBO Heavyweight boxing champion. First, users must set up a profile, highlighting their weight division, location, and experience level. After that, Ready to Fight helps boxers find sparring partners in their area. 

The app also helps boxers discover commercial opportunities – no matter where they’re located. Ready to Fight already has raving reviews from existing users. On Google Play, the app is rated 4.7/5 across over 6,000 reviews. On the App Store, Ready to Fight is rated 4.7/5 across over 1,300 reviews. 

Ready To Fight review

Ready to Fight also has a native rewards token, RTF. $150,000 worth of RTF tokens will be given away via an airdrop program. There are 5,000 individual prizes up for grabs, ranging from $10 to $5,000. To participate, download the Ready to Fight app, create a new wallet, and begin completing tasks. 

9. Basic Attention Token – Earn Free BAT Tokens Simply for Browsing the Web 

Although Basic Attention Token was founded in 2017, it still offers one of the best free crypto airdrops. In fact, this is one of the lowest-effort airdrops in the market. First, users must download the Brave web browser, which is proprietary to Basic Attention Token. In doing so, you’ll be joining over 67 million monthly active users. 

Once activated, you’ll earn free BAT tokens whenever you view ads. Any ads you’re shown are relevant to your interests. What’s more, ad rewards are funded by the respective ad creator. This ensures marketing expenditure is being used efficiently. 

Brave browser free BAT tokens

The Brave browser also rewards content creators. Removing the middleman ensures creators keep a much larger percentage of ad revenues. Brave also comes integrated with a self-custody wallet. We found that Basic Attention Token is also one of the best free crypto airdrops for liquidity. BAT has a market capitalization of almost $340 million, so you can easily sell your tokens on exchanges. 

10. OKX – Tier-One Exchange With Multiple Crypto Airdrop Promotions    

Last on this list of the best free crypto airdrops is OKX. This tier-one crypto exchange frequently runs airdrop campaigns on behalf of projects. Each campaign is typically short-lived, so users need to act fast to claim their free airdropped tokens. The airdrop requirements will vary depending on the campaign. 

For instance, Runestone is currently offering over 113,000 RUNE tokens. Users simply need to verify their wallet address on the OKX exchange. The tokens will then be released. OKX is also running an airdrop for Multibit. $3,000 worth of MUBI tokens are up for grabs. 

OKX free crypto airdrops

This is in addition to $3,000 worth of AMMX tokens, which are native to BitSwap. Other airdrop projects include Uncharted Lands X, ETHS, UXLINK, and Jupiter. Do note you’ll need an account with OKX to participate in your chosen airdrop. As one of the best crypto exchanges, registering takes seconds. 

An Overview of Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops offer an alternative way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Instead of buying crypto assets on an exchange or trading platform, airdrops are often free. This means cryptocurrencies can be accumulated without risking any money. 

We found that the best crypto airdrops typically require a time commitment. 

  • For example, Smog – which is one of the best Solana meme coins, rewards users for completing basic tasks. 
  • This includes sharing and liking social media posts and joining its Telegram and Discord channels. 
  • Users earn points for every task completed. 
  • Once the airdrop campaign is over, those with the most points will earn free $SMOG tokens. 

Similarly, Basic Attention Token offers free BAT tokens when using the Brave browser. BAT tokens are credited after viewing relevant ads. All that said, some crypto airdrops require a small financial commitment. 

For instance, CEX.io requires users to trade at least $25 via its mobile app. To participate in the Mode airdrop, users must bridge tokens to its network. While the Bluefin airdrop requires users to lend or borrow tokens. 

With this in mind, it’s important to understand how a crypto airdrop works before proceeding. Consider the time and/or financial commitment required, and whether this is worth the rewards on offer. 

A Closer Look at How Crypto Airdrops Work

Still not sure how crypto airdrops work? Read on for a more detailed explanation. 

Why do Airdrop Campaigns Giveaway Free Crypto?

Airdrop campaigns are effective marketing for new crypto projects. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, so airdrops help new entrants stand out from the crowd. After all, who doesn’t want free crypto tokens without needing to risk money?

While airdrops require projects to give away free tokens, the marketing exposure often outweighs the cost. Moreover, the distributed tokens are native to the project. This is ideal for crypto startups, as the costs of creating a new token are minimal. 

Smog crypto airdrop

Crypto airdrops are sometimes run by established projects too. For instance, Basic Attention Token still runs a popular airdrop, even though the project was launched in 2017. Similarly, the CEX.io exchange went live in 2013, but still offers occasional airdrops.   

Types of Crypto Airdrops

There are many types of crypto airdrops, such as:

  • Completing Tasks: New crypto airdrops are often task-based. In most cases, you’ll earn points whenever a task is completed, such as following the crypto project on X. Those with the most points will earn free crypto tokens. Alternatively, some airdrops offer ticket entries for each completed task. A random draw will be made, and winning tickets will get airdropped tokens. 
  • Investing in Presales: The best presales double up as airdrop campaigns. For instance, those investing in the Smog presale will earn airdrop points. Extra points are earned when completing tasks. 
  • Being a Token Holder: Some of the best crypto airdrops in history were offered simply for being a token holder. For example, in 2017, Bitcoin Cash airdropped BCH tokens to anyone holding Bitcoin. This was offered on a 1:1 basis. 
  • Being an Early Adopter: We also found crypto airdrops that reward early adopters. This means engaging with a new product or service, which often requires a financial commitment. For example, those bridging tokens like BTC or ETH to the Mode network will earn free airdropped tokens.  
  • Exchange Airdrops: Some airdrops are offered by established crypto exchanges. For example, CEX.io is offering $3,000 worth of airdropped BTC, ETH, or DOGE. One of the required tasks is to download the CEX.io app and place a minimum trade of $25.  

Receiving a Crypto Airdrop

Whether or not you actually receive airdropped tokens depends on the campaign. 

For instance, we mentioned that some crypto airdrops require users to complete tasks for points or tickets. Not all participants will be successful. 

Similarly, you might need to hold a specific token on a certain date to qualify for the airdrop. Either way, if you do successfully earn free crypto tokens, they’ll be transferred to your private wallet.   

After that, you can keep hold of your crypto tokens long-term, hoping that they increase in value. Alternatively, if the tokens are already trading on exchanges, you can cash out immediately. 

How to Claim Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

We’ll now explain how to claim a crypto airdrop online. We’re using Smog for this example, although the steps are similar to other airdrop campaigns. 

Step 1: Register With Zealy

The first step is to create an account with Zealy. This is the platform operating Smog’s airdrop campaign. 

Smog Register With Zealy

You can join via WalletConnect, Discord, or an email address. 

What Wallet Should I Use When Claiming Crypto Airdrops?

  • You’ll need a suitable wallet when claiming crypto airdrops. Otherwise, the airdrop campaign won’t know where to send your tokens.
  • One of the best crypto wallets for airdrops is MetaMask. It supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and other popular networks.
  • MetaMask is also free to use and available as a mobile app and browser extension.

Step 2: Complete Onboarding Tasks

Next, there are four onboarding tasks to complete. Each task pays 10 XP. This includes following the Smog X page, joining its Telegram, and joining its Discord. 

Smog Airdrop Complete Onboarding Tasks

You’ll also get 10 XP for answering a simple question related to the project. Completing these four tasks shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. 

Step 3: Buy and Hold $SMOG [Optional]

You can also earn XP by purchasing $SMOG tokens from a decentralized exchange. Currently, your options include Raydium, Orca, and Jupiter. The amount of XP awarded depends on the purchase amount. 

How to buy $SMOG tokens

You’ll earn extra XP by holding the $SMOG tokens for at least 14 days. Once again, the XP is determined by the number of $SMOG held. 

Step 4: Complete Daily Tasks

The Smog airdrop also offers daily tasks. This allows you to earn additional XP every day. For example, you’ll earn 15 XP for inviting a friend to the Smog airdrop. The XP is only awarded once the friend completes a task. 

Smog airdrop Daily Tasks

You’ll also earn 50 XP for upvoting Smog on Birdeye. Similarly, you’ll get 5 XP simply for visiting the Smog page on CoinMarketCap. 

Step 5: Keep an Eye on the Airdrop Leaderboard

You’ll want to keep completing tasks to give yourself the best chance of winning airdropped $SMOG. 

We’d also suggest keeping an eye on the leaderboard. This highlights the number of XP required to win first place. 

Smog airdrop details

After the airdrop campaign is over, the $SMOG tokens will be airdropped to successful participants. 


In summary, airdrops enable you to earn free crypto without risking any money. Overall, we rate Smog as the best crypto airdrop for 2024. Simply complete some basic tasks – such as sharing and liking social media posts. 

In doing so, you’ll increase your XP balance and stand a solid chance of earning free $SMOG tokens. You can also earn airdropped tokens by buying and holding $SMOG – which increased by over 5,700% in the first two days of launching. 


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