10 Best Crypto Sniper Bots for 2024

Sniper bots are ideal for trading new tokens on decentralized exchanges – especially those that have just launched. The best crypto sniper bots also support other features, such as copy trading, dollar-cost averaging, and limit orders.

In this guide, you’ll discover the 10 best snipers for crypto trading. Our methodology ranks providers by security, reliability, supported networks, features, and fees.

The Top 10 Sniper Crypto Bots

In our view, here are the 10 best crypto sniper bots to try in 2024:

  1. Sniper Trading Secrets – Top-rated sniping strategies with a live trading room & one-time fee of just £27
  2. Photon – Create bespoke triggers to snipe new Solana meme coins on decentralized exchanges
  3. WagieBot – A great option for copy trading, select a profitable wallet address to replicate
  4. Mizar – Hybrid sniping bot for CEX and DEX trading with a market simulator tool
  5. Unibot – Multi-network sniping bot for Ethereum, Base, Solana, and Arbitrum
  6. Maestro – User-friendly Telegram bot with unparalleled features and tools
  7. Trojan – Top-rated sniping bot for dollar-cost averaging Solana-based tokens
  8. Polybot – Premium DEX sniper supporting 28 blockchains, retails for $599
  9. FluxBot – SOL sniping bot with AI assistance for simplified trading requests
  10. DexCheck – Follow the smart money by tracking the most profitable NFT traders

Reviewing the Top Crypto Sniper Bots

Selecting the best crypto sniper bot requires due diligence and research. Traders should understand what features are offered, which network standards are supported, and whether the bot offers a reliable service.

Let’s explore the 10 leading sniper bots in more detail.

1. Sniper Trading Secrets – Top-Rated Sniping Strategies With a Live Trading Room

The first option to consider is Sniper Trading Secrets, which is our overall top pick. For a one-time fee of just £27, traders have access to invaluable resources. This includes a blueprint for finding 100x crypto tokens before they become mainstream. There’s also a live trading room offering 24/7 access to profitable traders. This is where the next crypto gems are discovered early.

Sniper Trading Secrets covers a wide blend of crypto niches, including the best Solana meme coins. The trading room also offers picks on leveraged perpetual futures. This covers multiple strategies, so there’s something for all risk appetites. Sniper Trading Secrets is also a great option for first-time traders.

Sniper Trading Secrets review

It comes with comprehensive learning materials in an easy-to-understand format. Topics include finding high-conviction ICOs, portfolio scaling, risk management, and mastering candlestick charts. For a limited time, Sniper Trading Secrets includes an extra five bonus courses. Valued at £200, this covers market timing, DEX trading, meme coin mastery, and more.

Pros pros

  • The overall best option for sniping undervalued crypto gems
  • Covers tokens on all network standards
  • Offers a live trading room with profitable traders
  • Discover the blueprint for finding the next crypto to explode
  • Charges a one-time fee of just £27

Cons cons

  • Limited reviews in the public domain
  • The bonus offer is only available for a limited time

2. Photon – Create Bespoke Triggers to Snipe New Solana Meme Coins on DEXs

The next sniping bot to explore is Photon. This is the best option for trading brand-new meme coins on the Solana network. Rather than manually searching for suitable tokens, Photon enables users to create custom settings. The bot will then automatically place orders whenever the conditions are triggered.

For instance, a good starting point is to only snipe tokens that have locked liquidity and a renounced contract. Users might also consider the launch time frame and market capitalization. For example, the bot can snipe tokens that were launched more than 24 hours ago and with a minimum valuation of $5 million.

Photon sniping bot review

Creating exit conditions is also seamless. For instance, Photon can automatically cash out if the position declines by 10% or increases by 20% – whichever comes first. Photon connects with Jupiter and Raydium, ensuring you’ve got access to the next 1000x crypto gem. Full documentation is provided, so even beginners can deploy sniper bots.

Pros pros

  • Create custom bot settings across multiple trigger points
  • Snipe new Solana tokens based on your requirements
  • Automatically deploy stop-loss and take-profit orders
  • Comes with full documentation – no prior knowledge is assumed

Cons cons

  • Only works with the Phantom wallet
  • Limited information on security safeguards

3. WagieBot – A Great Option for Copy Trading, Select a Profitable Wallet Address to Replicate

WagieBot is one of the best crypto sniper bots for copy trading. First, you’ll need to choose which profitable trader to replicate. Simply provide WagieBot with their wallet address. Next, select your preferred investment stake. For example, you can elect to risk 2% of your wallet balance on each position.

Thereon, anything bought and sold by the selected trader will be copied automatically. This means you’ll be trading crypto passively, as there’s no requirement for analysis or order placing. Another benefit of WagieBot is its multi-network support. It can trade any tokens on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum.

WagieBot sniper bot review

WagieBot also offers sniping tools. These can be customized to your liking. Limit orders, anti-rug checks, and advanced risk management tools are also available. Users can access WagieBot via its Telegram channel. The main drawback is pricing. WagieBot charges 0.8% on buy and sell transactions. This is in addition to standard exchange commissions.

Pros pros

  • One of the best crypto sniper bots for copy trading
  • Automatically replicate a successful DEX trader
  • Supports all tokens on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum
  • Also offers anti-rug checks and advanced limit orders

Cons cons

  • Charges 0.8% on trading positions
  • Doesn’t support SPL tokens

4. Mizar – Hybrid Sniping Bot for CEX and DEX Trading  

Mizar is also a top-rated sniper bot for crypto. Unlike most bots in the market, Mizar is compatible with centralized and decentralized exchanges. This offers unparalleled opportunities. For instance, Mizar offers bespoke sniping tools for the Uniswap exchange, which covers most ERC-20 tokens.

It can snipe tokens as soon as they’re listed, or once they meet your custom parameters. This can include volume, market capitalization, and other important metrics. Mizar’s sniping bot also works with the leading tier-one exchanges, including MEXC, Binance, Crypto.com, and Coinbase Advanced.

Mizar review

Alternatively, Mizar also offers copy trading tools. There are multiple strategies to choose from and positions can be monitored from the Telegram app. Other features include dollar-cost averaging and the option to automate TradingView signals. There are three pricing plans ranging from $0, $15 and $30. Each comes with varying functionality.

Pros pros

  • Supports decentralized and centralized exchanges
  • Snipe tokens on Uniswap as soon as they’re listed
  • Seamlessly copy successful trading strategies
  • Monitor positions on the Telegram app

Cons cons

  • The free plan is limited to $200 in monthly volume
  • Full functionality costs $30 per month

5. Unibot – Multi-Network Sniping Bot for Ethereum, Base, Solana, and Arbitrum  

Unibot is the best option for multi-network support. This popular sniping bot is compatible with four different networks; Ethereum, Base, Solana, and Arbitrum. This means you can snipe the best low-cap coins from multiple ecosystems. Simply provide the required bot parameters and everything will be automated thereon.

Unibot also comes with an in-built Telegram scanner. This helps users find the next crypto gems, including upcoming presales. Unibot is also a great option for dollar-cost averaging. It can automatically buy tokens at your preferred intervals and amounts. This is useful when buying newly launched tokens, as it ensures you avoid investing at the peak.

Unibot sniping review

Unibot also offers copy trading tools. Not to mention a bridge aggregator. This enables you to trade tokens across multiple networks without needing to use an exchange. For instance, if you hold SOL but want to buy an ERC-20 token, this can be executed directly on Unibot.

Pros pros

  • Compatible with Ethereum, Base, Solana, and Arbitrum
  • Features include sniping, copy trading, and limit orders
  • Automatically bridge tokens to trade across multiple networks
  • Advanced market scanner finds crypto gems on Telegram

Cons cons

  • Doesn’t support the BNB Chain
  • Unibot’s native token is down 93% from all-time highs

6. Maestro – User-Friendly Telegram Bot With Unparalleled Features and Tools  

Maestro is one of the best Telegram bots in the market. It offers an unparalleled range of features and tools – all accessible via its Telegram group. For instance, Maestro can automate the ICO investment process on PinkSale. This means you can secure the lowest entry price with ease.

The bot can automatically cash out once the tokens begin trading on exchanges, as per your parameters. There’s also a whale tracking tool. This sends a real-time alert whenever the whale buys or sells tokens. It’s also possible to automatically replicate these orders via the copy trading feature.

Maestro review

Maestro also comes with anti-rug pull systems. This helps users avoid scams. Conventional DEX sniping tools are also available. Custom settings are supported on multiple networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum. However, Maestro doesn’t support tokens on the Solana network.

Pros pros

  • Offers a huge range of sniping features on Telegram
  • Automatically invest in new ICOs on PinkSale
  • Snipe tokens on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum
  • Track and copy whale wallet movements

Cons cons

  • Isn’t compatible with Solana DEX networks
  • A 1% fee is applied to all transactions

7. Trojan – Top-Rated Sniping Bot for Dollar-Cost Averaging Solana-Based Tokens  

Trojan is one of the best options for dollar-cost-averaging tokens on the Solana network. It’s accessible via the Telegram app and the user experience is seamless. First, Trojan requires the unique contract address for the SOL token you wish to trade. Next, click the ‘DCA’ button to set up your parameters.

For example, if it’s a newly launched SOL token, you could invest 10% every 15 minutes. This vastly reduces the risks of buying the top, as new launches are ultra-volatile. If you’re a longer-term investor, you could stretch out the investment time frame. For instance, allocating 10% every week. It’s also possible to enter positions when specific price targets are reached.

Trojan sniping bot review

In addition, Trojan also supports copy trading, limit orders, and bridging tools. It also offers a market scanner for new token launches. This highlights whether or not the liquidity has been locked and if the smart contract is renounced. Additional data is provided on wallet holders and market capitalization.

Pros pros

  • Create custom dollar-cost averaging strategies
  • Supports all tokens on the Solana standard
  • Offers copy trading tools and limit orders
  • Invaluable market screener for new token launches

Cons cons

  • Doesn’t offer a desktop dashboard
  • Limited information on the Trojan website

8. Polybot – Premium DEX Sniper Supporting 28 Blockchains, Retails for $599  

If you’re after the most advanced sniping bot, then Polybot will be the best option. Retailing for $599, Polybot is aimed at premium traders. It supports 28 blockchain standards, which is more than any other bot in the market. This includes tokens on Ethereum, Solana, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and BNB Chain.

Polybot is also compatible with the best decentralized exchanges, including PancakeSwap and Uniswap. In terms of features, Polybot supports more than 8,000 unique functions. This ensures the bot only snipes tokens when your specific trading parameters are triggered.

Is Polybot worth the money?

Polybot also comes with risk-management tools, including rug protection, stop-losses, and honeypot checks. Although Polybot is designed for experienced pros, it comes with 12 beginner-friendly video tutorials. This explains how to create functions, bridge tokens, find trading opportunities, and more.

Pros pros

  • The best sniping crypto bot for professional traders
  • Connects with 28 different blockchains
  • Supports more than 8,000 unique functions
  • Compatible with new IDO launches

Cons cons

  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Huge price tag of $599

9. FluxBot – SOL Sniping Bot With AI Assistance for Simplified Trading Requests  

We found that FluxBot is also one of the best crypto sniper bots. Operating on the Telegram app, the key feature is FluxBot’s AI integration. This helps streamline DEX trades at unprecedented speeds. For example, the standard process is for users to paste the contract addresses. This informs the bot of which tokens to trade.

However, FluxBot simply needs prompts. For instance, you could instruct the bot to “swap all SOL for BONK”. After providing confirmation, FluxBot will instantly execute the swap. The AI feature also supports wallet transfers and balance updates. FluxBot also offers other useful tools, including dollar-cost averaging.

FluxBot review

Limit orders and copy trading features are also supported. FluxBot offers sniping tools on Raydium and FluxBeam. Jupiter isn’t supported, which is considered the more reliable Solana DEX. FluxBot also has a native ecosystem token, FLUXB. Launched in late 2023, FLUXB is up 106% since inception.

Pros pros

  • Offers AI assistant tools to simply token swaps
  • No requirement to paste long contract addresses
  • Offers sniping tools for Raydium and FluxBeam
  • Also offers dollar-cost averaging and copy trading

Cons cons

  • Only supports tokens on the Solana network
  • Isn’t compatible with the Jupiter exchange

10. DexCheck – Follow the Smart Money by Tracking the Most Profitable NFT traders    

DexCheck is one of the best crypto sniper bots for NFT trading. The NFT marketplace has gained momentum in recent months, so now could be a good time to get involved. DexCheck simplifies the process through its NFT tracking tool. This enables you to track and replicate the most profitable NFT traders.

You’ll receive a real-time notification when there’s a whale wallet movement. You can then explore the NFT trade and decide whether or not to invest. DexCheck also covers conventional crypto sniping tools. This includes early insights into new token launches on the ERC-20 standard. DexCheck also offers a Telegram bot with additional features.

DexCheck review

This includes a portfolio tracker, watchlist, and pricing alerts. It’s also possible to manually buy and sell tokens via the Telegram group. However, most DexCheck features are for premium users. Full functionality costs 100,000 DCK tokens, which is over $6,000 based on current prices.

Pros pros

  • The best crypto sniping bot for finding NFT gems
  • Track the most profitable NFT traders in real-time
  • Snipe ERC-20 tokens on decentralized exchanges
  • Offers portfolio tracing and price alerts via Telegram

Cons cons

  • Full functionality costs over $6,000
  • Plans must be purchased in DCK tokens

What is a Crypto Sniping Bot?

Sniper bots automate the crypto trading process. While similar to traditional trading bots, snipers are primarily used to buy brand-new tokens on decentralized exchanges. This offers a first-mover advantage over manual traders.

  • For instance, consider a new Solana-based token on the Raydium exchange.
  • It could be listed with a market capitalization of just $50,000.
  • Within minutes, the valuation could have increased to $250,000.
  • This means 5x returns for those investing from the get-go.
  • Using a sniper bot means getting in before the masses.

Crucially, the best crypto sniper bots come with customized functions. This means the bot will only buy new tokens when minimum requirements have been met. This could be related to trading volume, market capitalization, liquidity locks, or smart contract audits. This ensures the bot only buys suitable tokens.

How do Crypto Sniper Bots Work?

We’ve established that crypto sniper bots trade newly listed tokens, once pre-defined parameters have been met. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works.

Creating Custom Parameters

First, the trader must decide which blockchain networks they want to focus on. Solana, Ethereum, and BNB Chain are the most popular networks for new token launches. Other networks to consider include Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Either way, it’s crucial to set some custom parameters before launching the sniper bot. This is because most token launches are scams. For example, most sniper bots can evaluate whether or not the liquidity pool has been locked. This prevents the token creator from withdrawing the liquidity.

Sniper bots on DexScreener

This should be a minimum requirement. What’s more, make sure the bot only buys tokens if the smart contract has been audited and renounced. This means the tokenomics – such as the supply and taxation, can’t be changed. After that, you’ll want to focus on specific trading functions.

For instance, you might only want to buy tokens with a valuation of between $2.5 million and $5 million. The bot could also avoid tokens with hourly trading volumes of under $100,000. Alternatively, you might avoid tokens that have been active for less than three hours. Ultimately, the sniper bot parameters are yours to design.

Funding and Activation

Once you’ve created your sniping bot parameters, the next step is to add some funds. This is where you need to be careful – not all sniping bots are legitimate.

Some bots require a crypto wallet connection. This means the bot will trade with funds you already have in the wallet. Other providers generate a unique wallet address on Telegram. Crypto tokens need to be sent to the provided address. Make sure it’s the right crypto being transferred.

  • For example, if you’re looking to trade ERC-20 tokens on Uniswap, opt for ETH.
  • Alternatively, SOL will be required when trading Solana-based tokens.

After the wallet is funded, you can then activate the bot. It will begin scanning decentralized exchanges instantly.

The sniping bot will place buy and sell orders based on your parameters. Always monitor the bot’s performance. If it’s failing to generate profits, switch the bot off and readjust the parameters. Always start with small amounts until you’ve found a proven strategy.

Other Sniping Bot Features

Sniping newly launched tokens is the most commonly used feature.

However, the best crypto sniper bots also come with other tools, such as:

  • Copy Trading: Automatically copy a successful crypto trader. Simply provide the bot with the trader’s wallet address. Future wallet movements will be replicated in real-time.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging: Buy tokens on decentralized exchanges at set intervals. For example, you might buy $50 worth of a newly listed token every 30 minutes. This averages the cost basis, rather than investing in one lump sum.
  • Limit Orders: Sniping bots can also be used to place limit orders on decentralized exchanges. For example, suppose you’re tracking a token that’s priced at $0.50. You might want the bot to invest if the token drops to $0.40.
  • Whale Tracking: It’s also possible to track ‘Whales’ when using a sniping bot. This can be useful in spotting new crypto gems before the wider markets. Following the smart money is often a great strategy.

Are Crypto Sniper Bots Profitable?

Crypto sniper bots can only buy tokens based on pre-defined conditions. After all, snipers aren’t backed by artificial intelligence, meaning they don’t make investment decisions on your behalf. This is why creating the bot’s parameters is so important.

For example, if you instruct the bot to buy all newly listed tokens on the BNB Chain, that’s exactly what it will do. This is a surefire way of losing money. Instead, you’d want to add some safeguards to reduce the risks of buying scam tokens.

Ultimately, you can make money with a crypto sniper bot. But only if your parameters are solid. Constant monitoring is crucial. Always look for ways to improve the bot’s performance. Trial and error can be costly, so ensure you start with micro-stakes. Only consider increasing the stakes after extensive testing.

How We Ranked the Best Crypto Bots

We revealed the 10 best crypto sniping bots earlier in this guide. We’ll now explain our ranking criteria.

Sniping Functions

The most important metric when using sniper bots is the available functions. This determines what tokens the bot will buy and sell, and when.

Sniping tokens from Birdeye

We prioritized crypto sniper bots with the widest range of functions. This should include:

  • Time Since Launch
  • Trading Volume
  • Market Capitalization
  • Token Holders
  • Price Performance
  • Smart Contract Audited and Renounced
  • Liquidity Locked

The above functions should be fully customizable. For instance, the market capitalization function should offer a range, such as between $4 million and $6 million.

Network Standards

We also prioritized crypto sniper bots that are compatible with the leading network standards. The most popular tokens are on the Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana networks.

However, there are also trading opportunities on layer 2 chains like Arbitrum and Base. The more network standards supported the better.

Supported Exchanges

The majority of crypto sniper bots are compatible with decentralized exchanges. The exception is Mizar, which also connects with centralized exchanges like Binance and Crypto.com.

PancakeSwap sniper bots

Nonetheless, ensure your preferred exchange is supported when choosing a sniper bot. For example, if the bot is compatible with ERC-20 tokens it should support Uniswap. Similarly, if it trades BEP-20 tokens, the bot should be compatible with PancakeSwap.


Most crypto sniper bots take a commission on transactions. For instance, Maestro charges 1% on buy and sell orders. WagieBot is slightly more competitive at 0.8%. This is in addition to standard exchange commissions.

Moreover, some sniper bots charge a one-time fee. For example, Polybot charges $599. At DexCheck, you’ll pay 100,000 DCK tokens for full functionality. This amounts to over $6,000. There are also sniper bots that charge monthly subscriptions.

Make sure you’re aware of all applicable fees. You should assess whether the fees are viable for your sniping budget.


Not all crypto sniping bots are safe to use. Just remember – the bot needs access to your wallet before it can place orders. Otherwise, it won’t be able to execute positions on your behalf. With this in mind, using a secondary wallet with limited funds is the best option.

What’s more, explore what permissions the sniper bot has. While it should be able to execute orders it shouldn’t be able to transfer funds to another wallet. Always stick with reputable snipers with an established reputation.     

Is Crypto Sniping Legal?

Crypto sniping, just like traditional bot usage, is legal. There is no secret sauce – the bot is simply executing your pre-defined strategy. However, the ethics of sniper bots should be considered.

On the one hand, sniper bots have a time advantage over manual traders. After all, bots can snipe tokens within milliseconds of launching. That said, crypto sniper bots are public products – anyone can use them. 

Crucially, while bots can be used to replicate trading strategies, market manipulation is illegal. This means artificially pumping prices before dumping the tokens. None of the sniper bots discussed today engage in this practice. 

How Much Do Crypto Sniper Bots Cost?

There are two potential fees when using a crypto sniper bot. First, most bots add a commission to any buy or sell orders they execute. This averages 1% of the transaction size and is in addition to standard exchange commissions. 

  • For example, suppose the bot places a $1,000 buy order. At 1%, the bot takes $10. 
  • Suppose the exchange charges 0.5% in commission. That’s another $5. 
  • This means from the original $1,000 buy order, you’re left with $985 worth of crypto. 

While expensive, most people use crypto sniper bots to make substantial gains. This means the commissions can be minute when compared to the potential returns. That said, some sniper bots also charge upfront fees. While others have a monthly subscription. 


In summary, crypto sniper bots offer a first-mover advantage over manual traders. You’ll be able to buy brand-new tokens as soon as they’re listed on exchanges. One of the best options to consider is Sniper Trading Secrets.

For just £27 you’ll have access to its 100x blueprint, live trading room, and real-time picks on the next altcoins to explode. Educational resources are also included, so you’ll learn how to become a better trader.   


Do crypto sniping bots work?

Is crypto sniping legal?

What are the best crypto sniper bots?

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