How to Buy Gold With Bitcoin in 2024 – 5 Best Online Stores

Gold is the oldest commodity in the world, and even though some believe it’s no longer a good investment, it’s still a great way to combat inflation and diversify your portfolio. However, it can be expensive, so many wonder how to buy gold with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

The good news is that this is entirely possible and easy to do. In this piece, we explain how you can buy gold and products made of gold with BTC and which prominent online shops you should use. We’ve prepared five high-quality online shops that sell gold jewelry, coins, bullion, and sometimes shares, derivatives, and stocks. 

How to Buy Gold With Bitcoin in 5 Quick Steps

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick summary of how you can buy gold online using Bitcoin:

  1. Pick an online dealer or store — You can select any store, but we recommend Crypto Emporium. You can read why in the detailed review further down. 
  2. Register an account — Follow the instructions on creating your profile on the site. You’ll likely have to provide personal details due to KYC procedures.
  3. Browse the store and pick the products — Browse the available products and select one or more that you wish to buy. 
  4. Pick Bitcoin and add shipping info — Choose BTC as the payment method and provide the necessary shipping information.
  5. Complete the payment — The site will give you its BTC address; copy and paste it into your crypto wallet and confirm the transaction. 

Once the payment is verified, the site will confirm your order and proceed with delivering it. Bear in mind that if you’re buying gold indirectly through mutual funds or ETFs, you’ll only receive proof of your purchase and other necessary details to review your new assets. 

Best Places to Buy Gold With Crypto 

Learning how to do it is one thing, but finding where to buy gold with Bitcoin is entirely different. You must pick a suitable and reputable site that sells your desired products. You also need to ensure the site accepts BTC and has low prices so you don’t spend more than you need to.

We’ve done the research for you and found five excellent online dealers and shops selling gold bullion coins, bars, jewelry, and more. They are highly reputable in this sphere, have state-of-the-art security features, make the browsing and buying processes easy, and offer competitive prices for BTC buyers. 

You only need to pick the store that offers what you need, and if you’re unsure of what to pick, we recommend our top choice — Crypto Emporium. Keep reading to learn why that’s the case and what the other four dealers offer. 

1. Crypto Emporium — Overall Best Shop for Buying Products Made of Gold Using Bitcoin

Crypto Emporium is a crypto store selling a wide range of products, including gold jewelry and watches

Crypto Emporium is not a typical gold dealer. You won’t run into this site when looking for where to buy gold with Bitcoin. So, why do we believe this is the best overall site for buying gold with Bitcoin?

There are several reasons for this. Mainly, it’s because it sells products made of gold, specifically gold jewelry of all kinds for both men and women, and gold watches from elite brands like Rolex and Cartier. These products are often a better investment than regular gold bullion, which is cumbersome and harder to resell. Plus, some dealers don’t send actual bullion but shares in various mutual funds and ETFs. 

Gold-based jewelry and other luxury items are more popular and are valued more. This price often increases over time due to the popularity of luxury items as an investment. Both watches and jewelry are some of the most lucrative luxury investments if you look at their price change in the last ten years.

In the long run, investing in gold products like watches and jewelry is far more lucrative than actual gold bars and coins, as their price might not increase as much over time. 

Besides that, Crypto Emporium is an online store entirely based on selling products for Bitcoin and several altcoins. This means the prices are often lower than at other stores that primarily sell items for fiat currencies, including most gold dealers. 

Granted, some dealers, including the ones we recommend, have good deals and discounts on purchases made with crypto, but these are rarely better than what Crypto Emporium can offer directly through the item’s price. That’s precisely why we think it’s the overall best option. 

Another great advantage of Crypto Emporium is the fact that it ships all over the world. Currently, it ships to more than 120 countries, a number rarely reached by other gold online stores and dealers. 

If you decide to buy large quantities, you’ll benefit significantly from Crypto Emporium’s rewards program. For every purchase, you receive points you can later redeem for the platform’s native cryptocurrency — Emporium Cash. 

Crypto Emporium plans to introduce staking and trading features, so you’ll earn more from the tokens themselves, likely on many of the top staking platforms today. 

You can still earn 4% cashback on purchases and benefit from monthly giveaways and competitions. 

If you want to learn more about the site and its benefits, we have a detailed Crypto Emporium review covering everything you need to know about the platform before you decide to use it.

2. Bitgild — Best Shipment Insurance

Bitgild is an online gold dealer focusing on gold bullion coins and bars

Bitgild is an online gold dealer that sells gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Even though it only sells these two types of items, it has a large selection and offers good deals to people using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

You’ll find various Britannia, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Sovereign, and Philharmoniker coins and over 50 gold bars, primarily Heraeus, Valcambi, and Perth Mint.

The site allows credit cards, bank transfers, and iDeal but has a large selection of cryptocurrencies. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, Dash, and many others. Bitgild is constantly adding new coins, and their number is already bigger than those offered by most other gold dealers. 

Bitgild offers worldwide shipping, but it mainly focuses on EU countries. Shipping is free for orders over $1,000, while those below have a $19.95 shipping fee. This is worse than many other stores on the list, but the site delivers worldwide, which is rarely the case. 

Moreover, all shipments are fully insured, and if something happens, the site guarantees a 100% refund. If you’re worried about shipment issues and how to invest in gold with Bitcoin, then Bitgild is the safest option. 

3. JM Bullion — Most Customer-Friendly Option

JM Bullion has a comprehensive offering of gold bullion coins, bars, notes, and jewelry

JM Bullion is one of the most trustworthy gold bullion dealers on the web that’s been in business since 2011. It’s also the leading choice if you’re looking for the best customer experience. JM Bullion is known for having a dedicated customer service team, but also for its user-friendly website with easy-to-use shopping mechanics, transparent pricing, and valuable features that investors can benefit from. 

It has a lot of positive reviews online, but they primarily come from US citizens, mainly because the site ships only to the United States. However, if you live in America, you’ll benefit from its low shipping costs of $9.95 on orders below $199. 

Moreover, JM Bullion is the recipient of several awards, including being ranked number 40 on the Inc. 500 2016 rankings and Newsweek’s Best Online Shops 2022 award.

The site has an extensive collection of gold bullion coins and bars, but it also sells jewelry and gold cards, unique thin gold items that are similar in design to banknotes. 

JM Bullion accepts a wide range of payment options, with Bitcoin being one of them. The order minimum for BTC purchases is zero, while the maximum is $500,000, so you shouldn’t have a problem buying more items on the site. Moreover, you’ll get a 3% discount if you use the king of crypto. 

4. APMEX — Most Diverse Selection of Products

APMEX offers a diverse selection of gold products, including various bars, coins, and rounds

APMEX, or American Precious Metals Exchange, is one of the leading gold dealers on the web, with over 46,000 products. That’s one of the most diverse gold bullion coins, bars, and rounds selections. There’s no jewelry, though. 

However, you can purchase various coins from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, South African Mint, The Perth Mint, The Royal Mint, and many others. 

APMEX supports various payment methods, including crypto. Naturally, Bitcoin is the most prominent choice, but the dealer allows Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Polygon, and several stablecoins like USDC and USDP. 

The site has a 4% discount, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Bitcoin purchases, only on bank wire, paper check, eCheck, and trade. 

Despite that, buying with Bitcoin is still relatively simple, and the website allows you to buy any gold or silver product in the store. You’ll have to use BitPay for this, and you typically get 15 minutes to transfer the funds from your wallet to the shop’s address. You can order up to $400,000 worth of items per week. 

APMEX ships to more than 30 countries, including the US, Canada, several EU countries, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. If your country is on the list and you’re worried about where to invest in gold with Bitcoin, APMEX is an excellent choice for the sheer number of gold bullions it offers. 

5. BGASC — Best for Buying Gold Coins

BGASC offers a wide range of gold bars and coins of US, Canadian, and Australian origin

BGASC, short for Buy Gold And Silver Coins, is an aptly named website and one of the top gold dealers focusing primarily on gold coins. In that regard, it has few competitors as its offering is highly diverse and affordable. 

You can buy a wide range of gold and silver coins, including US Mint Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, British Gold Sovereigns, Gold Britannia Coins, and many others. You can even purchase gold coins from countries like Mexico, Armenia, Cameroon, Austria, Spain, and others. 

It’s a bit limited when it comes to other gold products, but it still offers a decent number of gold bars and some jewelry. 

Even though you need to order more than $199 worth of products to get free shipping, BGASC has no added or hidden fees. If you want to sell a gold product to them, you’ll get the same prices as those offered on the site. BGASC allows crypto orders up to $100,000 and provides a 3% discount on purchases with BTC and other supported digital coins. 

The site only ships to addresses in the US, but it’s still built up an excellent reputation in the industry. The same high standard of quality permeates the site’s customer support, whom you can contact through the contact form, email, or phone number. 

Why Buy Gold With Bitcoin?

Buying gold with Bitcoin has many benefits, including quick transactions, low fees, and no involvement of banks or exchange margins.

We all know that gold has been valuable since antiquity, but it’s also one of the rare commodities that has been rising in value for a very long time. The growth is often slow, and there have been drops in price in the last 100 years, but it has always gone back up and risen further than ever before. 

This means that gold may not offer exceptional ROI like crypto or some other assets, but it’s a great shield against volatility and one of the best stores of value, especially in uncertain times.

But why should you buy it with BTC? We’ve already covered where to buy gold with Bitcoin, so now is the time to explain the reasons for it.

Transaction Speed

First and foremost, the most important benefit is speed. Transactions on the blockchain are much faster than those using traditional payment methods, especially banks. And since buying gold is a sizable investment, you can avoid the additional paperwork that further adds time to the process. 

The speed depends on the crypto used. Bitcoin doesn’t offer some of the fastest processing times, but since they are still counted in minutes or hours, it’s much faster than bank transfers and credit card payments. 

Low Fees

Bitcoin has fees, but since it’s a decentralized payment method, they are pretty low compared to traditional wire fees. It’s called the gas fee, and it’s paid to the blockchain network and distributed as a reward to the miners for validating transactions. 

Banks Are Unnecessary

If you decide to pay for gold products with crypto like BTC, you don’t have to use a bank. Your bitcoins are stored in your wallet, and you can do with them as you please. 

In other words, you only need to pay and wait for the seller to send you the gold. A bank is not involved, so there’s no paperwork, long processing times, and no credit and identity checks. 

No Currency Conversion

Gold dealers and online stores are often international, meaning they deal with customers using different currencies. If your currency doesn’t match the site’s, you must pay exchange fees in addition to the price of the item and shipping costs. 

With crypto, you don’t have to worry about these margins, regardless of where the buyer and seller are. 

Is It Safe to Buy Gold With BTC?

Buying gold with Bitcoin is as safe as buying it with any other currency or payment method. In fact, it’s potentially much safer due to the blockchain’s inherent security. Bitcoin is decentralized, so you’d need to break the system (take over 51% of the network) to fake transactions or steal data. 

Naturally, there’s still the fear that someone could break into your wallet. However, if you use proper security measures and keep your keys and passwords safe, there’s hardly a reason to worry.

Even though Bitcoin is secure, you need to ensure that the company you’re buying from is also safe. If you send money to a scam site, there’s almost no way to get your funds back, as there’s no central authority like a bank that can help you and crypto transactions are irreversible. 

It’s vital to use a reputable online dealer with years of experience. It should also have proper security measures like SSL encryption and reliable payment gateways. To stay safe, you can choose one of the vetted sites we recommend, but if you’re opting for somewhere else, read about it online extensively to ensure it’s reputable and trustworthy. 

How to Buy Gold With Crypto — Tutorial

Buying gold products with crypto on sites like Crypto Emporium is quick and simple. If you already have a wallet with BTC or some other coin, you only need to register at the store, add the products to the cart, input the necessary address information, and complete the payment. In other words, buying gold with Bitcoin is largely the same as buying any other product with a traditional payment option.

The good news is that purchasing gold with Bitcoin is almost the same as buying any other products with BTC. But to make things even simpler, we have prepared a detailed purchasing guide that explains how buying gold jewelry and watches works on Crypto Emporium. This leading online shop primarily works on Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. 

Buying watches with BTC and jewelry is quite easy there and will often save you more money than using other sites that keep both fiat and crypto. Here’s a step-by-step process on how buying gold on Crypto Emporium works:

1. Pick and Set Up a Crypto Wallet

Metamask is the usual choice for most crypto beginners as it’s free and easy to set up

If you don’t already have Bitcoin, you must first obtain some. To do that, you should first set up a free crypto wallet. As you’re starting, it’s best to pick a reputable software wallet you can use online and install on your device. This will make paying for gold online much easier. 

With most crypto wallets of this type, you’ll need to register an account on their official website and follow the instructions to set up and activate. 

Ensure you follow up on all the safety suggestions the wallet gives. This will keep your assets safe from cybercriminals. Proper safety measures include keeping your seed phrase safe and using 2FA as extra security. 

If you don’t know which wallet to use, it’s best to go for some obvious, popular choices like MetaMask, Exodus, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet. 

2. Choose an Exchange and Buy Crypto

Once you’ve prepared your wallet, you can proceed with purchasing the crypto. If you already have that option on your wallet, you can easily make the acquisition, but you’ll likely need to create an account on a reputable crypto exchange that sells the crypto you wish to buy. 

It’s best to go with one of the best crypto exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase. 

Once you pick one, register an account. The process is usually simple and quick, but it involves several personal details, as centralized exchanges are required by law to ask for these. 

When your account is ready and verified, you must deposit the funds you’ll use to buy cryptocurrency. You’ll typically get several dozen payment options, including the more popular ones like credit cards, various e-wallets, and bank transfers. 

Ensure you deposit enough funds to cover the price of the coins, the exchange margins, blockchain gas fees, and the site trading fees. 

When the funds reach you, it’s all a matter of picking the coin you need and inputting how much you want to buy. The buying process is largely automatic, and the assets should reach you relatively quickly, depending on how busy the blockchain network and the exchange are. Then you only need to transfer the funds to your wallet. 

3. Register an Account on Crypto Emporium 

The homepage of Crypto Emporium with the Account section

If you have cryptocurrency, the first step in the buying process is to visit the official site of Crypto Emporium and register. Click on Account, confirm you’re not a robot, and press the Register button.

The registration form on Crypto Emporium

In the registration section, you must provide several personal details, like your name and phone number, as seen in the image above. 

When you enter all the required information and click Register, the site will create and activate your new account.

Make sure to set the cryptocurrency you’ll use in the upper right corner of the screen. The site will display the prices and create orders in that coin from then on. 

4. Pick the Gold Products You Want to Buy 

Crypto Emporium’s categories include sections for watches and jewelry

Visit the watch and fashion sections to see which products made of gold you can buy. You can also search for specific ones using the Search option or sort the products based on price, popularity, and more. Add to the cart every product you decide to buy. 

5. Provide Your Shipping Info

Once all your items are in the cart, head over to it and review what’s added and how much it costs. If everything is alright, click on Proceed to checkout.

The checkout page on Crypto Emporium

On the checkout page, you must input your shipping and personal information so the site knows where to send the products. This effectively means that you can’t buy gold with Bitcoin anonymously. When selecting your country and city, Crypto Emporium will calculate how much you need to pay in fees and add that to the overall price. 

Once everything is in, double-check all the info and price. This is crucial as the site will place the order and create a payment gateway based on that information. Once you pay, the transaction cannot be reversed, as that’s not possible with cryptocurrencies. 

If everything is ok, tick the checkboxes and click Place Order to proceed to the payment screen.

6. Make the Payment

Payment page on Crypto Emporium

As soon as you click the Place Order button, Crypto Emporium will automatically transfer you to the payment page handled by the site’s partner — CoinPayments, a prominent crypto payment gateway and wallet.

On it, you’ll get the address to which you need to send the crypto, or you can take the more straightforward route by scanning the QR code with your crypto wallet mobile app. Whatever the case, you’ll have a time limit, as shown in the image above. Complete the payment as early as possible, and the site will process it immediately.

If you’re copying the address, do it with the copy/paste function to avoid a typo. Remember that mistakes cannot be corrected with crypto transactions. Once the transaction is made, it can’t be undone or changed due to the nature of blockchain technology. The same goes for the amount, so don’t overpay or underpay Crypto Emporium to avoid the hassle of added transactions later on.

7. Wait for the Package

Once you pay, your part of the work is done, and Crypto Emporium will handle the rest. You’ll receive an order confirmation, and the site will start packaging the goods as soon as possible. 

You can track it through the Orders page in the Account area. Crypto Emporium typically delivers most packages within seven days, but it all depends on the weight of the package and a few other factors.


Many investors are thinking about how to buy gold with Bitcoin, as Bitcoin is one of the latest digital commodities with a high price point. For this and many other benefits that it offers, an increasing number of investors want to buy gold using Bitcoin. 

Most prefer to buy gold bullion, like bars and coins, but you should always consider diversifying your portfolio with luxury items made of gold, like jewelry and watches.

The best place to do that is Crypto Emporium. It doesn’t offer gold bullion like other dealers on our list, but it excels at selling luxury products made of gold. Visit the official site to see this for yourself. 


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