Book of Meme Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

BOME price prediction

The Book of Meme (BOME) meme coin has taken the crypto world by storm since its launch on the Solana blockchain.

Looking to shake up the meme coin space, Book of Meme offers a novel ecosystem that combines memes, decentralized storage, and speculative trading.

In this article, we’ll highlight our Book of Meme price prediction for 2024, 2025, and 2030 to gauge whether this upstart token has long-term growth potential – or whether it’s just another flash in the pan.

Book of Meme Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Our short-term Book of Meme price prediction estimates that the token’s price could reach $0.10 by the end of 2024 if the current level of hype can be sustained.
  • BOME’s price is still up over 1,000% since it launched on March 14, with the token now sporting a market cap of $645 million.
  • Our long-term Book of Meme price forecast suggests the token could reach as high as $0.50 by 2030 – assuming clear use cases are created, and meme coins remain in high demand.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.0011 $0.055 $0.10
2025 $0.08 $0.10 $0.21
2030 $0.15 $0.33 $0.50

Book of Meme Price History

The Book of Meme coin was launched on the Raydium decentralized exchange (DEX) on March 14. The token’s initial price was a negligible $0.0001341.

Right out of the gates, hype and speculation around this new project drove immense demand. BOME’s price rocketed over the next couple of days, with the token reaching an all-time high of $0.0238 on the morning of March 16.

This represented an enormous 21,000% gain from the initial Raydium listing price in just over 48 hours of trading. The surge captured the attention of traders and investors alike, cementing it as one of the best meme coins on the market.

Book of Meme price history

However, BOME’s rally has proved short-lived, at least in the short term. As is typical with such speculative assets, BOME witnessed a sharp pullback in the days following its all-time high. By March 19, the token had retraced around 60%, dropping to the $0.0111 level.

Despite the volatile price swings, the Book of Meme token has continued gaining legitimacy and exposure. Over this initial stretch, the creators secured listings on major centralized exchanges like Binance,, and KuCoin, providing more on-ramps for investors to gain exposure.

At the time of writing, Book of Meme is less than a week old, so there is little price history on which to base technical analysis. However, with the token already boasting over 71,000 holders, BOME is creating the staying power needed to cement itself in the meme coin space.

Book of Meme Price Prediction 2024

Despite being a new project, Book of Meme has made itself known thanks to its Solana blockchain base and Pepe the Frog-inspired branding. Book of Meme has also capitalized on the buzz around Solana-based meme tokens like Bonk (BONK) and dogwifhat (WIF), which recently saw enormous price surges.

Why Have Solana Meme Coins Received So Much Attention?

Solana meme coins like BOME have captured attention due to the high-speed and low-cost nature of the Solana blockchain. The innovative marketing tactics of these coins, combined with Solana’s growing DeFi ecosystem, have fueled enormous speculative interest.

While BOME’s use cases are still emerging, its strong community of over 19,000 people in the Telegram channel alone indicates healthy demand. The project’s official Twitter page also has 122,000+ followers.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2024, Book of Meme seems well-positioned to be one of the year’s breakout stars. The project’s roadmap detailing plans for meme creation tools, generative art, and games could fuel another round of FOMO if rolled out successfully.

Book of Meme price prediction

Additional exchange listings could also catalyze another price surge. Coinbase has yet to list BOME; if it does, it could expose the token to millions more potential buyers.

Considering all of this, our Book of Meme price prediction sees the token reaching potential highs of $0.10 by the end of 2024. This would represent a gain of 681% for those who invest at the current price.

However, to truly become one of the best Solana meme coins, Book of Meme will need to quickly transition from being just another speculative asset. Building out its promised use cases and expanding the online community are just two things that will solidify BOME’s position in the meme coin market.

Book of Meme Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2025-2030 Predictions

While Book of Meme has shown tremendous potential in its initial launch phase, maintaining long-term momentum will require the project to deliver on its roadmap.

For Book of Meme to reach the same level of valuation as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, it will need to offer more real-world utilities to users. This includes rolling out the promised decentralized social network, which will likely use BOME in a governance/transactional capacity.

Coin Holders Followers on Twitter Market Cap
Book of Meme (BOME) 72,000 124,000 $645 million
Dogecoin (DOGE) 4 million (estimated) 3.9 million $19.2 billion
Shiba Inu (SHIB) 1.3 million 3.8 million $15.4 billion

An engaged user base actively creating, sharing, and interacting with meme content stored via Book of Meme is critical for lasting demand. The team will also need to stay on top of meme coin trends – and potentially transition to other blockchains that might experience an uptick in meme coin buzz (e.g., Avalanche).

BOME token analysis

If Book of Meme can pull off this ambitious roadmap within the next couple of years, we forecast BOME potentially hitting $0.21 by the end of 2025. Looking even further out, establishing itself as a top meme coin could put BOME on a trajectory towards $0.50 per token by 2030.

However, failure to scale up utilities would likely relegate BOME to being just another wishful meme coin project that couldn’t sustain its initial hype. As such, capitalizing on its current moment in the spotlight is crucial to achieving long-term survival.

Potential Highs & Lows of Book of Meme Price

Now that we’ve covered our BOME price prediction for the years ahead, here’s a table summarizing the token’s potential highs and lows:

Year Potential Low Potential High
2024 $0.0011 $0.10
2025 $0.08 $0.21
2030 $0.15 $0.50

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Book of Meme?

To provide a more comprehensive outlook on the Book of Meme crypto price potential, here’s a summary of predictions from other top crypto analysts:

  • Coin Edition predicts that BOME could reach $0.05 by the end of 2024 and $0.15 by the end of 2030.
  • analysts forecast that the Book of Meme token could reach as high as $0.0229 this year and $0.183 in 2030.
  • BeInCrypto analysts expect BOME to have an average price of $0.0116 throughout 2024.

What is Book of Meme & What’s It Used For

Book of Meme is a meme coin project aiming to disrupt the Web3 space by combining memes with decentralized storage. At its core is the digital “Book of Meme” compendium that immortalizes meme culture on the blockchain.

The BOME token operates on the Solana blockchain, with meme storage taking place on Arweave and IPFS, plus future expansions to Bitcoin inscriptions. While BOME’s primary use case is speculative trading, the roadmap on the official website includes developing a decentralized social network app and interactive meme games.

What Are Arweave & IPFS?

Arweave and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) are the decentralized storage solutions powering Book of Meme’s goal of cementing meme culture on the blockchain.

These platforms allow BOME to create a permanent digital repository where memes are secured against loss or censorship.

BOME holders can also use their tokens to earn interest by providing liquidity on Binance. For example, holders can add their BOME to the relevant liquidity pool and earn a portion of the accrued transaction fees from others who use the pool to trade.

Ultimately, BOME’s utility is limited. Although the website hints at several upcoming use cases, the token remains primarily speculative at the time of writing.

Book of Meme Overview

Within days of its launch on March 14, 2024, Book of Meme emerged as one of the most promising cryptos in the meme coin space. As highlighted throughout this article, even though BOME’s price is highly volatile, the token does have the potential to continue growing if certain conditions are met.

For reference, presented below is a table outlining the need-to-know stats for Book of Meme:

Ticker Symbol BOME
Market Cap Ranking #129
Current Price $0.0116
24-Hour Price Change -5.2%
Market Cap $645 million
Circulating Supply 55,199,727,655 BOME
24-Hour Trading Volume $1.1 billion
All-Time High $0.02805
All-Time Low $0.000858

What Influences the Book of Meme Price?

Now that we’ve discussed the Book of Meme crypto price potential, let’s take a look at the factors that could influence the token’s price:

Ecosystem Development

One of the primary drivers of BOME’s price growth will be the buildout of its ecosystem. If the team can successfully launch its planned features, it will create more demand for the token. However, failure to deliver on the roadmap could dampen investor enthusiasm, leading to a broad selloff.

Meme Coin Market Trends

Book of Meme operates in the highly speculative (and volatile) meme coin space. As such, shifting market sentiment and narratives around meme coins will inevitably influence its price.

meme coin market trading volume

The Solana meme coin space is currently experiencing a bull cycle. Data from CoinGecko reveals the total value of all Solana meme coins has reached an impressive $5.9 billion.

This is one of the main reasons Book of Meme has experienced such early success. If the creators can capitalize on new trends, BOME could keep riding high.

Additional Exchange Listings

As a relatively new project, securing listings on major CEXs like Coinbase would significantly boost BOME’s accessibility. The token has already experienced a price pump after being listed on Binance, and any future exchange integrations could lead to another wave of buying pressure.

Potential NFT/Metaverse Integration

Finally, given Book of Meme’s ties to digital content like memes and generative art, the project’s potential integration with NFT or metaverse platforms could unlock new use cases.

According to data from Statista, the NFT market is projected to reach a $3.3 billion valuation by 2028, double its size in 2023. If Book of Meme can create ways to tokenize its content as NFTs, it could have even better growth prospects in the future.

Partnering with established metaverses like Decentraland or The Sandbox would also open up new avenues for exposure. For example, users could purchase exclusive meme NFTs to use as avatars or within virtual worlds. In turn, this would provide a clear reason for investors to buy and hold BOME.

Is the Book of Meme Hype Over?

Despite the pullback from its all-time high, the hype surrounding Book of Meme appears far from over. The recent dip in BOME’s price was likely just a cooling-off period after its initial bull run, which was heightened by the market’s broader pullback, which impacted most cryptos.

Many early backers still believe it’s the next crypto to explode, pointing to PEPE’s recent resurgence. After hitting an all-time high in May 2023, PEPE experienced an extended consolidation period – yet recently broke out and soared to a new record value.

Book of Meme price forecast

So, it’s likely that Book of Meme’s hype is far from over. However, that isn’t to say that the token will reach (or pass) its previous peak. Since it’s still building out use cases and relying solely on speculative buying, high volatility levels are expected.

Best Place to Buy Book of Meme

When buying the Book of Meme token, one exchange stands out as the premier option – Binance. As the largest crypto trading platform globally, Binance offers a seamless experience for investors looking to buy, sell, and trade BOME.

Binance is considered one of the best crypto exchanges because of its low trading fees, which can be as little as 0.1% per transaction. Investors can reduce these fees further by holding Binance Coin (BNB), Binance’s native token.

These low fees make Binance an affordable choice, especially for those looking to trade BOME actively. However, beyond these fees, Binance provides users with a wealth of features and tools.

Buy Book of Meme on Binance

These include the free Binance Web3 Wallet, which many investors believe is the best decentralized crypto wallet, and the Binance Academy, which offers resources for learning about the crypto markets.

Binance also offers opportunities to earn passive income by providing liquidity or staking certain crypto assets. Although BOME can’t be staked through these features, investors can earn regular rewards on other major meme coins like PEPE.

Getting started on Binance is straightforward. The minimum deposit when making USD deposits via SWIFT bank transfer is just $50, with no additional fees. When making crypto deposits, the minimum deposit is negligible.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Book of Meme Price Prediction – Conclusion

As highlighted in this BOME price forecast, the token’s dramatic rise has captured the attention of crypto traders and meme lovers. While the token has retraced from its all-time high, BOME remains one of the most talked-about new meme coin launches.

However, many other crypto projects could offer better risk-reward profiles for investors. For some high-potential alternatives to Book of Meme, be sure to check out our guide on the best cryptos to buy now.


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