Brett (BRETT) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

With Bitcoin hitting new all-time highs since the start of the year, the cryptocurrency market has begun to attract attention once again. Outside of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, meme coins have provided the most impressive returns so far. 

One meme coin that looks poised to potentially shine is Brett (BRETT), one of the latest meme coins on the new Base chain. In this article, we take a closer look at the project and provide a Brett price prediction for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Brett Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

In its short history, Brett – or Based Brett – has risen more than 100% since its launch on March the 11th, 2024. More significantly, the $BRETT token has managed to flip resistance into support and despite recent market turbulence, the price of Brett is holding up well.

Here’s what we know so far: 

  • Our real-time Brett to USD data shows a current token price of $0.07376
  • Most Brett trading occurs on the exchange, with 19.23% of all trading volume
  • 85.5% of all Brett tokens are in circulation (8.5 billion)
  • Based on current prices, the market cap is $630,984,447
  • Brett is the 218th most valuable token in the cryptocurrency market

Predicting prices in the cryptocurrency space is notoriously difficult, particularly with meme coins. But by considering the current state of the market, Bitcoin’s new all-time high and upcoming halving event, the performance of other similar meme coins, and Brett’s own roadmap and utility, we have arrived at the following Brett crypto price predictions:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.09 $0.21 $0.25
2025 $0.29 $0.36 $0.46
2030 $0.54 $0.95 $1.38

Brett Price History

$BRETT officially launched on the 11th of March 2024 with an asking price of $0.038. After 2 weeks of sideways price action, the token began to increase in price on the 25th of March. 

Turning local resistance into support, Brett then pumped by more than 100% to reach an all-time high of $0.084 on March 31st 2024.

With the market experiencing a slight downturn at the start of April, Brett’s price at the time of press stands at $0.07527. Despite this downturn, the current price represents an increase of almost 70% from its launch price.

  • Launched on 11th March 2024 at $0.03877
  • Price fluctuated significantly for two weeks 
  • Turned resistance into support at $0.040
  • Price has gained more than 100% to finish March at $0.084
  • The recent market downturn is affecting the whole market

Brett Price Prediction 2024

As many cryptocurrency investors would agree, we are currently in a bull market. Indeed, a recent report from Grayscale suggests that due to cyclical indicators, we are, in fact. in the middle of a bull cycle with significant growth still to come.

Without a doubt, the strongest narrative throughout this bull market has been that of the meme coin—Slerf, Dogwifhat, Degen, Bonk, and Book of Meme, to name just a few. The continuing popularity of meme coins is cause for optimism and has helped form our view of Brett’s potential to explode.

Brett is also the top-performing meme coin on the newly launched Basechain, a new Layer 2 chain built by leading exchange Coinbase on the Ethereum Network. The chain has already attracted a flood of investors and interest, and Brett has been at the center of it all.

As we know, Brett is a meme token. Therefore, the coin has zero utility options at the moment. However, given the current market buoyancy and the expectation that it will last at least until the end of the year, we can gain insight into how we think Brett is likely to perform. 

Furthermore, given the recent rise of Brett from its launch price, it is possible to predict how the price of the token might behave throughout the rest of 2024. Let’s take a look at our Brett token price prediction:

2024 Price
July $0.0935
August $0.1009
September $0.1244
October $0.1429
November $0.1607
December $0.2150

Brett Price Prediction 2025

Many investors believe the cryptocurrency market will continue to expand into 2025. With the recent approval of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs, there is a general feeling that there is enough investment entering the space in 2024 to keep prices moving into next year. 

However, predicting prices is not an exact science and becomes increasingly difficult as the market continues to grow. Given the lack of utility of most meme coins, accurate price predicting of coins like Brett becomes even harder. 

That said, popular meme coin Dogecoin continues to hold a top 10 place in the cryptocurrency market and shows no sign of moving any time soon, demonstrating just how resilient meme coins can be

Meme coin market cap chart

The general consensus is that although crypto may finish 2024 strongly, prices across the sector are expected to fall before the end of 2025. With this in mind, here is our Brett price prediction for 2025:

2025 Price
Low $0.29
Average $0.36
High $0.46

Any speculative investment may be expected to lose some value by December 2025. While this is only a prediction, it may be wise to consider selling some of your $BRETT before the end of the year 2025.

Brett Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

The cryptocurrency market follows a roughly four-year model loosely based on the Bitcoin halving cycle. Thus, it is possible to predict when market-wide pullbacks will occur.

We are currently in the middle of a bull cycle, which means that there are opportunities for profits across all sectors. None more so than in the meme coin market.

brett page

As we mentioned earlier, meme coins have been one of the most profitable narratives in this cycle so far, and given current prices and volumes, this trend shows no sign of changing.

Despite the current strength of the crypto market, we expect to see a bear market beginning in 2026 before prices start to rise again in late 2027 in anticipation of the next Bitcoin halving in 2028. With this in mind, therefore, here is our Brett coin forecast for the rest of the decade.

2026 $0.118
2027 $0.234
2028 $0.365
2029 $0.685
2030 $0.959

However, it must be said that without any utility, let alone a clear roadmap, the investment horizon for $BRETT remains hazy. However, if the token can emulate just a portion of the success of other well-known meme coins such as Bonk, Doge, and Pepe, then investors in the Based Brett project could be looking at a very rosy future indeed.

Potential Highs & Lows of Brett Coin

Predicting the future of cryptocurrency prices is notoriously hard to do. With such an immature asset class, no one is yet certain how cryptocurrencies will integrate into everyday life, if at all. 

The market is awash with frauds and vaporware, which discourage investors and often lead to ridicule. Staying aware of scams is something every cryptocurrency investor must learn to do. However, when we consider the investment returns of popular meme coins such as Doge and Pepe, the benefits of getting in early become clear.

If the Brett token is to provide a significant investment return, holders must be prepared to endure a series of highs and lows that will test their nerves.

When we look at the Pepe coin, we can see that token holders endured a roller coaster ride of price action before hitting considerable highs more than 6 months after its launch.

pepe price

It is still early days for the Brett token, and market dynamics have changed considerably in the last six months. With crypto tailwinds currently in favor of the bull market, we could see significant price action to the upside in the near to immediate future.

The chart below shows our expected average price predictions for the second half of the decade.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2026 $0.127 $0.186 $0.241
2027 $0.183 $0.234 $0.346
2028 $0.263 $0.365 $0.495
2029 $0.379 $0.685 $0.992
2030 $0.546 $0.959 $1.38

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Brett Coin?

As anyone in the world of cryptocurrency investing will tell you, it is important to conduct your own research. This often means collecting data from a number of sources. Therefore, we encourage readers to also look around to see what other sites think the potential of Brett could be.

Let’s look at three other leading cryptocurrency data analysis sites to glean their thoughts on the Brett price forecast.

  • The website confidently claims that Brett currently has a bullish sentiment with a score of 79 (extreme greed). The site provides a volatility score of 50.2% and a 14-day RSI score of 66.03. They predict a high of $0.3131 in 2025, $0.2112 in 2028, and $0.2694 by 2030.
  • Popular Twitter commentator Uncle10 puts the price of Brett at $2.80 in 2025. 
  • Youtuber Oscar Ramos predicts a very healthy long-term future for the Brett token.

What is Brett Coin and What is it Used for?

As we touched on earlier, details surrounding the Based Brett project and roadmap are not easy to find. However, it is clear that Brett is a meme token and, as the site suggests, is ‘Pepe’s best friend.’ 

Furthermore, the native blockchain hosting the $BRETT token, Base Chain, is a growing ecosystem with a number of projects and applications in the works.

Built as an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, the Base Chain enhances scalability and transaction speed, promoting greater application development. For more information, be sure to read our article on the best Base chain meme coins.

Based on a character from the popular Boys’ Club comic, Brett has been designed as a fan tribute and aims to appeal to those who invested in Pepe. It is safe to say, therefore, that the token has no use case other than for speculative investment purposes.

However, despite the lack of utility, Brett has some impressive tokenomics, with 85% of all tokens reserved for liquidity provision and investing. Such a large amount shows there is little chance of the tokens being dumped on the market by early investors or the team behind the project, which further adds to Brett’s attraction as a speculative investment.

The team behind the project has forged several strong partnerships with leading cryptocurrency companies, which will ultimately lead to the success of the chain and its mascot, Brett. 

Furthermore, as a prominent meme coin related to the success of Pepe, Brett already has a strong community of loyal followers who promote the coin heavily across social media.

Brett Coin Overview

As we mentioned above, Brett is the native coin of the Based Brett network and is, at heart, a meme token intended purely for speculative investment purposes. 

If the token can maintain a strong performance moving forward, Brett could make some significant gains throughout the rest of 2024 into 2025 and for the rest of the decade.

The following table provides everything you need to know about Brett.

Cryptocurrency Based Brett
Price $0.07376
Market Cap $630,984,627
Circulating Supply 8,554,838,671 
24 Hour Trading Volume  $420 m
All-Time High $0.084
All-Time Low $0.03877
24 High $0.082
24 Low $0.074

Is Brett a Buy?

So, the question on everyone’s lips right now: ‘Is Brett a buy?’ Given the current bullish conditions in the crypto market and its potential to continue into 2024, we believe Brett to be a buy.

Investing in the right meme coin can be a very lucrative business. At the time of writing, Dogwifhat leads the market with a massive 2500% return on investment since the start of the year, with more well-known meme coins such as Dogecoin registering 105% and Shiba Inu 162%. If Brett can continue its meteoric rise, investors could see serious returns. 

That being said, although the coin has potential, investing in meme coins carry their own risks. For every Bonk or Pepe there are hundreds of other coins that didn’t quite make it. There is nothing to say that Brett can guarantee significant returns.

As with all cryptocurrency investments, buyers should be sure to conduct their own research and have a sensible price target and exit strategy before they confirm their purchase. By doing so, you can remove some of the emotion that comes with investing, ultimately leading to better decisions being made.


It goes without saying that 2024 has started well for the cryptocurrency market. With Bitcoin up more than 56% since January 1st, the market is rife with stories of significant gains from even the smallest of investments. Furthermore, with some of the best cryptocurrencies yet to print new all-time highs, there is still time to invest.

While the market continues to mature, both in terms of utility and value, it is impossible to ignore the massive price rises of some meme coins, which, contrary to the cryptocurrency narrative, have little to no utility. Clearly, in the world of crypto investing, real-world utility isn’t the only element to impact price.

If, as predicted, the crypto market bull run continues for the rest of the year, an investment in Brett or other top-performing cryptocurrencies today could prove to be very rewarding by the end of the year. 


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