How to Buy Ecoterra Token in 2024 – A Beginner’s Guide

Ecoterra is a new Web3 project that has developed an innovative concept – Recycle2Earn.  Put simply, its environmentally-friendly ecosystem will reward users for recycling goods, from glass and plastics to tech and clothing.

Its native token, ECOTERRA, is currently being sold to investors at a discount via a presale launch.  In this guide, we explain how to buy ECOTERRA tokens today to secure the lowest price possible.

Ecoterra: Key Points

New to ecoterra and need a quick overview of the project before buying ECOTERRA tokens? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ecoterra is a newly launched Web3 project that is looking to make the world a greener place through its Recycle2Earn mechanism. Put simply, ecoterra will reward people for recycling their unwanted items.
  • Its ecosystem will connect to the real world through reverse vending machines. This enables users to physically deposit their recycled goods and in return, receive ECOTERRA tokens.
  • ECOTERRA tokens can then be used for staking or spending within the ecoterra ecosystem. They can also be sold via a crypto exchange.
  • The project is also building a marketplace that will enable users to buy verified carbon credits. This allows ecoterra users to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Other green initiatives being developed by ecoterra include a recycled materials marketplace and an impact-trackable profile. The latter enables companies to showcase their green commitments in the public domain.
  • ECOTERRA tokens, which fuel the ecoterra ecosystem, are now available to buy via a recently launched presale. Early investors will get the lowest price possible at just 0.0055 per token during stage 3. Considering that the final stage of the presale will price ECOTERRA at $0.010000, early investors can secure an immediate upside of 82% today.
  • Since launching just two weeks ago, more than $1.3 million has been raised.

How to Buy ECOTERRA Tokens: Presale Guide

To lock in a 82% upside right now, investors can buy ECOTERRA tokens via the website, with the presale in stage 3.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to buy this emerging cryptocurrency in just five minutes.

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

The first step is to ensure that investors have a crypto wallet. This is because to buy ECOTERRA tokens, the investor will connect their wallet to the presale dashboard.

One of the best crypto wallets for this purpose is Metamask. This popular wallet – which is used by over 30 million crypto traders,  is user-friendly and compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Metamask download

For a seamless investing experience, consider installing the Metamask browser extension. This is available for multiple web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Alternatively, Metamask is also free to download as an app for Android and iOS. Either way, open Metamask and create a new wallet. Enter a password and write down the 12-word backup passphrase.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT 

Like many of the best ICOs, ecoterra supports multiple payment methods. This includes a debit/credit card, but do note that this requires KYC and additional fees.

On the other hand, those buying ECOTERRA tokens with ETH or USDT can do so anonymously. This will also avoid third-party transaction fees.

As such, the best option is to buy ETH or USDT from a crypto exchange and then transfer the tokens to Metamask.

Step 3: Transfer Crypto to Wallet 

After buying ETH or USDT from an exchange, open Metamask and copy the deposit address. These are both ERC-20 tokens, meaning the same deposit address can be used for ETH and USDT.

At the top of the Metamask interface, click on the copy icon beneath ‘Account 1’. Then, go to the exchange where the ETH or USDT is located. Request a withdrawal from the exchange and paste the Metamask deposit address.

Confirm the withdrawal and wait 1-3 minutes for Metamask to credit the tokens. Then move on to the next step.

Step 4: Connect Wallet to Ecoterra

Visit the ecoterra presale website and look for the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. This needs to be done on the same device that Metamask is located on. For instance, investors opting for the Google Chrome extension will need to use the same laptop that the wallet is installed on.

ecoterra presale

A notification will then appear from the Metamask wallet. This will provide details about a connection between Metamask and the ecoterra presale. Confirm the connection and process to the next step.

Step 5: Buy ECOTERRA Tokens

Now the investor will need to fill out the presale order box. First, select which cryptocurrency to use, between EHT or USDT. Then, type in the number of ETH or USDT to exchange for ECOTERRA tokens.

ecoterra presale

This will then provide an estimation of the number of tokens that the presale investor will receive. In the example above, we are investing 0.5 ETH, which yields 224,092 ECOTERRA (note this was during stage 1 when tokens were available at a lower price).

Before the presale investment is confirmed, the investor will need to verify the transaction via their Metamask wallet. After confirming, Metamask will transfer the ETH or USDT tokens. Investors can claim their ECOTERRA tokens at the end of the presale.

What is Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is a new cryptocurrency project that is bridging the gap between Web3 and environmental practices. It has developed a new concept known as Recycle2Earn. As the concept suggests, this will motivate people to recycle their unwanted goods. This is because ecoterra rewards recyclers with its native crypto token, ECOTERRA.

There are several strategies that ecoterra will deploy to achieve its recycle2earn goals. At the forefront of this is building a network of reverse vending machines. For those new to this initiative, Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) allow people to deposit recycled goods, such as plastic bottles or cans. And in return, the machine will dispense money based on the type and volume of goods being recycled. Ecoterra is taking this process to the next level through Web3 technologies.

For instance, there will be a mobile app that allows users to locate their nearest ecoterra reserve vending machine. The app will also be used to scan the items being deposited. After that, users can view their ECOTERRA rewards in real-time and even make purchases and transfers via the app. All Recycle2Earn transactions will be stored on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency.

In addition to its Recycle2Earn framework, ecoterra is also building a carbon offset marketplace. This will appeal to people that wish to offset their carbon footprint. Ecoterra facilitates this through verified carbon credit purchases, paid with ECOTERRA tokens. Ecoterra will also serve businesses that wish to buy recycled goods, such as aluminum or plastic.

ecoterra crypto

Businesses can even improve their brand image through ecoterra’s impact trackable profile tool. In a nutshell, this showcases the green initiatives of the brand to the public. For example, companies that offset their carbon footprint via ecoterra will have this reflected in their profile. These factors are leading analysts to rate ecoterra as the best crypto to buy in 2024. Best of all, investing in ECOTERRA tokens today secures a 82% upside before it is listed on an exchange.

Interested parties can follow the project’s Twitter page or Telegram group for more information and check out the table below, which highlights core information about the ecoterra presale.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens USD Value Raised Totals
Stage 1 Price $0.004000 20.00% 200,000,000 $800,000.00 $800,000
Stage 2 Price $0.004750 10.00% 100,000,000 $475,000.00 $1,275,000
Stage 3 Price $0.005500 10.00% 100,000,000 $550,000.00 $1,825,000
Stage 4 Price $0.006250 10.00% 100,000,000 $625,000.00 $2,450,000
Stage 5 Price $0.007000 10.00% 100,000,000 $700,000.00 $3,150,000
Stage 6 Price $0.007750 10.00% 100,000,000 $775,000.00 $3,925,000
Stage 7 Price $0.008500 10.00% 100,000,000 $850,000.00 $4,775,000
Stage 8 Price $0.009250 10.00% 100,000,000 $925,000.00 $5,700,000
Stage 9 Price $0.010000 10.00% 100,000,000 $1,000,000.00 $6,700,000
Total Presale 100% 1,000,000,000 $6,700,000

The Role of ECOTERRA

In the section above, we discussed some of the core products and services being developed by ecoterra. Fueling each transfer of value is its native token, ECOTERRA.

For example, ECOTERRA is the rewards currency that backs its Recycle2Earn concept. This means that when depositing unwanted items into an ecoterra reverse vending machine, users will receive ECOTERRA tokens. Users can track their ECOTERRA balances via the ecoterra app.

After earning ECOTERRA, users have several options. For instance, they can stake the tokens to earn passive rewards, paid in ECOTERRA. Alternatively, they can use the tokens to make environmentally friendly purchases within the ecoterra ecosystem. This includes buying verified carbon credits, enabling users to offset their carbon footprint.


ECOTERRA is also the investment token of this project. This means that the token will trade on crypto exchanges after the presale and its value will rise and fall. This enables investors to gain exposure to the growth of ECOTERRA.

ECOTERRA is also used for marketplace transactions. For example, companies wishing to buy recycled plastics or glass can do so by paying in ECOTERRA. This is also the case for the project’s impact trackable profile service. As we mention, this can increase the company’s brand value, as customers can view its green initiatives.

Reasons to Invest in Ecoterra

Many analysts believe that ecoterra could go on to become one of the best crypto presales this year. 

Here are some of the reasons why ECOTERRA tokens could be the next crypto to explode.

Society is Becoming More Environmentally Conscious

Society across the globe is becoming more conscious of its impact on the environment. Many governments around the world are allocating resources to make the world a greener place. For example, the European Union recently announced that all new fossil fuel cars will be banned in 2035.

Moreover, the recycling industry itself is growing year-on-year. For instance, in 2022 it is estimated the global waste and recycling market was worth over $60 billion. This is estimated to grow to over $88 billion by 2030. All of these factors suggest that ecoterra is entering a high-growth market at the right time.

For example, not only will it enable users to earn rewards for recycling, but its ecosystem also supports carbon footprint offsetting. This is in addition to creating a marketplace for businesses to buy recycled goods in bulk. All of which is facilitated with ECOTERRA tokens.


The Recycle2Earn concept being developed by ecoterra is a unique and innovative mechanism. It has the potential to increase the number of people making the effort to recycle their unwanted goods. Conventional items like glass bottles and plastics will be supported in addition to technology products, aluminum, and other recycled materials.

ecoterra explained

The process will be streamlined by the ecoterra app. This will inform users of their nearest reverse vending machine and the types of recycled materials it supports. Users will then scan their items, deposit them, and receive ECOTERRA tokens for their efforts. The app will also allow users to view and manage their tokenized rewards.

Business-to-Business Services

Another reason to invest in ecoterra is that the project is building a recycled materials marketplace. This will allow businesses to search for recycled materials and connect with partnered suppliers. Businesses can then purchase their required materials with ECOTERRA tokens. Once again, this highlights that ECOTERRA has real-world use cases.

Additionally, ecoterra will also allow businesses to improve their ecological and social profile. Through its impact profile services, businesses can showcase how they are helping fight climate change through eco-friendly practices. For instance, customers will be able to see that the business has purchased recycled materials or verified carbon credits through ecoterra.

Verified Carbon Credits

Another real-world use case for ECOTERRA is that the tokens can be used to buy verified carbon credits via a decentralized marketplace. Each carbon credit is sourced from certified registries and programs.

Users can then share their ecoterra profile through a QR code, enabling people to showcase their contribution to the environment.

Presale Offers an Upside of up to 150%

Not only is ecoterra one of the best penny cryptos to buy, for long-term gains, but the presale offers early investors an immediate upside.

  • Put simply, the presale comes in nine stages.
  • Each stage will increase the presale price
  • This means those investing in prior stages will have already secured investment gains
  • This is even before ECOTERRA is listed on an exchange

For example, stage one of the presale prices ECOTERRA at  $0.004 per token. This means that investing $1,000 will yield 250,000 ECOTERRA.

In the ninth and final stage, the presale will price ECOTERRA at $0.01. This means that the 250,000 tokens purchased in stage one will now be worth $2,500. Based on the initial $1,000 investment, this offers an upside of 150%.

At the time of writing, the presale is already in stage 3 with more than $1.3 million raised in just two weeks – that means those who invest now will see a price rise of 82% by the final stage.

Ecoterra Presale Details and Tokenomics 

As noted above, the ecoterra presale will have nine stages, each of which increases the token price. The presale launched on March 29, 2023. The soft and harp cap of the presale is $2 million and $6.7 million respectively. Based on the project’s unique selling point and crypto analyst sentiment, ecoterra is expected to reach its hard cap with ease.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens USD Value Raised Totals
Stage 1 Price $0.004000 20.00% 200,000,000 $800,000.00 $800,000
Stage 2 Price $0.004750 10.00% 100,000,000 $475,000.00 $1,275,000
Stage 3 Price $0.005500 10.00% 100,000,000 $550,000.00 $1,825,000
Stage 4 Price $0.006250 10.00% 100,000,000 $625,000.00 $2,450,000
Stage 5 Price $0.007000 10.00% 100,000,000 $700,000.00 $3,150,000
Stage 6 Price $0.007750 10.00% 100,000,000 $775,000.00 $3,925,000
Stage 7 Price $0.008500 10.00% 100,000,000 $850,000.00 $4,775,000
Stage 8 Price $0.009250 10.00% 100,000,000 $925,000.00 $5,700,000
Stage 9 Price $0.010000 10.00% 100,000,000 $1,000,000.00 $6,700,000
Total Presale 100% 1,000,000,000 $6,700,000

ECOTERRA tokens can be purchased with ETH, USDT, or a debit/credit card. This is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. After the presale, ECOTERRA will be listed on an exchange. This is scheduled for Q3 2023 and the centralized exchange(s) will be announced in due course.

The total supply of ECOTERRA is two billion tokens. 50% of the supply will be sold during the presale. All presale tokens are unlocked, meaning there is no vesting period for investors. 25% of the supply will be used for liquidity, while 5% is for exchange listings. The balance is split between marketing, company adoption, and the development team.

ECOTERRA Price Prediction: How Big Can Ecoterra Get?

Ecoterra is already creating hype across both the crypto and global recycling markets. As such, its ECOTERRA token has every chance of becoming a billion-dollar project within the next 2-3 years. But what are the latest Ecoterra price predictions suggesting for the foreseeable future? In the meantime, presale investors can lock in an 82% upside by completing the investment as early as possible.

ecoterra presale

After the presale finishes, the project’s market cap will depend on the number of tokens sold. For example, let’s suppose that the presale reaches its hard cap total as expected. This means that $6.7 million will be raised. This represents 50% of the total supply, so the fully diluted market cap will be $13.4 million.

This will appeal to growth investors that like to gain exposure to low-cap coins.  Crucially, there is plenty of upside available for presale investors; especially those investing in the early stages.


Ecoterra offers one of the best presale investment opportunities of the year. Its native token, ECOTERRA, fuels the project’s Recycle2Earn concept. This enables people to earn rewards for recycling and help combat climate change. Ecoterra also serves the business-to-business industry through a recycled materials marketplace and an impact-trackable profile.

The ecoterra presale is now live and early investors will secure the lowest price possible. There is an upside of up to 82% available before ECOTERRA is listed on an exchange. This is because the presale price increases as each stage passes.

More than $1.3 million has been invested in just two weeks since ecoterra was launched.


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