How To Buy DeeLance Token In 2024 – Best Beginner’s Guide

DeeLance is bringing the gig economy to web3, ensuring fair and transparent workflows between clients and freelancers. This is achieved through a blockchain-backed escrow system that protects both parties in a low-cost manner.

In this guide, we explain how to buy DeeLance tokens, which are currently available via a presale launch.

DeeLance: Key Points

Here’s an overview of DeeLance, including information on its decentralized freelance services and native token, DLANCE.

  • DeeLance is building a freelancing platform with web3 technologies, including blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Clients can post their job requirements on DeeLance quickly and cost-effectively. The platform charges just 2%, which is significantly lower than Fiverr’s 5.5%.
  • Freelancers also get a much better deal, paying just 10% of the total job value. In comparison, Upwork charges 20%.
  • Payments via DeeLance are made in crypto, so freelancers get paid quickly and without needing to pay additional fees.
  • There is also an escrow service that enables freelancers and clients to resolve issues transparently.
  • The DeeLance ecosystem is fueled by DLANCE tokens. DLANCE is available to purchase via a presale campaign, which offers the lowest price to early investors.
  • Stage one of the presale prices DLANCE at just $0.025.When DLANCE is listed on a crypto exchange in Q3 2023, it will be priced 47% higher at $0.037. This offers a notable upside for early-bird investors.

How to Buy DeeLance Tokens: Presale Guide

The DeeLance presale has just launched, so investors can secure the lowest price possible. 

Read on to buy DeeLance tokens in under five minutes:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

The first step is to get a crypto wallet, which needs to be connected to the DeeLance presale website. The presale accepts ETH and USDT, so the chosen wallet must accept ERC-20 tokens.

Many crypto investors opt for Metamask. This wallet is user-friendly and supports fast and low-cost transactions. Moreover, Metamask is available as an iOS/Android mobile app and a browser extension. This includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Metamask download

After installing Metamask, choose a password to generate a new wallet address. Investors also need to write down the backup passphrase. This is a series of 12 words, which need to be written down in the correct order.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Now that Metamask has been installed, it will need to be funded with ETH or USDT tokens. Those that already have ETH or USDT can move on to step three.

If not, you can acquire ETH or USDT on most cryptocurrency exchanges or brokers. Visit our lists of the best best crypto exchanges for beginners and best day trading platforms and brokers to find a platform that fulfills your need.

Step 3: Add ETH/USDT to Metamask

Open the Metamask wallet and click on ‘Assets’. Then, copy the ERC-20 wallet address, which is located below ‘Account 1’.

Next, go to the exchange or wallet that is currently holding ETH/USDT. Paste the Metamask wallet address and proceed to transfer the tokens.

where to find metamask wallet address

Metamask usually updates the wallet balance in under two minutes.

Step 4: Connect Metamask Wallet to DeeLance Presale

The next stage requires investors to connect their Metamask wallet to the DeeLance presale website. Click on the ‘Connect’ button and choose ‘Metamask’.

DeeLance presale

Depending on the chosen device type, a notification will now appear via the Metamask app or browser extension. This requires authorization to connect the wallet to DeeLance.

Step 5: Buy DeeLance Tokens

Now that Metamask is connected to DeeLance, choose from ETH and USDT as the payment currency. Type in the number of ETH/USDT tokens to swap for DLANCE.

DeeLance presale

In the example above, we are swapping 0.02 ETH. This converts to 1,423 DLANCE tokens.

Click on ‘Convert’ to confirm. Another notification will appear in the Metamask wallet. After confirming the transaction, Metamask will convert ETH/USDT to DLANCE.

Step 6: Claim DeeLance Tokens

If the transaction was processed correctly, DeeLance will display the ‘Your Purchase Was Successful’ message.

DeeLance presale

The DLANCE tokens can be claimed after the presale finishes. The tokens will be sent to the same Metamask wallet that was used to invest.

What is DeeLance?

In a nutshell, DeeLance is building an innovative freelancer platform that will incorporate web3 technologies. This means that both freelancers and clients can connect in a decentralized gig economy, backed by the blockchain and smart contracts. By using web3 technologies, DeeLance provides freelancers and clients alike with many benefits.

For example, traditional freelance platforms charge sizable fees. Fiverr and Upwork, for instance, charge freelancers a 20% fee on transactions. This means that workers lose 1/5 of their earnings. In comparison, DeeLance charges a much lower fee of 10%. Similarly, clients will pay just 2% to publish freelance gigs on the DeeLance platform. At Fiverr, clients are charged 5.5%.

DeeLance presale

Another benefit of DeeLance is that both freelancers and clients can communicate in a decentralized way. This means that messages and workflows can be exchanged without a third-party mediator. In comparison, legacy freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fivver only allow communication through their respective platforms. To protect all parties, DeeLance has introduced an escrow system on the blockchain.

This means that clients initially deposit funds to cover the freelance gig. After the work is submitted and the client confirms it is satisfactory, the funds are released to the freelancer. This is facilitated via smart contracts, ensuring transparency, speed, and cost-effectiveness. In the event of a disagreement between clients and freelancers, DeeLance offers a decentralized dispute system. This is in addition to a scoring system that is stored on the blockchain.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens Fund raise
Stage 1 $ 0.025 08.00% 2,40,00,000 $600,000.00
Stage 2 $ 0.027 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,080,000.00
Stage 3 $ 0.029 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,160,000.00
Stage 4 $ 0.031 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,240,000.00
Stage 5 $ 0.033 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,320,000.00
Stage 6 $ 0.035 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,400,000.00
100% 30,00,00,000 $6,800,000.00

The Role of DLANCE Tokens

DLANCE is the new cryptocurrency that has just been launched by DeeLance. Not only does DLANCE offer exposure to the growth of the project, but it also has a wide range of real-world use cases. 

For example, DLANCE can be used to pay for freelancer services. This enables clients to benefit from low fees and fast transaction times. Additionally, DLANCE will be the native cryptocurrency of the DeeLance metaverse.

  • Its metaverse will enable both clients and freelancers to buy virtual offices.
  • Any purchases made will be backed by NFTs, ensuring that the buyer retains full ownership of their virtual land.
  • Moreover, landowners will also be able to lease their office space to freelancers.
  • Once again, payment will be made in DLANCE tokens.
  • Clients can also use DLANCE tokens to advertise in the DeeLance ecosystem.

Many analysts believe that DLANCE tokens could be the next crypto to explode. Not only do stage one investors get a 47% upside based on the exchange listing price, but there is plenty of long-term upside to target. After all, the hard cap target for the DeeLance presale is a mere $6.8 million. This makes DLANCE one of the best low-cap coins to buy.

Reasons to Invest in DeeLance

Read on to discover why market commentators are tipping DeeLance as the best crypto presale of 2024. 

Presale Discount of up to 47%

The DeeLance presale campaign rewards early investors with a discounted entry price. There are six stages to the presale, each of which increases the price further.

For example, stage one of the presale prices DLANCE at just  $0.025 per token. After the presale, DLANCE will be listed on an exchange at $0.037. This offers a 47% upside for stage one investors. 

Moreover, the presale has set a hard target of $6.8 million, which means there is plenty of additional upside available. This makes DeeLance one of the best long-term crypto investments in the market.

Multi-Trillion Dollar Market

Amid the COVID pandemic, more than $1.2 trillion worth of freelance transactions were conducted in the US alone. This number is expected to increase as more and more workers are favoring stay-at-home arrangements rather than commuting to the office. As such, DeeLance is operating in a huge market that has unparalleled growth potential. 

With that said, DeeLance has an advantage over its core rivals, considering its usage of web3 technologies. For example, as we noted earlier, DeeLance is considerably more cost-effective when compared to the likes of Upwork and Fiverr. This is the case for both clients and freelancers alike. For instance, Upwork freelancers are charged 20% of their earnings, while at Deelance, this is just 10%.

DeeLance presale

Through blockchain technology, DeeLance also offers a more transparent and fair transaction process. This is because clients pay upfront for the services they require, with the crypto tokens held in escrow. Once the job is complete, the smart contract will release the tokens to the freelancer. Blockchain technology is also used for client/freelancer disagreements, ensuring a fair dispute process.

Crypto Economy

Another reason that DeeLance has the potential to dominate the freelance economy is that its payment system is crypto-specific. This means that freelancers will receive their earnings as soon as the job is complete. Moreover, freelancers are not required to meet a minimum withdrawal amount. There is no waiting period either, nor any currency conversion fees. 

In comparison, Upwork has a five-day waiting period for withdrawals. According to DeeLance, Upwork and Fiverr also implement a 5% currency conversion fee on non-USD payments. This is in addition to a minimum payout of $100. This will leave freelancers in limbo if they wish to withdraw a small amount of money and the transaction doesn’t meet the minimum.

Working Alongside NFTs and the Metaverse

DeeLance is also building its freelance platform in collaboration with NFTs and the metaverse. For example, when a freelance submits work, this is backed by a unique NFT. This ensures that the client owns the work outright, verifiable by the blockchain protocol. 

DeeLance metaverse

Furthermore, DeeLance is also building a gig economy in the metaverse. Clients and freelancers can build their own virtual office in the metaverse, backed by an NFT. This promotes a working environment that is both interactive and efficient. Users can also rent their virtual office spaces to others in return for DLANCE tokens.

DeeLance Presale Details and Tokenomics 

The DeeLance presale was launched on March 30th, 2023. There are six stages to the presale, each of which increases the price. Stage one prices DLANCE at just $0.025. Stage two, however, will cost $0.027 per token. By stage six, the price will have increased to $0.035.

While much lower, stage six investors can also secure an immediate upside. This is because, in Q3 2023, DLANCE will be listed on an exchange at $0.037. As noted earlier, the upside for stage one investors is 47%.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens Fund raise
Stage 1 $ 0.025 08.00% 2,40,00,000 $600,000.00
Stage 2 $ 0.027 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,080,000.00
Stage 3 $ 0.029 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,160,000.00
Stage 4 $ 0.031 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,240,000.00
Stage 5 $ 0.033 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,320,000.00
Stage 6 $ 0.035 13.33% 4,00,00,000 $1,400,000.00
100% 30,00,00,000 $6,800,000.00

The soft cap target on the DeeLance presale is $1.5 million. However, the project is expected to reach its hard cap target of $6.8 million with ease. The total token supply of DLANCE is one billion. The presale will sell 30% of the supply, meaning 300 million tokens.

This means that if the hard cap target is reached as anticipated, DLANCE will be listed on an exchange with a fully diluted market cap of just under $23 million. This will appeal to investors that seek high-growth returns.

DLANCE Price Prediction: How Big Can DeeLance Get?

Many presale investors seek returns of at least 10x, considering the enhanced risks involved. After all, not all presales are a success. In the case of DeeLance, its decentralized freelance economy has the required hallmarks to reach unprecedented heights. This is further supported by its small projects market cap, which offers a great entry point for growth investors.

For instance, stage one investors will have already secured gains of 47% before DLANCE is listed on an exchange. This is because the confirmed listing price is $0.035 – which is 47% higher than stage one of the presale. It is also pertinent to consider the market value of DeeLance’s key competitors. This offers insight into the potential growth trajectory of DLANCE tokens.

Upwork vs Fiverr

Upwork, for example, which is listed on the NASDAQ, has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion. This is much lower than its 52-week high of $3.3 billion. Fiverr, which is also listed on the NASDAQ, has a 52-week high valuation of $3 billion. Now compare this to the projected market cap of DeeLance once listed on an exchange, which is just $23 million.

Considering that DeeLance solves many of the issues associated with Upwork, Fiverr, and other market leaders, it is clear to see why DLANCE could be one of the best altcoins in 2024.

How Crypto Analysts View DeeLance

Crypto investors will often assess the views of leading analysts before making an investment. This enables investors to evaluate the viewpoints of a trusted industry expert.

For instance, Jacob Bury’s popular YouTube and Discord channels recently posted a video about the DeeLance presale. Bury believes that DLANCE tokens could generate sizable gains after it is listed on an exchange in Q3 2023.

Bury has had considerable success in recent months with other presale predictions that have gone on to return huge gains. As such, it is notable that Bury has specifically made reference to DeeLance.


The DeeLance presale could be one of the fastest-growing web3 projects of the year. Investors are attracted to the many real-world issues that DeeLance solves. In particular, DeeLance is building a gig economy platform that will connect freelancers and clients in a decentralized way, ensuring fast, fair, and low-cost transactions.

Investors buying its utility token, DLANCE, will secure a huge presale upside of up to 47%. After the presale finishes, DLANCE will then be listed on a crypto exchange. Visit the DeeLance presale today to secure the lowest price possible.


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