Jeo Boden (BODEN) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Jeo Boden (BODEN) is a hot new meme token on Solana parodying United States President Joe Biden. It takes a humorous take on the president, featuring memes and playful content on its website.

This article gives a Boden price prediction from 2024-2030 and analyzes its recent price action to help investors make well-educated decisions. It also explores the opinions of many expert analysts that can help buyers understand Boden’s potential.

Boden Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030: Summary

  • The current price of Jeo Boden is $0.8217 and the community has a bullish sentiment. The price has risen 2000% in the past month.
  • Our most recent Boden forecast predicts that Jeo Boden could reach around $1.2 by 2024. This could be mainly due to the trend of Solana-based meme tokens and plans for more exchange listings.
  • The token’s popularity in China and its focus on community engagement and marketing could potentially drive its price to cross the $2 mark in 2025. However, AMBCrypto offers a more conservative prediction of around $1.3.
  • Boden could see some growth as the meme token market matures and grows towards the end of 2030. An optimistic outlook sees an average price of $3.7 by the end of 2030

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.11 $0.67 $1.2
2025 $1.1 $1.6 $2
2030 $2 $3.7 $4.6

Boden Price History

While past performance should never be taken as an indicator of future results, understanding what the token has done in the past can give us important insights in making a Boden price prediction.

Boden is one of the top Solana-based meme cryptos that quickly gained attention in the crypto community.

Boden debuted on the Raydium Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Solana blockchain. It gained immediate attention and saw a massive surge in value after its price jumped by over 1600% in just three weeks, reaching nearly $0.55 at the time of writing.

Boden/USD chart

The token’s rise coincided with a broader positive trend for meme cryptos. This trend and a recovery in the overall crypto market have fueled interest in Boden, suggesting potential for further growth.

Boden’s price action has formed a technical pattern known as an ‘ascending broadening wedge’ on the daily chart. This pattern indicates a bullish trend but also comes with the risk of a near-term correction. A short-term correction is possible if the price falls below the existing wedge pattern. However, a reversal in favor of buyers can happen, especially as we see increasing investor optimism for meme tokens.

Boden Price Summary:

  • Boden launched on the Raydium DEX and quickly rose to a trading price of nearly $0.55.
  • The token saw a massive surge and recorded over 1600% growth in just three weeks.
  • An ascending broadening wedge pattern formed on the daily chart to confirm bullish momentum.
  • A near-term correction may exist if the price falls below the pattern.

What is an ascending broadening wedge?

An ascending broadening wedge is a chart pattern in technical analysis that resembles a ‘widening funnel’ with an upward slope. It depicts increasing volatility and uncertainty in the market. It is often seen as a bearish reversal pattern and suggests that prices may fall after a period of upward movement.

Boden Price Prediction For 2024

As Bitcoin reclaimed crucial support levels and the broader market showed strong signs of a recovery, many buyers are actively looking for the best cryptos to trade.

Some key factors can affect the Boden price in 2024. Currently, it is listed on some of the top decentralized crypto exchanges. Now, the token has plans to get listed on more DEXs and CEXs to increase its visibility and accessibility to a broader audience. This could improve liquidity and demand for the token.

Understanding Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are platforms that allow users to trade cryptos directly with each other without an intermediary. DEXs use blockchain to provide a transparent and secure trading environment. Some examples include Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Raydium.

The project aims to grow its community, which is crucial for its popularity and demand. A larger user base could lead to an increase in the token’s value.

BODEN can reach $1.2 by the end of 2024, especially given the token’s early success and the recent trend of Solana-based meme tokens. Moreover, Digital Coin Price (a popular crypto analysis platform) also predicts a similar target of $1.26 for the same period.

It’s important to note that these predictions are based on current trends and projections. The crypto market is known for its volatility, so investors should do their own research and consider the risks before making investment decisions.

Month Potential Low Average Price Potential High
May 2024 $0.11 $0.5 $0.7
June 2024 $0.5 $0.6 $0.85
July 2024 $0.7 $0.8 $0.88
August 2024 $0.72 $0.83 $0.9
September 2024 $0.81 $0.89 $0.92
October 2024 $0.86 $0.9 $0.95
November 2024 $0.9 $0.96 $1
December 2024 $0.96 $1 $1.2

Boden Price Prediction For 2025

Boden has become particularly popular in China, where discussions about President Biden’s gaffes have boosted its visibility on platforms like WeChat. This increased attention could lead to a larger investor base and higher demand for the token.

Going forward, the Boden team will likely focus on community engagement and marketing activities. They will likely allocate funds from the token’s treasury for marketing, listings, giveaways, and other activities to increase its visibility and appeal.

It is worth noting that comparisons between Jeo Boden and other successful Solana meme coins like Dogwifhat have created a positive sentiment, which could contribute to a bullish outlook for Boden.

The surge in Solana meme coins (with over $140 million worth of SOL was raised from 33 presales this year alone) highlights the growing interest in this niche. The viral nature of meme tokens on social media platforms further enhances their potential for rapid growth.

What is Solana?

Solana is a high-performance blockchain known for its fast transaction speeds and low costs. It uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of History (PoH) combined with Proof of Stake (PoS) to offer scalability and security.

Considering these factors, Boden could potentially cross the $2 mark by the end of 2025. This projection is based on the continued popularity of meme coins and the overall bullish trend in the crypto market.

However, AMBCrypto offers a more conservative Boden crypto price prediction for 2025 at around $1.3. It’s important to note that these predictions are based on current trends and assumptions. It depends on the sustained positive sentiment toward meme tokens in the broader context.

Boden Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

The blockchain market is expected to see massive growth by 2030. Projections show that it could surge to $469.49 billion with a CAGR of nearly 60%. This explosive growth also creates enough room for meme tokens to grow and evolve in the years to come.

The Solana ecosystem has seen a massive surge in new tokens, with over 19,000 new tokens launching in just one week. While these launches show growing enthusiasm, they also bring in more risks of rug pulls. Such rug pulls can impact investor sentiment towards Solana-based tokens, including Boden.

So, investors should remain cautious and look for actual utility and potential before buying any meme token.

In fact, the popularity of meme tokens on Solana has been a driving force behind Boden’s growth. Boden may face challenges maintaining user interest and momentum if this trend settles down.

Price Predictions for 2026-2030:

  • Potential Growth: CoinCodex predicts a positive trajectory for Boden, with the potential for the token to reach $2.8 by 2029. However, they expect a slight decline in the Boden price prediction for 2030, with the price potentially falling to around $1.3.
  • Bullish Outlook: CoinDataFlow has a more bullish stance and projects that Boden could cross $4.3 by 2030.

These predictions depend on Boden’s ability to execute its plans effectively and stand out in the competitive meme coin space. Moreover, considering broader macroeconomic factors and Bitcoin sentiment is crucial when looking for the best long-term crypto investments.

Potential Highs & Lows of Boden Coin

Here’s a quick summary of the Boden price forecast from 2024 to 2030:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.11 $0.57 $1.2
2025 $1.1 $1.6 $2
2030 $2 $3.7 $4.6

What do Other Analysts Predict for Boden Coin?

As we check out the Boden token price prediction by various analysts, it’s important to approach these forecasts by understanding that they are based on current market trends. 

Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, you can include these predictions as a part of a broader analysis rather than the only reference point.

Digital Coin Price projects steady growth for Boden over the coming years:

  • For 2024, they predict a price range between $0.51 and $1.26, with an average of $1.15.
  • By 2025, the minimum price is expected to be $1.23, with an average of $1.44 and a maximum of $1.46.
  • The platform forecasts continued growth through 2030, with a minimum price of $3.86, an average of $4.21, and a maximum of $4.28.

AMBCrypto has a more conservative outlook:

  • In 2024, AMBCrypto expects a range between $0.22 and $0.33, averaging at $0.28.
  • By 2025, the predictions suggest a price range from $0.88 to $1.32, with an average of $1.10.
  • Their 2030 prediction sees Boden reaching between $2.69 and $4.04, with an average price of $3.36.

CoinCodex offers mixed predictions for the next few years:

  • For 2025, they estimate a yearly low of $0.64 and a high of $2.81.
  • By 2029, the platform expects Boden to reach a yearly low of $1.38 and a high of $3.45.
  • In 2030, the predictions range from a low of $1.36 to a high of $2.22.

CoinDataFlow takes a bullish outlook:

  • In 2024, they forecast a minimum price of $0.578375 and a maximum of $1.34.
  • By 2025, the predictions range from a minimum of $1.20 to a maximum of $5.09.
  • Their most optimistic projection is for 2029, with a minimum price of $2.28 and a maximum of $8.72.

What is Boden Coin?

Jeo Boden is a meme coin on Solana parodying United States President Joe Biden. It gained attention for crossing the $500 million market cap in record time. BODEN mocks President Joe Biden’s demeanor and political stances with its website featuring images of the president, Comic Sans font, and memes. 

It also has a counterpart based on Donald Trump called Doland Tremp (TREMP), which hasn’t gained as much popularity as BODEN.

Currently, Boden is available on the Solana DEX Raydium and is listed on some of the top CEXs. The token’s developers humorously described Boden as the “46th pres of Soluna” with a mission to “make three hundred trillion million billion dollars.” They also stated that any funds donated to the Boden treasury will be used for marketing, listings, giveaways, etc.

The creators of $BODEN highlight that the token has no association with Joe Biden and is merely a meme coin without intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

To buy Boden, you need to set up a crypto wallet (like Phantom) and have SOL in the wallet to exchange for $BODEN. You can then connect to Raydium, paste the $BODEN token address into Raydium, and confirm the transaction.

Boden Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency Jeo Boden
Ticker Symbol BODEN
Price $0.8217
Price Change 24H +23%
Market Cap $577.67M
Circulating Supply 690.33M BODEN
Trading Volume $78.2M
All-Time High $0.8744
All-Time Low $0.0172

Is Boden a Buy?

Deciding whether you should buy BODEN depends on several factors. Buyers can consider these points before making a decision:

  • Volatility of Meme Coins: Meme tokens like Jeo Boden are known for their extreme volatility. Prices can fluctuate quite quickly and offer high risks and potentially high rewards.
  • Market Sentiment: The value of meme coins often depends on social media trends and community support. Positive sentiment can drive up prices, while negative sentiment can lead to a quick fall.
  • Lack of Intrinsic Value: Jeo Boden’s creators have stated that the token has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. It’s important to understand that investing in Boden is more speculative than investing in cryptos that have utility.
  • Risk of Rug Pulls: As with any crypto, there’s a risk of rug pulls or scams, especially in the relatively unregulated space of meme coins.
  • Personal Risk Tolerance: Knowing your risk tolerance and investment goals is crucial before you make any buying decisions. Meme coins like Boden are suitable for those willing to take on higher risk for the chance of high returns, but they may not be right for conservative investors.


BODEN has seen an explosive rally since its recent launch on Solana. The broader market outlook toward meme tokens will affect Jeo Boden’s performance in the coming months.

While many experts believe it has a bright future, some have also taken a rather cautious approach in making a Jeo Boden price prediction. As a result, buyers need to have a future-proof portfolio by diversifying their crypto assets. However selecting a high-potential crypto from over 15,000 cryptos could be challenging.

We have compiled some of the best cryptos with utility showing a high upside potential. You can check out the list by clicking the link below.


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