10+ Low Market Cap Crypto to Buy in 2024

Low-cap cryptos often refer to digital assets with relatively small market capitalizations. They offer exceptional presale prices, moving significantly with minimal trading volume. Finding the right low-cap investment, however, can be a breaking point for profit.

To make your investment decisions easier, we’ve thoroughly researched and ranked the best low market cap crypto for 2024. Not only will we look at a diverse range of low-cap cryptos, but we’ll also explain how to find the best low-cap crypto gems and dive into their benefits and risks.

Best Low Market Cap Coins to Buy Today

  1. Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) – Latest low market cap meme coin, 165% staking APYs.
  2. 5th Scape (5SCAPE) – Emerging VR platform offering hyper-realistic gaming.
  3. Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2) – Popular $50+ million market cap meme coin with 172% APY.
  4. eTukTuk (TUK) – Sustainable crypto offers 108% staking APYs. $2.3M raised. 
  5. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) -Stake-to-mine crypto, over $12M raised.
  6. Scorp Token (SCORP) – BEP20 crypto casino, over $8.1M raised.
  7. Poodl Inu (POODL) – Latest meme coin with over 130% staking APY.
  8. InsanityBets (IBET) – Transforming the CasinoFi space by allowing players to earn real yields.
  9. Bitget (BGB) – 76th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.
  10. ImmutableX (IMX) – NFT scaling solution crypto offers staking yields. 
  11. Itheum (ITHEUM) – Cross-chain data brokerage, used to trade personal data. 
  12. Fetch.ai (FET) – AI-As-A-Service infrastructure, supports Web3 automation. 

Best Low Market Cap Crypto: In-Depth Analysis

Investors searching for the best low market cap cryptocurrency to add to their portfolio will find a comprehensive analysis of the top projects next. Notably, some haven’t been listed yet, so investors who like the sound of them can lock in a discounted price now and claim the tokens later.

1. Dogecoin20 – Fresh Meme Coin With Over 165% Staking APY

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is a latest meme coin with low market cap that aims to repeat the success of the original Dogecoin. Given how Dogecoin moved more than 100% in less than a week and is now trading at a market cap of over $21 billion, Dogecoin20 has a huge potential in 2024 to become one of the most highly-rated meme coins.

This new meme coin is available in a presale at a price of $0.00014. All you need is an Ethereum wallet to connect to the presale site and some ETH, USDT or a card to make a purchase. 

Once you make a purchase, stake your $DOGE20 tokens to earn a generous APY of over 160%. The APY will drop as more tokens are bought and staked, so it’s prudent to stake as early as possible to take advantage, especially if you plan to participate in the presale anyway.

There’s also an option to buy the token with BNB – you will save money on transaction fees, but you won’t be eligible for the staking APY. Check out the Dogecoin20 whitepaper for more information. Also, follow Dogecoin20 on X and join the Dogecoin20 Telegram channel to stay up to date with the project.

Token symbol $DOGE20
Presale Started March 2024
Chain Ethereum
Payment methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
Launch price N/A

2. 5th Scape – Breakthrough VR Gaming Platform with Hyper-Realistic Games

5th Scape, a VR gaming platform, leads engaging 3D experiences with the introduction of its $5SCAPE low-cap crypto token, marking a first in the Ethereum-based VR ecosystem. 

The platform plans to launch five different VR games, beginning with the MMA-themed ‘Cage Conquest’ in Q2 2024. Additionally, the $5SCAPE token will grant exclusive access to premium VR content and offer discounts on VR equipment, including headsets and ergonomic chairs.

The presale of the 5SCAPE token is planned in 12 rounds, with 80% of its 5.21 billion token supply allocated for presale. With a starting price of $0.00187, the pricing structure is designed to gradually increase, reaching up to $0.01 in the final round. 

Beyond gaming, 5th Scape expands its ecosystem to include educational content, animations, and movies, emphasizing community engagement and developer support. For the latest updates, make sure you follow 5th Scape’s Telegram group or X and Discord channel.

3. Sponge V2 – Best Low Market Cap Crypto With Up to 172% Rewards

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is a renowned meme cryptocurrency that skyrocketed to a market cap of nearly $100 million. The Sponge V2 project introduces an upgraded token version, offering investors profitable APYs and rewards through a play-to-earn game. 

The transition to $SPONGEV2 is facilitated through Sponge’s stake-to-bridge mechanism, where existing $SPONGEV1 holders (now permanently discontinued) can stake their tokens to the newly launched V2 smart contract. Alternatively, they can purchase $SPONGE directly from the Sponge website.

With over 9 million tokens already locked in the V2 smart contract, Sponge V2 boasts staking APYs with plans for a play-to-earn environment where top performers can earn $SPONGEV2 rewards. $SPONGE has a total supply of 150 billion – more than 50% of which will be allocated as staking and P2E gaming rewards.

At the time of writing, investors can get V2 tokens for $0.0024. Check out Sponge V2 developments through their X and Telegram channels.

4. eTukTuk – Sustainable Cryptocurrency With More Than $2.3M Raised

Introducing eTukTuk (TUK), a revolutionary eco-friendly low cap cryptocurrency that encourages TukTuk drivers in developing nations to transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Joining the token whitelist grants participants guaranteed access to the presale, securing $TUK tokens at the lowest price, currently at $0.0285 per token. 

The plan of the project is to deploy Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and charging stations in urban and suburban areas. They will also set up a driver app through which TukTuk drivers can make purchases on EV charging stations via $TUK. 

eTukTuk staking

As the number of transactions increases on the charging stations, staked token holders will be able to earn higher passive income. eTukTuk will also offer inflationary rewards, which will be distributed through a staking pool.

10% of the 2 billion token supply will be available for the token presale and presale staking. For comprehensive insights, delve into the eTukTuk whitepaper and join their Telegram, X, or Discord channel.

5. Bitcoin Minetrix – Innovative Stake-to-Mine Crypto Decentralizes Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a leading new cryptocurrency with a presale that has raised more than $12 million. It targets the billion-dollar Bitcoin mining industry, and it could turn into a large-cap crypto in no time.

It offers an eco-friendly and accessible mining solution, it only requires a $10 investment and is accessible through any Web3 wallet. Users can acquire $BTCMTX tokens to obtain mining credits, which are then exchanged for Bitcoin via Ethereum smart contracts. 

bitcoin minetrix dashboard

All of the operations are managed through a single dashboard. This dashboard represents an overview of the daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, as well as core metrics. A mobile application is also under development, which will make it easy to mine 24/7, on the fly. 

At the time of writing, $BTCMTX is priced at $0.0142 per token with a total supply of 4 billion $BTCMTX tokens. This places this token as a low market cap crypto with huge potential. For further information, check their channels on X, Telegram, and the Bitcoin Minetrix Whitepaper.

6. Scorp Token  – Best Small Cap Crypto with Over 300 Casino Games

Scorpion Casino, along with its native token $SCORP, facilitates transactions on its crypto and sports betting platform, all while providing passive income and bonuses.

The ongoing presale has already raised over $8.1 million, with $SCORP priced at $0.043 per token. The presale has allocated 400 million tokens, with a further 80 million being offered as presale bonuses. This will eventually lead to a total market cap of under $1 million. Additionally, 200 million tokens are set aside for staking rewards, available through $SCORP staking with daily payouts from a dedicated staking pool.

Scorpion Casino tokenomics

Token holders can gain access to over 210 casino games and 160 live games, with 35+ sports betting options. Perks include up to 40% of betting credits as well as weekly bonuses.

Scorpion Casino is licensed by the Curacao government, has SolidProof audit certification, and Assure DeFi KYC verification, which ensures safety and credibility. For further insights, read the Scorpion Casino’s whitepaper and join their Telegram or X channel.

7. Poodl Inu – Meme Coin With Low Market Cap And Over 130% Staking APY

Poodl Inu is a new meme coin with a low market cap and huge potential. Currently available in a token presale, giving you the opportunity to purchase the token at lower prices before listing on exchanges.

Simply connect your Ethereum wallet and use ETH, USDT, or a card to complete the purchase. Once you have your tokens, stake them to earn 1,800% APY. Note: the APY will drop as more tokens are staked, making it prudent to stake as early as possible.

Half of the total token supply is dedicated to the token presale, and 30% for the staking rewards, giving early investors the chance to stack up before everyone else, per the Poodl Inu whitepaper.

Follow Poodl Inu on X and join the Poodl Inu Telegram channel to stay up to date.

8. InsanityBets (IBET) – Transforming The CasinoFi Space By Allowing Players To Earn Real Yields

Another promising low-cop crypto to buy right now is InsanityBets. It is revolutionizing the CasinoFi and GameFi sectors by allowing players to be “the house” and earn real yields through gameplay.

In its recently launched presale stage, the platform will make 50% of the token supply available for early buyers at a discount.

InsanityBets is a decentralized and non-custodial platform where players can deposit and withdraw winnings in several cryptos. Players can deposit USDT, BTC, and ETH and earn yields on wins or losses rather than from inflation.

InsanityBets homepage

Using Chainlink VRF, the platform ensures randomness and transparency in gaming. A new protocol, $ILP, creates a ‘flywheel effect’ such that players contribute to the company’s growth, and the growth of one player benefits others.

InsanityBets is for everyone, from casual crypto gamers to yield hunters and blockchain bettors. Users can use their $IBET staked as $sIBET to share in fee revenue, reduce fees, and earn yield from real protocol revenue.

InsanityBets prioritizes community engagement and governance through InsanityBets DAO to ensure that the community has a say in its development. Users can follow InsanityBets on X (Twitter) and join the InsanityBets Telegram channel for more information and updates.

Token symbol IBET
Total supply 5 Billion
Presale supply 2.55 Billion
Network Arbitrum
Purchase methods N/A

9. Bitget – Best Low Market Cap Crypto With Interesting Price Pattern And Over $1B Market Cap

Bitget (BGB) is a small market cap crypto that ranks #72 by total market capitalization and is currently trading at $0.94.

Unlike most tokens, BGB’s long-term price chart shows a steady increase, due to adding lots of products and improvements without any significant price retracement thereafter. The token also offers staking rewards and discounts on spot market fees.

This low-cap token is tied to a strong exchange and could be an excellent investment decision moving forward. It could experience price appreciation similar to the much larger Binance exchange.

Binance’s regulatory difficulties could also leave a gap in the market, and Bitget could take some of this market share, making this low-cap token a good option for 2024.

10. ImmutableX – NFT Scaling Solution Platform and Staking Token

ImmutableX is the best small cap crypto that may appeal to gamers. The project’s team wants to introduce asset ownership to the digital world by using the power of Immutable NFTs.

Its native cryptocurrency, IMX, serves multiple purposes, including staking and covering transaction fees, as well as voting rights on the protocol’s roadmap.

In 2023, ImmutableX unveiled its ‘Immutable Passport,’ which offers a unified method for game developers to enroll players into Web3. It will essentially function as a gamer profile, authentication, and non-custodial wallet all rolled into one.

The market capitalization as of writing is around $4.9 billion, while the price is $3.01.

11. Itheum – Cross-Chain Broker Site to Trade Personal Data

Itheum (ITHEUM) is a crypto with a low market cap that claims to be the first decentralized, cross-chain data brokerage platform. With the help of Itheum’s suite of blockchain-powered technologies, customers are able to connect high-value data to web3.

The platform also uses cutting-edge peer-to-peer technology which allows users to claim ownership of their own data and also exchange it if they wish.

This is achievable by offering liquidity and farming services on the platform. It helps to maintain the stability of the project’s global MultiversX web3 ecosystem. 

With a market capitalization of nearly $17 million and a current price of $0.022, Itheum aims for widespread adoption within the community.

12. Fetch.ai – Project Combining the Best of Blockchain and AI Technology

Fetch.ai is a cutting-edge open-access blockchain platform that combines machine learning, AI, and DLT to disrupt various markets and sectors. The FET token powers the platform, positioning it as the best low cap crypto for 2024. 

Through Fetch.ai’s decentralized marketplace, users can easily interact with objects, entities, services, and peers.

The goal of this initiative is to create a new, intelligent digital economy by fusing blockchain and AI technologies together. This includes transportation and mobility, the decentralized banking sector, EV infrastructure, supply chain, railway systems, and many other industries.

At the time of writing, the total market cap of this token stands at $2.1 billion. 

What is Low Cap Cryptocurrency?

Low cap cryptocurrencies typically have a market capitalization below $1 billion, while those above are considered large market cap coins. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the total number of shares or tokens by the value per share/token.

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the market capitalization, the more stable the asset. A share or token with a large market cap is more resilient to large orders placed by whales. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, commands roughly 50% of the total market capitalization. All other coins apart from Bitcoin, no matter how large or small, are commonly referred to as altcoins.

Major events like regulatory crackdowns or macroeconomic factors can have a large impact on price and market capitalization and also affect where the trading volume moves. Although small-cap cryptocurrencies may present appealing characteristics and growth potential, investors should recognize their inherent risks since they often exhibit greater price volatility and lower liquidity.

How to Find Cryptos With Low Market Cap

The market is flooded with low cap cryptocurrencies as well as some of the cheapest cryptos to invest in. To cut down on the search, below is a simple guide to finding the top projects to invest in today.

  • Looking for high-quality presales: Crypto presales are renowned for giving early bird investors a huge discount for their support of a new project. This often means that the difference between the initial price and the listing price is substantial, offering a means for immediate profit potential. 
  • Focusing on crypto-centric price tracking sites: Sites such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko are excellent examples and allow users to filter and sort low market cap cryptocurrencies by their valuation or sector, and also build a customized watchlist of interesting projects.
  • Investigating emerging blockchain markets: Areas that hold additional appeal, like meme coins, artificial intelligence, crypto gaming, NFTs, and metaverse projects, have the potential to be profitable for these types of coins.
  • Checking social media groups: An alternative approach is to engage with dedicated communities on social media platforms like Reddit, Youtube, and X, which highlight new projects and micro caps. Jacob Crypto Bury also offers an excellent video resource for people looking for low-cap crypto. However, investors should be cautious of shillers promoting projects for personal gain.
  • Getting directly involved: The best information comes from those directly involved in the business. This will help you with learning the ins and outs of crypto investment so you can identify the best low market cap crypto to invest in, as well as network with experienced investors who may have knowledge and experience on what might take off next.

How Does Market Cap Affect a Crypto Token?

Typically, investing in cryptocurrencies with a larger market cap, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana, is a wise course of action for newbies. These coins are usually less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, albeit far more volatile than conventional assets like stocks and equities.

As per Statista, BTC, the largest crypto by market cap, has the least volatility – meaning it diverges least in price, resulting in lower gains but also less risk of losing money. 

That said, investors may not necessarily see a huge amount of growth with large cap currencies. Compared to cryptocurrencies with larger market caps, small-cap coins have considerably more upside potential for investors, with volatility as a factor for profitability.

How Does Low Cap Crypto Behave Differently From Regular Crypto?

There are some clear differences between low-cap crypto and medium or large-cap crypto. One difference would be availability. A high-cap crypto is likely to be traded on major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. On the other hand, low-cap crypto might not be available on major exchanges and will likely be available to purchase via a presale or on a decentralized exchange like Joe or Uniswap

Low cap crypto also has much more potential to be rendered obsolete. They often have fewer servers, fewer developers, and less public awareness and can end up being dead coins – leaving them with no liquidity left in their liquidity pools and making them unsellable.

However, low cap cryptos also have the potential to skyrocket in value, something that major cryptocurrencies are far less likely to achieve. The likelihood of a large-cap crypto such as Ethereum or Ripple seeing a 12,000% increase is small in comparison to a low-cap crypto, purely due to the huge amounts of capital needed and the selling pressure it would face.

Risks of Low Market Cap Crypto (and How To Minimize Them)

Cryptos with low market cap are not excluded from risks. Investing in them can cause several risks including:

  • Scams: A primary issue is that people fail to understand how the ecosystem works and do not complete any due diligence on the tokens they are purchasing. Almost 80% of ICOs in 2017 were scams, and due to a lack of regulation, anybody could launch an ICO, market a product, take people’s money, and leave. The best way to avoid these scams is to check previous graphs to see if price increases are correlated with news or network upgrades, as well as to ensure you complete due diligence on the project.
  • Market manipulation: Market manipulation is where the price for a token is arbitrarily increased or decreased by placing large positions. With a low-cap crypto of less than $20 million, a $1 million price movement will have a heavy effect on the overall price. There is no real way to avoid market manipulation if you have already bought in, but you can mitigate the issue by using tokens that have their launch on a large centralized exchange like Coinbase.
  • Volatility and liquidity: Without the price being affected, low-cap cryptocurrencies can tend to be difficult to buy or sell since they often have lower trading volumes. Additionally, because of their low market capitalization, they can experience price instability. The best way to mitigate these issues is to allocate some of your portfolio/capital towards low cap cryptos but balance it out with some high cap cryptos.

Why Invest in Low Market Cap Crypto?

Despite some pitfalls, there are solid reasons to favor coins with a low market cap over high-cap cryptos. Here are the three major reasons why you might consider investing:

Additional Rewards

The early-stage cryptocurrencies that now have a large market capitalization did not offer any rewards or incentives to investors. These include BTC, Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), etc. This can be compared to a low-cap crypto that offers 5% to 10% staking rewards to investors along with other benefits. 

This is like a form of APY, and compounding interest is one of the most solid principles when it comes to the creation of wealth – Albert Einstein even referred to it as the eighth wonder of the world. You simply lock up your crypto, and it works like a traditional savings account but with a much more impressive APY rate. OlympusDAO even offered a 100,000% APY at one stage in its novel DeFi mechanism. 

Modern tokens also reward users with airdrops, yield farming, giveaways, and incentives for gaming and participation. Each low-cap crypto project will be different. Those who are looking for rewards and incentives from their crypto investments should research each one individually. 

Most modern coins (which all start out low cap, more or less) will offer some kind of financial incentive to keep people engaged over the long term. This is similar to how some of the world’s best companies (Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, McDonalds) offer a long-term dividend reinvestment program to shareholders

In traditional investment, only large and established companies offer dividend reinvestment. In crypto, the trend is reversed, which is a massive advantage to new investors. 

Upside Potential

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of low-cap crypto is more upside potential. An early stage crypto might have a good chance of an explosion. For example, Shiba Inu rose by 60,000,000% in 2021. The same applies to large volume cryptos like Polygon (MATIC). From August 2020 to May 2021, it experienced a 12,000% increase ($0.20 to $2.40), but expecting such an increase to happen again is unrealistic.  

But it’s highly unlikely to see this kind of price increase again, a second time. The charts show that the majority of established crypto exhibit one or two large price increases before a long-term stabilization. 

Less Competition from Institutions

As a general rule, the larger the market capitalization of any asset, the greater the competition. In a world of high-frequency trading and large whale positions, it’s possible to get caught out even when you do your research. 

Large institutions don’t typically trade low-volume crypto (or low-volume stock, for that matter). This is because it would represent an undue risk to them due to a lack of information and liquidity. They could purchase millions of dollars of an asset but find themselves unable to offload it. And if they did, it might be at a heavy price in an Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. 

So provided that the project is not a rug pull or pump and dump, low cap crypto can ensure that you have fewer things to worry about! You might have simply found an undervalued crypto with solid fundamentals – every investor’s dream!


Picking out the best low market cap crypto can be complex due to the fact that not all coins will provide the same profit for investors, as they come with potential risks. Investors have to dig deep and do a thorough research and risk evaluation before making an investment. 

However, on the flip side, cryptos with low market caps can come with a fair trade of benefits like additional rewards and high APYs, which makes them a potentially profitable investment for crypto investors.

We found Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) to be the best low cap crypto. $DOGE20 can be staked to generate high annual yields of over 2,000% at the moment of writing.



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