GameStop Token (GME) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Meme stock GameStop has long been intertwined with crypto. Many of the traders who pumped GameStop in 2021 moved on to Dogecoin afterward, triggering the massive run-up in $DOGE prices that ultimately led even Elon Musk to throw his support behind the meme coin.

Now, GameStop has earned a meme coin of its own on Solana, and it’s soaring even higher than GME stock in its latest pump. The GameStop meme coin soared 45x in just 3 frenzied days of trading.

So, how high can this meme coin go? Keep reading our GameStop meme coin price prediction to find out.

GameStop Meme Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

The GameStop meme coin is a Solana meme coin celebrating GameStop, the original meme stock that ignited a historic short squeeze and nearly broke the stock market in 2021. While there have been other GameStop-related meme coins in the past, few have broken out to such a significant degree as the $GME token on Solana.

$GME rocketed 58,000x after launching in January 2024, then pumped another 45x in May 2024 as GameStop stock also soared. The new pump is likely to bring more people into the GameStop meme coin and give it a staying power that only a few Solana meme coins have so far enjoyed.

Here’s what we know about the GameStop meme coin right now:

  • Our real-time GME/USD price data shows a current price of $0.00733
  • $GME is available on exchanges including MEXC,, and Bitget
  • $GME has a market cap of $50 million, making it the 601st-largest crypto
  • 24-hour trading volume in $GME has exceeded $55 million

GameStop is arguably one of the best meme coins of 2024, especially for traders who bought $GME before the recent pump. The recurring meme-ness of GameStop stock and the loyalty of meme traders to all things GameStop bodes well for this meme coin’s future.

We think $GME will on average experience a price decline, but its price action will be punctuated by massive pumps that offer opportunities for trading. Here’s a summary of our GameStop price prediction for 2024-2030:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.0004 $0.0043 $0.015
2025 $0.0001 $0.0015 $0.020
2030 $0.00001 $0.0005 $0.030

GameStop Price History

The GameStop meme coin launched in January 2024, amid the Solana meme coin frenzy. It quickly rocketed 58,000x to a price of $0.0145, making it one of the most successful meme coin launches alongside tokens like $WIF and $BONK. However, by April, the initial pump had worn off and the $GME token fell into a trading range of around $0.0005.

GameStop Meme Coin Price Chart

The return of trader Keith Gill, better known by his X handle @RoaringKitty, to X in May to promote GameStop stock triggered a pump in both GameStop stock and the GameStop meme coin. Whereas GameStop stock roughly tripled in the days after Roaring Kitty’s tweet, the $GME meme coin exploded 45x in about 72 hours to a new all-time high of $0.0221.

$GME has since declined sharply and sits at $0.0073. The token’s price is still falling at the time of writing, but this could easily be reversed by another tweet from Roaring Kitty. $GME has a market cap of just over $50 million and more than 45,000 token holders.

Here are the key points you need to know about $GME price action:

  • $GME launched in January 2024 at the height of the Solana meme coin frenzy and soared 58,000x after launch
  • GameStop trading was minimal in March and April but surged in May with the return of Roaring Kitty to X
  • While GameStop stock jumped 3x, $GME the meme coin rocketed 45x in 72 hours
  • $GME’s price is falling after its recent pump and has not yet established a new floor

GameStop Price Prediction 2024

The GameStop meme coin has already had a wild year, from posting a 5.8 million percent gain in the days after its launch to soaring another 4,500% in response to Roaring Kitty’s return to X. The price hasn’t yet settled from the latest pump, so one of the biggest questions for traders is where $GME’s new floor price will be.

We predict that the token will settle into an equilibrium price of around $0.0043, which is significantly higher than its average price level of around $0.0005 before the May pump. There is moderate support for $GME around $0.0043 established during the token’s initial rise and fall in January-February. This price level also briefly acted as resistance during $GME’s May pump.

GameStop Meme Coin Price Prediction Technical Support

However, $GME may test a breakdown below this support level. In that case, the token could fall as far as the $0.0005 price support level before rebounding. We think it’s unlikely that $GME falls permanently back to this level, since it’s now ‘in play’ as an active meme coin that could pump again at any time. This will encourage more traders to hold onto $GME and support the token’s price.

Another pump for $GME in 2024 also seems likely, although we forecast that it won’t have the same strength as the surge that just passed. We predict a run-up as high as $0.015, which represents a gain of 3.5x from the $0.0043 average price. Any price movement to this level is likely to be sharp and short-lived, so only traders who already own $GME at the start of the surge are likely to find profitable opportunities.

The table below shows how we think $GME price action will play out over the rest of the year:

2024 Price
June $0.0050
July $0.0045
August $0.0043
September $0.015
October $0.0030
November $0.0040
December $0.0043

GameStop Price Prediction 2025

Looking forward to 2025, we expect GameStop to continue to lose value on average, but that it could deliver a more significant pump that rivals its recent gains. We don’t think $GME will deliver a new all-time high, but could surge to $0.020 and reward loyal investors with a 5x-10x gain.

Our more bullish outlook for a $GME surge in 2025 is based on two considerations. First, more time will have passed since the last major $GME pump, so there will be less liquidity in the token. This is an important precondition for a major price surge since it requires that demand far outstrip the immediate supply of tokens available to buy.

Second, 2025 is expected to bring more people into the crypto market as the price of Bitcoin hits a new all-time high. More traders in the market means that the potential demand for $GME during a surge is likely to be greater, putting more momentum behind the price pump. A greater number of traders—and especially new traders, who may not be used to meme coins’ volatility—also means that the price decline from $GME’s high may not be as swift.

GameStop Meme Coin Roaring Kitty Graphic

It’s impossible to predict the timing of a major $GME surge in 2025, but it is likely to be tied to price action in GameStop stock. A major announcement by the company or a short squeeze in GameStop stock could serve as triggers.

Before and after this surge, we forecast that the support for $GME will slowly erode, lowering the average value of the token. By the end of 2025, our GameStop meme coin forecast suggests an average price of $0.0015.

2025 Price
Low $0.0001
Average $0.0015
High $0.020

GameStop Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

In the years from 2026-2030, we expect the GameStop meme coin to follow the same trend of long-term price decline punctuated by short-lived price surges whenever GameStop stock makes headlines. Trading activity in $GME is likely to be minimal in between pumps, leading to overall liquidity in the token and more price volatility when trading does pick up.

With this in mind, we think GameStop could have a pump so large that the price exceeds the all-time high set in May 2024. The $GME token could potentially reach a price around $0.03, which would represent a 30-50x gain from the token’s average price.

The possibility of this pump will be enough to encourage many token holders to hold onto $GME tokens, preventing the meme coin’s price from collapsing during interim periods. However, we believe the equilibrium price will decline after 2025, ultimately falling to around $0.0005 by the end of 2030.

Here’s how we think the average price of $GME will move over the period from 2026-2030:

2026 $0.0010
2027 $0.0008
2028 $0.0006
2029 $0.0005
2030 $0.0005

Potential Highs & Lows of GameStop Token

Our GameStop price forecast suggests that the $GME token will experience periods of extremely high volatility that offer opportunities for meme coin traders. The token’s highs will result from a resurgence of interest in trading $GME, while the lows will result from overcorrections immediately following the token’s pumps.

Here’s how we think these peaks and troughs will develop in the years from 2026-2030:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2026 $0.00008 $0.0010 $0.012
2027 $0.00005 $0.0008 $0.018
2028 $0.00003 $0.0006 $0.014
2029 $0.00002 $0.0005 $0.022
2030 $0.00001 $0.0005 $0.030

What Do Other Analysts Predict for GameStop Token?

The recent price action in $GME has gotten other crypto analysts excited about the coin’s potential for trading. While there are few long-term predictions around GameStop token, we’ll highlight some of the most noteworthy short-term $GME price predictions.

  • Crypto influencer Umar Khan predicted that GameStop token could shoot an additional 100x from its price today. However, that seems unlikely since it would require $GME to have a $5 billion market cap, which is more than the market cap of $PEPE.
  • Crypto industry publication Bankless Times made a short-term prediction for $GME in 2024, suggesting that the token could bounce upward in the next few weeks to a price of $0.0197. The analysis does not offer a longer-term prediction.
  • CoinGabber used technical analysis to forecast a bounce back up to $0.02, just below $GME’s all-time high. However, CoinGabber also noted that if $GME’s support fails, the token could fall to $0.0025.

What is GameStop Token and What is it Used for?

The GameStop token is a meme coin created to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of the GameStop short squeeze and bring together the meme trading community. It’s a big-tent token that welcomes both experienced meme traders who got their start in the GameStop rebellion and newer traders who joined in the craze around Solana meme coins.

GameStop Meme Coin Homepage

$GME is built on Solana and offers a wide variety of educational resources to help new meme traders navigate their way around the ecosystem. It offers explainers on how to buy Solana, definitions for popular meme trading terminology, and encouragement for new traders.

GameStop also offers virtual headbands—like the one worn by Roaring Kitty—that token holders can add to their profile pictures and avatars. Merch, including t-shirts, headbands, and hoodies, enables traders to identify as $GME token holders in the real world.

However, while $GME has built a strong community, it is ultimately a meme coin with no utility. The token doesn’t offer staking and isn’t required to purchase GameStop merch. The $GME token is almost exclusively used for speculation by traders who believe GameStop will surge again.

GameStop Token Overview

The GameStop token has no utility, but has been highly traded thanks to its extreme price volatility in January and May. The token currently has 24-hour trading volume of $55.6 million, which is greater than its total market cap of $50.6 million.

$GME has a total supply of 6.88 billion tokens, all of which are currently in circulation. The project has no development roadmap and the team behind $GME is anonymous.

Cryptocurrency GameStop
Token GME
Price $0.00733
Market Cap $50.58 million
Circulating Supply 6.88 billion
24 Hour Trading Volume  $55.61 million
All-Time High $0.02167
All-Time Low $0.0004105
24 High $0.01379
24 Low $0.006022

Is GameStop Token a Buy?

The GameStop token is a highly speculative meme coin that could be one of the best tokens for short-term trading. According to our GameStop token price forecast, the coin could see secondary price surges later in 2024 as well as massive pumps in 2025 and beyond.

The unpredictability of these surges means that the only sure way for traders to get in on them is to buy and hold $GME. However, traders have to be ready to time the market when a pump happens if they want to sell at the peak. Otherwise, traders could be left waiting months or more until the next jump in $GME’s price.

GameStop token is not suitable as a long-term crypto to invest in. On average, we predict $GME will lose value over time, falling to a lower price after each subsequent bout of trading. We think the meme coin has staying power, but that alone won’t be enough to deliver returns even if the crypto market as a whole is bullish.

Given the unpredictability and volatility of $GME, it’s extremely important that traders carefully research this token before buying. Remember that price surges are not guaranteed and $GME could lose value. Only purchase $GME using money you are willing to lose.


GameStop token is one of the most successful Solana meme coins of 2024, notching huge gains around its launch and after a resurgence in the price of GameStop stock. The meme coin has established its staying power and could deliver further gains for traders through future price pumps.

However, GameStop’s volatility may be hard for some crypto traders and investors to manage. In addition, while we think $GME can deliver significant gains, other meme coins offer even greater potential. Check out our list of the best cryptos for 2024 to find the best coins to buy today.


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