16 Best Crypto Signals Telegram Groups in 2023

The crypto market is both volatile and unpredictable. This means that crypto investors need to monitor the market constantly to identify potential trading opportunities. This is where crypto signals become relevant.

Crypto signals provide traders with real-time insights into the market, saving time and effort. This guide reviews the best crypto signals for 2023 based on past performance, fees, reliability, and more.

The Top 16 Telegram Crypto Signals Channels

Here’s a list of the best crypto signals to consider trying today:

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto Signals Provider in 2023
  2. CryptoSignals.org – Crypto Trading Signals With an 82% Success Rate
  3. Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Analytics Platform With Real-Time Trading Signals
  4. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm – Telegram Cryptocurrency Signals With Automated Trading Bot
  5. Learn 2 Trade – Join a Crypto Signal Community of Over 70k Members
  6. Binance Killers – Popular Trading Community for Binance Tokens
  7. Wallstreet Queen Official – Growing Telegram Signals Group of 130k Members
  8. Fed Russian Insiders – Top-Notch Crypto Signals, Accessible Trading, and Exclusive VIP Resources
  9. Wolf of TradingA Promising Telegram Group To Transform Trading Journey for Aspiring Crypto Traders
  10. Crypto Inner Circle – Crypto Telegram Group With Unparalleled Crypto Signals and Expert Insights
  11. Rekt Capital – YouTube Crypto Analyst And Signals Provider
  12. WOLFX Signals – Get Up to 4 Crypto Signals Per Day
  13. My Crypto Paradise – Crypto Signals Provider Offering Portfolio Management
  14. NFT Signals – Exclusive Trading Signals for NFTs
  15. Fat Pig Signals – Free and Paid Crypto Signals for Bitcoin and Altcoins
  16. Signals Blue – Crypto Signals Supported by Advanced Analysis

Reviewing the Best Cryptocurrency Signals Providers 

Choosing the right signals provider is crucial for traders that wish to succeed in the crypto market. In the sections below, we provide comprehensive reviews of the best cryptocurrency trading signal providers.

Each review covers factors such as accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and pricing. This will enable traders to make an informed decision.

1. Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto Signals in 2023

Jacob Crypto Bury is a professional cryptocurrency trader specializing in technical analysis. Bury also runs one of the best crypto Discord groups, where he shares valuable insights about the crypto market. This popular crypto Discord server has over 12k members and features multiple channels.

For instance, traders can find dedicated channels for signals, giveaways, crypto charts, presales, and news. Moreover, Jacob Bury has also set up chat sections for traders to interact with each other. This way, traders can filter out the content and find information quickly.

Jacob Crypto Bury Signals

The signals offered include the crypto pair, buy/sell suggestion, entry price, take-profit, and stop-loss levels. The signals are also accompanied by a detailed analysis of the market. This often explains the reasoning behind the signals. Jacob Bury uses a combination of fundamental analysis and technical indicators to arrive at his signals.

Bear in mind that Jacob Bury does not have a Telegram channel. Therefore, it’s essential to be wary of any crypto scams or imposters claiming to represent him. Instead, Jacob prefers the inclusive and communal atmosphere of Discord. This platform allows thousands of members to engage in discussions, ask questions, and network with other traders.

Furthermore, traders can interact directly with Jacob Bury via this channel. It also supports a ticket system to receive guidance from professional traders. Jacob Bury also has a YouTube channel, another great resource for receiving updates about the latest cryptocurrencies and market events.

This cryptocurrency signals provider has a distinct feature of offering coverage on new token presales, early access launchpad projects, and white listings.

Many of these projects have resulted in high returns on investment for members who acted on the signals at the time they were given. An example of this is the provider’s endorsement of AiDoge ($AI token) as one of the best meme coins to buy in 2023. AiDoge is a unique platform offering an AI-driven meme generation experience for all users, evolving with the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Are there any other trending meme coins on the market in 2023? Spongebob token, or $SPONGE, is a new meme coin built on the Ethereum network with the goal of becoming a 1 billion market cap community-driven meme token. Unlike other meme coins, Spongebob token doesn’t have a roadmap and purely relies on community support to take it to the moon.

The value of the token at launch was $0.00005844, and its limited utility and information are compensated by its focus on creating the best meme content. To achieve its goal, Spongebob token aims to replicate the price pump and trading volume of popular meme coins like Pepe and Turbo, using meme socials and an effective presale marketing strategy.

The main competitor coins for Spongebob token are Turbo, Pepe, and Bonk. The success of Spongebob token depends on its ability to go viral quickly and attract a community that is passionate about creating and sharing meme content. If the project achieves its goals, it could potentially become one of the top meme coins in the crypto world.

The token’s market capitalization exceeds $14 million, and it has a 24-hour trading volume of more than $10 million, as reported by DEXTools.

Project Covered ROI
Battle Infinity 750%
AiDoge Pending
Spongebob Token 500+%
RobotEra Pending
Silks NFT 800%
Tamadoge 1,927%

2. CryptoSignals.org – Crypto Trading Signals With an 82% Success Rate

CryptoSignals.org offers its subscribers cryptocurrency trading signals and market analysis. It was created by a team of highly experienced crypto traders. The platform utilizes various technical and fundamental analysis techniques to spot profitable trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

This provider sends crypto signals via Telegram giving users insights into the best cryptos to invest in right now. The signals enclose entry and exit information, including take-profit and stop-loss price targets. The signals also include risk-reward ratios. This ensures that traders know the risks involved and can make informed decisions that fit their strategy.

CryptoSignals homepage

CryptoSignals.org offers signals for BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, LINK, DOT, and XRP. Each signal is accompanied by a comprehensive technical analysis outlining the reasoning behind the suggestion. This helps crypto investors learn how to convert analysis into trading decisions.

CryptoSignals.org claims an 82% success rate. The platform offers free and paid crypto signals. It sends up to three signals per week in the free Telegram group. On the other hand, users receive up to three signals per day on the paid channel. This plan is available at a monthly rate of just £42 (around $47).

3. Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Analytics Platform With Real-Time Trading Signals

Dash 2 Trade is an upcoming platform that offers high-level cryptocurrency analytics to traders. The platform provides a wide range of tools that helps investors spot opportunities in the crypto market. This includes market metrics, on-chain analysis, social sentiment analytics, crypto signals, and more.

Dash 2 Trade utilizes technical indicators such as moving averages, support and resistance levels, asset price correlation, and volume outliers to generate the signals. The signals include suggestions for which crypto pair to trade, entry price, and take-profit/stop-loss levels. Moreover, Dash 2 Trade also allows users to automate their trades based on the signals.


Investors can use the auto-trader tool by linking their crypto exchange account with Dash 2 Trade via an API. Traders can then customize the bot according to their preferences, and the signals will be executed automatically. Dash 2 Trade even allows its users to create their own trading strategies and backtest them. The platform takes payment in D2T, its native digital token.

There are two packages available – costing either 400 D2T or 1,000 D2T per month depending on the required features. The current D2T price means this equates to $16 and $40, respectively. There is also a free plan with limited features. Bear in mind that Dash 2 Trade is still in the early stages. In late 2022, Dash 2 Trade held its presale, which raised more than $15 million.

4. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm – Telegram Cryptocurrency Signals With Automated Trading Bot

Learn 2 Trade is one of the most reputed analytics platforms in the crypto industry. Its latest product is the Learn 2 Trade Algorithm which combines the benefits of crypto trading signals and automated bots. The algorithm was created using 1,500+ lines of code. Moreover, it deploys dozens of technical indicators and can monitor hundreds of crypto pairs constantly.

The result is a highly advanced tool that constantly scans the market for lucrative trading opportunities. The algorithm focuses on intra-day positions. Additionally, it is also compatible with automated trading. Once users pay for the subscription, they can access the signals via an exclusive Telegram channel.

Learn 2 Trade algorithm

Traders only need to link their Cornix account with this Telegram channel. They should also connect their preferred exchange to Cornix via API. The entire process only takes 10 minutes to complete. Learn 2 Trade will also send a welcome email explaining how to get started with the bot.

The Learn 2 Trade algorithm is compatible with Binance and ByBit – with more exchanges to be added soon. According to Learn 2 trade, its algorithm has a success rate of 79%. The subscription costs £99 (around $118) per month. This plan comes with up to 40 signals per month. The signals also have a risk-reward ratio of 1:3.

5. Learn 2 Trade – Join a Crypto Signal Community of Over 70k Members

In addition to the advanced algorithm we discussed above, Learn 2 Trade also has a separate signals-only service. The main difference is that these signals cannot be automatically executed. Nevertheless, Learn 2 Trade has a community of over 70k traders using its signals.

These signals claim a success rate of 76%. Traders can access them via both free or paid Telegram channels. With the free channel, traders get up to five signals per week. Traders can join the free Telegram channel directly via the Learn 2 Trade website. On the other hand, the VIP signal service sends up to five signals per day and requires a subscription.

Learn 2 Trade

Each signal contains entry points, stop-loss, and take-profit levels. Additionally, the paid Telegram channel also sends technical analysis and trading tips daily. Subscribers will also be alerted about the latest news and economic events. Traders can subscribe to the VIP telegram channel for £35 (about $42) monthly.

There are also quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly plans that offer discounts. Learn 2 Trade also caters to forex traders via separate Telegram channels. In addition to this, Learn 2 Trade is also one of the best platforms for educational resources for beginner traders.

6.  Binance Killers – Popular Trading Community for Binance Tokens

Binance Killers began its Telegram signals service mainly focusing on Binance listings – its tagline being ‘Binance is the worlds largest crypto exchange in the world… why? Because it has made a fortune for those who know how to use it.

Growing to over 200,000 members this year, it does now also offer buy and sell signals for tokens on many popular crypto exchanges such as Bybit and others, but retained the name.

Binance Killers

This crypto signals service offers a mix of free and paid group signals, the latter often having discount promotions and flash sales for members to get involved cheaply.

At the time of writing Binance Killers has opened up a limited number of lifetime VIP spots available for just $650 or the equivalent in BTC, to celebrate their accurate prediction that Bitcoin would break out above $29,000 in April 2023.

7.  Wallstreet Queen Official – – Growing Telegram Signals Group of 130k Members

The ‘Wallstreet Queen‘ is a pseudonymous trader that describes her Telegram signals service as a way to learn ‘step by step how to beat the market, because I already did‘ – and to share their ‘trading journey‘.

The community is treated as a close-knit online family, and at the time of writing has over 134,000 members. Some signals are free, and others are reserved for VIPs.

Wallstreet Queen Official Telegram signals group

Each trading signal is accompanied by a clear price chart with support and resistance levels marked out, plus relevant chart patterns and indicators.

As well as specific buy and sell signals with a stop loss, take profit and leverage specified, some updates just give a background of the current market conditions, such as the fear and greed index or the current Bitcoin supply in profit or loss. Past performance is also tracked, unlike some crypto signal services that don’t evaluate their trades, or even delete losing trades.

8. Fed Russian Insiders – Top-Notch Crypto Signals, Accessible Trading, and Exclusive VIP Resources

With over 139k subscribers, Federal Russian Insiders (FRI) has become one of the most reputable crypto signals Telegram groups. Focused on BTC and altcoins leveraged trading, the Moscow-based team shares approximately 2-3 signals daily, delivering an average of 60 signals per month.

FRI is renowned for its transparency and dedication to excellence. They offer a wealth of margin signals (ByBit), and altcoin holds, catering to short, mid, and long-term traders. What sets them apart is their specialization in Fibonacci sequences, making it incredibly accessible for novice traders to get started with their signals.

The group boasts an impressive 93%+ all-time accuracy rate, explaining why many competitors have tried – and failed – to emulate their success. Federal Russian Insiders is committed to providing value to experienced traders and newcomers looking to expand their knowledge of the crypto market.

Red Russian Insiders Telegram Group

As an added benefit, VIP members gain access to a $30,000+ library of exclusive trading courses, guides, books, and insights at no extra cost. This makes FRI an unparalleled resource for those seeking to maximize their profits in the ever-changing world of crypto trading.

While VIP subscribers enjoy a higher volume of trading signals, even free subscribers can benefit from the expertise of the FRI team. Alongside the group’s skilled traders, the risk management team works tirelessly to identify lucrative opportunities with consistently high signal accuracy rates.

Federal Russian Insiders’ Telegram channel features expert technical analysis and real-time market commentary. Subscribers appreciate the channel’s focus on short, mid, and long-term crypto holdings and margin signals, catering to diverse trading strategies.

9. Wolf of Trading – A Promising Telegram Group To Transform Trading Journey for Aspiring Crypto Traders

With over 91,000 subscribers, Wolf of Trading is a distinguished crypto signals Telegram group catering to determined traders seeking to excel in the crypto market. This group is committed to challenging the norm and furnishing its members with the latest information and analysis, leading to promising trading prospects.

At the heart of Wolf of Trading lies a cooperative community where members can exchange trading ideas, strategies, and experiences. This collaborative environment fosters improved decision-making, empowering traders to stay ahead of the competition.

Wolf of Trading is designed specifically for beginners and offers more than mere trading signals. The group engages in comprehensive market analysis of recent industry events, examining their potential impact on short- and long-term prices. This invaluable insight is particularly advantageous for novice traders as it elucidates the complexities of decision-making in the trading realm.

Wold of Trading Telegram Group

Regular updates on the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index are provided, aligning these insights with current events to deliver well-informed trading signals. The group’s proficient technical analysis covers chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and trading volume assessments.

One of the most notable features of Wolf of Trading is its complementary nature. This eliminates the pressure to make large trades to justify membership fees, allowing newcomers to practice paper trading until they feel confident enough to follow the signals with actual investments.

All in all, Wolf of Trading is a promising Telegram crypto signals group for beginners looking to explore the world of crypto trading without incurring any financial risk. Offering a combination of trading signals, market analysis, and a supportive community, this group is the ideal launching pad for any aspiring crypto trader.

10. Crypto Inner Circle – Crypto Telegram Group With Unparalleled Crypto Signals and Expert Insights

Crypto Inner Circle is a highly-regarded crypto signals Telegram group boasting over 136,000 subscribers. This exclusive community comprises advanced Bitcoin futures traders who share experiences, strategies, and market insights to enhance their trading capabilities mutually.

Upon joining the Crypto Inner Circle, members gain access to a wealth of tools and resources designed to refine their trading skills. This includes participation in discussions and workshops led by seasoned Bitcoin futures traders and the opportunity to exchange ideas about current market trends and strategies with other members.

The Crypto Inner Circle is renowned for providing Binance Futures Trading Signals free of cost. Their trading experts demonstrate an impressive 92% verified accuracy, showcasing their ability to outperform the crypto market. Signals are provided for a broad spectrum of coins, encompassing major cryptos like BTC and ETH and emerging altcoins. Each signal typically features 6-7 profit targets, granting traders substantial control over risk and profit-taking.

Crypto Inner Circle Telegram Group

The group’s highly responsive trading team delivers personalized charts and technical analyses for every call. The Crypto Inner Circle’s free channel has proven more profitable and active than other channels’ VIP offerings. 

Their primary focus lies in spot and low-leverage altcoin trading, where they have consistently demonstrated their expertise. Transparency is a key attribute of the Crypto Inner Circle, with all trades, charts, analyses, and results (both profits and losses) made publicly available.

Crypto Inner Circle caters to traders of all experience levels, offering valuable guidance and support to ensure success in the market. VIP members enjoy access to in-depth market research and can expect to receive exclusive, highly profitable, high-leverage signals.

11. Rekt Capital – YouTube Crypto Analyst And Signals Provider

Rekt Capital is a leading crypto analyst whose works and research around crypto have been covered by many publications, including Forbes. The crypto analyst offers a lot of information through his YouTube channel, newsletter and website courses that allow users to get a better understanding of the cryptocurrency space.

Rekt Capital

The newsletter especially offers a lot of critical information about the crypto markets, from fundamentals and how they are performing according to technical indicators.

Rekt Capital is known for his precision and practicality when it comes to navigating the markets, offering realistic price predictions based on unbiased TA principles.

While he doesn’t currently have a Telegram group, his popular website offers more than just signals, but rather a holistic education in technical analysis and how to trade profitably.

12. WOLFX Signals – Get Up to 4 Crypto Signals Per Day

WOLFX Signals is a top choice for short-term investors seeking trading signals. The platform offers both free and paid signals services for cryptocurrencies and forex. The free Telegram channel offers 1-2 signals per day, whereas the VIP group sends up to four. Its signals include entry prices and other risk management levels, such as profit and stop-losses.

Users can execute the signals manually or set up automated trades via Cornix. WOLFX signals can be executed via Binance and ByBit. Additionally, the VIP channels also send short-term reports of the crypto market. This helps traders to remain updated with the latest events in the industry.

Wolfx Signals

WOLFX also publishes the weekly results of its signals via a separate Telegram channel. This group clearly states the profits or losses generated on a day-to-day basis. This makes WOLFX one of the best crypto signals providers in terms of transparency.

To join the premium VIP channel, traders will pay $89 a month. There is also a lifetime plan for $279. Bear in mind that WOLFX only sends signals between 10 am to 10 pm (UTC+1).

13. My Crypto Paradise – Crypto Signals Provider Offering Portfolio Management

The My Crypto Paradise team has spent seven years backtesting their trading strategy for creating signals. This strategy relies on the expertise of experienced traders rather than on algorithms. This way, its traders can adjust their strategy based on market conditions to offer relevant signals.

Like WOLFEX, My Crypto Paradise also displays its signals results. This allows traders to check the past performance of this provider before proceeding. In addition to its signals, this platform also offers advanced portfolio management services.

My crypto paradise

A key drawback is that there is no free Telegram signals channel. Instead, it bundles its signals with portfolio management services and auto trading. This starts from $1,699 per month. There are separate packages for setting up automated trading via Binance, ByBit, and KuCoin. These plans include personal coaching and explanations of trading strategies.

With that said, there are several free Telegram crypto groups that offer detailed analyses of the markets. Traders can join these groups to keep track of news, whale alerts, and economic events. But again, this doesn’t include free signals. Finally, My Crypto Paradise has created a new ‘Magic Indicator’ to help traders find opportunities. But this will cost a one-time fee of over $4,000.

14. NFT Signals – Exclusive Trading Signals for NFTs

NFT Signals is a platform that offers trading alerts for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its signals are curated by a team of professional traders. The platform claims a 93% success rate and a 41% return on investment. Traders can receive buy and sell signals for NFTs via its Telegram and Discord channels.

However, there are no free signals offered. The VIP channel subscription costs $56 a month. Traders can also choose a quarterly and yearly plan with significant discounts. The subscription offers traders access to at least five NFT signals a week.

NFT crypto signals

Additionally, the VIP channel also regularly posts about new NFT projects. It also alerts traders of free NFT mints and offers guides on getting whitelisted for upcoming projects. There is also a Q&A session held every week to discuss crypto and NFTs.

NFT Signals also publishes its monthly results on its website. For instance, according to NFT Signals, it completed 40 deals and generated 5.18ETH/$8,115 profit in February 2023 alone.

15. Fat Pig Signals – Free and Paid Crypto Signals for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Fat Pig Signals was founded by a team of experienced crypto enthusiasts in 2016. A year later, the platform began offering crypto trading signals via its Telegram group. Its free Telegram channel has close to 50k subscribers.

It provides up to two signals per week. The signals offer information such as the crypto pair to trade, take-profit target, and the holding period for the position. For detailed trading signals, market analysis, and yield-faring recommendations, users can subscribe to the VIP service.

Fat Pig Signals

The subscription also gives users access to portfolio composition, rebalancing, and alerts about new crypto projects. The Telegram channel will also alert users of relevant market news that could impact cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Fat Pig Signals updates its website with its monthly trading results.

However, Fat Pig Signals also comes with high subscription fees. This provider charges $750 for a three-month membership. Six-month and one-year plans are also available – at $1,150 and $2,200, respectively.

16. Signals Blue – Get Crypto Signals Supported by Technical Analysis 

Signals Blue is run by a team of experienced traders from Europe and North America. The platform has created dedicated AI-powered software that monitors the market around the clock. Based on its in-house data, Signals Blue’s professional traders carefully create trading signals.

Moreover, the crypto signals offered are always supported by technical analysis. Subscribers can even engage with experienced traders via the Telegram group. Additionally, Signals Blue alerts are also compatible with Cornix for automated trading. The signals can be executed via Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Kraken, and Huobi.

Signals Blue

The signals are offered for short-term and leveraged trades. Traders will also be able to find crypto buy signals for long-term positions valid from a few weeks to several months. The Signals Blue monthly package costs £229 (about $270) a month. However, to gain access to Cornix integration or APIs, traders must pay an additional £19.99 monthly.

What are Crypto Trading Signals?

Crypto trading signals are alerts or recommendations provided to traders. These signals indicate when to buy, sell, or hold a particular cryptocurrency.

Some signals also provide risk management strategies such as take-profit and stop-loss price levels.

Here’s why crypto buy and sell signals are so popular with active traders:

  • As we noted above, the crypto market is highly volatile.
  • The sudden price movements of cryptocurrencies can result in significant gains or losses within a few hours.
  • Moreover, without observing the market continuously, traders might also miss out on profitable opportunities.
  • Crypto signals notify traders about potential trading opportunities or market changes that require attention.
  • This way, traders can take action without needing to monitor the market themselves.
  • Some providers even automatically execute trades. This means that the entire process can be automated.

Typically, crypto signals are generated by algorithms that employ various technical and fundamental analyses. Some of the best paid crypto signals services also have professional traders reviewing the alerts.

By using crypto signals, traders can stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and opportunities without doing the research themselves.

How do Cryptocurrency Signals Work?

Crypto signals are often generated through automated trading systems. These systems leverage algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market data and produce signals in real-time.

Once the signal is generated, it will be sent to users through different communication channels. This could be via email, SMS, or messaging apps like Telegram.

Here is an example of how a crypto signal might look:

  • Pair: BTC/USD
  • Entry Price: $21,000
  • Stop-Loss: $20,500
  • Take-Profit: $22,500
  • Risk-Reward: 1:3

Some providers will also offer the reasoning behind their signals. After receiving the signal, traders can decide to execute positions based on the recommendations provided.

Traders should also place stop-loss and take-profit strategies to mitigate the risk. This way, there is no necessity for constant market monitoring.

Why Telegram is Great for Crypto Signals

The best crypto signals are sent as alerts via the Telegram app. This is mainly because of Telegram’s ability to handle large channels with thousands of subscribers. This makes it easy for signal providers to share their recommendations with a large audience.

For instance, Learn 2 Trade has a trading community of over 70k members. Its free Telegram group alone has over 26k members. Additionally, Telegram also integrates with automated trading systems such as Cornix. This way, signals can be executed directly via crypto exchanges without manual intervention.

Moreover, Telegram is also known for its security features. Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to secure messages. This means that only the sender and receiver can access the content. This level of security is important for protecting sensitive information related to crypto trading.

Telegram is also quick to set up and convenient to use. Furthermore, Telegram is available on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. In other words, Telegram makes it simple for traders to receive signals and make trades wherever they are.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Signals Provider

Before paying for crypto signals, it is crucial to find the right provider. Here are some metrics to consider when selecting the best crypto signals app.

Reputation and Track Record

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a crypto signals provider is its reputation. Look for providers that have a proven track record of providing accurate signals.

Investors can do this by reading crypto signals reviews, checking out social media profiles, and asking for referrals from other traders.

Success Rate 

The accuracy and consistency of the signals are also important factors to consider. We prefer providers that are transparent about their success rates.

For instance, CryptoSignals.org and Learn 2 Trade display the success rate of their signals on their website. Their Telegram channels also discuss the profits generated from their signals.

Best crypto signals

Additionally, consider providers that offer a high percentage of winning trades and consistent performance over time. Be wary of providers that promise too much or have a high number of false signals.

Signal Frequency and Timing

The frequency and timing of the signals are also critical factors to consider. The best cryptocurrency signals send alerts in real-time. The frequency of the signals should also be considered. Avoid providers that only send signals sporadically.


Crypto signal providers use different trading strategies and methodologies. Some providers focus on technical indicators, while others use fundamental analysis or a combination of both.

There are also platforms that send signals curated by professional traders. Investors should choose a provider whose methodologies align with their own trading style and preferences.


Finally, it’s essential to take into account the payment options. The majority of cryptocurrency signals come with a monthly subscription plan. However, there are also platforms like CryptoSignals.org that offer huge discounts for quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly subscriptions.

Additionally, many top providers on our list offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s best to choose platforms that offer reasonable and flexible pricing. Traders can also try free cryptocurrency trading signals to check out a provider before subscribing.

Do Crypto Signals Really Work?

Crypto signals are created on factors such as market trends, volume, price movements, and more. As such, the effectiveness of crypto signals will vary from one provider to the next. This includes the quality of the analysis or the algorithms generating the signals.

  • Moreover, the success rate of signals can also vary depending on the market conditions.
  • Some of the best crypto signals clearly state their success rate.
  • For instance, Jacob Crypto Bury has dedicated channels that discuss its successful signals.
  • CryptoSignals.org is also transparent and notes that its signals have an 82% success rate.

However, even the best signals are not foolproof and cannot guarantee profits. Trading always involves risks.

Therefore, traders should never invest more than they can afford to lose. In other words, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before relying on any crypto signal provider.

Free Cryptocurrency Trading Signals 

Some of the best crypto signals also send alerts on a fee-free basis.

This brings up a key question. Why should traders pay for signals when they are available for free?

Here’s why.

Free vs Paid Signal

Free crypto trading signals can be a good starting point for new traders. It allows traders to try signals without paying for a subscription. However, free signals may be less reliable.

For instance, the algorithm used for free crypto signals might be different from that of the paid channel. Additionally, free signals may not be timely or comprehensive.

Paid crypto trading signals, on the other hand, are typically provided by experienced analysts or algorithms. This means they are more likely to be reliable and comprehensive.

Paid signals may also come with additional features, such as personalized support or access to portfolio management. However, paid signals can be expensive.

learn 2 trade crypto signals

Therefore, traders need to carefully evaluate the cost of the signal service before committing. Ultimately, the choice between free and paid crypto signals depends on the trader’s budget, experience, and goals.

Whether choosing free or paid signals, traders should carefully assess the quality and reliability of the provider.

Best Free Signals

Paid crypto signals Telegram groups come with many advantages. However, there are also some free signal providers that are worth considering. This is because free crypto signals Telegram channels are the perfect way to test a service before committing to a VIP plan. Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov, has also recently announced that it plans to build decentralized crypto exchanges.

  • The best free crypto signals are offered by Jacob Crypto Bury, Learn 2 Trade, and CryptoSignals.org.
  • This is because the aforementioned providers offer free signals that are structured similarly to the paid plan.
  • This means that traders can not only access the entry price but also the stop-loss and take-profit levels.
  • The only difference between free and VIP signals is the frequency that they are sent.

This is in stark contrast to other providers, some of which offer free signals without including vital pricing points. As a result, these types of signals require continuous monitoring of the trade to ensure the best exit point.

On the other hand, Jacob Crypto Bury, Learn 2 Trade, and CryptoSignals.org offer reliable free cryptocurrency trading signals.

Are Crypto Signals Safe?

Crypto signals refer to trading recommendations or insights given by expert crypto investors or sophisticated algorithms to guide investors in making informed trading decisions. The safety of crypto signals is a topic of great concern among investors due to the unpredictable and volatile nature of the crypto market.

While crypto signals can be useful tools for traders, it is important to assess the safety of using these signals before relying on them. This is also important as it helps to avoid common cryptocurrency scams that thieves use on Telegram.

Firstly, the safety of crypto signals depends on the reputation and credibility of the signal provider. This means users should conduct thorough research and verify the authenticity of the provider before acting on the signals. Reputable signal providers often have a history of accurate predictions, transparency in their trading strategies, and a good track record of customer satisfaction.

are crypto signals safe?

Secondly, investors should exercise caution when using crypto signal algorithms that claim to generate huge profits. While these algorithms can provide fast and efficient trading signals, they are not perfect and can fail to keep up with the rapidly changing crypto market.

Thirdly, investors should be aware of the risks involved in trading crypto and the potential losses that can result from relying solely on signals. The most experienced crypto investors have a sound trading strategy that includes proper risk management techniques, such as setting stop-loss orders and diversifying investments across multiple crypto assets.

While crypto signals can be useful, investors should be aware of the risks involved in trading crypto. Trading signals should be used as one part of a larger trading strategy that includes risk management techniques and careful consideration of market volatility.


Having access to high-quality crypto signals can give traders a significant edge in the market. However, selecting the best crypto trading signals can be challenging, considering the number of providers in the market.

After thorough research, we found that the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord channel offers the most reliable signals. Not only does Bury offer premium signals with real-time analysis, but a free service, too.

The Jacob Crypto Bury Discord channel is also great for tuning into live video sessions and sharing insights with other casual traders.


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