5 Best Roblox Gambling Sites For 2023 – Highest Payout Rates

Finding a good place where you can gamble your virtual currencies can be tricky. If you’re looking for somewhere to get either Robux or limiteds, our list rounds up the best sites to do so.

By the end of this article you will learn what sets these sites apart from others, what our selection criteria was, and how to get started right away. 

The 5 Best Roblox Gambling Sites Ranked

Weeding out legitimate sites among thousands of similar sites is no easy feat. This is why we have made a list of the five best Roblox gambling sites with a review for each of them. This way, you can make a stress-free, easy final decision!

  1. RBXGOLD: Best Robux gambling site with daily bonuses, leveling system, and rare loot
  2. Bloxmoon: Earn free Robux by completing surveys, plus several withdrawal options
  3. Bloxflip: Earn through referrals, get free boxes for completing offers, and participate in generous giveaways
  4. Betbux: Popular Roblux Gambling Site with Discord giveaways for free Robux as well as fun PvP games
  5. RBLXRoll: Innovative Roblux gambling site with new games added regularly, plus a great affiliate program

5 Best Roblox Gambling Sites Reviewed

In this section, we’ll review the Roblox gambling sites we’ve chosen. Read on to learn more about the specifics of each one.

1. RBXGOLD: Best Overall Robux Gambling Site with Constant Rewards

RBXGOLD is one of those sites that has it all: great bonuses, simple onboarding process, and a wide variety of games. 

RBXGOLD home page

First, all players will get a percentage of their wagered tokens back on a weekly and monthly basis through the rakeback program. The percentage depends on your level.

The other rewards are also level-dependent. RBXGOLD offers their players daily chests with different limiteds. There are also chests and caskets that can be unlocked once you reach the level associated with each.

Aside from the rewards on the platform, you can also join their Discord and participate in their giveaways. This is one of the ways to win limiteds and tokens without spending anything. 

RBXGOLD is one of the safest online Roblox gambling sites, as it doesn’t require your cookie when signing up. You need to register with an email and a password, then enter your Roblox username. After that, you’ll have to copy a code from RBXGOLD into your Roblox bio to verify your account. 

To withdraw your balance, you’ll have to “trade” the limiteds you won on RBXGOLD for some small items you have on Roblox. The value difference will be removed from your RBXGOLD account and your limiteds added to your Roblox account.

There are two main ways to deposit funds at this Roblox gambling site. You can deposit using cryptocurrencies or get tokens by depositing your limiteds from your existing inventory.

RBXGOLD offers a decent variety of games. Some of them, like Cases, Slide, Mines, and Limbo are RBXGOLD Originals, so you won’t find them elsewhere. The games are provably fair.

Finally, one of the best features of this platform is Rain. Rain is a free-to-play option which takes a percentage of the hourly RBXGOLD bet amount and places it into a lottery-like system. Anyone can enter, but higher level users will win more, as will users who have wagered more.

Pros pros

  • Best RBX gambling site on our list
  • Great variety of games
  • Constant bonuses and giveaways
  • No cookie required

Cons cons

  • You can’t withdraw RBX

2. Bloxmoon: Premium Roblox Gambling Site Allowing Users to Deposit & Withdraw Robux & Limiteds

While many online Bitcoin gambling platforms offer ways to win RBX, Bloxmoon also has a way to get it without betting. You can simply complete the surveys offered on their website. 

Bloxmoon homepage

Every opportunity also states how much you can earn, and for some it even states whether it’s easy or hard to do. To get an idea how much people earn, there’s a Top Earners button at the top of the screen.

Of course, you can still play Roblox gambling games, and Bloxmoon offers a good number of those. You can choose between Dice, Blackjack, Crash, Slots, Coinflip, and more. 

All the games are provably fair, so there’s no chance of them being rigged against you. This approach to security makes Bloxmoon one of the best Robux gambling sites on our list.

Another way to earn free Robux on Bloxmoon is to film and upload YouTube videos promoting the platform. You will receive $2 for every 1,000 views. The platform also features the most viewed content, so you can see what sort of content performs well.

Bloxmoon also offers a good range of deposit methods. You can deposit your RBX by selling skins, depositing crypto, or buying tokens using Visa and MasterCard cards.

There are also several options for withdrawals. Unlike most Roblox gambling sites, you can withdraw RBX or limiteds to your Roblox account, or even crypto to your wallet. This means you’re not stuck using just one method.

Bloxmoon also occasionally offers random giveaways to their fans through Twitter and Discord. This is a great way for people to get free Robux to play with. It’s important to follow their social media, so you don’t miss any of the opportunities.

Pros pros

  • Great range of games
  • Huge number of surveys to earn RBX
  • YouTube sponsorships available
  • Several deposit and withdrawal methods

Cons cons

  • Not many free Robux options

3. Bloxflip: All the Most Popular Roblox Gambling Games in One Place, Plus Referral Bonuses

The most logical thing to do when you find a good thing is let your friends know about it. Bloxflip’s referral system rewards you for that: they will provide you with 5% of the house edge from all new users that join Bloxflip. Additionally, everyone you refer to will get a free case.

Bloxflip homepage

Bloxflip offers very simple games: Crash, Cases, Mines, Towers, Cups, and Plinko. All of these are easy to learn and fun to play Roblox gambling games.

Bloxflip also offers the opportunity to earn Robux by completing offers. Through their related site, Blox.Land, you can complete surveys, participate in giveaways, and complete tasks. 

The tasks usually include downloading an app and getting to a certain level in a game. This makes this an opportunity that everyone can participate in. In other words, you can earn a decent amount of Robux without ever participating in RBX gambling.

When you transfer the RBX back to Bloxflip, you can use it to play games and gain even more. You can also deposit fiat, crypto, ROBUX, and limiteds to receive a balance on the site. 

Keep in mind that you will have to provide your cookie to start using Bloxflip. For some users, this can be outside their comfort level. In that case, there are other platforms on our best Robux gambling sites list.

Pros pros

  • Easy to understand games
  • Great referral system
  • Free cases on a regular basis
  • Tipping and Rain options

Cons cons

  • You have to provide your cookie to participate

4. BetBux: Leading Roblox Gambling Site with Constant Discord Status Giveaways & PvP Games

When it comes to opportunities to win Robux, setting a specific status on Discord seems easy enough. This is likely one of the ways to win a giveaway that requires the least effort. Just link your account and set the status BetBux has designated for a chance to win!

Betbux homepage

BetBux takes gambling in Roblox currency to the next level. For example, you can play Case Battles in single player or multiplayer modes. 

You can also play Crash, Towers, Ludo, Stairs, Mines Battle, and Triple on this platform. Each game has a short but succinct explanation of how it works. 

The DeFi casino accepts deposits in Robux, cryptocurrency and fiat currency. You can’t use it to wager or withdraw real money. 

If you refer your friends, you can earn up to 6% on all their deposits. Any earnings you make can be claimed and withdrawn, so they’re not locked into the platform.

This Roblox gambling site also offers a custom dashboard where you can keep track of your referrals. This way, you can see how many people have signed up with your code and how much you’ve earned. You can also keep track of the level system and see if you can make even more through referrals.

Finally, BetBux’s Marketplace is very easy to navigate and features tons of exciting limiteds. It’s easy to search for items, but also to filter by item type. 

Pros pros

  • Great giveaway opportunities
  • Easy to understand games
  • Awesome referral bonuses
  • Intuitive Marketplace

Cons cons

  • Figuring out the website can be tricky

5. RBLXRoll: Unlimited Potential Profits on Their Crash Game

This Robux gambling site has no upper limit on how much you can win through their Crash gambling game. This means that with a high enough wager and some luck with their multiplier, you can profit beyond your wildest dreams!

RBLXRoll homepage

Aside from Crash, RBLXRoll also has a few other, provably fair games: Roll, Blackjack, and Dice Duels are featured. In addition to this, there are also Mines and Towers. Their website hints at new games coming soon, so we’re excited to see what they have in store for us!

To get started with Roblox gambling, you will need to deposit funds. This can be done with Robux or limiteds, but also cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and gift cards. Their tokens aren’t really Robux, but they have a one-to-one exchange rate with real Robux.

For opportunities to get free tokens, you can participate in their affiliate program. Simply share your referral code with your friends and get a percentage of their bets. 

Additionally, there are often Rain events in the chat. However, keep in mind that you have to spend the tokens you get there by wagering them. If you hoard them, it’s considered Rain abuse and you can get a permanent ban.

Finally, Robux gambling on RBLXRoll is very easy to understand. Each game has an explanation of how it works and what its maximum profits are. 

Pros pros

  • No limit on Crash profits
  • Provably fair games
  • New games coming soon
  • Plenty of deposit options

Cons cons

  • Relatively few game modes

What is the Roblox Gambling Game?

The Roblox gambling game is a type of gambling that uses the Roblox game’s virtual currency, called Robux, for betting. Robux gambling websites don’t use real money. Even if you deposit cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, you use them to buy Robux tokens first, before you start playing.

Roblox gambling, like any other gambling, is only legal for people 18 or more years old. Each website we listed has a statement that they can terminate accounts of underage users. It is forbidden for people younger than 18 to open accounts on RBX gambling sites.

The sites often feature different games, but most of them are quite simple. You can choose between simple games like dice or crash, or more complex games like Blackjack. There are often ways to get free RBX, so you can play without wagering your own funds.

Not all gambling sites allow the transfer of RBX back to Roblox. In some cases, you can only transfer limited items through a sort of trade. 

Still, Roblox gambling can be a fun way to gamble while only wagering virtual currency. This is especially true if you only use the funds you win through giveaways and Rain events.

On the platform itself, however, Roblox gambling is only allowed if it is impossible to purchase the currency used for it. The currency must be purely earnable by playing the game and completing tasks.

How to Play Roblox 

Roblox sign up screen

To play Roblox, you will need to create an account first. You only have to provide an email address and a password, plus set a username.

Roblox games

After that, you can access all the games the platform has to offer. You can choose from a list of games, or you can search if you’re looking for something in particular.

Before you start playing, you will have to install Roblox to your computer. If you get stuck, this guide will help you find a solution.

After that, you’re free to start playing!

If you’re looking for tips on how to gamble Robux, you will have to sign up for a secondary website. You can choose one from our list.

RBXGOLD registration

Then, you will have to link your Roblox account.

RBXGOLD linking your Roblox account

After that, you can deposit either through your Roblox account, or through any of the other listed options. The available options will depend on the gambling site you choose.


Once your wallet is all loaded up, go ahead and play the game of your choosing!

How to Pick the Best Roblox Betting Site

There are a few ways to make picking the best Roblox gambling sites easier for yourself. Here, we’re listing the things that are important to us when we do our reviews.

Fair & Secure

Many reputable gambling sites will have “provably fair” games. This means you can check the games to prove they’re not rigged without betting any money. 

Keep an eye out for security as well. If the website crashes often, asks for your personal information, or doesn’t pay out your winnings, it’s not worth it.

Range of Games

RBXGOLD cases game

The games you want to see on the Roblox gambling websites you choose can also influence your decision. Some platforms offer only the simplest games, like dice or crash. Others have card games like Blackjack as well. Many people prefer having more choices, so they can change it up. 

Bonuses & Promos

Some websites offer their players the opportunity to win free tokens. The best Roblox gambling sites have regular promotions to show appreciation to their fans. These are often giveaways, Rain events, and affiliate programs.

Depending on what you expect from the website you choose, the ways to get free Robux will be different. What most of them have in common, however, is the fact that they offer at least some way to reward their users.

Fast Deposits & Withdrawals

Nobody really wants to wait for a long time before they can start playing. This is why the best Robux gambling sites will have fast deposits and withdrawals. If you’re using crypto, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes for the required number of confirmations. For Robux, limiteds, and fiat currencies, the process should be near instantaneous. 

Low Crypto Banking Fees

Crypto deposits and withdrawals don’t have to be expensive. In our experience, the best Roblox gambling sites usually don’t charge anything to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. You will only have to pay the usual network fee when transferring the funds from your personal wallet to the site.

Fair Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

RBXGOLD withdrawals

For many people, it is very important to be able to deposit relatively low amounts. In the case of Roblox gambling sites, most will have you buy or trade a certain amount of RBX tokens. This can be as low as a dollar or so. When withdrawing, most Robux gambler sites will simply have you send the limiteds or tokens to your Roblox account. There are usually very few restrictions on this.

Smooth Desktop & Mobile Experience

Although many people like to game from their desktop, there are those who want a mobile version as well. This can enable them to take their gaming with them wherever they go. The sites listed in our review can be played from both. Each is very intuitive and easy to understand, and their mobile versions are well-optimized for smaller screens.

Roblox Gambling Strategy

Like with any sort of gambling, it is important to find a strategy that works for you. This way, you can benefit the most from the best Robux gambling sites we’ve found for you. 

First off, it is best to set a budget for gambling purposes. This way, you can immediately restrict yourself from going overboard if you’re having a streak of bad luck. The age-old adage states that you should never gamble more than you’re prepared to lose.

Then, be sure to keep your cool as much as you can. There is, of course, no guarantee that you will always win. It is incredibly important to stay calm and not make rash decisions.

Perhaps most importantly when it comes to actually playing, find a RBX gambling game you know. This way, you can minimize the number of beginner’s mistakes. 

Finally, see if the gambling games you’ve chosen can be studied for more specific strategies. Although all of them rely on luck, some – like Blackjack – also require you to know its ins and outs. Experience is your friend here!

Can You Make Money with Roblox Gambling?

RBXGOLD Limbo game

Many people are wondering what to do after Roblox gambling, with a common question being can you cash out Robux for money.

Yes, you can make Robux money through gambling. However, it is hard (if not impossible) to turn this into fiat currencies, or real money. None of the best Robux gambling sites allow the wagering or withdrawal of real money. 

If you’re looking for something along those lines, check out our Top 6 Fastest Payout Online Casinos USA. This way, you can wager and earn real money without having to use in-game currencies. Additionally, these types of casinos often have a wider range of games and payment options.

Another important factor is the legality of gambling. Many people are asking: is gambling Robux illegal

In short, it is not. Robux is a virtual currency with no real-world value. However, gambling of any sort is only legal for adults. This means that you need to be at least 18 years old to even create an account on any of the sites we’ve listed.

Are Roblox Gambling Sites Safe?

Many Roblox gambling sites are safe. However, you should always do your due diligence. This means checking that the site you’re using is secure and their games are provably fair. 

There are Robux gambling sites that are better to use than others. If you’re unsure, RBXGOLD is one of the most secure gambling sites out there. Most importantly, they don’t need your password or cookie to connect to your account.

Additionally, here are some tips on how to stay safe online in general.

Keep in mind, underage gambling is expressly forbidden. If you are under 18, this list is not for you.

For parents worried about their children potentially accessing these gambling sites, there are Roblox game restrictions available. They are easy to set up and can help keep children away from activities that are illegal for them.

RBXGOLD Marketplace


Gambling with the Roblox virtual currency can be fun and rewarding. It is a simple way to get great in-game items while having fun.

To make sure you’ve chosen well among the best Roblox gambling sites, try RBXGOLD. This gambling site is super easy to use, does not require your cookie or password, and offers great rewards for its users. 


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