Fetch.AI Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Fetch.ai is an AI-powered blockchain that enables users to automate repetitive transactional tasks. The FET token powers the network and is currently priced at $0.2194 with a $178 million market cap.

Since its launch, Fetch.ai has been primed as one of the best AI tokens, and considering AI’s recent rise in popularity, this has generated significant excitement surrounding FET’s future. This Fetch.ai price prediction breaks the project down, analyzes its utility, tokenomics, and market trends to forecast its price between 2024 and 2030.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction Summarized

  • Fetch.ai was founded in 2017 by Humayun Sheikh, Toby Simpson, and Thomas Hain.
  • The FET token was released on the Binance Launchpad in 2019 and raised $29 million.
  • The Fetch.ai mainnet went live in 2020, enabling users to create and automate repetitive purchases online using AI bots.
  • Our Fetch.ai price forecast estimates a price of $0.675 by the end of 2025.
  • According to our 2030 FET price prediction, the price could reach $0.9.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.35 $0.475 $0.6
2025 $0.5 $0.675 $.85
2030 $0.7 $0.9 $1.1

Fetch.ai Price History

The project was founded by Humayun Sheikh, Toby Simpson, and Thomas Hain in 2017. Its founders have vast experience working with AI and machine learning, developing Fetch.ai to create a decentralized network of AI tools that can communicate and learn from one another.

FET was released on the Binance Launchpad in 2019, raising $21 million at a price of $0.236 per token.

It initially went live as an ERC-20 token, but the Fetch.ai blockchain mainnet went live in 2020.

CoinMarketCap data shows that Fetch.ai trading began in 2019, opening at $0.352 and selling off to lows of $0.01271 in March 2020. However, as the broader crypto bull market began to pick up, FET climbed and reached an all-time high (ATH) of $1.19 on 18 September 2021.

Fetch.aiFollowing this, the price retraced to lows of $0.057 in November 2022. Still, FET has proved to be one of the best crypto winter tokens, doing almost a 4x to its current price of $0.2194 since then.

Fetch.ai currently has a market cap of $178 million, with a circulating supply of 812,338,051 FET.

Key Points of Fetch.ai’s Price History

  • The FET token launched in 2019 after a Binance Launchpad ICO priced at $0.236.
  • Trading opened at $0.352 but dropped to lows of $0.01271 in March 2020.
  • It reached its ATH of $1.19 on 18 September 2021.
  • The current price is $0.2194 with a $178 million market cap.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2024

With the crypto bull run expected to occur in 2024, Fetch.ai’s trending “AI coin” narrative will likely fare a hit among investors.

Additionally, with a market cap under $200 million and being touted as one of the best AI cryptos, FET could be primed for significant upside potential.

Another consideration is that it is already available on significant tier-one exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. This makes it easily accessible for all investors and amplifies its bull market potential.

The project is also strongly pushing to expand its ecosystem, continually releasing new tools. For example, Fetch.ai ran a hackathon in partnership with DeCodeCafe last month.

Hackerthons are a brilliant way to foster a developer community and bolster a project’s ecosystem.

Fetch.ai’s “AI agents” (AI-powered programs) can be quickly developed from legacy applications in minutes using the project’s no-code service.

This provides vast utility potential for the Fetch.ai ecosystem and is the primary reason it could become one of the top trending cryptos.

Our last consideration is that a Fortune Business Insight report on blockchain and AI market size found that the industry will have a 23.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2020-2027. This could spell significant upside potential for FET in the next bill run, considering it is currently -81.08% from its 2021 ATH.

With this in mind, our Fetch AI price prediction estimates a possible low of $0.35, a high of $0.6, and an average price of $0.475 by the end of 2024.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, the crypto bull market will likely be in full swing. Consequently, many new investors will enter the market, hoping to find the next crypto to explode.

Fetch.aiWith AI growing in popularity, investors may identify FET as one of the best cryptos to buy.

Yet, besides the promising market sentiment, Fetch.ai is backed by tangible products and a thriving developer community. The Fetch.ai ecosystem is constantly improving and adding innovations. For instance, the team recently announced Agentverse v0.11, an upgrade to the Agentverse portal that lets users develop and deploy AI agents.

The upgrade will deliver a more seamless user experience, providing an advanced UI, enabling multi-file projects, and much more. Considering this, we may see continued innovation on the Fetch.ai platform, helping bolster its long-term price.

One of the ways it could do this is by making people’s lives easier. With Fetch.ai, users can automate virtually any repetitive task they want. This can range from finding the cheapest airline flights to DeFi activities like arbitrage trading.

With this in mind, there is a vast range of potential use cases, but users must pay with FET to access the platform’s services.

Consequently, Fetch.ai boasts strong demand-side tokenomics and a strong use case. Moreover, its supply-side tokenomics also looks promising, with only around 120 million more FET to be unlocked by 2026. This is a relatively modest figure, considering there are over 800 million FET in circulation.

With this in mind, our Fetch.ai price prediction estimates a possible low of $0.5, a high of $0.85, and an average price of $0.675 by the end of 2025.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction 2030

Long-term price predictions are often challenging to make. This is particularly the case with projects like Fetch.ai, based on novel emerging technology.Fetch.ai

However, its broad use case potential provides many possibilities for how it could be used in the future. Considering this, its solid tokenomics, and its success since launching in 2019, its future looks bright. Still, we must also consider that the project remains speculative, and there is significant competition in the AI sector due to its growing popularity.

The ultimate factor that will dictate its success is whether it attracts users. If so, its robust tokenomics means the project will likely succeed for a long time. However, it is important to remain aware that the price could fade without such adoption.

Overall, our Fetch.ai price prediction remains bullish, estimating lows of $0.7, highs of $1.1, and an average price of $0.9.

Possible Lows and Highs of the Fetch.ai Price

Considering its strong use case and tokenomics, Fetch.ai is currently regarded as one of the best cryptos to watch. With that in mind, here are our expected lows and highs for the FET price.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.335 $0.6
2025 $0.5 $0.85
2030 $0.7 $1.1

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Fetch.ai

We have compiled the forecasts from other analysts below to better understand where FET could be headed.

Based on the AMBCrypto Fetch.ai price forecast, FET could reach an average price of $0.17 in 2024.

The Bitnation FET price forecast estimates an average 2024 price of $0.548587.

The Changelly FET price prediction estimates an average price of $0.17 in 2024.

According to Priceprediction.net‘s FET price forecast, the average 2024 price could reach $0.34.

CryptoNewsZ‘s Fetch.ai forecast estimates a price between $0.46 and $0.67 in 2024.

What Is Fetch.ai and What Is It Used For?

  • Fetch.ai aims to decentralize and automate repetitive transactions on the Internet.
  • The Fetch.ai network facilitates communication and collaboration between AI Agents.
  • Its native token, FET, is used for staking and to pay for AI Agents.

Fetch.ai is a blockchain network built using the Cosmos software development kit (SDK). The project aims to decentralize and automate repetitive transactions on the internet by enabling users to build automated AI-powered bots known as AI Agents.Fetch.ai

These bots can carry out a vast range of tasks, from automatically booking a flight to discovering price discrepancies between cryptocurrency exchanges.

Anyone can build an AI Agent, and the network boasts a builder portal known as Agentverse, enabling users to get started with its no-code managed service.

Yet the project goes beyond simple repetitive transactions, enabling legacy businesses to integrate with AI and enabling AI Agents to work together to explore new use cases and models.

The network’s native token, FET, is used to pay for access to AI Agents, and users need to put up FET to create the AI Agents, too. This is to prevent malicious or spam models from getting released. Holders can also stake FET as a validator or delegator to earn passive rewards.

Fetch.ai Overview

Cryptocurrency Fetch.ai
Ticker Symbol FET
Rank 137
Price $0.2194
Price Change 24H -2.79%
Market Cap $178,103,632
Circulating Supply
812,338,051 FET
Trading Volume 24H $18M
All Time High $1.19
All Time Low $0.00827

What Influences the Fetch.ai Price?

Fetch.ai boasts a compelling use case on the cusp of crypto and AI innovation. While this can be exciting for the Fetch.ai community, it can also lead to significant price volatility.

One of the main factors driving the Fetch.ai price is speculation. With the growing hype and awareness surrounding AI, Fetch.ai is highly sensitive to AI industry advancements. That said, with a preempted regulatory crackdown on AI technology on the horizon, the Fetch.ai price could be negatively affected.

Another crucial factor is tokenomics. Fetch.ai fares well in this regard, with strong token utility and a moderate upcoming vesting schedule. With that in mind, any new demand stemming from speculation or utility could profoundly impact its price.

Finally, the broader crypto market conditions will help determine the FET price. Generally speaking, most altcoins follow Bitcoin’s direction but with more volatile moves in both directions. This means that following the Bitcoin halving in 2024, we may see the price of Fetch.ai climb alongside Bitcoin.

Is Fetch.ai a Buy?

While not without risk, our Fetch.ai price forecast found that the project is in an advantageous position to grow, both short and long-term. Its positioning at the intersection between crypto and AI could enable it to capture hype from both industries.

Furthermore, by running AI on the blockchain, Fetch.ai solves AI’s centralization issue. If this narrative gains traction, then FET could enjoy tremendous upside potential.

How to Buy Fetch.ai

With Fetch.ai boasting promising potential, many market participants may want to buy it before the upcoming bull run. The best place to buy FET is Binance, which offers the most competitive fee structure and many extra features to deliver an unbeatable user experience.

Here is how to buy Fetch.ai on Binance in four simple steps.

Step One: Create an Binance Account

Visit the Binance website and select Register. Then, fill in the required details and verify your identity to set up your account.

Step Two: Deposit Funds to Binance

Once signed up, select the Deposit Funds button on the screen. Choose your payment method and the amount of funds you want to deposit, then complete the Deposit.

Step Three: Search for Fetch.ai

Select the search bar at the top of the screen and then input Fetch.ai. When you see the option appear, select Trade.

Step Four: Buy Fetch.ai

Input the amount of FET you want to buy and select the Confirm button to complete your purchase. Once you buy, you will find the FET coins in your portfolio.


Fetch.ai is a promising project but carries risks like all other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, its cutting-edge use case and ability to blend blockchain tech with AI create significant utility and price appreciation potential.

With this in mind, our Fetch.ai price forecast predicts possible highs of $1.1 by the end of 2030. Yet, with a current price of just $0.21 and an anticipated crypto bull market on the horizon, potential investors must act quickly or miss its current low price.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in most EU countries, Australia and the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply. Your capital is at risk.



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