Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Invest in 2024

Dozens of Telegram bots have launched their own cryptocurrency tokens. While this niche market is booming right now – the total value of all Telegram bot tokens is just $211 million.

This means that Telegram bot tokens could be undervalued and primed for further growth. In this guide, we analyze the best Telegram bot tokens to invest in 2024.

Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Buy – Our Top Picks

Here are our top picks for the best Telegram bot tokens to invest in right now:

  1. TG.Casino: TG.Casino is a recently launched Telegram-powered casino with an ongoing presale that has raised $1.1 million so far. The casino will utilize the power of the messaging app to allow players instant, secure, and anonymous sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals, as well as 24/7 customer support. $TGC tokens allow holders to earn staking rewards – currently set at over 425% – as well as be part of a profit-sharing system that also makes the supply deflationary.
  2. Wall Memes Memes Casino: Licensed instant deposit crypto casino associated with the gigantic Wall Street Memes movement, which has over 1 million social followers. Offers over 5,000 games through Telegram with a 200% welcome bonus and 200 free spins on a $WSM deposit.
  3. Unibot: Unibot (UNIBOT) has developed a Telegram bot that supports decentralized trading. Users can swap ERC20 tokens without leaving the Telegram app. No account registration is required – simply choose which ERC20 token to buy and deposit Ethereum into the unique wallet address provided by Unibot.
  4. Image Generation AI:  This project has created an AI-backed image generator. Those holding Image Generation AI (IMGNAI) can create 4k images without watermarks, giving the token real-world utility. Image Generation AI has increased by almost 80% over the prior week. It has a market capitalization of just under $20 million.
  5. LootBot: New Telegram bot that can automatically claim cryptocurrency airdrops. This means that users can earn free cryptocurrencies without needing to leave the Telegram app. Moreover, LootBot will locate new airdrop campaigns and even complete tasks on behalf of users.
  6. EspressoBot: This Telegram bot allows users to create their own cryptocurrency token. The service is aimed at complete beginners who do not have any knowledge of smart contracts or coding. Users type in the specifics of their cryptocurrency and EspressoBot (ESPR) does the rest. For instance, its name, ticker symbol, and total supply.
  7. ChainGPT: This AI-backed Telegram bot completes blockchain-related tasks for its users. For example, ChainGPT (CGPT) can create smart contracts from scratch. Users simply need to answer questions about the specifics, such as the required blockchain and the smart contract’s use case.
  8. WagieBot: Popular Telegram bot offering DeFi trading services. Not only does it enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies manually but also copy other traders. Users can send WagieBot the wallet address of the trader they want to copy, and all future trades will be mirrored.
  9. GenieBot: This trending Telegram bot enables cryptocurrency projects to streamline customer support services. It can analyze whitepapers and other documents to fully understand the project, and give automated replies accordingly. GenieBot (GENIE) is trending in the Telegram bot space, with its token up over 100% over the prior week.
  10. Quick Intel: A newly launched project helps cryptocurrency investors manage risk. It can detect potential red flags, such as rug pulls or token dumping. Over the prior week of trading, Quick Intel (QUICKI) is up over 50%.

A Closer Look at the Best Telegram Bot Tokens to Invest in 2024 

Our analysis of the best Telegram bot tokens can be found in the sections below. 

1. TG.Casino – Best Overall Telegram Bot Token with 425% APY and Profit-Sharing

TG.Casino is a live crypto casino with a presale that has raised $1.1 million so far.

Investors are impressed by this widely explosive Telegram group not only by the casino features but the tokens stake-to-earn capabilities, as well as its profit-sharing system and deflationary mechanism.

tg casino staking

At the time of writing, staking tokens during the presale will allow those staking to earn more than 425% annual percentage yield (APY). Those staking tokens will also have the added benefit of being part of a profit-sharing scheme.

The casino will use profits to buy back tokens and 60% of those purchased will be distributed to those staking as a profit-sharing reward. The remaining 40% of tokens will then be sent to a burn address, making the 100 million supply deflationary.

Token burns are an effective way of increasing the value of crypto tokens, as they become more scarce, while the mechanism will also incentivize staking and holding and reduce selling pressure.

tg casino bonus

TG.Casino is one of the best Telegram bot tokens as its casino will utilize the power of the messaging app’s bots to allow players to access the casino, and deposit and withdraw instantly, securely, and anonymously.

It is already among our best Telegram casinos and will eventually offer thousands of leading slots games, casino tables with virtual and live dealers, and a comprehensive sportsbook.

TG.Casino has already revealed it will offer a huge welcome bonus to new players of 200% up to 10 ETH. 25% in cashback also applies to losing bets placed in $TGC. This is a KYC-free casino with instant deposits and withdrawals, as well as full anonymity.

TG.Casino tokens ($TGC) are available now for $0.125 during the presale. Read the whitepaper or join the Telegram group for more information.

2. Wall Street Memes Casino – Telegram Enabled Crypto Casino With Huge Brand Identity And 200% Up To $25,000 Bonus

Wall Memes Memes Casino is the latest initiative from Wall Street Memes, a gigantic movement and one of the most successful presales of 2023.

Wall Street Memes has over 1 million followers on social media, raised over $25 million in its presale, and is now listed on multiple large Tier 1 exchanges. 

Even Elon Musk made a reference to Wall Street Memes in one of his tweets. So having the backing of Wall Street Memes and integration with the highly traded $WSM token puts this new casino on the map.  

However, the casino itself offers a lot of incentives to players. One would be the 200% welcome bonus up to $25,000. Another would be 200 free spins, provided a minimum of $30 has been deposited in $WSM. The Wall Street Memes Casino also accepts many crypto payment methods. At the present time, this includes 13 major cryptos such as $SWM, BNB, BTC, SOL, XRP, TRX, etc. A Diamond Hands Loyalty Program will soon be launched.  

This is an instant deposit crypto casino that is also licensed and authorized by the government of Curacao, so users can play in full legal compliance. 

And the games are fully accessible through Telegram, one of the world’s most famous messaging platforms. As of early 2023, Telegram had over 700 million active monthly users. Over 5,000 games, live dealers, and thousands of sports can be accessed all through a Telegram bot. 

This is a new paradigm in terms of casino accessibility, and there are many incentives for players using the native $WSM token. More details can be found in the Wall Street Memes Casino Whitepaper.

Pros pros

  • Increase publicity from the massive Wall Street Memes campaign
  • Fully licensed
  • Telegram integration for increased accessibility
  • 200% up to $25K welcome bonus
  • 200 free spins with $WSM deposits

Cons cons

  • No fiat deposit options listed

3. Unibot – Buy, Sell, and Trade Crypto Tokens Within the Telegram App

Unibot is one of the best Telegram bot tokens to buy right now.  We like that Unibot has developed a bot that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. But instead of using an online exchange, users can buy, sell, and swap tokens directly in the Telegram app. No prior experience of trading is required, as Unibot offers clear instructions via its automated chat box.

However, do note that Unibot is only compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. This means that users will only be able to swap ERC20 tokens. That said, cross-chain swaps is something that Unibot may support in the coming months – as its bot is still a work-in-progress. Nonetheless, the token swap process works as follows. First, Unibot will generate a unique Ethereum wallet address for the user.

Unibot price chart

The user can then deposit their preferred token. All of the best ERC20 tokens are supported, whether that’s Tether, Decentraland, the Sandbox, or USD Coin. After the user has completed the transfer, Unibot will send a notification when the wallet is credited. This usually takes less than a minute. The user can then use their wallet balance to buy any ERC20 token. Unibot will ask for the token’s contract address.

This ensures that there are no mistakes and that the correct ERC20 token is purchased. Just like the deposit process, token swaps usually take less than a minute to process. Unibot is fueled by its native token, UNIBOT.  CoinMarketData shows that UNIBOT has a market capitalization of nearly $185 million. Since launching in June 2023, UNIBOT has increased by over 930%. This makes it one of the best Telegram bot tokens for growth.

UNIBOT review

Going back to the Unibot Telegram bot, we also discovered another popular use case; buying and selling tokens for the Mega Dice Telegram casino. For those unaware, Mega Dice is a regulated casino that has developed a Telegram bot. It enables players to gamble cryptocurrencies anonymously but in a licensed and safe environment. The Mega Dice Telegram casino supports everything from blackjack and roulette to jackpot slots and crypto crash.

Moreover, Mega Dice offers instant cryptocurrency payouts, not to mention a 200% deposit bonus for first-time players. 50 free spins are also included in the Mega Dice welcome package. The Mega Dice Telegram casino accepts Ethereum and Tether, among other ERC20 tokens. This means that players can use Unibot to obtain their preferred gambling tokens, before depositing them into Mega Dice.

4. Image Generation AI – 7-Day Gains of Almost 80% and a Low Valuation of Under $20 Million

Image Generation AI could be one of the best Telegram bot tokens for long-term upside. It has developed a Telegram bot that can generate unique images. Users create their ideal image through text prompts. For example, the user might request an image of a Viking holding a sword. Within seconds, Image Generation AI will create a high-quality image.

That said, users need its native token, IMGNAI, for full functionality. This is because free users can only create images with a watermark. Moreover, the image quality will be significantly reduced. To get ultra-HD images without watermarks, IMGNAI tokens are required. This makes IMGNAI one of the best Telegram bot tokens for utility.

Image Generation AI

What’s more, IMGNAI tokens are also attracting growth investors. For a start, Image Generation AI has a market capitalization of under $20 million. This offers plenty of room for the project to grow. IMGNAI is also one of the best-performing Telegram bot tokens over the prior week – they have increased by almost 80%. In the past day alone, IMGNAI has grown by almost 10%.

5. LootBot – Automatically Claim Free Cryptocurrencies via Airdrop Farming 

LootBot specializes in a concept called ‘Airdrop Farming’. In simple terms, this allows users to maximize the number of free cryptocurrency tokens they receive from airdrop campaigns. Usually, users will need to complete tasks before receiving their allocation of free tokens. This can only be claimed once, as users are required to connect their cryptocurrency wallet to the airdrop platform.

LootBot has revolutionized this niche market through its automated Telegram bot. In a nutshell, its bot can automatically claim the best crypto giveaways and complete the required tasks on behalf of its users. What’s more, LootBot can claim the same airdrop campaign multiple times.

LootBot price

Those paying $30 per month will benefit from unlimited farming wallets and receive 100% of the airdropped tokens. A 50% discount is available when staking its native Telegram bot token, LootBot. Since launching in July 2023, LOOT has increased by over 20%. LOOT has a market capitalization of just over $3 million and it operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

6. EspressoBot – Create a New Cryptocurrency Token in Minutes Through Text Prompts

EspressoBot is a popular Telegram bot that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency tokens. Its user-friendly bot doesn’t require any knowledge of smart contracts or programming. On the contrary, users simply need to answer questions about their new cryptocurrency via text prompts.

To get the process started, EspressoBot will ask users to give their cryptocurrency a name and a ticker symbol. The bot will then ask for the total and initial circulating supply. Additional metrics can also be created, such as a fixed burning schedule or transaction taxes. Once the user has answered the required questions, EspressoBot will develop a unique smart contract.

EspressoBot price chart

The cryptocurrency will then be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. For full functionality, EspressoBot’s native token is required, ESPR. This is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies to buy, with ESPR increasing by nearly 50% over the prior 24 hours. EspressoBot is available to buy on Uniswap, which is one of the best decentralized exchanges.

7. ChainGPT – User-Friendly Telegram Bot That Automates Blockchain Tasks 

ChainGPT allows complete beginners to become blockchain developers overnight. Its user-friendly Telegram bot can create smart contracts through text instructions. ChainGPT guides the user through each step of the process, so the possibilities are endless. ChainGPT is backed by artificial intelligence and it requires no understanding of how smart contracts function.

For example, suppose a user wants to create their own gambling game. The user can provide the ChainGPT bot with some commands, such as how the gambling game works, its maximum payout, and the return-to-play (RTP). The ChainGPT bot can then create a unique smart contract that follows these guidelines.

ChainGPT price chart

To get the most out of ChainGPT, CGPT tokens are required. This is the native token that fuels its Telegram bot and it operates on the ERC20 standard. Over the prior seven days, CGPT tokens have increased by nearly 18%. ChainGPT has a market capitalization of just under $7 million.

8. WagieBot – Multi-Chain Telegram Exchange With Copy Trading Tools 

WagieBot is one of the best Telegram bot tokens to consider today. Its Telegram bot offers exchange services, enabling users to swap tokens anonymously. Token swaps usually take under a minute to process. Not only does WagieBot support Ethereum tokens but also those on the Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain networks. For instance, users can swap BNB for Tether or USD Coin for ARB.

WagieBot has also developed a copy trading feature. This will appeal to traders that want to follow the smart money.  Here’s how it works; the user will first need to obtain the wallet address of the crypto trader they want to copy. Then, they need to paste the address into their WagieBot Telegram chat. As long as the user has sufficient funds, they can automatically copy the trader’s buy and sell orders.

WAGIEBOT price chart

Users will benefit from reduced copy trading and swap fees when holding WAGIEBOT, its native token. WAGIEBOT has performed well over the prior month, with growth of 105%. That said, a market correction has since taken place, with WAGIEBOT down 25% over the past week. WAGIEBOT trades on Uniswap and is paired against Ethereum. WagieBot’s fully-diluted market capitalization is just over $2.6 million.

9. GenieBot – Automated Customer Support Bot for Crypto Projects  

GenieBot enables cryptocurrency projects to streamline their customer support departments. Initially, projects need to provide GenieBot with documentation, such as the whitepaper and smart contract. GenieBot will then analyze the documentation so it has a firm grasp of the project. The project can then add GenieBot to their Telegram support channel.

In doing so, the bot will reply to questions automatically. This helps cryptocurrency projects save time and resources, and provide more accurate answers to their community. Those looking to use GenieBot will need its native token, GENIE. This is one of the best Telegram bot tokens for recent performance. Over the prior 24 hours alone, GENIE has increased by 48%.

GenieBot price today

What’s more, GENIE has witnessed gains of almost 195% in the past month. GenieBot is also one of the best low-cap cryptocurrencies to invest in. It has a market capitalization of just $2.6 million. That said, 24-hour trading volumes of just over $335,000 suggest volatile trading conditions – so tread carefully.

10. Quick Intel – Risk Management Alerts via the Telegram App  

Quick Intel has built a Telegram bot that analyzes cryptocurrency smart contracts. It can scan any smart contract and summarize its findings through actionable insights. Quick Intel will suit investors who want to manage risk, especially when investing in newly launched projects.

For example, Quick Intel will assess whether or not a new smart contract launch has any vulnerabilities or red flags. This could be a loophole in the contract that allows developers to restrict sell orders. Additionally, Quick Intel will also analyze blockchain transactions. The bot will alert users if suspicious transactions have been detected.

Quick Intel review

For instance, if a wallet connected to the project’s developer is selling large batches of its own tokens. This insight would allow the user to exit their position before the downfall begins. Quick Intel’s native token, QUICKI, has a market capitalization of just over $1.6 million. It has increased in value by almost 55% in the prior week of trading.

Telegram Bot Tokens: How Do They Work?

There are thousands of Telegram bots in the market, each offering a specific product or service to users. Some of these bot projects have created their own cryptocurrency token. The use case of the token will vary depending on the project. 

For example, some Telegram bot tokens provide access to specific features. Those holding IMGNAI, for instance, can generate unique images via artificial intelligence. Unlike free users, IMGNAI holders will get watermark-free images in 4k quality. This means that IMGNAI has real-world utility. 

That said, we also came across Telegram bot tokens that do not have any use cases. These tokens are extremely speculative; people will only purchase them in the hope of making a profit.

In terms of the market size, CoinMarketCap shows that there are currently 60 Telegram bot tokens. This gives the market a valuation of $211 million. This represents a tiny fraction of the overall cryptocurrency market – which is valued at more than $1 trillion.

Are Telegram Bot Tokens a Good Investment?

This section helps clear the mist on whether or not Telegram bot tokens are worth investing in. 

Small Market Capitalization

We mentioned earlier that the value of all Telegram bot tokens is just $211 million. Of this figure, Unibot makes up almost 85% of the market’s valuation. This means that the vast majority of Telegram bot tokens have micr0-market capitalizations.

While this also increases volatility, investing in low-cap Telegram tokens comes with a higher upside. After all, even a small amount of buying pressure can generate sizable growth in a short amount of time.

TG.Casino Token is a good example, it is the native token for TG.Casino, a new crypto casino, and has already secured close to $1.2 million in presale investment since it launched.

The crypto gambling space is rapidly growing, with TG.Casino to utilize Telegram to vastly improve the user experience and increase, speed, security, and anonymity. $TGC tokens, meanwhile, can be used to earn staking rewards and earn daily profit-sharing, and are also a deflationary asset.

How Does the Market Cap Work in Crypto?

  • Before investing in a Telegram bot token, be sure to assess its market capitalization.
  • This is the universally accepted way of valuing a cryptocurrency project.
  • It takes the current price of the Telegram bot token. And then multiplies this by the number of tokens in circulation.
  • This is the same way that stocks are valued. Crucially, the lower the market capitalization, the more prone it is to volatility.
  • This increases the risk and reward spectrum. All Telegram bot tokens currently have small-cap valuations.

Huge Returns in Recent Weeks

The best Telegram bot tokens have recorded huge gains in recent weeks. The market is really heating up, with some projects generating double-digit percentage returns in the prior 24 hours alone.

For example, MoonBot and Espresso grew by 54% and 50% in the prior day, respectively. Over a seven-day period, Image Generation AI and MEVFree have increased by over 80% and 72%.

Now let’s compare these figures to large-cap cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example, have both increased by 0.65% in the past week. Over the same period, Dogecoin has increased by nearly 2%.

Performing Well in Bearish Market Conditions

It is important to remember that Telegram bot tokens are currently operating in a bear market. This means that the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are witnessing little growth at present. But as we have established, this isn’t the case for the best Telegram bot tokens.

On the contrary, this niche segment is performing well during a bearish cycle. This suggests that the current growth trajectory of the best Telegram channels could be amplified once the next bull run begins. As such, now could be a suitable time to build a portfolio of Telegram bot tokens.

Where to Find the Best Telegram Bot Tokens 

Still not sure where to find the best Telegram bot tokens?

Here are some pointers on where to look:

CoinMarketCap Data

First, visit the CoinMarketCap website, which has a section dedicated to Telegram bot tokens. As noted earlier, there are currently 60 tokens listed on CoinMarketCap, which translates to $211 in total market capitalization.

best Telegram bot tokens

Investors can view the different types of Telegram bots in the market, how much they are trading for, and what their market capitalization is. Users will then find links to the project’s website, which should contain the whitepaper.

Learn About its Telegram Bot

The next step is to learn more about each Telegram bot. After all, there will be a correlation between the success of the bot and its token’s performance. In other words, Telegram bots that attract a lot of users have the best chance of growing organically.

For example, Unibot already offers a fully-fledged working product. The bot allows users to trade ERC20 tokens directly in the Telegram app. This bot has a huge target audience, considering that Telegram has hundreds of millions of users.

On the flip side, if the Telegram bot is yet to launch, this could be a red flag. These tokens are best avoided, as there is no knowing if the project will ever have a working product.

Where can I find the Best Telegram Bots?

  • Finding the best Telegram bots can be a daunting task.
  • Users need to know the Telegram username of the bot.
  • This can be time-consuming, as there are thousands of bots active on Telegram.
  • Consider using Reddit to find newly launched bots. There are also third-party websites that have a Telegram bot database.
  • Alternatively, consider reading our in-depth guide on the 10 best Telegram bots for 2024.

Understand the Telegram Token’s Use Case

Before buying a Telegram bot token, consider whether or not it has any use cases. If it doesn’t, people will only buy it for speculative gains. We found that the best Telegram bot tokens have utility.

For example, ESPR tokens are needed to use EspressoBot without limitations. Token holders will be able to create a brand-new cryptocurrency alongside a unique smart contract. This means that ESPR has a use case.

Similarly,  GENIE tokens are required to use GenieBot. This Telegram bot streamlines customer support for cryptocurrencies through automated replies. The bot learns everything there is to know about the respective project through documentation. Crucially, GENIE also has a solid use case


The Telegram token bot market is growing at a rapid pace and the best approach is to diversify across lots of different tokens, which will reduce the portfolio risk. 

Our top pick is TG.Casino, a revolutionary new crypto casino that will utilize Telegram bots to vastly improve the user experience and increase security and anonymity.

The $TGC token presale has just launched and allows holders to stake coins for a large APY (currently over 425%) and earn rewards from a casino profit-sharing scheme – the token is also deflationary.



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