8 Best Crypto Discord Groups to Join in 2024

Founded in 2012, Discord is one of the best social platforms for quality crypto analysis, signals, and general communication.

This comparison guide explores the best crypto Discord groups in 2024. Read on to join a top crypto Discord server today and discover expert predictions and tips.

The Top 8 Crypto Discord Servers for Traders 

The eight best crypto Discord groups are listed below:

  1. Jacob Bury – Overall Best Crypto Discord Group to Join Today
  2. Cryptohub – Beginner-Friendly Discord for Learning About Crypto and Blockchain Fundamentals
  3. Elite Crypto Signals – Daily Trading Signals for Binance and Coinbase
  4. Spacestation – 15,000+ Members Discussing All-Things Crypto
  5. Axion Crypto-Community – One of the Largest Discord Groups for Crypto With 53,000 Members
  6. Larva Labs – Popular Discord Channel for Discussing CryptoPunk NFTs
  7. Mylol Crypto Community – Growing Discord Group for Leveraged Crypto Trading Tips
  8. Cryptex Commonwealth – Discord Community for Connecting Crypto Analysts, Developers, and Other Stakeholders

Reviewing the Best Crypto Discord Groups Reviewed

Crypto Discord servers come in many different shapes and sizes. While some focus on daily news and analysis, others are focused on finding the next 100x gem.

Read on to discover the eight best crypto Discord groups for 2024.

1. Jacob Bury – Overall Best Crypto Discord Group to Join Today

The overall best crypto Discord group to join today is offered by Jacob Bury. Put simply, Bury is the go-to analyst for finding emerging cryptocurrencies that have the potential to 10x. As such, this is the best crypto Discord group for targeting high-risk, high-return projects.

As a prime example, Bury tipped TAMA tokens in late 2022. This is the native token of Tamadoge, which successfully raised $19 million via its oversubscribed presale. TAMA then went on to generate returns of 20x after being listed on OKX. This is just one example of many, with Bury predicting many other up-and-coming crypto gems.

Jacob Bury Discord

One of the most recent predictions made by Bury is regarding Love Hate Inu. This is a newly launched crypto project that is bringing voting processes to web3. Its LHINU token fuels the project’s vote-to-earn concept and enables voters to earn rewards. Considering that the Love Hate Inu presale has just started, it is notable that more than $1 million has already been raised.

Moreover, Bury notes that early investors will benefit from a guaranteed upside once the presale finishes and LHINU is listed on an exchange. Based on current presale prices, the exchange listing will offer an upside of 60%. Bury is also predicting huge growth for two other ongoing presales – Fight Out and C+Charge.

All of the presale investment analysis performed by Jacob Bury is via live and pre-recorded videos – available to members of the Discord group. Moreover, Bury is known for interacting with his Discord subscribers on a daily basis. As such, this crypto Discord group has a huge community of loyal followers.

The Jacob Bury Discord group – which has over 5,000 active subscribers, is also home to broader market analysis. Not only on altcoins but on Bitcoin too.

Bury is also proficient at performing live technical analysis in addition to reviewing important news and developments.

As you’ll have seen in Jacob’s video above, Love Hate Inu is the latest crypto to explode that has most investors buzzing. And Jacob has already covered this innovative project which could become the best meme coin to buy in 2023. In just over a week this vote-to-earn meme coin project has raised over $1.38M.

Love Hate Inu

For more details on this best crypto presale to buy today be sure to read our reviews and explore the Jacob Crypto Bury YouTube channel.

Not only that, but the Jacob Bury Discord group also posts crypto signals. This provides subscribers with real-time trading suggestions. Each signal covers the pair, long-short order, and stop-loss and take-profit prices. All in all, this is the best crypto Discord group to join today to maximize gains.

2. Cryptohub – Beginner-Friendly Discord for Learning About Crypto and Blockchain Fundamentals

Cryptohub is one of the best crypto Discord groups for complete beginners. With more than 19,000 subscribers, much of the focus is on crypto and blockchain education. Some of the core topics covered include crypto trading and investing, NFTs, staking, initial direct offerings (IDOs), and more.

There are multiple member corners, each specializing in a niche. Moreover, there are individual rooms for general chat, games, questions, polls, and suggestions. With that said, Cryptohub is also one of the best crypto Discord groups for trading signals. This requires a premium account and costs $15 per month. Signals at Cryptohub are split into three categories.

Cryptohub signals

First, the ‘main’ signals are supplied by in-house analysts and are ready to trade immediately. ‘Bonus’ signals are provided by community admins and come with a greater risk/return ratio. Then there are ‘market update’ signals, which provide real-time updates on the crypto industry.

3. Elite Crypto Signals – Daily Trading Signals for Binance and Coinbase

As the name implies, Elite Crypto Signals is one of the best crypto Discord groups for receiving trading signals. In particular, this crypto Discord specializes in signals for Binance and Coinbase. Elite Crypto Signals has a team of in-house analysts that have been trading digital assets since 2012.

Each trading signal posted in the group comes with suitable risk-management suggestions. This includes the entry, stop-loss, and take-profit prices. As such, the Elite Crypto Signals Discord is suitable for all experience levels. In total, almost 20,000 subscribers have joined the main Discord channel and this number continues to grow.

Elite Crypto Signals Discord

We also found that the Elite Crypto Signals Discord group offers both free and premium signals. Free signals come through more sporadically, while the premium option averages two suggestions per day.

4. Spacestation – 15,000+ Members Discussing All-Things Crypto

Spacestation was launched in 2017 and is now home to over 15,000 Discord subscribers. This popular Discord channel has dozens of mini-chat rooms covering all things crypto and blockchain. For example, there is a room dedicated to crypto tax and regulation.

There are also rooms covering blockchain developers, mining, NFTs, and research. There is also a knowledge base that explains complex crypto terms and concepts in a user-friendly way. We also found that Spacestation is one of the best crypto Discord groups for technical analysis.

Spacestation Discord

Members regularly post charting images explaining a potential market move. This is then discussed by the Spacestation Discord community. Unlike many crypto Discords, however, Spacestation does not offer crypto signals.

5. Axion Crypto-Community – One of the Largest Discord Groups for Crypto With 53,000 Members

With more than 53,000 members, Axion Crypto-Community is one of the largest crypto-centric Discord groups. On average, there are 2-3,000 members online at any given time. As such, this crypto Discord is active around the clock.

There are several angles to the Axion Crypto-Community Discord. First, there is a learning corner that explains the basics of reading charts and candles, support and resistance levels, and trend lines. There are also chat rooms aimed specifically at beginners.

Axion Crypto-Community

But where Axion Crypto-Community really shines is with its trading signals. One of the most recent signals suggested short-selling LDO/USDT perpetual futures. This signal gained 164% over just four days of trading.

To access its trading signals in real-time, a premium membership is required. Axion Crypto-Community offers multiple plans, ranging from one week to a year. When opting for a weekly plan, this costs just over $20.

6. Larva Labs – Popular Discord Channel for Discussing CryptoPunk NFTs

Larva Labs is the company behind CryptoPunk – one of the most successful NFT collections of all time. In total, 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs were created, many of which have sold for several million dollars apiece.

The Larva Labs Discord channel itself – which is home to over 80,000 members, is the best place to discuss all things CryptoPunk. For example, members can verify that they actually own a CryptoPunk and this will be displayed in the Discord group.

Larva Labs Discord

This then enables holders to enter into discussions about pricing. Moreover, this Discord channel also has a live bot that displays real-time sales notifications. This is in addition to alerts on new bids and listings.

The Larva Labs Discord is also a great place to find out about new NFT collections being developed by the firm. This enables NFT investors to find out about a collection before they are sold to the general public.

7. Mylol Crypto Community – Growing Discord Group for Leveraged Crypto Trading Tips

With just over 600 members, Mylol Crypto Community is one of the best new Discord groups to consider. This Discord channel claims that its primary goal is to educate its community on the benefits of crypto and blockchain.

With that said, Mylol Crypto Community also offers trading suggestions on leveraged crypto futures, tradable at Binance. In the previous few days alone, Mylol Crypto Community signals have generated sizable gains. For example, the Discord group suggested going long on CHZ/USDT perpetual futures with leverage of 20x.

Mylol Crypto Community

This signal generated gains of over 45%. Those that prefer to trade without leverage will also find spot trading signals. Each signal comes with a stop-loss suggestion and multiple take-profit prices.

8. Cryptex Commonwealth – Discord Community for Connecting Crypto Analysts, Developers, and Other Stakeholders

Cryptex Commonwealth is one of the best crypto Discord groups for those that wish to join a community of industry stakeholders. Whether it’s analysts, teachers, miners, developers, and traders – Cryptex Commonwealth has it all.

There are several channels within this group, albeit, most conversations go through the main chat box. More than 10,000 subscribers have joined the Cryptex Commonwealth Discord and this number continues to grow on a daily basis.

Cryptex Commonwealth Discord

In addition to industry news and developments, this Discord is also great for finding long-term crypto investments. The fundamentals of projects are discussed in great detail in addition to technical analysis.

In particular, it’s also great to review feedback from actual blockchain developers about new concepts and technologies.

What is a Crypto Discord Group?

Crypto Discord groups are community channels aimed specifically at digital assets, blockchain, and other web3 technologies. This space continues to grow, with some crypto Discord servers now home to tens of thousands of subscribers.

Even more importantly, the best crypto Discord groups have several thousand members active at any given time. This means that there are discussions throughout the day between community members and the respective Discord admins.


Discord is particularly popular for crypto investors that seek expert analysis as well as the top trending cryptos to invest in. For example, Jacob Bury – which offers the overall best crypto Discord group, specializes in finding tokens that have the potential to grow by at least 10x. In particular, Bury likes to focus on crypto presales due to the favorable prices on offer.

Other crypto Discord channels focus on daily market commentary. This consists of both technical analysis and fundamental research. There are also Discord groups aimed at beginners that wish to learn the ins and outs of how crypto and blockchain work.

To join a crypto Discord group, it’s simply a case of visiting its unique link and confirming registration. There is usually no requirement to provide any personal information, but some Discord channels only allow new members to join after they have verified their mobile numbers.

Is Discord Good for Crypto?

Just like Telegram, Discord is hugely popular with the crypto community. Irrespective of the niche, Discord enables group admins to share media files in real-time. This includes videos, voice recordings, images, and more.

For example, when Jacob Bury updates his members, this often comes via a long-form video. Moreover, Discord enables group members to communicate in a safe space. Members themselves are free to post threads or reply to other messages.

This community-centric approach is why crypto Discords groups continue to grow. Although most crypto Discord groups are free, some also offer premium services. In most cases, this is related to crypto trading suggestions.

By paying a subscription fee, this offers access to daily tips that usually cover the pair, entry price, stop-loss, and take-profit. Those with an interest in premium signals via Discord should perform adequate research on the provider.

Why Join a Crypto Discord Server?

In this section, we explore some of the key reasons to join a crypto Discord server today.

Find Out About New Crypto Launches

First and foremost, Discord is one of the best places to find out about new and exciting crypto launches. This is especially the case in the current market, considering there are more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence.

But by joining a suitable Discord group, the research process is taken care of by the analyst that runs the server. For example, we mentioned earlier that Jacob Bury is the best destination to find new coins that have the potential to grow by 10x or more.

Jacob has proved his ability to meet this goal through plenty of successful presale suggestions.

  • For example, Bury predicted that Lucky Block could revolutionize the online casino industry through its blockchain-based gambling ecosystem.
  • Its native token, LBLOCK, generated gains of over 6,000% after the presale launched.
  • Crucially, Jacob Bury and his Discord community were one of the earliest investors in Lucky Block, so gains were fully maximized.

Having spent ample time in the Jacob Bury Discord in recent days, we found that the community is now focusing on Love Hate Inu. This presale offers access to a brand-new concept – vote-to-earn. Put simply, this means that by voting on Love Hate Inu polls, users earn tokenized rewards in LHINU.

Bury believes that LHINU could be one of the fastest-growing altcoins this year.

Learn About Crypto and Blockchain

Some of the best crypto Discord groups that we came across focus on education. This is aimed at complete beginners that wish to learn about crypto and blockchain technology in an interactive way.

For example, the r/CryptoCurrency Discord, which has over 34,000 members, is hosted by industry experts that wish to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Discord groups in this space also offer live education webinars, enabling the community to ask questions directly to the teacher. Moreover, it is also possible to run educational quizzes and competitions through Discord channels.

Cryptex Commonwealth is a great example of a Discord group that offers expert advice to newbies. This Discord is used by industry leaders in mining, blockchain development, trading, and more. As such, members can get real-time advice in their chosen niche.

Trading Signals

Discord is also becoming the go-to place to get daily crypto trading signals. The main concept is that the analyst running the Discord group will research the crypto markets looking for profitable entry points.

The analyst will then post their findings, alongside suggested order prices. This usually includes the specific limit, stop-loss, and take-profit orders to enter.

As noted earlier, the best crypto Discord groups for signals often require a premium plan. This means that users must pay a subscription fee to access the signals.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Some crypto Discord groups focus exclusively on technical and/or fundamental analysis. This provides daily price predictions to those that lack the time or skills to research the markets on a DIY basis.

For example, we came across plenty of Discord groups that post charting images with technical indicators like the RSI and MACD. The image will come alongside an explanation of what the technical indicators are showing and how this could impact the value of a specific crypto.

Similarly, some analysts specialize in fundamental research. The analyst will post their research findings to their Discord community, often via live video recording. Members of the Discord group can then post their own personal viewpoints about the analysis.

Never Miss a Market Update or Tip

Although Discord can be accessed via desktop devices, it is also popular for its mobile app. The Discord app on Google Play, for example, is rated 4.5/5 across over 5 million individual ratings.

Across over 2.4 million ratings, the iOS app is rated 4.7/5. The reason for this is that the Discord app has been fully optimized for communicating and sharing ideas on the move.

For example, a Discord group member can instantly share an image or voice recording, no matter where they are located. Moreover, the Discord app ensures that crypto investors never miss a market update or trading tip.

The Jacob Bury Discord is a great example of this. When Bury discovers a new trading signal, the suggestion is posted in real-time via his Discord. Therefore, the app will instantly send an alert to the user about the best cryptos to buy.

It’s also worth noting that there are some common scams on Discord and knowing what to look out for can be the difference between falling victim to malpractice and using the online forum safely.


This guide has discussed the best crypto Discord groups for various niches, including education, signals, and technical analysis. Overall, the Jacob Bury Discord stands out in this crowded market.

In particular, we found that Bury is one of the best crypto analysts for finding new cryptocurrencies with 10x potential. Bury is also popular for his analysis videos, market updates, and presale suggestions.

Jacob Bury is currently hot on the Love Hate Inu presale and believes that LHINU tokens could follow the same path as Tamadoge.

Head over to the Jacob Bury presale today to find out more about his crypto predictions.


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