5 Best TON Meme Coins to Buy in 2024

TON meme coins are exploding in popularity, capturing some of the meme coin hype from more established blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. TON meme coins are now worth more than $120 million—most of that value generated in the last 3 months—and the market is growing fast.

We’ll take a look at 5 of the best TON meme coins to buy today to get in early on the rush and find potentially huge profits.

The 5 Top TON Meme Coins in 2024

We’ve analyzed dozens of TON meme tokens and think these 5 are the best TON meme coins to buy now:

  1. The Resistance Cat ($RECA)
  2. Dogwifhood ($WIF)
  3. Tepe ($TEPE)
  4. TON Fish Memecoin ($FISH)
  5. Resistance Dog ($REDO)

The Best Ton Meme Coins Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at the top TON meme coins so you can decide which ones offer the most potential for trading gains.

1. The Resistance Cat ($RECA)

The Resistance Cat is a fast-growing TON meme coin with a market cap over $6 million and rising. It’s up more than 3x since launching in mid-April and is now the 3rd-largest meme coin on the TON blockchain, behind only Resistance Dog and TON Fish Memecoin.

The Resistance Cat’s $RECA token has the potential to carve out a niche for itself on TON as one of the best cat-themed meme coins. So far, TON hasn’t been dominated by dogs like Ethereum and Solana have, so the blockchain could become the go-to network for cat meme lovers.

The Resistance Cat TON Meme Coin Price Chart

The Resistance Cat is also building out its meme ecosystem with a tap-to-earn game and crypto trading bot. The trading bot is available in beta, and it could soon be limited to $RECA token holders and drive up demand for the coin.

Another benefit to $RECA is that the project has set aside 6% of its token supply for community giveaways, airdrops, and burns. So, early $RECA token holders could be richly rewarded.

2. Dogwifhood ($WIF)

Dogwifhood is a TON network take on the ultra-popular Dogwifhat meme coin, the largest meme token on Solana. It shares the same $WIF ticker and experienced similarly explosive growth, jumping 5x within days after launching.

Dogwifhood has given up some of its early gains, but that looks like a temporary setback and a chance for traders to jump in. The token now trades for $0.00227, down from an all-time high of $0.00993.

Dogwifhood TON Meme Coin Price Chart

Notably, $WIF is built entirely on hype and has no utility or ecosystem of trading tools. It’s likely to benefit from growth in the TON ecosystem as well as pumps in the original $WIF token on Solana, offering multiple ways for traders to find profits.

The project has also been highly successful on social media, attracting nearly 25,000 followers on X. Its mascot appears with celebrities, in viral meme posts, and more, adding to the coin’s appeal.

3. Tepe ($TEPE)

Tepe is a low market cap TON meme coin with a lot of potential for growth. It clocks in with just a $490,000 valuation, but experienced nearly $6 million in trading volume in the past 24 hours. That indicates there’s a lot of excitement around $TEPE that could help take its price to the next level.

Tepe aims to be the $PEPE token for TON, and even has a blue version of Pepe’s famous mascot. Pepe has proven to have a lot of staying power—it hit a new all-time high this spring—so there’s a good chance Tepe will find a following and make its mark on TON.

Tepe TON Meme Coin Price Chart

Since launching in March, $TEPE has more than doubled in price. But its still-small market cap means there’s plenty of room to grow. $TEPE could explode 20x to reach the valuation of Resistance Dog and take the title of largest meme coin on TON.

4. TON Fish Memecoin ($FISH)

TON Fish Memecoin is the 2nd-largest meme coin on TON, but it still has a lot of room for growth. With a market cap of $17 million, $FISH is 100x smaller than the biggest meme coins on Solana and 5x smaller than Resistance Dog.

$FISH is especially exciting because it’s developing a whole Web3 ecosystem around its meme coin. The project released an NFT collection with 9,999 unique fish, and has another NFT collection of rocks built on the TON network. TON Fish Memecoin has also created a mini-app for Telegram in which players can take care of a pet fish.

TON Fish Memecoin TON Meme Coin Price Chart

$FISH is down 65% from its all-time high of $0.00000016, which could be a buying opportunity for traders. This token is likely to surge again as meme coin traders flock to TON and its Web3 ecosystem adds even more utility tools.

5. Resistance Dog ($REDO)

Resistance Dog is the largest meme coin on TON and worth considering for meme coin investors who want something less speculative than the other tokens we reviewed. With a market cap approaching $90 million, $REDO isn’t small, but it still has a long way to go to match the valuation of top Solana meme coins.

Another reason to like $REDO as one of the top TON tokens is that it’s seen a steady upward march in price. Since launching in March, $REDO is up nearly 600%. It’s seen $3 million in trading volume in the past 24 hours and has even inspired other meme coins on the TON blockchain like The Resistance Cat.

Resistance Dog TON Meme Coin Price Chart

$REDO has a total token supply of 100 million and its liquidity has been fully burned. The project team has also renounced ownership over the $REDO contract, putting this meme coin fully in the hands of its community.

The Growth of TON Meme Coins

TON meme coins are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the crypto market. They include all meme coins built on the TON blockchain, whether they have additional utility or are purely built for trading.

The market for TON meme coins is relatively new. Resistance Dog and others appeared on TON starting in March 2024, building on the hype around meme coins on Solana and Ethereum. In fact, TON isn’t the only blockchain to see growth in meme coins because of this hype—Base meme coins and Avalanche meme coins have been growing in number and value as well.

Resistance Dog—now the largest meme coin on TON—exploded from an initial price around $0.10 in late March to $1 by mid-April, and has continued growing to an all-time high of $1.38 in mid-June. It’s representative of the trajectory of other top TON meme coins, including TON Fish Memecoin and Dogwifhood.

Meme coins have also contributed significantly to the value of the TON blockchain itself. TON’s total value locked (TVL) exploded from $22 million on March 1 to $660 million in late June. It’s growing faster even than Coinbase’s Base Layer-2 network for Ethereum and could become the next major blockchain.

TON Network Total Value Locked

Are TON Meme Coins a Good Investment?

TON meme coins have the potential to be a very good investment, but it’s important to fully understand the potential and risks of these tokens before investing.

Why Invest in TON Meme Coins?

There are a few reasons to be bullish on new TON meme coins.

First, the meme coin market as a whole is exploding in value. Meme coins on more established chains like Ethereum and Solana have seen massive gains, far surpassing gains in crypto majors like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, Solana’s $WIF is up more than 900% since launching in December.

This exuberance for meme coins could easily hop to TON as more meme coins appear on this chain and more traders begin to use it. Meme coins on the TON blockchain are currently in an early stage of growth, in which they’ve seen some adoption but have a lot of growth potential still ahead. $REDO’s $90 million market cap puts it nearly 20x below the value of $WIF—so there’s a lot of room for even the largest TON meme coins to grow.

Ton Meme Coins by Market Cap

Growing adoption of TON meme coins could be driven by Telegram, which has a close association with TON. In fact, Telegram originally developed the TON blockchain, but spun it off after threats of a lawsuit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. (TON is now run by an independent foundation.)

Telegram has a user base of more than 800 million monthly active users, many of whom could be exposed to meme coins for the first time on the TON network. It’s easy for Telegram users to trade TON meme coins from within the messaging app, so Telegram users could end up buying new TON meme coins over tokens on other networks.

TON Meme Coin Risks

While TON meme coins have a lot of potential, they also carry significant risks. Investors should view them as high-risk, high-reward crypto tokens.

The investment thesis about TON is mainly about future potential. Importantly, there have been no TON meme coins yet that have gone viral and delivered a massive pump in the same way that tokens like $PEPE, $BONK, and $WIF have. Until this happens, the idea that a TON meme coin can deliver huge gains will remain a hypothetical.

Another risk is that the TON blockchain fails to attract hundreds of millions of users from Telegram. Telegram could add integrations for other blockchains, pushing users towards them and away from TON. Alternatively, Telegram could limit its support for TON in response to regulatory pushback.

TON Meme Coin Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the bull and bear cases for TON meme coins:


  • Low market cap tokens with lots of room for growth
  • Meme coin frenzy has spread to multiple new blockchains
  • Major TON meme coins have already seen rapid growth
  • Access to Telegram’s base of 800 million users


  • No TON meme coin has gone truly viral yet
  • High dependency on Telegram for growth


TON meme coins have been growing incredibly fast, offering a unique opportunity for crypto investors. While these tokens have a lot of potential, they also carry risk—no TON meme coin has yet broken out in the same way that meme coins like $PEPE or $WIF have.

For investors willing to take the plunge on TON meme coins, we think the top tokens to buy today are The Resistance Cat, Dogwifhood, and Tepe. Investors can also check out our list of the best meme coins to buy today for high-potential tokens beyond the TON network.


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