Dogwifhat Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

$WIF price prediction

The Dogwifhat ($WIF) meme coin is one of the hottest tokens of early 2024. The 5th largest meme coin by market cap has enthusiasts stating the crypto bull market is back in full force. With many meme coins like $WIF hitting their stride and posting all-time highs for multiple days in a row, it is hard to disagree.

This Dogwifhat price prediction dives into the future price of this token for 2024, 2025, and 2030. Focusing on the token’s fundamentals as well as the future of the market, we’ll also look at what influences the token price and the best place to buy Dogwifhat.

Dogwifhat Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • Dogwifhat was launched in November 2023, and its first recorded DEX price was $0.000001366
  • By late December 2023 Dogwifhat had hit highs of $0.3252—gains of over 23.8 million percent
  • In early 2024 $WIF traded around $0.45 as multiple exchanges listed the token
  • As meme mania started in late February Dogwifhat climbed once more, eventually hitting an all-time high (ATH) of $1.96 on March 5th
  • We expect Dogwifhat to continue its upward trajectory in 2024 and 2025, posting highs of $5.98 and $8.19 respectively in each year
  • Despite its short-term gains, our Dogwifhat price prediction expects the token to fall out of favor by 2030, with a high of just $0.20
Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $1.08 $2.88 $5.98
2025 $3.29 $4.25 $8.19
2030 $0.08 $0.12 $0.20

Dogwifhat Price History

The Dogwifhat token was launched in November 2023, just as the Bonk meme coin was breathing new life into the Solana ecosystem. By the end of the year the crypto market was shifting gears and starting its current rally based on speculation around Bitcoin ETFs.

Dogwifhat began its trading journey on the Raydium DEX for Solana, where its first recorded price was $0.000001366 on November 20th 2023. The first recorded price for $WIF on CoinMarketCap was $0.1797 on December 19th that year, as the token went mainstream, helping drive up the price of Solana. From here it quickly climbed to reach a high of $0.3252 on December 21st.

The price of Dogwifhat then declined as we moved into 2024, hitting its all-time low of $0.067 on January 8th. From here it climbed steadily to trade between the support and resistance of $0.21 and $0.45 respectively for the next 6 weeks.

Dogwifhat All-Time Price Chart

At the end of February 2024, Dogwifhat quickly gained traction on leading exchanges, with Binance launching perpetual trading for the token and other platforms like launching spot trading.

On February 26th, in line with the wider meme coin market, Dogwifhat went parabolic. Rising from $0.369 and creating new ATHs each day, Dogwifhat posted its current ATH of $1.96 on March 5th after Binance announced it would list the token for spot trading.

These gains mean Dogwifhat has a market cap of over $1 billion, a feat achieved by only a handful of other meme coins.

Dogwifhat Price History Summary

  • Dogwifhat was launched on the Raydium Solana DEX in November 2023, with a first recorded price of $0.000001366.
  • In December 2023 Dogwifhat caught the interest of the mainstream and was listed on CoinMarketCap hitting a 2023 high of $0.3252.
  • The price declined into 2024 but found a range between $0.21 and $0.45 in mid-January as multiple top crypto exchanges began listing the token.
  • On February 26th $WIF joined the meme coin frenzy, posting new ATHs for 9 consecutive days.
  • After hitting $1.96 $WIF experienced a 24% drawdown before bouncing back to log a new ATH of $2.20 on March 5th 2024. 
  • Price at time of press is $2.09 with a market cap of $2.09 billion.

Dogwifhat Explainer Banner from Website

Dogwifhat Price Prediction 2024

Dogwifhat has had a tremendous start to 2024, and if the market-wide rally continues, and Bitcoin surpasses its all-time high, then it is likely that Dogwifhat’s 2024 will get even better.

Dogwifhat has already solidified itself as a top meme coin by achieving a market cap of over $1 billion. With a Bitcoin Halving due in April this year, crypto speculators have only just started trading meme coins, the most speculative of assets.

On the back of this, our Dogwifhat price prediction for 2024 is hugely positive and features highs of $5.98, lows of $1.08, and a median price of $2.88 for the Dogwifhat crypto price.

Dogwifhat Price Prediction 2025

Solana’s most popular meme coin, Bonk, is almost exactly 1 year older than Dogwifhat, and has reached a market cap of over $2 billion boasting almost 650,000 holders. Dogwifhat, on the other hand, has just 69,000 holders and has been around for less than 4 months.

Looking at Dogwifhat’s fundamentals we find that there are a total of 998,906,465.49 WIF tokens available, all of which are in circulation. If we look at the top meme coins, Doge has a market cap of $21.5 billion and around 5 million holders, whilst Shiba Inu has a market cap of $19.8 billion and around 1.3 million holders. To top Doge, WIF would have to increase to a price of $21.5—representing a gain of 1,323% on today’s price.

While this is not impossible, such an occurrence is highly improbable as it relies on the Solana network gaining the same level of traction. Given that Solana already staged a stupendous comeback at the end of 2023 we don’t expect such a thing to happen again.

However, with the effects of a Bitcoin Halving yet to be felt and an improving macroeconomic outlook, we do forecast a positive future for Dogwifhat in 2025. This is why our Dogwifhat price prediction for 2025 is a high of $8.19, a low of $3.29, and an average price of $4.25.

Dogwifhat Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2030 Predictions

Does Dogwifhat have a long-term future? Such a question is hard to answer in the fast-moving crypto industry. The meme coins that have survived to hold a meaningful valuation after more than a few years are few in number:

  • Dogecoin ($21.5 billion market cap)
  • Shiba Inu ($19.8 billion market cap)
  • Floki ($1 billion market cap)

All of these tokens have something in common, which is they have evolved utility, giving them something to base a valuation on outside of pure speculation.

Dogwifhat does not have any publicly available plans in place to build utility and, as a result, our Dogwifhat price prediction for 2030 reflects the current state of the market. Due to the token’s lack of prospective utility, we predict a high of $0.20, a low of $0.08, and an average price of $0.12 by the end of the decade. This low represents a 99% loss from the highs predicted for 2025.

Dogwifhat logo

Potential Highs & Lows of Dogwifhat Coin Price

To summarize: While we think that Dogwifhat will fare extremely well in the upcoming bull market we do not see it having a positive long-term future. In the table below we’ve summarized our Dogwifhat price forecast for 2024, 2025, and 2030.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $1.08 $2.88 $5.98
2025 $3.29 $4.25 $8.19
2030 $0.08 $0.12 $0.20

What do Other Analysts Predict for Dogwifhat Coin?

Writing for the OveAdd website, Sandeep Jadhav predicts that Dogwifhat will attain highs of $3.41 in 2030, accompanied by a low prediction of $3.17.

Gracie Perez, writing for the PricePrediction website, suggests that $WIF could trade as high as $2.52 by 2030, but could hit $208.98 in 2050.

The AMBCrypto website also uses algorithms to predict the future  price of tokens and expects Dogwifhat to trade in a range between $4.85 and $5.82 by 2030.

What is Dogwifhat Coin and What is it Used For?

Dogwifhat is exactly what it says, a picture of a dog in a hat—a knitted woolen hat. Notably, the dog featured in the hat is the Shiba Inu breed of dog, which is the focus of the top two meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

While these two meme coins and Solana’s top meme coin Bonk (also featuring a dog) have turned to make utility a focus of their token’s offerings, Dogwifhat sticks to simple meme coin purity and offers users light-hearted, meme-focused humor, along with a community of likeminded users.

Dogwifhat Community Feedback on Website

On their website, the project makes the $WIF token’s utility very clear: “LITERALLY JUST A DOG WIF A HAT”, and the project’s X account, with 48k+ followers, makes its community focus clear: “vibes wif frens onchain.”

Upcoming Dogwifhat Meme Generator

Despite its statement of no utility, the Dogwifhat website does state that a “WIF Hat Generator” will be coming soon, which could allow users to personalize the already popular Dogwifhat meme.

Dogwifhat Coin Overview

Cryptocurrency Dogwifhat
Ticker Symbol WIF
Rank #50
Price $2.09
Price Change 24H 39.41%
Market Cap $2.09 billion
Circulating Supply 998,920,173 WIF
Trading Volume 24H $1.3 billion
All Time High $2.20
All Time Low $0.677

What Influences the Price of Dogwifhat?

With no utility and a valuation based purely on speculation, there are a limited number of factors that can affect a Dogwifhat coin forecast. These are:

  • The Meme Coin Market: As seen with the token price rises of February and March, meme coins move together, and Dogwifhat, as a part of that ecosystem, is no exception.
  • The Adoption of Solana: Dogwifhat is the second most popular meme coin on the Solana network, and its high position in the meme coin ranking is, in part, due to the renewed popularity of its parent chain. If Solana falls out of favor, expect its meme coins to do so too.
  • The Crypto Markets: While meme coins may move together they cannot escape the effects of the rest of the market. Expect meme coins to follow the energy of the crypto markets.
  • Launch on New Exchanges: Dogwifhat is available on many exchanges but lacks a position on some of the best such as Coinbase and OKX. If listings for these platforms are announced it is expected that price action will quickly follow.

Is Dogwifhat a Buy?

Dogwifhat has already gained 810% in 2024, and some might say it was running out of steam as the token failed to bounce off the launch of spot trading on Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange.

However, with Bitcoin hitting its all-time high on March 5th, many speculate that this is just the beginning of the crypto bull run and that the biggest gains for the world’s largest cryptocurrency are yet to come. If this is true then meme coins could see another parabolic climb up the charts, sending Dogwifhat into uncharted territory.

Best Place to Buy Dogwifhat Tokens in 2024

Binance is the world’s top exchange, serving over 180 million users around the world and consistently posting the highest trading volumes of any exchange. At the time of writing, Binance was posting some of the highest trading volumes for $WIF, making it one of the best options when looking for an exchange to buy Dogewifhat tokens.

Binance User count of Over 180m

Being the top-ranked exchange, with over 180 million users, means that those who use Binance have access to highly liquid markets, allowing them to get the price they want for their trade.

Users of Binance are also offered some of the lowest fees, as Binance charges a commission of just 0.10% per trade. This fee can be reduced by 25% further by simply holding the platform’s BNB token.

The Binance exchange also features the Earn platform, where users can stake a wide variety of tokens, including Dogwifhat, to earn variable APYs.

Finally, the platform features a wide variety of deposit methods, a top-rated mobile app for Android and iOS users, and all the tools advanced traders might need to execute their strategies while also appealing to novice traders.


Dogwifhat started 2024 as one of the hottest meme coins, and we fully expect this to continue as the crypto bull run hots up. However, when looking long-term, we don’t expect this utility-lacking meme coin to maintain its momentum.

Check out our list of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in April to see if Dogwifhat is a token we recommend adding to your bags.


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