7 Best Polygon ICOs & Presales to Invest in 2024

Polygon ($MATIC) is a Layer-2 blockchain that runs alongside Ethereum, enabling faster and cheaper transactions on the world’s most popular smart contract blockchain. While Polygon hosts transactions for many Ethereum-based dApps, it also has its own developers that are launching new, Polygon-native crypto projects.

These Polygon cryptocurrencies benefit from the speed of the Polygon network and the security of Ethereum, making them highly popular with users. In fact, many Polygon crypto presales have gotten large investments and seen their tokens explode in price after launch.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 7 of the best Polygon ICOs and presales to invest in for 2024. We’ll also explain why it’s worth investing in MATIC presales and how to choose the best ones.

polygon icos

The Top Polygon ICOs to Invest in Now

Let’s dive straight into the 7 best Polygon ICOs to invest in today:

  1. Bonkcon – Polygon meme coin with fair launch, plans for P2E racing game.
  2. CURD – Social AI-powered search engine platform delivering trustworthy results.
  3. IbyxCrypto – P2E auto racing game with monthly open-to-all events.
  4. Global Energy Token – Sustainable crypto project using blockchain technology to accelerate the green energy transition.
  5. GoldBuzz – AI-powered investing platform designed to build green portfolios.
  6. Bullet Last – P2E battle royale game with NFTs and native mobile experience.
  7. Quacky – Meme coin with Bitcoin-linked staking rewards and NFT collection.

Reviewing the Top New Polygon Presales

We’ll take a closer look at the top Polygon crypto ICOs so you can decide which ones you want to invest in.

1. Bonkcon – Polygon Meme Coin with Fair Launch and P2E Racing Game

Bonkcon is a Polygon-based meme coin that technically isn’t a presale at all. Instead, it’s going straight to crypto exchanges in what’s known as a ‘fair launch.’ Investors can buy $BONKCON as soon as it’s listed and there are no discounts on the market price.

So far, Bonkcon has listed on the decentralized exchanges (DEXs) QuickSwap, Vindax, and CMC. It’s targeting LBank next, and eventually aims to trade on centralized exchanges like Kucoin, Bybit, and OKX.

Bonkcon Polygon Presale

Bonkcon isn’t affiliated with $BONK, the Solana meme coin that now has more than 600,000 token holders. However, it stands to benefit from $BONK’s popularity and could be a good alternative for investors who are bullish about the Polygon blockchain.

Another reason we like Bonkcon is that the project plans to release a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto game after it lands on more exchanges. The game will offer investors a chance to earn more $BONKCON as well as NFTs, potentially boosting the value of early $BONKCON investments.


  • Fair launch on QuickSwap
  • Targeting LBank and major exchanges like OKX
  • Upcoming P2E game with collectible NFTs
  • Builds on popularity of Solana’s Bonk meme coin


  • Doesn’t offer staking rewards

2. CURD – AI-powered Search Engine with a Social Twist

CURD is an innovative new search engine powered by the Polygon blockchain. The platform looks and feels similar to a traditional search engine, but it operates very differently under the hood.

When you search for something on CURD, the platform uses social networking and AI to discover what your friends and family—people in your social network—have reviewed and recommended. Your search results then prioritize businesses and websites that come highly recommended by people you trust.

CURD Polygon Presale

CURD isn’t just great for searching, but also for online advertising. Thanks to the platform’s recommendation-based results, good businesses can acquire new customers with much lower costs compared to existing search engines.

The whole platform is tied together by the $CURD token, which is going on presale soon. People who review businesses receive $CURD as a reward, while businesses spend $CURD to advertise on the network and incentivize engagement from customers.


  • AI-powered search engine with social networking
  • Find search results recommended by people you trust
  • Earn $CURD for engaging with businesses online
  • Businesses can reduce customer acquisition costs


  • Network effects may take several years to develop

3. IbyxCrypto – P2E Auto Racing Game with Monthly Events

IbyxCrypto is a multi-faceted Polygon presale token that’s developing on two fronts. First, the project is developing its own DEX that will leverage Polygon to offer lower swap fees than existing DEXs on Ethereum, like Uniswap and Sushiswap.

Second, IbyxCrypto is developing a P2E auto racing game that will allow players to drive their favorite cars on virtual tracks around the world. This game is perfectly suited for the Polygon blockchain since the network’s speed allows for highly realistic game physics.

IbyxCrypto Polygon Presale

IbyxCrypto aims to hold monthly open-to-all racing events with huge $IBYXCRYPTO token rewards. Open events will lead up to championship races, which could be a big draw for potential sponsors like Porsche and Honda.

The $IBYXCRYPTO presale is going on now and has a hard cap of $30 million. During the presale, investors can buy $IBYXCRYPTO for only $0.005.


  • Fast and inexpensive Polygon DEX
  • P2E racing game with realistic physics
  • Targeting sponsors like Porsche and Honda
  • Presale could raise up to $30 million


  • Few details about P2E game rewards or token staking

4. Global Energy Token – Sustainable Crypto Accelerating the Green Energy Transition

Global Energy Token is a just-launched Polygon presale crypto that aims to accelerate the green energy transition. It promises to be one of the best sustainability cryptos for 2024 and could be a great choice for investors who want to seek big gains while remaining eco-conscious.

The project’s $GET token is designed to tokenize green energy, making it easier for renewable energy providers to sell their power directly to individuals. That has numerous benefits, including making energy infrastructure more decentralized and resilient. It also makes it easier for individuals to purchase green energy and incentivizes power producers to build more renewable infrastructure.

Global Energy Token Polygon ICO

The Global Energy Token has a buy tax of 5% and a sell tax of 7%, so investors should consider this a long-term investment. The taxes limit speculative trading and are important for the project’s long-term success.

The $GET presale has raised more than $330,000 already and ends June 1.


  • Enables green power producers to sell energy directly to customers
  • Buy and sell taxes prevent speculative trading
  • Incentivizes more green energy production
  • Presale has raised $330,000 already


  • Will require buy-in from power producers
  • Sell tax can reduce profitability for investors

5. GoldBuzz – AI-powered Investing Platform for Building Green Portfolios

GoldBuzz is another eco-friendly crypto project that’s making a big difference in the world’s fight against climate change. The project’s goal is to create an AI investment advisor that can help investors build greener portfolios while generating market-beating returns.

GoldBuzz is similar to existing investing robo-advisor tools that offer eco-friendly portfolio options. However, it uses AI to make investment decisions, meaning it can quickly respond to changes in the market and adapt as more sustainable companies go public.

GoldBuzz Polygon Crypto ICO

Another benefit to investing in GoldBuzz is that a portion of every transaction using the project’s $GBZ token is donated to the World Wildlife Fund. So, investors aren’t just helping their portfolios—they’re also directly helping the planet.

The $GBZ presale has raised nearly $400,000. It’s ending in less than 3 days, so you’ll need to hurry to buy this token before it hits exchanges.


  • AI-powered investment advisor with green focus
  • Donates a portion of revenue to WWF
  • Can quickly respond to market changes
  • Presale raised nearly $400,000


  • Doesn’t offer staking rewards
  • AI-generated portfolios have not been backtested

6. Bullet Last – P2E Battle Royale Game with NFTs and Mobile Apps

Bullet Last is a new P2E battle-royale shooter game that players are sure to love. In contrast to overdeveloped metaverse games, Bullet Last has a surprisingly minimal game world with pastel colors and simple characters. It’s not the flashiest game, but it’s very refreshing.

The game is made by Crabs Games, an experienced game development team, and built on the Unity engine. It’s home to a collection of NFTs hosted on OpenSea and offers players the chance to collect $BLT tokens as they play.

Bullet Last Polygon Token Presale

One of the most exciting things about Bullet Last is that the game will offer a native mobile experience with apps for iOS and Android. That can significantly increase the appeal of the game—and the potential value of the $BLT token—since nearly 80% of GenZ gamers prefer mobile play.

The $BLT presale will launch on PinkSale in just 3 days, and it could be one of the biggest P2E gaming tokens of 2024.


  • Streamlined P2E battle royale game
  • Earn $BLT tokens and NFTs as you play
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Investors have a chance to join the first presale round


  • Competing with many other P2E battle royale games
  • Presale investors cannot earn staking rewards

7. Quacky – Meme Coin with Bitcoin-linked Staking Rewards and NFTs

Quacky is a new meme coin launching on Polygon. It’s one of the first iterations of the duck meme, so it’s not clear how investors across the crypto world will respond to this token. But Quacky has energy and spunk, which have played a crucial role in the success of all the best meme coins.

What has us excited about Quacky is that this coin is introducing a new approach to staking rewards. Instead of a fixed staking rate, the amount that $BASEDUCK token holders earn is tied to the performance of Bitcoin. If the price of BTC jumps 10% or more after an investor stakes $BASEDUCK, they’ll earn 2x rewards.

Quacky Polygon Coin Presale

Quacky is also introducing an NFT collection in which only $BASEDUCK token holders who stake their coins will be able to mint new NFTs. It’s a neat approach that really encourages investors to stay engaged with Quacky over the long term.

The Quacky presale is expected to launch soon, and we anticipate that the early rounds of this Polygon ICO could go fast.


  • Staking rewards double if Bitcoin jumps 10% or more
  • NFT collection with minting reserved for $BASEDUCK stakers
  • Investors can join during first round of presale
  • High-energy project with strong meme potential


  • Unclear whether duck meme will resonate in crypto community
  • Base staking rewards rate not yet announced

Are Polygon ICOs a Good Investment?

Many investors don’t think of Polygon first when they think about investing in crypto ICOs. However, Polygon coin ICOs have several potential benefits that investors should be aware of.

Explosive Price Potential

While Ethereum presales and Solana presales are often top of mind for investors searching for the next explosive cryptocurrency, the truth is that tokens launching on Polygon can experience similarly huge price gains. In fact, there have been numerous tokens in the past that held presales on Polygon and rocketed more than 100x after hitting exchanges.

While there’s no guarantee that every Polygon ICO token will be a massive success, new tokens launching on this blockchain have the potential to turn a small investment into a huge sum of money. Investors just need to pick the right MATIC presales to buy and know when to sell to lock in their profits.

Staking Rewards

Many Polygon ICO tokens offer staking rewards for investors, which can be worth a lot of new tokens. Polygon projects can often have higher staking APYs than similar projects on Ethereum.

If a token experiences huge price gains, the tokens that an investor earns through staking will be worth more as well. So, this is a potential avenue to increase your total return from investing in a new MATIC token,

Access to New Utilities

Many projects holding MATIC ICOs offer new utilities, such as P2E games, DEXs, and new decentralized platforms. These utilities can be important for investors, especially if nothing like what a project is doing already exists.

As an example, take Global Energy Token. Investors in this project can potentially buy renewable energy directly from a power provider. That capability isn’t possible without the $GET token and isn’t enabled by existing crypto projects.

Benefits of the Polygon Blockchain

In addition to the specific benefits of MATIC presale tokens, there are several reasons why investors might be bullish on the Polygon blockchain more broadly.

First, this blockchain is highly scalable. It offers faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum. It also directly benefits from Ethereum’s growth since many Ethereum projects rely on Polygon. With Ethereum’s latest Dencum upgrade, fees on Polygon are set to drop even further.

Another benefit to Polygon is that it’s less popular than Layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. This means there are more chances for investors to ‘discover’ promising crypto projects before the crypto community at large piles into them.

Polygon Layer-2 Blockchain

How to Pick Which Polygon Presales to Invest in

Choosing the best Polygon presales is an important skill that investors need to learn. Not every new token on this blockchain will be successful, and investors must know how to evaluate tokens to find potential winners.

Here are some of the key factors we consider when evaluating the best MATIC ICOs.

Utility and Market Potential

We start every evaluation of a new MATIC token by thinking about what problem the project is solving and what its addressable market could be. Projects that fill a gap or address a need are more likely to attract investors and demand than projects that don’t have a clear purpose. Of course, that’s not to say that meme coins can’t produce great returns for investors.

Figuring out a token’s market potential requires understanding what role a token plays in a project ecosystem and researching the crypto project’s target audience. Ideally, we look for projects that are doing things a little bit differently than existing crypto projects and have a strong value proposition for users.

Staking Rewards

While staking rewards aren’t essential to a project’s success, they can play a significant role in generating returns for presale investors. This is especially true in the early stages of a crypto launch, when a token may not experience much short-term price appreciation.

When evaluating staking rewards, we look for high rates that are also sustainable. We would rather a project offer reduced staking rates than overinflate its available token supply and drive down prices.


We carefully evaluate the tokenomics of each new Polygon presale we consider. Tokens should have a mechanism to add supply for events like exchange listings, but they should keep inflation to reasonable levels. They should also have supply caps so that increases in demand for a coin result in higher market prices.

Project Team

We like to see project teams that have deep experience in the area they’re working in. This could include token creators who have years of industry experience and are moving to crypto for the first time. It can also include founders who have connections in the crypto space and are expanding to new projects on Polygon.

Ideally, project teams should be KYC-verified and doxxed. However, it’s common for meme coin founders to remain anonymous.

Presale Momentum

How quickly a Polygon presale attracts investment is one of the best indicators of whether the ICO will sell out and whether the token’s price will shoot upward after it launches on exchanges. We look for MATIC presales that get a lot of interest in their first few days of launching.

How to Find Polygon ICOs

The best way to find new Polygon crypto ICOs is to keep an eye on our coverage at Techopedia. We’ll update this guide as new presales emerge. We also offer price predictions for new Polygon tokens and updates on the state of the crypto market.

You can also use a site like CoinSniper to find a list of all ongoing Polygon presales. Social media platforms like Reddit and X can be good sources of information as well. Most new crypto projects establish a presence on X to promote their token ICOs.

CoinSniper Polygon Presales

Are Polygon ICOs Safe?

Polygon ICOs can be very safe, just like ICOs on other blockchains. Typically, investors swap MATIC or ETH for the new presale token then receive their purchased tokens once the presale ends.

That said, it’s important for investors to be wary of presale scams. These scams can take several forms, including fake websites that don’t offer any real product and ‘rug pulls’ in which a founding team disappears without delivering on a project roadmap.

How to Tell If a Polygon ICO is Safe

There’s no surefire way to determine if a Polygon token presale will be safe. However, there are some things to look for.

Make sure that a project has a well-researched whitepaper explaining what it’s all about. The whitepaper includes a roadmap that sets realistic expectations for what the project can achieve.

You should also check whether a project has undergone a security audit. It’s also a reassuring sign if the project team has been KYC-verified.

Bonkon Polygon ICO Roadmap

How to Invest in Polygon ICOs

It’s easy to invest in Polygon presales. We’ll break the process down into four quick steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Buy MATIC or ETH

Polygon coin ICOs require you to swap MATIC or ETH for the new presale token. You can purchase MATIC from most crypto exchanges, including Binance, MEXC, Coinbase, and more.

Step 2: Send Tokens to Wallet

After buying MATIC or ETH, you’ll need to send the tokens to a self-custody crypto wallet. Good options include MetaMask and Trust Wallet, both of which are free to download.

Step 3: Connect to Presale Platform

Visit the Polygon ICO platform and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Then, authorize the connection to your crypto wallet.

Step 4: Buy ICO Tokens

Enter the amount of the new presale token you want to buy, then complete the purchase using MATIC or ETH. You’ll be able to claim the new Polygon tokens you purchased when the presale ends.


The best Polygon presales offer a chance to buy the newest generation of MATIC tokens before they rocket upwards. Based on our analysis of the current ICO market, we think Bonkcon, CURD, and IbyxCrypto are the top three Polygon ICOs to watch. Bonkcon is already live, but investors can still get in on this project’s fair launch before it starts trading on major exchanges.


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