8 Best Cryptocurrency Private Sales To Invest In Today

Private sales are popular in the crypto space and there are more projects than ever to wade through when deciding what to invest in. Quality crypto tokens can be locked in at a huge discount if found at the right time.

As such, today’s guide will review and rank the best crypto private sales for 2023.

List of the Best Private Crypto Sales This Year

The best crypto private sale to invest in will have utility and the potential to blow up once listed on an exchange. Below, we’ve listed the top private crypto sales that some analysts believe are likely to explode in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Top Crypto Private Sale of a popular meme-based crypto platform that has a following of over 1 million people. Wall Street Memes will make 100% of the token supply available for the community.
  2. DeeLance (DLANCE) – Emerging crypto private sale with a decentralized recruitment platform.
  3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – New presale launch for an exciting Recycle-2-earn crypto initiative.
  4. Artyfact (ARTY) – P&E Web3 gaming metaverse with referral rewards.
  5. Futurent (FUTR) – Blockchain service platform for fractional tokenized land.
  6. OpiPets (OPIP) – Economy based on free P2E games with NFT animals.
  7. Web3 Task (W3T) – Crypto-centric freelance platform and marketplace for Web3 services.
  8. Ajira Pay Finance (AJP) – Brand New Decentralized Platforms Facilitating Crypto Payments

Reviewing the Best Crypto Private Sales in 2023

Finding the best crypto private sale is no simple feat, albeit, reading our full analysis of each project should help investors choose the best for their goals.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Join this Popular Meme Platform’s Crypto Private Sale

$WSM is a meme token that has been launched by the founders of the Wall Street Memes platform. This platform is also responsible for launching its own legacy NFT project – Wall St Bulls.

WSM token home

This NFT project managed to sell out 10,000 Ethereum-based NFTs within 30 minutes due to the popularity of its platform. Across platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, Wall Street Memes has a following of over 1 million.

The Wall Street Memes Twitter page has more than 215K followers and has seen influential celebrities such as Elon Musk reply on the page. After the success of the NFT collection, Wall Street Memes has decided to launch its own private sale for the $WSM token.

In 2023, meme cryptocurrencies have been soaring. While tokens such as $PEPE and $LADYS have become successful and offered huge returns, $WSM has the added advantage of an established consumer base.

In comparison, Wall Street Memes already has the backing of a large meme movement. While it does not offer utility, it will allocate 100% of the token supply among the community.

WSM tokenomics

Thus, many expect the private sale to be highly successful for Wall Street Memes. The tokenomics of the project states that $WSM has a total supply of 2 billion tokens. 1 billion tokens have been allocated for the presale, while 30% will be allocated as community rewards.

The presale will consist of 30 rounds, where the price of $WSM will rise from $0.025 to $0.0337. At the time of writing, $WSM is priced at just $0.0259. The presale has already raised more than $1.6 million.

The total hard cap is set at $30.57 million. After the private sale concludes, Wall Street Memes will conduct the exchange listing on top-tier exchanges. 20% of the token supply has been reserved for CEX and DEX liquidity.

Join the Wall Street Memes Telegram group to stay updated with the presale and any new developments surrounding the project.

Hard cap $30,577,000
Total tokens 2,000,000,000
Tokens available in presale 1,000,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase 100 tokens
Purchase methods USDT, ETH, BNB, Bank Card

2. DeeLance (DLANCE) – Emerging Crypto Private Sale With a Decentralized Recruitment Platform

DeeLance, a revolutionary decentralized freelancing & recruitment portal, recently initiated a private sale for its native crypto token, $DLANCE. So, what makes the $DLANCE ICO a worthwhile investment? DeeLance primarily strives to enhance transparency within the freelancing sector while minimizing costs for clients and freelancers.

The initial presale phase is ongoing, with each $DLANCE token priced at only $0.025 USDT. The $DLANCE tokens will surge in price over three rounds, increasing to $0.03 USDT per token in the final phase. 

DeeLance presale

By employing smart contracts, all transactions are securely recorded on a public blockchain. The platform’s ecosystem is built on three core pillars: a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, an innovative metaverse, and a recruitment platform. These elements collectively provide a wide range of tools and services, streamlining the freelance experience and promoting transparency and digital ownership of work.

According to the DeeLance whitepaper, the platform also incorporates escrow payment services to guarantee timely freelancer payments. Crypto payments are utilized, enabling immediate remuneration for workers.

Why DeeLance ?

DeeLance is expanding its reach in the crypto sphere by providing a metaverse where recruiters can connect with freelancers seamlessly. A built-in NFT marketplace allows users to mint their work as NFTs, facilitating the dependable work transfer between freelancers and recruiters.

Moreover, DeeLance’s fees are significantly lower than leading centralized freelance agencies—charging only 2% from clients and 10% from freelancers. 

In the DeeLance metaverse, tokens can also be used to acquire virtual office spaces, demonstrating the utilities that make $DLANCE a promising investment.

To gain further insights into this decentralized ecosystem, explore the DeeLance Telegram channel.

Hard Cap $6,000,000
Total Tokens 1,000,000,000
Tokens available in presale 300,000,000
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, Card

3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – New Presale Launch for an Exciting Recycle-2-Earn Crypto Initiative

One of the newest crypto private sales available to buy right now is $ECOTERRA – the native cryptocurrency of Ecoterra’s sustainable recycling program. This is the first crypto project to use blockchain technology to promote recycling while offering crypto tokens as rewards to users. 

Ecoterra presale price

Members can be a part of this Recycle-2-Earn platform if their country gives access to Reversed Vending Machines (RVMs). Through RVMs, users can recycle trash and scan this process on the EcoTerra app. Every time users use the RVMs with the EcoTerra app, they are offered free $ECOTERRA tokens. 

You can spend the $ECOTERRA tokens you receive on ecological initiatives such as ocean cleanups and planting trees. This platform can also be used by companies to work on their circular economy. For every sustainable deed conducted, such as offsetting your carbon footprint or recycling waste, you receive points that improve your ‘Impact Score.’ 

Ecoterra four components

This is a great way for companies to track their sustainable actions under one roof. Organizations can also access a Recycled Materials marketplace to connect directly with recyclers and make payments with $ECOTERRA tokens. 

Ecoterra has the potential to be a big project due to its partnerships and history. The team behind this project has managed a profitable company in the South East European region. Ecoterra has also partnered with Delhaize – one of the largest global supermarkets. 

Users will also be able to collect achievements as they recycle products and eventually convert them to NFTs. The ongoing presale has collected over $20K in just a few days and has a soft cap target of $2 million. 

On round one of a nine-stage presale, $ECOTERRA is priced at $0.004. By the final phase, the price will jump to $0.01. To learn more about tokenomics and the presale details, check the Ecoterra whitepaper. Join the Telegram channel to stay updated with the latest news circulating around this project.

Presale Started 29/03/2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment $10
Max Investment N/A

4. Artyfact (ARTY) – P&E Web3 Gaming Metaverse With Referal Rewards

Artyfact is one of the most interesting private crypto sales in the P2E and metaverse space. The virtual world known as Artyfact has various separate economies and also facilitates digital land ownership. The Artyfact metaverse includes both P2E gaming and urban areas.

It will be possible to visit NFT exhibits and 3D marketplaces in the urban section. Players can also buy virtual land, NFTs, clothes, and property in urban areas. Influencers and businesses will have the chance to engage with their audiences via the Artyfact metaverse.


On the other hand, the gaming spaces will include unique P2E environments. Also, the project will have integrated VR compatibility with the goal of offering players a better experience. The native token of the Artyfact metaverse is ARTY.

Those who think it’s one of the top private crypto sales for 2023 can buy ARTY tokens on presale for $0.28. Players will need to buy ARTY tokens in order to play games.

5. Futurent (FUTR) – Blockchain Service Platform for Fractional Tokenized Land

Futurent (FUTR) is another one of the private crypto sales on this list that might appeal to virtual real estate investors. This project provides access to fractional NFT real estate. Via its blockchain platform, Futurent also allows users to sell and rent luxury goods as well as the aforementioned Metaverse properties.

By the tokenization and fractionalization of metaverse properties and other assets, YieldBricks, the foundation of Futurent, aims to offer high-quality investment prospects with a difference. Furthermore, according to the platform, automatic yields are easy to use and available to everyone.


Investors can boast immediate digital ownership or the transfer of economic rights in a couple of seconds starting at only $50. Benefits like rental revenue sharing and DAO voting participation are made possible by this ownership model.

FUTR tokens can be locked in at $0.025 as of writing, and then claimed once listed on an exchange.

6. OpiPets (OPIP) – Economy Based on Free P2E Games With NFT Animals

In the economy-focused role-playing game (RPG) OpiPets, customization is king. According to the platform, this game is still in development but will debut with 60 OpiPets. There will also be hundreds of items geared at both combat and cosmetics.

To get the in-game utility token, OPIP, players will need to accomplish missions and explore biomes. Additionally, players will be able to exchange goods in the marketplace and make their way through different areas of the P2E game. Interestingly, all in-game pricing is decided upon by players.


The objective will then be to level up the OpiPet and transform it into an NFT ready for fighting. Players will take their NFT pets to battle with others.

They can improve their chances of winning by purchasing and selling products on different sites and/or player-controlled marketplaces.

7. Web3 Task (W3T) – Crypto-Centric Freelance Platform and Marketplace For Web3 Services

Web3 Task (W3T) is a cryptocurrency-based freelancing marketplace. This project is dedicated to Web3 services. The Web3 Task platform will facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrency payments between clients and contractors.

Users will be able to utilize the platform to perform any Web3-related task, including the creation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, blockchain development services, marketing, DeFi, and more. When a transaction is made using Web3 Task, neither the buyer nor the vendor will be charged any fees. A 5% fee will be charged for other payment types though.


Quicker settlements, lower transaction costs, and a higher level of security are some of the other advantages that W3T holders will receive.

A portion of the tax fee that will be added to the W3T transaction will be shared among the investors. W3T tokens are on presale at $0.015 each as of writing.

8. Ajira Pay Finance (AJP) – Brand New Decentralized Platforms Facilitating Crypto Payments

Ajira Pay is a web3 protocol that facilitates transactions for businesses as well as individuals globally. By accepting cryptocurrency payments from their customers, businesses and consumers will be able to increase their worldwide reach and profitability with the help of Ajira Pay.

This is made possible through the range of innovative tools hosted on the platform. We found this to include API integrations, and an Ajira Pay mobile wallet. There will also be an app, the integrated software tool SDK, and E-commerce plugins upon its debut on the Mainnet.


According to the platform, the main goal at Ajira Pay is to use its suite of solutions to affordably integrate more companies, enterprises, and people onto web3 while maximizing decentralization.

The launch price of AJP tokens will be $0.40. As of writing, investors who think this is a top crypto presale can lock in a price of $0.30.

Private Crypto Sales Explained

A restricted number of early investors are the target market for a private sale of digital coins or tokens. This takes place in the initial stage of a crypto presale, which as we’ve mentioned allows investors to lock in new digital assets at a discounted price.

  • A blockchain project’s private and presale campaign is a successful way to fund the development of a new ecosystem
  • Private sales are oftentimes unannounced and therefore the general population won’t even be aware the project exists
  • Which early investors are invited to private sales is up to the individual crypto project
  • The idea is to persuade early investors to back a particular project

The overarching goal for the team behind a private or presale campaign is for all involved to get the best price possible on their respective crypto asset, while funding the project itself.

Private Crypto Sales: How They Work

The best crypto private sale projects make joining a new community easy and will offer early investors a huge discount. There might also be perks involved.

Here’s a quick rundown of how private crypto sales work:

  • The investor will decide on the best crypto private sale after researching the project in full
  • They will then need to head over to the official platform and place an order to buy tokens
  • Investors will not see the tokens appear in their crypto wallet straight away
  • Instead, the crypto investor will connect their wallet and place an order
  • They will then need to return to ‘claim’ them just before the tokens have been listed on an exchange
  • At this time, the investor may sell or hold onto the cryptocurrency in question

The price of private cryptocurrencies is usually much lower than the listing price. As such, it’s up to the investor to decide whether they would like to sell when listed for a small profit. Alternatively, they can hold on to the crypto asset in case it blows up for even bigger gains.

Key Differences Between Public Sales and Private Token Sales

There are a few different stages during a cryptocurrency project’s development and its release into the market. Below we’ve included some information about private and public crypto sales to clear the mist.

Private sales:

  • Tokens that have not yet been made public or announced to retail investors are sold during the private sale period of a crypto project
  • Private sales offer early investors a big discount in comparison to the listed price
  • The best crypto private sales will run competitions to lure in potential investors
  • The public sale refers to the crypto being listed on an exchange, hence it receives more publicity and promotion than the aforementioned stage

Public sales:

  • During a public sale, the cryptocurrency is released into the market, at which point anyone can add the tokens to their digital wallet
  • Tokens will be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange such as PancakeSwap, LBank, or Uniswap as an example
  • The price of the crypto token will be higher than it was during the private sale campaign
  • One of the advantages is the capacity to try and forecast listing outcomes based on the results of presales and private sales
  • Furthermore, tokens are likely to have higher liquidity

In a nutshell, compared to the private and presale campaigns, there are fewer perks or discounts. Furthermore, when investors buy cryptocurrencies before they go public, they will be locking in a discounted price.

Are Crypto Private Sales a Worthy Investment in 2023?

We’ve revealed the best private token sales in 2023. That said, investors might still be undecided on whether private sales are worth investing in ahead of the next crypto bull run.

Here are some of the advantages of crypto private sales:

Low Entry Price

All of the best private token sales in 2023 have a low entry price. Because the private sale price is the lowest it will be before it’s listed on an exchange, it presents investors with a chance to lock them in at a discount.

Moreover, throughout the presale campaign, crypto tokens usually continually go up in price.

For instance, $WSM tokens were priced at $0.025 during the first stage of its presale campaign. However, by the end of the presale campaign – they will surge to $0.0337.

This means that investors who placed an order during stage one bought $WSM tokens for a lot less than they will be when listed.

Perks and Airdrops

Many of the best crypto private sales will offer early investors rewards and perks for completing tasks or simply buying tokens.

For instance:

  • Sometimes, early-bird investors can get rewards such as free crypto for following the project on social media or sharing posts to raise awareness of it
  • Many up-and-coming projects airdrop crypto
  • Some projects offer presale bonuses to investors who place an order in the early stages

Some of the projects we’ve talked about today regularly offer early investors and community members the chance to participate in competitions.

Invest in Emerging Blockchain Sectors

When researching the best private token sales in 2023, many investors familiarize themselves with which blockchain segments are experiencing growth.

That is to say, there are thousands of crypto projects which now go beyond basic DeFi principles.

For instance:

  • We found the overall best crypto private sale to be Wall Street Memes.
  • The Wall Street Memes team has also released an NFT project, and has the backing of more than 1 million users.

As such, many of the best crypto private sales to invest in for 2023 are focused on entering the Web3 space.

This can include vote-to-earn, the metaverse, tokenized carbon credits, P2E projects, and more, with the next altcoin season expected to have tokens offering a huge range of varied utility.

Are Crypto Private Sales Safe?

Crypto private sales, or initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token pre-sales, are fundraising events where blockchain-based startups sell their native tokens to early investors at a discounted rate.

These private sales can be attractive to investors seeking to get in on the ground floor of a new project, but their safety is a topic of debate.

On the one hand, private sales have the potential to offer lucrative returns if the project succeeds. Early investors can benefit from the increased token value and future utility. Some well-known cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Binance Coin, initially started as private sales and have since grown exponentially in value.

However, the crypto space is notorious for its volatility and lack of regulation making it ripe for fraudulent activities. Some private sales have become scams or Ponzi schemes, leaving investors with significant losses. In many cases, the lack of accountability and transparency can make it difficult for investors to differentiate between legitimate projects and scams.

Potential investors should conduct thorough due diligence on the project, its team, and the underlying technology to mitigate any risks.

This includes examining the whitepaper, scrutinizing the project’s roadmap, and verifying the team’s credentials. Investors should also be cautious of unrealistic promises.

How to Tell if a Crypto Private Sale is Legit

Determining the legitimacy of a crypto private sale is crucial for potential investors to protect themselves from scams and fraudulent activities.

The FBI have revealed that $2.57 billion was lost in crypto investment fraud in 2022, highlighting the importance of conducting thorough due diligence before participating in private sales or investing in cryptocurrencies.

Here are some key factors to consider while evaluating the authenticity of a private sale:

  1. Comprehensive Whitepaper: A legitimate project should provide a detailed and well-structured whitepaper explaining the project’s vision, technology, and use case. It should also include information on tokenomics, the roadmap, and the team. Be wary of whitepapers with vague content or exaggerated claims.
  2. Transparent Team: A credible project will have a transparent, skilled team with verifiable credentials. Research the team members on LinkedIn, GitHub, and other platforms to assess their experience and track record in the blockchain and crypto industry.
  3. Active Community: A strong and active community on social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter indicates genuine interest and support for the project. Engage with the community and ask questions to gain insight into the project’s progress and potential.
  4. Third-Party Audits: Reputable projects often undergo third-party audits to ensure the security and integrity of their smart contracts and codebase. Look for audit reports from reputable firms, such as CertiK, to bolster confidence in the project.
  5. Partnerships and Collaborations: Legitimate projects will usually have strategic partnerships or collaborations with other well-established companies or organizations in the crypto space. Verify these partnerships to gauge the project’s credibility and potential for growth.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: A legit private sale should adhere to relevant regulations and legal frameworks, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. Compliance demonstrates the project’s commitment to operating within the boundaries of the law.
  7. Research the Project: Some of the best crypto YouTube channels offer great insights into the leading private token sales. Jacob Crypto Bury is one such example, having covered some of the hottest presales on the crypto market that have since exploded.

Investing in The Best Private Token Sales in 2023: Full Walkthrough

The overall best crypto private sale is Wall Street Memes, a project building an innovative vote-to-earn platform.

Here’s how to get the best price via the Wall Street Memes presale.

Step 1 – Create a Digital Wallet

Installing a crypto wallet is the first step to investing in $WSM, the best private token sale.

Crypto Wallets

Mobile users can use Trust Wallet, and those who prefer a desktop browser can use MetaMask.

Step 2 – Buy Some USDT, ETH, or BNB and Connect the Wallet

Investors can buy $WSM tokens on presale with tokens including Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and BNB (BNB).

Once the tokens have been added to the wallet, the investor can select ‘Buy WSM with ETH/USDT’ to place an order.

Step 3 – Connect to the Wall Street Memes Presale

Once the chosen wallet has some ETH or USDT tokens in it, the investor needs to copy the public address. Next, they can go back to Wall Street Memes, click ‘Connect Wallet,’ and paste the information in the relevant field.

The investor must also confirm the transaction between the Wall Street Memes presale page and the wallet to continue and buy $WSM.

Step 4 – Claim Wall Street Memes Tokens

When the Wall Street Memes presale has concluded, investors can return to the platform and click ‘Claim’ to add them to their crypto wallet. They will be stored on the website until then.


Before being listed on an exchange, pre-mined tokens are made available to a small, hand-picked group of investors in a private sale. Investors looking for the best private token sales in 2023 for upside potential should check out Wall Street Memes.

$WSM, the native token, is currently priced at $0.0259 during its ongoing presale. 1 billion tokens are being allocated across 30 rounds, as Wall Street Memes aims to raise more than $30.5 million.

The project has the backing of over 1 million followers on social media, and has raised over $1.6 million in just a few days.


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