8 Best Ethereum ICOs to Invest in 2024

ICOs allow you to buy new tokens before they’re listed on exchanges. The best Ethereum ICOs offer a huge upside potential, but the risks are equally high.

Read on to discover which Ethereum ICOs investors are talking about in 2024. We also explain how to choose the right ICO projects for your portfolio and find hidden gems at the earliest stage possible.

The Top Ethereum ICOs to Invest in Now

The best Ethereum ICOs to invest in today are listed below:

  1. Dogecoin20 – Almost $10 million raised, a new meme coin based on the original Dogecoin
  2. Green Bitcoin – Trending predict-to-earn ecosystem, over $9 million raised
  3. 5th Scape – Bridging the gap between VR and blockchain, presale offers 365% upside
  4. eTukTuk – Green blockchain project manufacturing electric tuk-tuks, $2.5 million raised
  5. Bitcoin Minetrix – Unique stake-to-mine concept for remote Bitcoin mining, huge upside potential
  6. GAIMIN – Gamification platform for PC gamers, rewards for spare computational resources
  7. EstateX – Tokenizing the global property sector, making real estate investing affordable
  8. Solak GPT – AI-backed web browser with tokenized rewards and DeFi integration

Reviewing the Top New Ethereum ICOs

We’ll now review the Ethereum crypto ICOs listed above. Read on to learn more about each ERC-20 project.

1. Dogecoin20 – The Overall Best Ethereum ICO to Invest in 2024, $10 Million Raised

With almost $10 million raised, Dogecoin20 could be one of the best Ethereum ICOs for 2024. This trending crypto campaign is a meme coin project. It’s inspired by the de-facto meme coin of choice, Dogecoin. But unlike the original Dogecoin, you won’t be entering the market at a billion-dollar valuation.

Instead, Dogecoin20 is a small-cap meme coin, meaning the upside potential could be huge. And with the Bitcoin halving event imminent, the timing of Dogecoin20’s presale couldn’t be better. What’s more, Dogecoin20 has a limited supply of just 140 billion tokens.

Dogecoin20 presale

This means that, unlike the original Dogecoin, your investment won’t be diluted by new token issues. Dogecoin20 is also one of the best staking coins. Presale investors are currently earning APYs of 110%. The Dogecoin20 presale is priced at just $0.00021 per DOGE20. The price increases every few days to incentivize early investments.

Total tokens 140 billion
Tokens available in presale 35 billion
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, credit card

2. Green Bitcoin – Trending Predict-to-Earn Ecosystem With Generous Rewards, $9 Million Raised

Green Bitcoin is also one of the best presales to consider today. It has developed a predict-to-earn ecosystem that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. In a nutshell, users stake GBTC tokens and then predict the Bitcoin price. Users can earn up to 100% in GBTC rewards. This is based on the accuracy of each prediction.

The predict-to-earn game resets every week. In addition, users also earn staking rewards. The APY currently offered by Green Bitcoin is 75%. Green Bitcoin not only has more use cases than the original Bitcoin but it’s also more energy efficient. This is because Green Bitcoin leverages the proof-of-stake mechanism.

Green Bitcoin presale

Some analysts suggest that Green Bitcoin offers a ‘second chance’ to speculate on Bitcoin’s success. After all, the presale price is currently just $1.1062 per GBTC. This means you can buy hundreds of tokens with a small investment. Green Bitcoin’s presale continues to trend, with more than $9 million raised so far.

Total tokens 21 million
Tokens available in presale 8.4 million GBTC
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase None
Purchase with USDT, ETH, credit card

3. 5th Scape – Bridging the Gap Between VR and Blockchain, Get a 365% Presale Upside

5th Scape is one of the best Ethereum coin presales for gamification investors. More specifically, 5th Scape is bridging the gap between virtual reality (VR) and blockchain. It has developed a range of VR games that come with tokenization rewards, including crypto tokens and unique NFTs.

All games can be played with the 5th Scape headset. This is a proprietary headset that offers immersive experiences at an affordable price. For serious gamers, 5th Scape has also developed a VR gaming chair. Some of the gaming genres developed so far include racing, soccer, cricket, fighting, and archery.

5th Scape presale

Games will follow the player-vs-player (PvP) format, allowing players to compete with other people. Those investing in the 5th Scape presale today will pay just $0.00215 per 5SCAPE token. This offers a 365% upside, as 5SCAPE will be listed on exchanges at $0.01. 5th Scape will have a $15 million market capitalization once listed.

Presale started 9 January 2024
Purchase methods ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDT, credit card
Blockchain Ethereum
Hard cap $15 million
Min investment None
Max investment None

4. eTukTuk – Green Blockchain Project Manufacturing Electric Tuk-Tuks, $2.5 Million Raised

eTukTuk is one of the top Ethereum ICOs for green investing. It’s on a mission to reduce greenhouse gasses in the developing world. eTukTuk manufactures electric tuk-tuk vehicles, with the initial rollout starting in Sri Lanka. Other Asian countries will be targeted next.

According to its whitepaper, eTukTuk vehicles are built with sustainable, local materials. They’re more affordable than traditional tuk-tuks, which operate on internal combustion engines. What’s more, eTukTuk vehicles come with an artificial intelligence (AI) navigator.

eTukTuk presale

Put simply, this will help drivers find the most efficient route, saving time, energy, and money. The AI integration also comes with predictive maintenance, helping drivers maximize their tuk-tuk’s life cycle. So far, the eTukTuk presale has raised almost $2.5 million. Presale investors are currently paying just $0.029 per TUK token.

Total tokens 2 billion
Tokens available in presale 120 million
Token ticker TUK
Presale price $0.029
Raised so far $2.5 million
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, credit cards

5. Bitcoin Minetrix – Unique Stake-to-Mine Concept for Remote Bitcoin Mining, $12.5 Million Raised

Bitcoin Minetrix is one of the best Ethereum ICOs for utility investors. This trending project offers an alternative way to stake Bitcoin. No equipment is needed, saving users thousands of dollars. This is because of Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine concept. To earn Bitcoin mining rewards, users first need to stake BTCMTX tokens.

The staked tokens will accumulate mining credits. Once redeemed, the credits are automatically exchanged for Bitcoin mining power. This offers a great way to earn free crypto without needing ASICs. Not only does BTCMTX offer real-world use cases but they’re also an investment token.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale

This is because BTCMTX will trade on exchanges after the presale. Bitcoin Minetrix has raised over $12.5 million from early investors. The presale price is currently $0.0142 per BTCMTX token. However, like most Ethereum chain presales, the price increases every few days.

Hard cap $33,460,000
Total tokens 4 billion
Tokens available in presale 2.8 billion
Blockchain Ethereum
Token type ERC-20
Minimum purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, credit card

6. GAIMIN – Gamification Ecosystem for PC Gamers, Rewards for Spare Computational Resources

GAIMIN is another Ethereum ICO that will appeal to gamification investors. Unlike other play-to-earn ecosystems, GAIMIN is aimed at PC gamers who use the Windows operating system. It comes as downloadable software and all supported games offer incentive rewards.

This includes in-game NFT ownership with interoperability. This means any assets earned can be used across all GAIMIN titles. What’s more, GAIMIN leverages layer 2 solutions, ensuring speed, scalability, and low fees. GAIMIN also enables users to monetize their spare computational resources.

GAIMIN presale

Rewards can be used to purchase games, in-game assets, and other products within the GAIMIN ecosystem. The GAIMIN presale is offering GMRX tokens at just $0.0029 each. Multiple platforms offer access to the fundraising campaign, including ChainGPT and Bybit. Over $1 million has been raised so far.

Total tokens 100 billion
Fundraising goal $1.055 million
Token ticker GMRX
Token type ERC-20
Minimum investment 0.01 USDT
Purchase with USDT

7. EstateX – Tokenizing the Global Property Sector, Making Real Estate Investing Affordable

EstateX is revolutionizing the global real estate sector. It makes property investing more accessible via tokenization. Properties are initially sourced and vetted by the EstateX team. They’re then made available on a crowd-funding basis. This means anyone can invest in real estate with a few dollars.

Properties will be made available around the world, ensuring investors have a diversified portfolio. What’s more, all purchases are tokenized on the blockchain. This enables investors to access liquidity on their holdings. Crucially, the EstateX platform is decentralized, ensuring transparency and security.

EstateX presale

EstateX is still an early-stage project, so the presale enables you to invest at the best price possible. The project’s native token, ESX, has a total supply of 6.3 billion. 26.9%, or about 1.7 billion, will be made available to presale investors. So far, EstateX has raised $2.9 million.

Total tokens 6.3 billion
Tokens available in presale 1,694,700,000
Token ticker ESX
Token type ERC-20
Raised so far $2.9 million
Purchase with USDT

8. Solak GPT – AI-Backed Web Browser With Tokenized Rewards and DeFi Integration

Last on this list of Ethereum ICOs is Solak GPT. We found that this is a great option for gaining exposure to AI. Solak GPT has developed a user-friendly and secure web browser. Built with an AI adviser, the Solak GPT browser offers personalized browsing and lightning-fast web searches.

It claims to have an average search result of 0.8 seconds. In contrast, Chrome stands at 2.1 seconds, as per the Solak GPT whitepaper. Solak GPT users also earn rewards simply for browsing. This is paid in SGPT tokens, which are native to the project. 

Solak GPT presale

The Solak GPT browser will also come with decentralized finance (DeFi) integration. This means users can swap tokens, earn competitive yields, and access financing. The SGPT token supply is 1 billion. 22.5% or 225 million will be made available to presale investors. Each token SGPT token is selling for $0.007 and the initial fundraising goal is $100,000.

Total tokens 1 billion
Tokens available in presale 225 million
Token ticker SGPT
Initial fundraising goal $100,000
Presale price $0.007
Purchase with USDT

Are Ethereum ICOs a Good Investment?

We’ll now discuss whether Ethereum ICOs represent a good investment in the current crypto landscape.

Early Access to New Projects

ICOs give you access to new Ethereum projects from the ground up. This means you’ll be investing much earlier than the broader market. After all, presales offer new ERC-20 tokens before any exchange listings. Ethereum presales also offer a price advantage over other investors.

Discounts are usually offered to those investing in early rounds. For example, the 5th Scape presale is currently priced at $0.00215 per 5SCAPE token. After the presale, the listing price will be set at $0.01. This means you can secure a 365% upside by investing during the presale.

Potential for Huge Returns

We’ve established that Ethereum ICOs are brand-new projects, often at the very start of their roadmap objectives. This means presale projects begin life with a low market capitalization. As a presale investor, this means you can target substantial returns.

For instance, consider investing in a presale that launches with a $5 million market capitalization. Returns of 20x would require a valuation of $100 million. This would still be considered a small market capitalization, meaning even bigger returns are possible.

Dogecoin20 meme coin

In contrast, making 20x returns on a large-cap project is a lot more difficult. For instance, consider Shiba Inu, which is currently valued at $17 billion. It would need a market capitalization of $340 billion to achieve 20x growth. Even in a bullish market, a valuation this high is unlikely.

Did Ethereum Have an ICO?

  • Ethereum held its ICO in 2014. It remains one of the most successful crypto ICOs of all time.
  • According to CoinMarketCap data, early Ethereum investors paid just $0.31 per ETH.
  • CoinMarketCap also shows that Ethereum has an all-time high of $4,891.70. This amounts to growth of almost 1.6 million percent.
  • Of course, nobody knew how successful Ethereum would become. Put otherwise, those investing in the ICO took on a lot of risk, as Ethereum was pre-launch at the time.

Largest ICO Ecosystem

Ethereum has the largest ecosystem in the broader crypto space. Thousands of ERC-20 tokens operate on the Ethereum network, with more being added every day. This includes everything from metaverse and gaming projects to meme coins and DeFi platforms.

While Solana continues to increase in popularity, Ethereum is still the dominant force for new projects. This is beneficial for Ethereum ICO investors, as it ensures there are sufficient capital inflows. Ethereum ICOs are also a lot more accessible when compared to other network standards.

This is because most Ethereum ICOs accept ETH and USDT, the second and third-largest cryptocurrencies respectively.

High Trading Fees

Although the best Ethereum ICOs offer a huge upside potential, there is a recurring drawback. That is, the Ethereum network charges much higher fees than other blockchains. Fees are amplified during bullish cycles, as more people want to use the network to trade. This can make Ethereum ICOs unviable for some investors.

After all, presale investors must cover gas fees when completing their purchase. For example, Ethereum fees recently surged above $100. This will prevent casual investors from using the network, especially those looking to invest small amounts.

Fortunately, Ethereum’s recent Dencun upgrade means that layer 2 solutions are a lot more affordable. This includes leading ecosystems like Arbitrum and Optimism. As such, layer 2 solutions offer a workaround for presale investors, ensuring almost near-zero network fees.

How to Pick Which Ethereum ICOs to Invest in

Investors should know how to pick the best Ethereum ICOs for their portfolio. After all, many presales fail to succeed, meaning investors are left with worthless tokens.

Read on, we explain how to select the best ERC-20 tokens as an ICO investor.

Focus on Trending Narratives

The crypto markets are all about trending ‘narratives’. For example, during the prior bull market, some of the most successful ICO niches included metaverses, play-to-earn games, and DeFi. Tokens within each narrative will often increase.

That said, crypto narratives are often short-lived, so it’s important to stay abreast of key market developments. Year-to-date, the main narrative has been meme coins. One of the best Ethereum ICOs for meme coin investors is Dogecoin20.

top meme coins on CoinMarketCap

It offers a second chance to invest in the Dogecoin craze, but at a much lower price point. Moreover, Dogecoin20 offers staking rewards and a fixed supply, allowing its value to appreciate organically over time.

Gamification is also expected to play a major role in the next bull cycle. 5th Scape is a solid option here, as it has developed a VR gaming ecosystem with immersive experiences. 5th Scape also offers a proprietary VR headset.

We found that Green Bitcoin could also benefit from increased interest in gamification. It has built a Bitcoin price prediction game for those who staking its native tokens, GBTC. Users can earn GBTC rewards of up to 100% when correctly predicting the Bitcoin price.

Ultimately, when searching for the best Ethereum ICOs to invest in, make sure you’re aware of trending niches and narratives.

The Importance of Diversification

  • Only a fraction of Ethereum ICOs will secure gains of 100x or more. Knowing which presales will achieve this feat is challenging.
  • Smart investors will diversify their holdings by investing in multiple ICOs.
  • For example, suppose you have $1,000 to invest in Ethereum ICOs. You could allocate $100 to 10 different projects. Only one needs to blow up to see substantial gains.
  • In contrast, putting all of your investment capital into one presale is risky. If the token price collapses after the exchange listing, you’ll be left with huge losses.

Look for ICOs With a Solid Use Case

Another strategy is to focus on Ethereum ICOs with a solid use case. This means the underlying token has utility within the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • For example, Bitcoin Minetrix allows users to stake BTCMTX tokens. This generates credits, which can be converted to Bitcoin mining power.
  • Similarly, those buying 5SCAPE tokens have access to the 5th Scape platform. This means users can access all VR games without needing to make a purchase.

Crucially, previous bull cycles have shown that utility tokens typically provide the biggest gains. This is because they’re perceived to have long-term value, as people will buy the tokens to access a specific service.

Prioritize Trending ICOs With a Growing Community

Some of the most successful Ethereum ICOs have strong communities. This means a large number of social media followers and Telegram group members. The larger and more active the community, the easier it is for the token to trend once listed on exchanges.

Green Bitcoin crypto presale

It also increases the likelihood of being listed on tier-one exchanges. In particular, platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and Bybit look at the size of a community when making listing approvals.

You can also assess whether an ICO is trending by how much money it has raised so far. For example, while the Dogecoin20 and Green Bitcoin presales were recently launched, they’ve already raised $10 million and $9 million, respectively. Similarly, Bitcoin Minetrix has raised over $12.5 million.

Are Ethereum ICOs Safe?

Unfortunately, not all Ethereum ICOs are safe. One of the biggest risks is being a victim of a ‘rug pull’. In simple terms, a rug pull is a strategy used by crypto scammers. The scammers will run an ICO campaign only to flee once enough capital has been raised from investors. Some wait until the exchange listing, before draining all of the available liquidity.

Either way, a rug pull leaves ICO investors with worthless tokens. Considering that many ICOs are run by anonymous teams, identifying a rug pull is challenging. For instance, many rug pulls have comprehensive whitepapers, clear roadmap objectives, and strong tokenomics. They’ll also actively manage their social and Telegram channels.

The aim is to convince ICO investors that the project is legitimate. Some best practices can reduce the risk of being rug-pulled. At a minimum, you should ensure you never put all of your eggs into one basket. As mentioned, this means splitting your investment budget into multiple ICOs. You should also do sufficient research before investing.

How to Invest in Ethereum ICOs

Most Ethereum ICOs offer a similar investment process.

Here’s an overview of how things work:

  • Step 1: Visit ICO Website: The first step is visiting the ICO website and reading the whitepaper. Assess the tokenomics, use cases, and any other relevant information.
  • Step 2: Connect Wallet to ICO: If you want to invest, you’ll need to connect your wallet to the ICO website. Most Ethereum presales are compatible with MetaMask and Trust Wallet. You can select the WalletConnect option if you’re using an alternative wallet provider.
  • Step 3: Make Sure Wallet is Funded: You’ll need an accepted crypto token to invest in an Ethereum ICO. This is almost always ETH and/or USDT.
  • Step 4: Set up ICO Order: To create an ICO order, select the investment token you’re using (e.g. ETH or USDT). Type in the number of presale tokens you want to buy.
  • Step 5: Confirm ICO Investment: After confirming the ICO investment, you’ll need to authorize the transaction from within your wallet. Then, the ETH/USDT tokens will be deducted by the presale smart contract. This means the presale investment is complete.

Some ICOs distribute their tokens instantly. This often allows you to start earning staking rewards straightaway. For example, Dogecoin20 and Green Bitcoin investors are earning 110% and 75% on their tokens.

That said, some projects distribute their tokens after the fundraising campaign is over. In this instance, you’ll often need to claim the tokens manually.


In summary, Ethereum ICOs give you access to new ERC-20 tokens from the ground up. If your chosen ICO becomes mainstream, you could be looking at substantial gains.

Overall, our top ETH ICO pick for 2024 is Dogecoin20. Not only has the Dogecoin20 presale raised $10 million but its community continues to grow. Ultimately, some analysts believe Dogecoin20 could be the next meme coin to explode.


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