Chainlink Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Chainlink is one of the most successful and widely adopted cryptocurrency protocols. However, the LINK price does not reflect this, with Chainlink only the 23rd biggest cryptocurrency by market cap.

This Chainlink price prediction deep-dives into everything affecting its price, from its use case and tokenomics to investor sentiment. Find out whether LINK is ready to explode or if its poor price performance is justified.

Chainlink Price Prediction Summary

  • Chainlink launched in 2017 as an ICO, priced at $0.09.
  • The current LINK price is $6.27 with a $3.25 billion market cap.
  • LINK is currently down 88.11% from its all-time high (ATH) of $52.7.
  • Our Chainlink price prediction estimates a price of $15 by the end of 2024.
  • Based on our 2025 LINK price prediction, the price could reach $24.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $11 $15 $19
2025 $20 $24 $28
2030 $32 $40 $48

Chainlink Price History

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle provider offering feeds for on and off-chain data. The project was created by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis and built by Chainlink Labs, based in San Fransisco.

It launched in 2017 as an ICO, raising $32 million with a price of $0.09. The project has a 1,000,000,0000 total supply, of which 35% was sold at the presale, 35% was allocated to node operators and the ecosystem, and 30% was withheld for Chainlink Labs.

Following its presale, LINK immediately climbed above its ICO price, trading between $0.19 and $1.27 until July 2019, when it rallied to $3.50.


Then, the price embarked on a bullish ascent up to its $52.7 ATH in May 2021, as seen on the Chainlink price chart above.

However, after its ATH, Chainlink experienced significant price volatility, ultimately leading to a bear market and continuous lower lows. Since crashing, the token has traded below $10 but has climbed 3% in the last 14 days, 22.2% in the previous month and 1.7% in the last year.

The current Chainlink price is $6.27, down 88.11% from its ATH, with a market cap of $3.25 billion. However, the Chainlink circulating supply is 517,099,972 LINK with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. This puts Chainlink’s fully-diluted market cap at $6.2 billion.

Chainlink price history key points:

  • Chainlink launched in 2017 via an ICO priced at $0.09.
  • The price reached an ATH of $52.7 in May 2021.
  • Currently, the price is $6.27, down 88.11% from its ATH.
  • The Chainlink market cap is $3.25 billion.
  • Chainlink’s circulating supply is 517,099,972, with a 1,000,000,000 total supply.

Chainlink Price Prediction 2024

Many experts predict the crypto markets will pick up in 2024 due to the Bitcoin halving. In a recent price prediction, Standard Charted forecasted Bitcoin could hit $120K by the end of 2024. If this prediction proves correct, the rest of the market will likely pump too.

Currently, Chainlink is in the midst of releasing multiple network upgrades, including its Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and Chainlink Economics 2.0.

CCIP is a cross-chain messaging service enabling developers to integrate data from other blockchains within decentralised applications (dApps) without writing customised code. This upgrade will vastly improve blockchain interoperability, opening the entire crypto ecosystem up via the Chainlink Network.

Chainlink Economics 2.0 will introduce staking and other initiatives designed to ensure the long-term growth of the Chainlink Network. According to the Chainlink website, the upgrade will increase Chainlink’s “value capture”.

While both of these upgrades will likely bolster the Chainlink price, CCIP could be particularly impactful since interoperability is one of the primary issues faced in crypto today.

However, there are also issues which suppress the price of Chainlink looking ahead.

First, the Chainlink team has been criticised for aggressively selling LINK tokens to fund the ecosystem’s growth. For example, one of the Chainlink team’s wallets received 50 million LINK and incrementally dumped it on the market over a four-year period starting in 2017.

While selling tokens to fund development may prove beneficial long term, forced sell pressure is likely why investors feel Chainlink has been unable to reach its price potential thus far.

In a recent update, the team announced they will release 7% of the Chainlink total supply this year. Although they highlighted this is less than many other top 100 cryptos, it still represents a significant amount of sell pressure on an already struggling token.

Furthermore, Chainlink node operators often sell the tokens they are rewarded, reducing the impact of LINK’s utility-driven demand. Consequently, a large portion of the Chainlink price is driven by speculation.

Still, Chainlink Economics 2.0 aims to tackle this issue and is showing promising signs thus far.


With this in mind, our Chainlink price prediction estimates possible lows of $11, highs of $19 and an average price of $15.

Chainlink Price Prediction 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, Chainlink looks to be one of the most actionable projects since it is working on multiple initiatives that will take DeFi to the next level.

Currently, Chainlink is building a real-world assets (RWA) infrastructure to make tokenising them trustless and secure. Chainlink’s reputation, combined with its partnerships with high-profile enterprises and institutions, means its RWA solution could experience substantial adoption.

Recently, Chainlink has partnered with Swift to begin testing blockchain infrastructure for large traditional finance institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group and Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC). According to the Swift press release, the initiative will enable the institutions to transfer tokenised assets across blockchains.

Chainlink has also partnered with countless other world-leading enterprises such as Amazon Web Servers, Associated Press and Google BigQuery.

With this in mind, it is evident that institutional adoption of cryptocurrency will involve Chainlink. Moreover, most cryptocurrency protocols, including Ethereum, Cardano and Arbitrum, use chainlink for data feeds. Consequently, the Chainlink network demand will grow as the crypto market grows.


Therefore, our Chainlink price prediction forecasts lows of $20, highs of $28 and an average price of $24 by the end of 2025.

Chainlink Price Prediction 2030

Taking a long-term outlook, the main advantage of Chainlink is that it has monopolised the oracle service provider sector.

While it faces stern competition in API3, Chainlink has a 30X larger market cap than API3’s market cap, proving its dominance. Furthermore, as we have discussed, Chainlink provides data feeds to almost all important players in the cryptocurrency space. Therefore, a bet on Chainlink is essentially a bet on the entire cryptocurrency industry.

That said, the Chainlink tokenomics must also be considered. LINK’s utility and aggressive sell pressure from the team may prevent the price from reaching its potential. However, the sell pressure could be absorbed if the team continues adding utility to the token.

Providing Chainlink adds utility to its token; its adoption, network upgrades, and relatively low market means it could be one of the best long-term cryptos.


With this in mind, our Chainlink price prediction forecasts a minimum price of $32, a maximum price of $48 and an average price of $40 by the end of 2030.

While this may seem low considering its current ATH, our price prediction is based on the current information on Chainlink’s future developments. Moreover, although it could climb higher, our predictions provide a range in which we believe the price could sustain itself.

Possible Lows and Highs of Chainlink Price

Chainlink holds one of the strongest monopolies in crypto. This helps to minimise risk from the competition, but its tokenommics likely prevent it from being one of the cryptos that could make you rich. We have listed our prediction LINK lows and highs below.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $11 $19
2025 $20 $28
2030 $32 $48

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Chainlink?

Although Chainlink is a massively exciting project, it remains to be seen how far it can go. To better understand its potential, we have summarised the LINK price predictions from other analysts below.

According to Changelly’s Chainlink price forecast, the price could reach possible lows of $10, highs of $18 and an average price of $14 by the end of 2024.

The CryptoNewZ Chainlink price prediction estimates a minimum price of $1.47 and a maximum price of 23.29 by the end of 2024.

Based on the AMBCrypto LINK price prediction, the price could reach lows of $11.72, highs of $21.58 by the end of 2024.

BitNation’s LINK price forecast predicts lows of $7.42, highs of $11.13 and an average price of $9.28 by the end of 2024.

The Chainlink forecast estimates possible lows of $7, highs of $8.18 and an average price of $7.25 by the end of 2024.

What is Chainlink and What is it Used For?

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle service that provides on and off-chain data to blockchain projects. The Chainlink Network consists of decentralised oracle nodes that gather data and report it to a Chainlink data feed, which then aggregates it into one data point.

In return for reporting data, network oracles receive LINK. However, providers must stake LINK tokens to run an oracle node, which can be slashed if the data is reported incorrectly. This ensures that nodes are honest and they report correct data.

One of the primary uses of Chainlink is to provide price data to dApps. Before Chainlink, inputting external price data into a dApp was considered a central point of failure for decentralised applications since they had to rely on centralised APIs.

However, Chainlink is venturing into many oracle services, ranging from cross-chain messaging to reporting weather data to dApps.

Chainlink Overview

Cryptocurrency Chainlink
Ticker Symbol LINK
Rank 23
Price $6.27
Price Change 24H 1.8%
Market Cap $3,250,605,418
Circulating Supply 517,099,972 LINK
Trading Volume 24H $118M
All Time High $52.7
All Time Low $0.128183

What Factors Influence the Price of Chainlink

Chainlink has been widely criticized for the large allocation of LINK to the team and its aggressive selling of those tokens. Many analysts speculate that this has suppressed the Chainlink price despite the project’s significant progress.

Another factor impacting the Chainlink price is investor sentiment and speculation. During the last bull market, Chainlink’s partnerships with web2 and web3 brands generated massive hype, causing investors to flock to the project, bolstering its price.

Looking ahead, partnerships that Chainlink secures with web2 brands to bring crypto to the masses could drive investors’ sentiment, causing LINK to be one of the next cryptos to explode.

Utility will also significantly impact the LINK price in the future. Considering the level of adoption of Chainlink, the price could soar to unprecedented heights if the team integrates more utility.

Is Chainlink a Buy?

Chainlink is a strong project and could be one of the best altcoins. The team is continually innovating, and its recent partnership with Swift could propel Chainlink to a new paradigm.

That said, so long as the issues surrounding Chainlink’s tokenomics remain, it is unlikely that LINK will see parabolic gains. Instead, we expect a more steady long-term uptrend for the project.


While Chainlink is undoubtedly one of the best DeFi cryptos, its $3.25 billion market cap and aggressive token vesting means the upside is limited.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best cryptos to buy now – check it out today.



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