How to Earn Free Bitcoin – Top Methods

With the price of Bitcoin rising, everyone wants to get their hands on BTC as quickly as possible. However, a little-known secret is that you don’t need to buy Bitcoin—you can get it for free.

There are dozens of legitimate and easy ways to earn free Bitcoin. We’ll explain how to earn Bitcoin using 8 cost-free methods so you can get in on the next Bitcoin bull market today.

9 Best Methods to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are a lot of different ways to earn free Bitcoin, with new promotions and giveaways popping up every day as BTC increases in popularity. Here’s how to get free Bitcoin right now:

  1. CoinPokerEarn a share of 15,000 USDT pot through a poker freeroll tournament.
  2. 99Bitcoins Token Airdrop: The new 99Bitcoins Tokens presale has an upcoming $99,999 BTC airdrop
  3. Bitcoin Faucets: These websites offer free Bitcoin in exchange for completing small tasks
  4. Crypto Savings Account: Deposit your crypto to earn interest over time
  5. Coinbase Learn and Earn: Read and watch educational resources from Coinbase to earn rewards
  6. Welcome Bonus: Sign up for a crypto casino that offers a welcome bonus
  7. Mining: Join a mining pool to earn a portion of Bitcoin mining rewards
  8. P2E Games: Some web3 games have a play-to-earn model where you can earn rewards and tokens
  9. Referrals: Many crypto platforms have affiliate programs where you can earn BTC for anyone you get to sign up for the platform

A Closer Look at the Top Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to earn Bitcoin so you can start collecting BTC today.

 1. Participate in CoinPoker’s Poker Freerolls

CoinPoker distinguishes itself as a premier destination for those interested in a more interactive and skill-based method of earning free Bitcoin. The platform recently launched its poker freeroll initiative, dubbed the CoinPoker Freebuy tournaments, which allows players to enter poker games for free and potentially earn from a generous monthly pool of 15,000 USDT.

The freeroll tournaments offer participants complimentary chips to kick-start their gameplay. Players have the flexibility to bolster their chip stack using their own cryptocurrency balances from CoinPoker or stick solely with the free chips provided.

CoinPoker Free Roll

CoinPoker’s appeal extends beyond its freeroll feature, positioning it as a top-tier platform for online poker. It provides access to classic poker games within a multiplayer arena, delivering an authentic gaming experience that rivals other online poker sites.

Additionally, CoinPoker enhances its attractiveness with a substantial welcome bonus of up to 1100 USDT for new players and a 33% rakeback paid out every Monday to existing members. The platform also hosts a variety of tournaments, reinforcing its status as a lucrative and engaging venue for earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


  • Offers a skill-based way to earn free Bitcoin.
  • It allows new joiners to participate in poker free roll and win from a 15,000 USDT monthly pool.
  • Also offers free chips to participants.


  • Only those who sign up on the website can join.

2. Join the 99Bitcoins Presale Airdrop

99Bitcoins launched a presale for its new $99BTC token and is holding a $99,999 BTC airdrop to celebrate. The airdrop is free to join and will award 99 winners more than $10,000 worth of Bitcoin each. We think it’s the best way to earn Bitcoin in 2024.

There are 10 different ways to join the 99Bitcoins airdrop using the Gleam widget on the website:

  • Sign up on the 99Bitcoins website (worth 2 entries!)
  • Follow @99BitcoinsHQ on Twitter
  • Join @Official_99_Bitcoins on Telegram
  • Join the 99Bitcoins Discord server
  • Visit 99Bitcoins on YouTube
  • Visit 99Bitcoins on Facebook
  • Visit the 99Bitcoins presale website
  • Submit your presale wallet address
  • Submit a Bitcoin wallet address
  • Refer a friend to the 99Bitcoins presale

Plus, if you complete all 10 entry actions, you can unlock a bonus worth multiple extra entries. Make sure you do all these through the 99Bitcoins Token website. 99Bitcoins Token Airdrop to Get Free Bitcoin

Winners of the airdrop will be randomly selected on July 19th. This is a great chance to earn $10,000+ worth of free BTC, and it doesn’t cost anything to join the airdrop.


  • Earn $10,000+ in free BTC if you win
  • Get multiple entries by completing simple actions
  • No token purchase required to join
  • Get bonus entries when you complete all 10 tasks


  • Only 99 entrants will win free Bitcoin

3. Connect to a Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucets are online sites that offer free Bitcoin on a regular basis in exchange for completing small tasks. You may have to answer a few questions, play a game, or watch an advertisement. It usually takes no more than a few minutes, and you can claim up to hundreds of dollars worth of Bitcoin in return.

Popular Bitcoin faucets include Free Bitcoin, Faucet Crypto, and These sites let you return hourly or daily to earn more free BTC, so you can earn a significant amount of money if you return consistently.

FreeBitcoin Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucets are one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin if you don’t already own cryptocurrency. All you need is a crypto wallet.

One thing to watch for is that some sites have minimum withdrawal limits. So, it could take up to a few days to earn enough Bitcoin before you can withdraw it to a wallet.


  • Earn up to hundreds of dollars worth of BTC
  • Only requires quick, simple tasks
  • Can join multiple faucets


  • Amount distributed each time is very small
  • Some faucets have minimum withdrawal limits

4. Open a Crypto Savings Account

Crypto savings accounts work a lot like traditional savings accounts. You deposit funds and earn interest on Bitcoin at a fixed or variable rate. The interest is paid in Bitcoin, and you can either withdraw it to your wallet or leave it in the interest account to accrue even more free Bitcoin.

Here are some popular crypto interest accounts and their current interest rates for Bitcoin:

  • Binance – up to 0.31% APY
  • Nexo – up to 3.00% APY
  • HODLnaut – up to 4.08% APY
  • YouHodler – up to 2.00% APY

Hodlnaut Earn Interest on Bitcoin

Many of these platforms offer higher interest rates for other cryptocurrencies. You can earn additional interest in another token and then swap the coins you accumulate for Bitcoin.

An important difference to keep in mind between crypto interest accounts and traditional savings accounts is that crypto accounts are not FDIC insured. While the platforms above have been around for a while, there is a chance that you could lose crypto you deposit into these accounts.


  • Earn 4% APY or more on certain platforms
  • Doesn’t require any tasks or ongoing maintenance
  • Can earn higher interest rates in altcoins


  • Must already own Bitcoin or another token
  • Interest rates can change at any time
  • Accounts are not FDIC insured

5. Participate in Coinbase’s Learn and Earn Program

Coinbase has a Learn and Earn program that allows you to earn a variety of crypto tokens, which you can easily swap for Bitcoin using Coinbase’s exchange. The Learn and Earn program currently offers up to $3 in $SHPING tokens and $3 in $NEAR tokens.

To claim the free tokens, you have to take a short educational course that explains what each of these tokens does. At the end of the course, there’s a quiz to test your knowledge. Once you pass the quiz, the tokens will be deposited to your Coinbase account immediately.

Coinbase Learn and Earn Program to get free crypto

The Learn and Earn program features new tokens every month, so you can return to learn about a new token and grab some free crypto.


  • Earn altcoins that you can swap for BTC
  • Only takes a few minutes
  • New rewards available every month


  • Doesn’t offer Bitcoin rewards
  • Offers a limited amount of free crypto

6. Sign up for a Crypto Casino and Claim a Welcome Bonus

Many crypto casinos offer free Bitcoin when you sign up and make a deposit. These bonuses usually come in the form of a deposit match bonus. For example, if a bonus offers a 100% match and you deposit $1,000 in Bitcoin, you’ll get $1,000 in Bitcoin.

The best Bitcoin casinos offer much more than $1,000. For example, Inmerion offers a welcome bonus worth up to 5 BTC (that’s more than $350,000 at today’s Bitcoin price) and mBit offers 4 BTC (more than $280,000).

Inmerion Bitcoin Casino 5BTC Welcome Bonus

Of course, you need to deposit a lot of Bitcoin to maximize these bonuses. But you can also deposit much less for a smaller bonus — many casinos will match your deposit as long as you deposit at least $20 worth of BTC.

There is a catch to free Bitcoin you earn from a casino welcome bonus: you have to wager the money before you can withdraw it to your wallet. Many casinos have a wagering requirement of 30x your bonus. This means that if you claim a $1,000 bonus, you have to place $30,000 in wagers at the casino before you can withdraw your Bitcoin.

Of course, there’s a chance you could win while wagering, which would further increase the amount of Bitcoin you walk away with.


  • Get $200,000+ worth of free Bitcoin
  • Chance to win even more BTC while wagering
  • Minimum deposit for bonuses starts at $20 or less in BTC


  • How much you earn depends on how much Bitcoin you deposit
  • Must wager Bitcoin on casino games before you can withdraw it

7. Mine Bitcoin with a Mining Pool

While Bitcoin mining professionally requires a massive investment in equipment, you don’t need to spend any money to start mining on a small scale. You can use the computer you already own or even your smartphone.

Mining with these everyday devices means that you’re much less likely to be the first to correctly guess a Bitcoin block’s hashkey and earn a Bitcoin reward. However, you can pool your resources together with other miners to increase your chances of success.

F2Pool Bitcoin Mining Pool

These Bitcoin mining pools distribute block rewards to miners based on how much computing power they distribute to the pool. So, you can earn at least a little Bitcoin even if you’re only mining Bitcoin at home with a CPU. There’s no cost to get started, and you can earn Bitcoin passively.

Remember that after the Bitcoin halving, mining rewards will decrease. So, mining may generate less free crypto than other approaches.


  • Earn Bitcoin passively
  • Mine with the computer or smartphone you already own


  • Earnings may be relatively small
  • Increases wear and tear on your devices

8. Join a Play-to-earn Crypto Game

Play-to-earn crypto games are decentralized online games that enable you to earn Bitcoin, altcoins, NFTs, and other rewards as you play. Some of them require you to purchase an NFT in order to start playing and earning, but many play-to-earn (also known as P2E) games are free to play.

Some of the best play-to-earn Bitcoin games in 2024 include Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, and Splinterlands. We’re also looking forward to upcoming games from projects like Sponge and 5thScape.

5thScape Presale Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

If you don’t want to join a game, there are game-like projects that enable you to earn Bitcoin for things you may already be doing. For example, Step enables you to earn crypto just for walking (although you must hold $STEP tokens or a Step NFT to qualify).

If a P2E game rewards you with free altcoins or a free NFT, you can easily sell these for Bitcoin.


  • Earn Bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs while you play a game
  • Many different games to choose from


  • Some games require an NFT to play
  • Games can require a significant time commitment

9. Make a Referral

A wide range of crypto services offer affiliate programs and referral bonuses in Bitcoin, offering another chance to earn Bitcoin instantly. You can refer family or friends or even share your referral link on the web or social media and earn free BTC every time someone uses it.

In order to claim a referral bonus, it’s important that the person you refer uses your referral link. Otherwise, you won’t receive credit for the referral.

Kraken Referral Bonus to Earn Free Bitcoin

Referral bonuses are available from crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, casino sites, play-to-earn gaming platforms, and more. Here are just a few examples of Bitcoin referral bonuses you can claim today:

  • Kraken: Earn $10 in BTC for each person you refer to the exchange, up to a maximum of $100 in BTC
  • Nexo: Earn $25 in BTC for each referral, and give $25 in BTC to your referee
  • OKX: Earn a mystery box containing up to $50 in BTC, ETH, or DOT for each referral

Note that most platforms require that your referee do more than just sign up. Usually, they need to make a minimum deposit and keep funds on the platform for at least 14 or 30 days before you’ll receive your bonus.


  • Earn free Bitcoin for every referral
  • Many sites don’t limit the number of referrals you can make


  • Referees usually need to deposit funds or make a trade
  • How much you can earn is limited by how many friends you can refer


Now that you know how to earn free Bitcoin, it’s time to get started and jump into the Bitcoin bull market. We recommend joining and participating in the CoinPoker Freebuy Tournament to earn rewards in terms of USDT that you can then convert into Bitcoin.

CoinPoker is an easy-to-use online poker platform with many benefits, one of them being participating in monthly poker free roll tournaments to earn prizes. This setup caters to both conservative players who prefer not to risk their own funds and more adventurous players looking to maximize their potential winnings.

Therefore, those who seek a more direct way to earn free crypto should consider checking it out.


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