9 Best Kraken Trading Bots for 2024

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Kraken has long been considered one of the top and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, offering 248 coins across 781 markets, and serving over 10 million customers in more than 190 countries.

As many analysts are saying that we’re now in a bull market, crypto traders are waking up to the idea of using bots to automate their trading and maximize their profits.

Here, we’ll cover the best Kraken trading bots, dive into the details about each one, and answer the most pressing question about Kraken trading bots.

Ranked: The Top Kraken Trading Bots

For those short on time, we’ve ranked and summarized the best Kraken trading bots here, before delving deeper into what each one offers in the next section.

  1. Dash 2 TradeBest DCA and Grid trading bots for multiple crypto pairs on Kraken, offers back testing and paper trades.
  2. Learn2Trade: Algorithmic bot complete with VIP Telegram trading signals channels, covering the crypto and forex markets.
  3. Tradesanta: Easy-to-use and high-rated multi-bot crypto trading bot service that can be used to trade over 100 different coins.
  4. Cryptohopper: Highly customizable trading bot with social trading and a marketplace featuring hundreds of customized bots.
  5. WunderTrading: Allowing direct-to-wallet crypto buys, and offering a variety of bots and a feature-packed terminal for conducting trades.
  6. 3Commas: A multi-bot platform with integrated TradingView charts, offering a stellar experience for new and advanced users.
  7. Hummingbot: An open-source framework for developers to create crypto trading bots. Works with both CEXes and DEXes.
  8. Autoview: Connect a TradingView account directly to an exchange and automate trades with TradingView alerts.
  9. Gunbot: A Kraken trading bot that runs on your computer for ultimate privacy, also accepting one-time payments for lifetime licenses.

Reviewed: The Best Kraken Trading Bots

Here we dive into each of the best trading bots for Kraken, summarize their key features, and provide pros and cons for each.

1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Kraken Trading Bot

Dash 2 Trade is an auto-trading platform that offers impressive trading tools and analytics. To begin, you have two trading bots to choose from: dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and Grid trading bots. To set the bots, select Kraken as your platform, then the amount you wish to trade, the number of trades and whether to go long or short.

Set the bots to work on one of the multiple USDT pairs, including BTC, SOL, ADA, RNDR and more. Once you have your bot ready, run a backtest and see how it would have performed in the past, or use it in real-time with virtual funds and with simulated trades. When you’re happy with the result, run it with real funds.

dash 2 trade backtest

Your own trading strategies can include social metrics, which are designed to work around crypto presales and trending tokens, or use any of the 10+ technical indicators such as moving averages, volume and cryptocurrency prices.

Try Dash 2 Trade platform with a limited free version or get full access for $120 per year if paid in ETH or $102 with Dash 2 Trade’s native token D2T.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$102 per year when paid with D2T, or $120 when paid with ETH Yes, limited features DCA and Grid Depends on the bot No No

Pros pros

  • Best Kraken trading bot
  • Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and Grid bots
  • Backtesting and paper trading features
  • Multiple trading indicators
  • Social metrics indicator

Cons cons

  • Only crypto trading bots

2. Learn2Trade – Autonomous Trading Signals With 79% Success Rate

The Learn2Trade Kraken bot is simply called Learn2Trade Algorithm, and it offers users autonomous trades based on signals from real-time market conditions. It can be set up in as little as ten minutes and will conduct up to 70 trades per month for its users, operating around the clock 24/7/365. It also has a supposed success rate of 79%.

Learn2Trade Algorithm Bot Banner

To use the bot on an exchange of their choice users first sign up to the Cornic service, the dashboard through which the Learn2Trade trading bot works, connect it to their chosen exchange (Kraken), and then connect it to their trading bot Telegram channel.

Once this is all connected the bot will start trading using your assets on the signals it receives from analysis that uses data from over 100 technical indicators to monitor hundreds of crypto markets; all created by a team of traders with a combined 15 years of trading experience.

To test this bot’s signals users can first subscribe to the free Telegram channels to get intermittent signals from the bot.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
£58–99 per month Yes
(Telegram signal group)
Spot market 79% Yes No

Pros pros

  • 79% success rate
  • VIP Telegram group for bot users
  • Free Telegram group to trial product first
  • Bot also places take profit and stop loss limits
  • Setup in as little as 10 minutes
  • 4.0 star rating on Trustpilot

Cons cons

  • Only one type of bot offered
  • Maximum of 70 trades per month

3. Tradesanta – Offering a Wide Variety of Bots with a Mobile App

The Tradesanta bot has been operating since 2018, and is a feature-rich platform that can be connected to multiple different exchange accounts at once, that allows users to trade over 100 coins across 9 of the top centralized exchanges—including Kraken.

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.2 stars, Tradesanta is a hit with its users, who quote good customer service along with a quality platform as some of the best features.Tradesanta Mobile App Banner

On the Tradesanta platform users can trade multiple different strategies, across both spot and futures markets, and can even create their own bot from pre-set bot templates. Users can access multiple Kraken automated trading bots, and a demo account allows users to test their new bots, and existing ones, with fake tokens before going to the real markets.

A copy trading marketplace, where users can choose to copy the activities of experienced traders on the platform, is also available, along with a mobile app for executing trades on the go.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$18–90 per month Yes Spot market bot, Future market bot, long bot, short bot, Grid Bot, DCA bot N/A Yes Yes

Pros pros

  • Wider variety of bots on offer
  • Can create your own bot from templates
  • Mobile app for managing bots on the go
  • Copy trading feature
  • Demo account for practice trading

Cons cons

  • Not a large amount of bot options
  • Bot number is reduced with lower tier price plan

4. Cryptohopper – Highly Customizable Crypto Trading Bot

The Cryptohopper platform offers users one of the most customizable Kraken bots on the market. The Crypthopper bot is also supplemented by free charting software and an active network of other traders through internal chats, where users can discuss all things trading with other dedicated traders.

A Marketplace is where users can purchase a huge variety of different bot templates, depending on their preferred method of trading. Here they can also review comments from previous users to help inform their choices.

Cryptohopper Kraken Bot Banner

Cryptohopper is used by over three quarters of a million traders and boasts a 4 star rating on the Trustpilot review site. Furthermore, this platform is compatible with 17 different exchanges, meaning that those who hold accounts on multiple exchanges can access and manage them all through the Cryptohopper platform.

Cryptohopper offers a mobile app that allows traders to view and adjust their bot activity on the go, alongside a trading academy that helps new traders get up to speed.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$24–107.50 per month Yes
(free version and 3-day free trial)
Copy trading bot, scalping bot, DCA bot, Market Making bot, Arbitrage bot, and more N/A Yes Yes

Pros pros

  • Social trading network
  • Mobile app for managing bots on the go
  • Marketplace featuring a huge number of trading algorithms
  • In-depth trading academy for new traders
  • Advanced charting tools for all traders
  • Highly customizable bots

Cons cons

  • One of the more expensive products on here
  • Too many trading algorithms on offer can confuse new users

5. WunderTrading – Trade Across Multiple Exchanges Through a Feature-Packed Terminal

WunderTrading offers users a variety of simple bots—including a TradingView bot, a Grid bot, an AI bot, and a DCA bot—that can further be programmed and fine tuned to use additional indicators to inform their trading activity. As with many other bots here, these can be used simultaneously across multiple exchanges, allowing users to manage their trades with ease from a user-friendly terminal packed with advanced features.

WunderTrading Homepage

Users of WunderTrading can buy Bitcoin and over 100 other cryptocurrencies through the WunderTrading platform and have it deposited directly to their wallet. They can also use the WunderTrading platform to develop their own trading robot, which not only works on spot markets but can also be developed for and deployed on futures markets.

In addition to this users can also use a copy trading feature to copy successful traders on the platform, and all users can access a free lifetime plan.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$4.95–89.85 per month Yes
(free version and 7-day free trial)
TradingView bot, Grid bot, AI bot, DCA bot, Arbitrage bot N/A Yes No

Pros pros

  • Offers one of the cheapest monthly plans
  • User-friendly interface complete with advanced tooling
  • Can directly purchase over 100 cryptos
  • Demo and copy trading modes
  • Users can develop bots for futures markets

Cons cons

  • No mobile app
  • Crypto buying prices vary greatly from market prices
  • Not a large amount of bot options

6. 3Commas – Multi-Exchange Dashboard Integrating TradingView Charts and Indicators

The 3Commas bot platform offers a Kraken bot for trading on spot crypto markets. Kraken bots come in two forms, a DCA bot and a grid bot, and are accompanied by the SmartTrade platform that integrates with TradingView indicators and charts to provide the user-friendliness expected by new traders and all the features required by advanced traders.

Overall, the 3Commas platform supports 16 of the most popular crypto exchanges, including Kraken, and users with accounts on multiple exchanges can trade them all from the 3Commas trading terminal.

3Comma Grid Bot Description

Users can also access custom trading apps in a Marketplace. These have been developed by other users of the platform and can be used for trading set strategies. A mobile app also exists for users, alongside a demo account for testing your bots before implementing them in the markets.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$4–59 per month Yes Grid bot, DCA bot, various programable bots N/A No Yes

Pros pros

  • Integrated TradingView charts and indicators
  • Trade crypto across up to 16 exchanges from one terminal
  • Demo trading account
  • Mobile app for trading on the go
  • Library of bots available from other users

Cons cons

  • No copy trading feature
  • Limited selection of platform-created bots

7. Hummingbot – Best Kraken Trading Bot for Developers

Hummingbot is an open source platform that those with developing and trading knowledge can use to build crypto trading bots for crypto exchanges. One of the main advantages of Hummingbot, besides the ability to build your own bot, is that it can be connected to decentralized exchanges on numerous blockchains, including those on layer 2 blockchains.

Hummingbot Homepage

Users don’t have to start building their strategies from scratch, as there are frameworks available for creating Hummingbot strategies that provide users with a base and modularity to easily build and adapt their strategies to their own needs—without needing extensive knowledge of the Python coding language.

A Botcamp (paid) that “teaches you the art and science of quantitative market marketing, using the open source Hummingbot platform,” is also available to users. Once a strategy has been created it can also be backtested through the platform before deployment to ensure that it acts as expected.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
Free N/A Unlimited possibilities (build your own) N/A No No

Pros pros

  • A free trading bot tool
  • Fully flexible, however eclectic your trading strategy you can build it
  • Works with DEXes and CEXes
  • A Botcamp helps users to develop and code their unique trading strategies
  • Can test trading bots before deployment

Cons cons

  • Need developer and trading knowledge to use
  • Only really targets market makers and algo traders

8. Autoview – Automate Trades with TradingView Alerts

The Autoview crypto trading bots platform is a browser extension that connects your chosen exchange, Kraken, to your TradingView account. It then utilizes the alert messages received from the TradingView platform to execute your trades in real-time. TradingView is arguably the most popular and one of the best analysis tools for investing and trading.

Because it works by simply connecting your TradingView account to your trading platform, the Autoview service is free for users and enables them to custom design their strategies, opening their trading up to unlimited bot possibilities.

Autoview Homepage and Explainer Diagram

Over 23 compatible exchanges, for both cryptocurrency and forex markets, are available to connect to TradingView through the AutoView extension.

A web platform is under development and will see the phasing out of the extension-based version, and this transition is already underway.

A large community of passionate traders has grown around Autoview, and they will help new and struggling users with any issues. While the platform is free a paid version also exists to allow for a Carbon Copy feature and email alerts if your trading commands fail.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
(or $24.99 per month)
N/A Unlimited possibilities (build your own) N/A No No

Pros pros

  • Connect directly to TradingView
  • Works by simply following your TradingView alerts
  • Its design allows for unlimited bot combinations and possibilities
  • Free to use
  • Strategies can be back tested
  • Large and active community offers assistance to new users

Cons cons

  • No mobile app
  • Not a plug-and-go like many others
  • Not ideal for beginner traders with no experience using TradingView

9. Gunbot – Privacy Focused Bots with Lifetime Licenses

Gunbot is a community created crypto trading bot that comes preloaded with pre-tuned strategies, that users can implement straightaway to begin trading; but they can also use the framework provided to build their Kraken trading bots. Such functionality makes it a great tool for both seasoned traders and newbies.

Gunbot is the best trading bot solution for privacy-focused users as it runs on your machine, meaning all your data stays secure and private. Another hugely appealing element of Gunbot is that users can pay a one-time license fee and enjoy lifetime access—with continued software updates.

Gunbot Homepage

For beginner users, the Gunbot AI can be utilized to create code-based trading strategies by simply typing in your trading ideas. Users also get access to over 20 preset strategies that can be used over spot and futures markets, implemented in just minutes, and tested prior to implementation.

Pricing Free Trial Type of Bots Success Rate Copy Trading Mobile App
$29–59 per month
$199-499 lifetime
No Grid bot, DCA bot, and other unlimited options through self-customization N/A No No

Pros pros

  • Offer lifetime subscriptions
  • Privacy focused
  • Can be connected to decentralized exchanges
  • Comes with 20+ preset bots
  • Users can create their own bots
  • Gunbot AI for creating trading strategies from simple descriptions

Cons cons

  • Technical style might be intimidating for newbies
  • No mobile app
  • No copy trading feature

Kraken Trading Bots: How Do They Work?

Trading bots work within a predefined strategy and monitor technical indicators (sometimes hundreds) to determine when to place a trade. They can range from simple DCA trading bots to much more complex programs that monitor multiple markets and hundreds of indicators.

These bots can work around the clock, continually making trades from the accounts they’re connected to—which is helpful when the crypto market runs 24/7 and human users need to sleep.

To use a Kraken trading bot a user simply connects the bot they’ve created or bought to the API keys provided by Kraken to set the bot in motion. Bot providers typically help users with a guide to help them set up their bot in less than 10 minutes, and Kraken makes instructions for its API keys freely available to users.

Does Kraken Allow Trading Bots?

Yes! Kraken, one of the top crypto exchanges, openly welcomes trading bots to operate across all the markets it offers. They freely offer up their APIs to allow users to connect their self-created bots to the exchange, while also partnering with many of the above trading bot providers (and more) to make connecting bots a breeze.

Do Kraken Trading Bots Work?

Yes, Kraken trading bots do work as the Kraken exchange freely offers up the API keys needed to connect bots to all users of the exchange.

However, if you actually mean “are Kraken trading bots going to make me money?”, then the answer is much less clear-cut. The success of a Kraken automated trading bot is decided by a variety of factors, including the trading strategy the bot uses, the market it is used in, the conditions of that market, and the goals of the trader implementing that bot.

All trading bot users are strongly encouraged to backtest the bots they’ve created and to run pre-made bots on a demo account to test them out before implementing them on real markets working with real funds.

How to Use a Trading Bot on Kraken

Setting up and using a trading bot on Kraken can be done in under 10 minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide for using a trading bot on Kraken:

  • Step 1: Select a bot provider, sign up to their platform, and choose your preferred Kraken trading bot.
  • Step 2: Start the setup steps for your selected bot on the platform.
  • Step 3: Go to your Kraken account, into your Profile and the Settings, and select the API Keys Page.
  • Step 4: Select “Full Access” in the General API section and “No Access” in the Withdrawal API section.
  • Step 5: Copy and paste the API keys into the boxes on the bots page.
  • Step 6: Check the API keys and confirm your changes.

Your bot is now set up and will begin implementing your strategy immediately.


As one of the top exchanges, Kraken recognizes that users will want to use all the tools available to them to trade the volatile crypto markets, and that’s why they’re very open to their users using bots.

For those interested in getting out in front of the crowd and automating their trading 24/7 we recommend the Dash 2 Trade. It offers two trading bots and over 400 cryptocurrencies across several exchanges including Kraken.



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