How to Buy Pikamoon Token – Is $PIKA a Good Investment?

Pikamoon is the latest metaverse and play to earn crypto token to drop as a presale. It has been trending among Pokemon Go enthusiasts – but is it a good investment in the current market conditions?

This guide will assess how to buy Pikamoon, a presale project that was introduced in mid-March 2023 – and has managed to raise more than $700,000 from early buyers of $PIKA token.

Pikamoon: Key Points

Pikamoon has drawn the attention of many crypto enthusiasts – as well as some skeptics. Therefore, proper research of a cryptocurrency project is necessary before investing.

  1. Pikamoon takes direct inspiration from Pokemon and introduces people to Pikaverse – a metaverse for users to explore.
  2. The token – $PIKA – powers a P2E project featuring turn-based gameplay and standard GameFi mechanics.
  3. The Pikamoon presale was launched in the middle of March 2023, and it has managed to raise more than $700,000 so far.
  4. There are three phases of the Pikamoon presale – and the hard cap for the presale is $6 million.
  5. Early-stage investors will have to face a 1 to 2-month cliff period before they can withdraw their tokens after the Token Generation Event.
  6. Investors can buy PIKA tokens using USDT, ETH, or their credit/debit cards.

How to Buy Pikamoon

Here are the steps to buy Pikamoon via the ongoing presale.

  1. Go to the official website,, and click ‘Buy Now’.
  2. Connect your crypto wallet after ensuring that it has USDT/ETH.
  3. Enter the number of PIKA tokens you want to buy.
  4. Confirm your order to buy PIKA tokens, and claim them once the Pikamoon presale concludes.

Buy Pikamoon coin

What is the Pikamoon Game

  • Pikamoon aims to create a real-time 3D metaverse with photorealistic visuals where players can collect characters (Pikamoons) and battle across the Pikaverse.
  • This project claims that it aims to bring more life into the metaverse and make it a legit place for gamers.
  • The project has created a detailed roadmap – but there is no timeline linked to it.

Pikamoon is a metaverse project that, according to the official whitepaper, will allow players to interact across a photo-realistic world where they will get to capture monsters and put them in a battle against each other.

The gameplay of Pikamoon takes direct inspiration from Pokemon. The official whitepaper states that the main inspiration came from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Sapphire. Their simplistic style could make the game accessible for new as well as old players. The turn-based attribute is not uncommon in P2E games. Axie Infinity is another one to do that. But Pikamoon aims to increase the graphical fidelity of such games.

Graphically, the game seems to take cues from Fortnite. It focuses on a cartoonishly-animated character design while still having a photorealistic style can be good for the ecosystem. This approach may play well into the Flame, Water, and Thunder Kingdoms that the Pikaverse is comprised of.

Buy Pikamoon token

The entire Pikamoon ecosystem is powered by the $PIKA tokens. $PIKA tokens allow users to buy upgrades in the form of NFTs from the marketplace. Each time a transaction is made on the marketplace, Pikamoon burns 5% of the tokens to increase the scarcity. The items that are accessible through the marketplace include.

  1. Items that can be sold for $PIKA tokens
  2. Healing potions.
  3. Capture devices, which are Pokeball equivalent inside the Pikaveerse.
  4. Power boosts to give the Pikamoons more abilities
  5. Treats to increase Pikamoon’s loyalty
  6. Traveler Cards to explore the Pikaverse
  7. And a Hoverboard to explore the Pikaverse in style.

What is the Role of Pikamoon Tokens?

Pikamoon tokens – $PIKA – are deflationary assets powering the Pikamoon ecosystem. The token is said to be a deflationary token with a real utility. These tokens are to be spent on the marketplace to buy items and other articles to make exploring the Pikaverse more fruitful.

PIKA Tokenomics

There are 50 billion Pikamoon tokens in total, out of which 30% have been dedicated to the presale. This project has taken a very different approach to the presale – which means early movers won’t be able to withdraw their tokens quickly after the Token Generation Event.

The official whitepaper said that this move had been taken in order to ensure that there is no immediate dumping as Pikamoon is a long-term project. However, the 1 to 2-month cliff can possibly make people lose out on their gains since the market currently is extremely volatile.

What is a cliff?

Cliff or cliff vesting is a process where users get full ownership of their assets only after a specific period of time. In the context of the Pikamoon presale, cliff means that early movers have to wait a while before they can withdraw their token post the Token Generation Event.

Reasons to Invest in Pikamoon

Pikamoon is a good asset to invest in due to the following reasons.

It is a Presale Token

The first reason to invest in this token is that it is available as a presale. And if you are familiar with the concept, you know that presale allows users to become early movers to generate gains even before the token gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Metaverse Token

The interest in metaverse tokens post-2021 has slowed down due to the arrival of crypto winter. But now that the cryptocurrency market is slowly finding stable ground, innovative metaverse projects are emerging. Pikamoon, from at least what we can see from its roadmap, is aiming to become an innovative project.

Nostalgia Factor

Pikamoon is playing on the nostalgic factor by implementing concepts like turn-based gameplay and quirky creatures. That gives people something familiar to work with, potentially allowing the project to receive massive adoption.

Pikamoon Presale Details

Those who invest in Pikamoon during its early stage can make 3x gains by the time the listing date arrives. But that would depend on whether or not the project launches successfully since no timeline has been given as to when the presale will end.

Pikamoon Presale Details

Here are the key details about the Pikamoon presale.

Presale Phase  Distribution Tokens Token price
Round 1 10% 5,000,000,000 $0.0002
Round 2 10% 5,000,000,000 $0.0004
Round 3  10% 5,000,000,000 $0.0006

Those who invest in round 1 will have a 2-month cliff, and for round 2, Pikamoon has set a 1-month cliff. The third-round investors, however, won’t face any cliff period whatsoever.

The remaining tokens have been distributed among the liquidity pool, reward system, team, marketing, and development of Pikamoon’s ecosystem.

Pikamoon Price Prediction – How Big Can $PIKA Get?

Metaverse cryptos once had a big hold on the market. Take MANA and SAND, for example. These tokens went by 600%, even higher, during the bull run of 2021. The same can happen to PIKA as well, but only if the market conditions say so.

Another factor that could be bullish for PIKA is its approach to P2E. For tooling, games in blockchain have put more into earning and less into playing. That has deterred many “gamers” from interacting with the P2E ecosystem. People have grown tired of the commodification of things they want to just have fun with. So, if PIKA seeks to achieve the same parabolic growth as SAND and MANA did, it must do more. It must put fun as its fundamental offering, and the earning aspect is another attribute that makes the game more valuable.

The final factor to impact the PIKA price is how the market recovers from winter. Bitcoin may have found resistance around the $30k level, but many cryptos were untouched by that positive impact. The market is still bearish. So, if we consider standard market fundamentals, Pikamoon has a lot of work cut out for it.

Check out our full Pikamoon price prediction article, where we go deeper into where the PIKA price might move in the future.

Buying Pikamoon – The Verdict

Pikamoon is a metaverse project that is playing on users’ nostalgia for Pokemon and giving it a different paint job. The platform has good GameFi fundamentals, and participating in the presale is easy.

However, Pikamoon does impose cliffs on those who get in early, which can be damaging since the market is not currently stable. So, for many, waiting for a DEX or CEX listing confirmation first would be a good idea before investing in this crypto.

Meanwhile, there are alternative crypto presales with major upsides thanks to their simple and accesisble concepts.


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