15 Best Crypto Games with Rewards in 2024

Why Trust Techopedia Crypto
Why Trust Techopedia Crypto

Crypto games incorporate many innovative elements, such as in-game ownership, NFTs, and blockchain technology. Most crypto games also enable players to earn rewards.

In this guide, we explore some of the best crypto games to play in 2024. Read on to discover crypto gaming platforms that offer the highest earning potential.

The Top Cryptocurrency Games to Play Today

Here is a list of the best crypto games to consider playing right now:

  1. Sponge V2Upgraded meme coin with P2E game offering over 230% staking APY.
  2. 5th Scape – New virtual and augmented reality-themed cryptocurrency game. 
  3. Shiba Shootout – New meme coin with utility and lottery games to reward holders.
  4. eTukTuk – Sustainable crypto introduces a play-to-earn game similar to Crazy Taxi.
  5. WienerAI – Top dog-themed crypto with artificial intelligence aesthetics
  6. Gas Wizard – Play-to-earn GWIZ tokens and redeem them at partner gas stations.
  7. BlastUP – Pioneering Launchpad on Ethereum Layer 2 Solution Blast, boasting over $1 billion TVL.
  8. Decentraland – Develop and monetize virtual real estate.
  9. Axie Infinity – Top crypto game featuring virtual monster battles.
  10. The Sandbox – Create, share, and monetize metaverse gaming experiences.
  11. Illuvium – Decentralized studio featuring exploration games.
  12. Splinterlands – Play to earn game with collectible NFT cards.
  13. Floki – Crypto utility project with a 3D NFT metaverse.
  14. Mobox – Blockchain ecosystem with mobile-friendly games.
  15. Nakamoto – Polygon-based game studio that builds play to earn titles.

Reviewing the Best Crypto Games

The world of crypto gaming has expanded significantly. With tons of games offering unique features, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Below, we review the best play to earn crypto games in 2024. Each game is evaluated based on its rewards system, features, and overall enjoyment.

1. Sponge V2 – Upgraded Meme Coin With P2E Game Offering Over 230% Staking APY

Sponge V2 is a promising new upgrade to the highly successful $SPONGE meme coin, which surged 100x in value in 2023, generating significant interest in the crypto community. 

The original $SPONGE achieved a peak market cap of over $100 million, and Sponge V2 aims to build on this success by offering even more utility and launching a P2E game.

Sponge V2 Presale

The strategy to reach this goal includes listing on top exchanges like Binance and OKX, which have recently shown even more willingness to recognize meme coins. These listings are expected to boost $SPONGE V2’s visibility and appeal to a wider audience.

Sponge V2 is set to venture into the P2E gaming domain with a racing game scheduled for release in 2024, likely increasing the token’s demand.

Investors staking V1 tokens will be granted V2 tokens, while V1 tokens are locked away, creating V2 rewards over four years. This strategy aims to reward early backers and create a dedicated community. 

With a strong base of over 11,500 holders and over $3.4 million worth of tokens already staked, Sponge V2 is well-positioned for growth. 

Potential users can join the Sponge V2 Telegram channel or follow it on X (Twitter) to get the latest updates and the latest news on V2’s launch and exclusive token perks.

Presale Started December 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap N/A
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

2. 5th Scape – Virtual Reality-Themed Cryptocurrency Gaming Environment 

The next cryptocurrency game on our list is 5th Scape ($5SCAPE). This platform is working on creating an immersive and hyper-realistic gaming experience by incorporating virtual reality. 

All the gaming experiences can be accessed by using VR gaming headsets and chairs – blurring the lines between the virtual and real worlds. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, $5SCAPE seamlessly integrates with other Ethereum-based tokens and smart contracts. 

5th Scape homepage

The token gives users access to the basic versions of upcoming VR games on 5th Scape – consisting of Soccer, Cricket, Archery, and MMA-themed environments. With $5SCAPE, token holders can access educational content, premium VR modes, and get discounts on all 5th Scape products and experiences. 

$5SCAPE has a total supply of 5.21 billion – 80% of which is being distributed through 12 presale rounds. Another 10% has been set aside for treasury and development. The remaining 10% will be used for liquidity purposes. 

5th Scape VR headset

Interested investors can buy $5SCAPE for $0.00248 during the first round. 5th Scape aims to raise $15 million by the end of the presale. 

Read the 5th Scape whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information on this cryptocurrency. 

Presale Started January 2024
Purchase Methods ETH or USDT
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $15 million
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

3. Shiba Shootout – Meme Coin With High Staking APY and Lottery Games

Shiba Shootout is the latest dog-themed meme coin that offers some of the best crypto rewards. First, you get a generous staking APY of over 20,000% during the early token presale.

All you have to do is buy the token using ETH or USDT and stake it as early as possible to take advantage of the high APY. The APY will drop as more tokens are staked, meaning those who stake early will reap the biggest rewards. 

shiba shootout presale

Once the token presale ends and the token launches, the team plans to add utility. One such utility will be the DAO governance voting and the referral rewards where both you and your referred friends will get rewards.

Next is the lottery games where participants will use $SHIBASHOOT tokens for a chance to earn crypto rewards while also supporting charity.

Make sure to follow Shiba Shootout on X and join the Shiba Shootout Telegram channel for more information.

4. eTukTuk – Make Payments on EV Charging Stations and Engage in a Play-to-Earn Game to Earn Rewards 

eTukTuk is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency building EV charging stations and zero-emission vehicles in developing countries. 

The platform will leverage blockchain technology to offer a play-to-earn game, staking rewards, and crypto payment options for TukTuk drivers. eTukTuk plans on introducing a play-to-earn game where players can drive around in its flagship electric vehicle. 

eTukTuk EV

The game will be designed similar to Crazy Taxi – and will allow you to pick up customers across Sri Lanka. The faster you drive on the game, the more $TUK tokens you can earn. This is a great way for eTukTuk to promote the upcoming charging stations it is building.

These stations will be built, along with its zero-emission vehicles. TukTuk drivers can make payments on the charging stations with $TUK through an upcoming mobile app. Local territory partners will set up the charging stations, making the process cheaper. 

Token holders can also stake their $TUK tokens to power nodes. They will earn a share of transactions processed on the charging stations. Currently, eTukTuk is offering 386% in staking yields. 

At press time, $TUK is priced at $0.026 on presale, and has raised more than $740K. For more information on this project, read the eTukTuk whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

5. WienerAI – Top Dog-themed Crypto with Meme Coin aesthetics 

Despite being a new project, WienerAI ($WAI) has quickly gained traction, thanks to its AI and dog-oriented elements. With its transparent presale event, WienerAI opens its doors to degens seeking the right crypto to maximize their investments amid the bullish sentiment in the general market.

Participating in the presale does not allow you to buy the token at a discounted rate alone, but also empowers you to net big returns through its staking mechanism. 


First, by merging the fundamentals of AI with canines, WienerAI has already taken the crypto world by storm. Without a doubt, the combination of the two hot trends contributes to its appeal, capturing both lovers of meme coins and Artificial Intelligence. 

Unlike other projects with complicated roadmaps, Wiener AI($WAI) has simple and realistic development plans along with a well-capped tokenomics. In fact, $WAI’s tokenomics showcases the project’s dedication to building community engagements and rewards. With not less than 30% of its total supply dedicated to the presale, the team behind the project is ensuring that no one will miss out on the promising token.  

More so, according to its whitepaper, staking and community rewards take 20% each from the token’s supply. The project plans to distribute the staking reward at a rate of 3938 $WAI per Ethereum block over the course of two years. This fantastic allocation presents $WAI as one of the best staking coins to buy now. 

The presale takes a tier-structure to make sure everyone has more than enough time to buy the token. That said, waiting till the next round before buying $WAI means you will have to pay more. As such, it is better to participate in the presale before the price moves up. 

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, MATIC USDT
Chain Ethereum
Token Symbol $WAI
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

6. Gas Wizard – Play-to-Earn GWIZ Tokens and Redeem Them at Partner Gas Stations

Gas Wizard is building one of the world’s largest loyalty programs in an effort to combat surging gas prices. The way it works is you play the upcoming mobile game and you earn $GWIZ tokens, which you can redeem for gas and EV charging at partner stations.

For now, the token is only available in a presale phase where each $GWIZ token costs $0.01 apiece. This price is during the first presale stage and it will go up as the presale progresses.

Gas Wizards presale site

On top of playing to earn the token, you’ll also be able to earn $GWIZ by using partner gas and EV charging stations, by updating fuel prices on the Gas Wizard mobile app and by staking the token.

There’s no staking available during the first presale stage, but with 15% of the total token supply allocated to staking rewards, this feature will be available at some point in near future.  

Make sure to read the Gas Wizard whitepaper to learn more about this exciting new project. Also, follow Gas Wizard on X and join the Gas Wizard Telegram channel to stay up to date.

Presale Started April 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC, WBTC
Chain Ethereum
Token Symbol $GWIZ
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

7. BlastUP – Pioneering Launchpad on Ethereum Layer 2 Solution Blast, Boasting Over $1 Billion TVL

With just a few days into its presale, BlastUP (BLP) has swiftly gained traction due to the project’s emphasis on utility. Presently selling at $0.06 in its ongoing presale, BLP has attracted degens and savvy investors seeking to maximize their investments.

One of the benefits that comes with investing in BLP tokens is the staking mechanism of the project that allows early movers to net huge rewards. The native staking feature further complements the low price of BLP.

BlastUP (BLP)

Don’t forget that the price of the token will increase as the presale journeys through its different stages. Therefore, today might be the right moment to buy BLP. 

Also, another outstanding feature of this high-performing project is its clear-cut roadmap. Unlike other projects with confusing roadmaps, BlastUP has clearly explained how it intends to improve the capabilities of its ecosystem with AI-driven tools, thereby giving long-term potential to the crypto project. 

Furthering its appeal, BLP has a tokenomics that reinforces the project’s commitment to community engagement and rewards. With 20% of the total supply allocated to the ongoing presale, those interested in the token have more than enough opportunity to move into the ground floor as early as possible. 

Finally, BlastUP encourages community participation through its incentive program. The incentive program is designed to reward community members who show a high level of participation and commitment with tantalizing perks and bonuses from its BlastBoxes. 

To stay updated with the project, join its Telegram channel.

Token symbol BLP
Total supply 1 Billion
Presale supply 200 Million
Network Ethereum
Purchase methods BNB, USDT, MATIC, ETH

8. Decentraland – Develop and Monetize Virtual Real Estate

Decentraland is a virtual world where users own the metaverse land they purchase. These lands are structured in the form of NFTs. Players can monetize and develop their land as they wish. For instance, players can sell advertisement space, create structures, or host events. MANA is the cryptocurrency that power this virtual world.

Players can earn MANA rewards by participating in various activities within Decentraland, such as playing games or completing quests. Moreover, gamers can also offer virtual services such as design and development work. This gaming ecosystem is also known for its virtual events, such as the metaverse fashion week and music festivals.

MANA Price Chart

MANA tokens are also used within the Decentraland ecosystem to purchase virtual land and services. MANA holders can also vote on community decisions and take part in the governance of the platform. As of writing, MANA is trading for around $0.60. This represents an increase in value of over 2,200% since launch.

9. Axie Infinity – Top Crypto Game Featuring Virtual Monster Battles

Axie Infinity is another popular blockchain-based game that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. In this crypto game, players can breed, battle, and trade virtual creatures called Axies. Each Axie has its own set of characteristics, abilities, and traits. This means that Axies are highly collectible NFTs. 

At its core, Axie Infinity is a turn-based strategy game. Players can earn SLP tokens by succeeding in battles with their Axies. The native cryptocurrency of the Axie Infinity ecosystem is AXS. It is an ERC-20 token used as a means of exchange within the game.


AXS tokens can be used to buy and sell Axies. Moreover, AXS tokens also play a role in the governance of this gaming ecosystem. Additionally, AXS holders can also earn rewards by staking their tokens, which helps to secure the network and validate transactions.

Nonetheless, Axie Infinity, a billion-dollar crypto gaming startup that promised riches but met disaster, left many investors and gamers questioning its prospects.

10. The Sandbox – Create, Share, and Monetize Metaverse Gaming Experiences

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world built on blockchain technology. This metaverse-building game emphasizes user-generated content with a play-to-earn model. Players can earn crypto rewards by creating, sharing, and monetizing game content. Like Decentraland, The Sandbox also uses NFTs to represent in-game assets.

This includes everything from characters and buildings to items and land. Players will also be able to sell their in-game assets through the platform’s marketplace. Many leading brands and businesses have already acquired land in the Sandbox and are building their own projects.

SAND Price Chart

The includes Samsung, Atari, Adidas, Gucci, HSBC, and more. SAND tokens serve as the economic backbone of The Sandbox platform. SAND tokens are used when buying, selling, or transferring assets within the platform.

11. Illuvium – Decentralised Studio Featuring Exploration Games

Illuvium is a crypto project building the world’s first interoperable blockchain game universe. It has already launched three games on the Ethereum blockchain. For instance, in Illuvium Overworld, players take on the role of explorers in a mystical land filled with exotic creatures. These creatures are called Illuvials and are offered as NFTs.

Players must navigate the virtual world to capture and train these Illuvials to join their team. There are over 150 Illuvials. Each of these creatures comes with unique abilities and characteristics. Players can also upgrade and evolve their creatures over time. In the Illuvium Arena game, players can compete against each other with these Illuvials.

Illuvium/USD Chart

Illuvium also has a metaverse game called Zero. ILV is the native cryptocurrency of the Illuvium gaming ecosystem. Players can earn ILV tokens by completing quests, winning battles, or discovering creatures. ILV tokens can also be staked to earn rewards and participate in the governance of the Illuvium ecosystem. ILV tokens are available to buy on Crypto.com.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

12. Splinterlands – Play to Earn Game With Collectible NFT Cards

Splinterlands is another blockchain-based collectible card game. In this game, players collect and battle various digital monsters represented as cards. These are NFTs that have their own unique abilities and attributes. Players can earn crypto tokens by competing in battles and tournaments.

To win, players need to create a deck of cards that complement each other. Players can use DEC tokens to purchase NFT cards. DEC is the main in-game transactional currency of Splinterlands. Moreover, Splinterlands also has another token named SPS. SPS allows community members to participate in the governance of the game and to earn rewards for their contributions.

Splintershards Chart

This way, investors can earn DEC tokens without actually playing the game. Holders of SPS tokens can also vote on proposals related to the game’s development. Since its launch in 2021, Splinterlands has garnered a growing community of players. Today, it is one of the most popular blockchain-based games globally.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product

13. Floki – Crypto Utility Project With a 3D NFT Metaverse

Floki is a crypto project that aims to create awareness about blockchain technology. To achieve this, Floki has developed an entire crypto ecosystem with multiple projects. One of the main attractions of Floki is a metaverse called Valhalla. In this metaverse, players can create their own NFT characters.

The gameplay includes on-chain raiding, farming, battles, quests, clans, and even esports. Players will need to purchase the FLOKI token to enter Valhalla. Players are also offered FLOKI tokens as rewards when winning battles.

Floki Chart

Floki also has an NFT marketplace where players can trade their in-game assets. In addition to its metaverse, Floki also features NFT collections and a decentralized exchange. Beginners can also get educated about the crypto world via the University of Floki. Since the turn of 2023, the price of FLOKI has increased by over 420%.

14. Mobox – Blockchain Ecosystem With Mobile-Friendly Games

Mobox is a blockchain-based gaming platform that combines DeFi with NFTs. The platform allows players to mint MOMO NFTs by staking its native MBOX token. Players can then use their NFTs to participate in games and earn rewards. Mobox also features a wide range of crypto games for iOS.

Those looking for crypto games for Android are also catered for. In total, Moboz has six games, including a metaverse.  The Mobox platform also includes a crypto yield farm and an NFT marketplace. It also offers API support for developers to create their own games.


MBOX is the native cryptocurrency of the Mobox platform. MBOX tokens can be used to participate in games and in the governance of the ecosystem. As such, those that believe that Mobox is one of the best crypto games can invest in this project by purchasing MBOX from online exchanges.

15. Nakamoto – Polygon-Based Game Studio That Builds Play to Earn Titles

Nakamoto is a reputable studio that features many popular crypto games. The platform is built on the Polygon network. It features both in-house and third-party games. This means that independent developers can upload their games to Nakamoto. In return, developers will receive royalties when players engage with their creations.

This way, Nakamoto offers players a diverse selection of gaming choices. And therefore, when searching for the best crypto investment Nakamoto games, this offers exposure to various genres and developers.

Nakamoto Games Chart

Moreover, Nakamoto regularly updates its portfolio of games to keep things new and fresh.  NAKA is the native cryptocurrency that backs Nakamoto games. This is also the token that enables players to earn rewards through gameplay. It is also possible to stake NAKA tokens to earn passive income.

What is a Crypto Game?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have transformed the gaming industry by introducing the ‘play to earn’ model. These titles allow players to earn rewards by completing various in-game activities.

Moreover, players will be able to take ownership of in-game assets. This is in contrast to traditional video games.

Traditionally, players do not own or control any of the digital items that they buy or earn. As such, they can’t monetize the time and effort they put into the game. On the other hand, crypto games offer multiple opportunities for players to earn money.

  • For instance, players can complete challenges or win tournaments and receive digital assets as rewards.
  • Users can then trade in-game assets via marketplaces or directly convert them into fiat currencies.
  • Alternatively, some of the best blockchain games also support staking.
  • This allows players to generate passive income streams from their in-game assets.

That being said, it is not necessary to actually play crypto games to profit from their growth, with many of the top projects in the last altcoin season in 2021 being P2E projects.

Instead, some crypto traders will invest in in-game assets and potentially make money from the project’s increasing popularity. In other words, crypto games have opened up a whole new range of possibilities for both players and investors.

How do Cryptocurrency Video Games Work?

Crypto video games vary widely in terms of their offerings. However, the underlying concept typically remains the same.

For example:

  • Crypto games work by integrating blockchain technology and digital assets into their ecosystem.
  • The use of blockchain and NFTs ensures that in-game items are unique and cannot be duplicated.
  • This enables players to retain ownership and control of their in-game assets stored on the blockchain.

Additionally, some of the latest crypto games have integrated web3 technology. This includes the metaverse and augmented reality. This way, the best games to earn crypto are also able to offer immersive experiences.

Different Types of Blockchain Games

There are several types of blockchain games in this market. Each has its own unique experience and features.

Below is an overview of the different types of genres that are available in the crypto gaming market.

Challenge-Based Games

In this type of crypto game, players are rewarded when they complete challenges.

Challenge-based games come as both multiplayer and single-player titles. Moreover, they often involve elements of skill, strategy, and chance.

Players can also purchase or earn various digital items that can be used to improve their chances of winning. This might include character upgrades, accessories, or weapons.

Metaverse Building Games 

These are virtual building games where players can create their own metaverse world and explore it. Players can customize their virtual world by adding buildings, structures, and other elements.

All creations will be minted as NFTs. Metaverse games also allow players to interact with others in the virtual world.

Moreover, users will be able to monetize their virtual world in a variety of ways. For instance, Decentraland allows users to buy and sell plots of land, sell tickets to virtual events, and feature unique artwork.

Other examples of metaverse-building games include Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

Strategy Games

Strategy crypto games involve managing resources, making tactical decisions, and competing against other players or teams.

Players must use their intellect and planning skills to make decisions that will help them win rewards.

Battle Games 

Illuvium and Axie Infinity sit within the battle game category. Players combat other users in a PvP (Player vs Player) setting. Moreover, battle games enable players to purchase digital upgrades, such as weapons and other equipment.

These can be used to strengthen characters and boost the chances of winning crypto rewards.

Benefits of Playing Crypto Games

Crypto games are a relatively new concept for many. Therefore, in this section, we outline some of the biggest benefits of playing crypto games in 2024.

Rewards and Incentives

Perhaps the biggest advantage of crypto games is the reward system. Unlike traditional games, blockchain-based titles enable players to monetize their time and effort.

Rewards are usually paid in the top cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs. Moreover, players will have complete autonomy over these rewards. They can use them to purchase upgrades within the game or trade them on marketplaces.

Ownership and Control of Assets

The best crypto games support true ownership and control of in-game assets. This is because in-game assets are represented by NFTs on the blockchain.

It is possible to earn in-game NFTs through gameplay and then trade them on online marketplaces for real money.


The use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency allows for new and innovative gameplay mechanics that are not possible with traditional online titles.

This can include decentralized marketplaces, true player-owned economies, and more. By investing in a crypto game coin, players get the chance to own a small portion of the project and hopefully make a profit.


Many crypto games have strong communities built around them. These communities are made of players and developers collaborating to create new content and improve the gaming experience.

Moreover, by being a community member, players get the chance to engage with other gamers, discuss strategies, and share tips.

Are Crypto Games Profitable?

The best crypto games offer multiple ways for players to monetize their time. However, whether or not crypto games are profitable depends largely on the player’s strategy.

For instance, skilled players who invest significant time into the crypto game may be able to generate sizable rewards. Players can also yield profits if the value of the in-game crypto or NFT increases over time.

Additionally, the profitability of a crypto game can be influenced by market conditions, competition, and other factors. However, as with any investment, there are risks.

Before setting out to play P2E crypto games, it is important to conduct sufficient research. Players should understand the risks before investing time or money in any crypto game.

The Future of Crypto Games

Research indicates that the mass adoption of blockchain games today is still low, and mainstream adoption is slightly off. Nonetheless, the future of these games seems bright.

The future of crypto games is promising and poised for remarkable growth as this innovative intersection of gaming and blockchain technology continues to evolve. Crypto games are already disrupting traditional gaming models by offering enhanced user experiences, financial incentives, and new opportunities for gamers and developers. The blockchain gaming market is anticipated to surge to 65.7 Billion USD by 2027 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.3%.

One of the key aspects that will shape the future of crypto games is the integration of play-to-earn mechanisms.

Players can increasingly monetize their in-game accomplishments, earning valuable tokens and other digital assets that can be traded or used within the game ecosystem.

This will foster a more engaging and rewarding gaming environment, encouraging gamers to spend more time and effort on these platforms.

The rise of the metaverse and its integration with crypto games will also play a pivotal role in shaping the future. Virtual worlds will offer gamers immersive experiences where they can socialize, trade, and participate in various activities, all while utilizing blockchain-based assets. The metaverse will create new markets for digital assets, such as virtual land, digital art, and other in-game items, which could potentially appreciate over time.

Furthermore, developing and adopting cross-platform and cross-game compatibility will enhance the overall gaming experience. Gamers will be able to utilize their digital assets across multiple games and platforms, increasing the utility and value of these assets. This interoperability will also encourage collaboration among game developers, fostering innovation and the creation of unique gaming experiences.

Additionally, the increasing prevalence of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the gaming ecosystem, or GameFi, will provide gamers with new ways to utilize their digital assets. This includes the ability to stake, lend, or borrow tokens, further increasing the utility and value of these in-game currencies.

Are Crypto Games Safe?

The safety of crypto games depends on many factors. This ranges from the security of the underlying blockchain and the reputation of the developers.

In terms of risk, some crypto games require players to purchase tokens to get started. In other words, players may be subject to the volatility of the market.

We also found that the best crypto games implement robust security measures to prevent fraud or hacking. Top crypto games also use smart contracts and blockchain technology to ensure that transactions are transparent and secure.

With that said, players should also do their due diligence. Look for crypto games with a strong reputation and well-written wallpaper. Additionally, players should also protect their own assets by using a secure wallet.


Crypto games offer a unique combination of play-to-earn mechanics, NFT-based collectibles, and decentralized infrastructure. Moreover, the best crypto games provide engaging gameplay and access to a community-driven ecosystem. 

Our top game is Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2). This is an upgraded token version of Sponge – a meme coin that soared by 100x in 2023. The $SPONGEV2 token offers a play-to-earn racing game.


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