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Reliable Crypto Exchange With 1700+ Pairs is a popular crypto exchange with advanced trading tools and innovative features like trading bots for traders and investors of all experience levels. It also offers a copy trading feature for beginner traders and has a competitive fee structure.

Like other crypto exchanges, faces challenges in getting regulatory approvals in many countries. However, the exchange deploys strong security measures, including KYC, to adhere to most regulatory requirements. This makes it a solid choice for traders looking for a dependable crypto exchange with many advanced features.


  • Over 1,700 cryptos supported.
  • Advanced trading tools and features.
  • Competitive trading fees structure.


  • Complex platform for beginners.
  • Limited customer support options.
  • Unavailable in certain jurisdictions. is a promising crypto exchange that launched in 2013 and has over 14 million registered users worldwide. This review highlights the platform’s key features, fees, security measures, and overall user experience to help you make an informed decision.

The platform has multiple trading options, ranging from spot trading to futures, and an impressive collection of more than 1,700 cryptos to choose from. This review explores whether it truly lives up to its reputation as a reliable crypto exchange.

Our Review in a Nutshell is one of the top crypto exchanges catering to beginners and experienced traders. It stands out with its massive selection of over 1,700 cryptos, including mainstream and niche altcoins. The platform offers a range of features like trading bots, margin trading with up to 100x leverage, and a HODL & Earn program for passive earnings with up to 150% APR.

It also has a launchpad for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) and some of the best Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Nonetheless, it faces some user experience and customer support limitations and is unavailable in some jurisdictions due to regulatory issues.

Key Features of

  • It supports over 1,700 cryptos, including many niche altcoins.
  • Offers margin trading and futures trading with up to 100x leverage.
  • It has customizable trading bots and the opportunity to backtest strategies.
  • Offers a HODL & Earn program with various earning products and up to 150% APR.
  • Hosts a launchpad for IEOs and ICOs with over 700 projects launched.
  • Uses strong security measures like cold storage and external audits.
  • Offers competitive trading fees with a tiered structure based on trading volume and VIP level.

Where Excels is currently the 8th largest crypto exchange that offers many features tailored for beginners and experienced traders. The platform serves traders with different strategies and risk appetites. It has margin trading and futures trading with up to 100x leverage.

A standout feature is the platform’s trading bots, which have high customizability and the unique opportunity to backtest them on historical market conditions. This feature lets traders apply their strategies precisely and can significantly boost results through automation. Homepage

HODL & Earn program by — another good choice for passive earnings that is impressively flexible, as it allows you to use a large number of cryptos and can offer returns of 150% APR. This program is quite superior in terms of the diversity of supported assets and the variety of earning products it offers (from staking to unique Sharkfin products).

Furthermore, also stands out with its launchpad for IEOs and ICOs. It has launched 700+ projects that raised more than $90 million​​. The platform’s security measures, like cold storage and external audits,​ also add credibility.

An Overview of the Exchange

Category Our Rating (out of 5) Comment
Number of Coins 4.5 supports 1,700+ cryptos and has many options for traders interested in some of the best altcoins​.
Trading Fees 4 Competitive trading fees with a maximum of 0.1% for spot trading. This can decrease based on trading volume and VIP level. Users can buy Bitcoin with a fee of up to 0.1%.
User Experience 3.5 Many beginner traders have found the platform slightly complex.
Staking 4 Offers a comprehensive suite of earning products, which includes staking and opportunities to earn income by holding cryptos.
Features 4.6 It has advanced trading options, earning opportunities, and many trading pairs. Key features include bot trading, copy trading, and leverage up to 10x for margin trading.
Trustworthiness 4.5 has security features like third-party cloud security defense. However, the lack of regulation in some jurisdictions can have some risks​.
Customer Service 3.8 Offers live chat support and a comprehensive help center. However, the busy customer support system and lack of a phone number may lead to longer response times. Supported Cryptos is well-known for its massive selection, which has mainstream cryptos and includes some of the best low-cap cryptos often not listed on other exchanges. This makes it a promising choice for investors and traders looking for a comprehensive trading platform with affordable fees. 

Currently, it supports over 1,700 cryptos, including some of the best cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. While many crypto exchanges may focus on a smaller set of popular coins, caters to both mainstream as well as niche markets. This allows traders to invest in emerging tokens before they gain huge recognition.

The global blockchain market is expected to grow and reach over $469 billion by 2030. As a result, demand for crypto exchanges like will keep rising in the coming years. Spot Trading Fees Explained offers competitive fees for its users, with options for reducing fees by using the GateToken (GT) for payments or the VIP tier system for better rates.

When you instantly buy crypto on using fiat currencies (like USD, EUR, GBP), the exchange itself doesn’t charge additional fees. However, the payment method you select (such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay) may have its associated costs. It’s important to consider these potential fees to know the total cost of your transaction.’s spot trading fees are based on a flat fee model, with both the maker and taker fees set at 0.1%. This fee structure is slightly below the industry average of around 0.2%. However, the platform offers various ways to reduce these fees.

The platform has a tiered fee structure that rewards users with lower fees based on their 30-day trading volume and GT holdings. The more you trade or the more GT you hold, the lower your fees will be, with maker/taker fees ranging from 0.1% down to 0.02% for the highest VIP levels​​. (There are 16 VIP levels)

Note for GT holdings period: The daily average GT balance over a 14-day period will be considered, including balances in spot and margin accounts as well as locked positions.

It is also worth noting that the maker fee for futures trading is 0.015%, and the taker fee is 0.05%. Like spot trading, these fees can be reduced based on your trading volume and GT holdings​.

Check out the full range of fees for spot trading on in the table below:

VIP Tier Trading Volume Rate
VIP 0 0 0.1% / 0.1%
VIP 1 60,000 USD 0.099% / 0.099%
VIP 2 120,000 USD 0.098% / 0.098%
VIP 3 240,000 USD 0.097% / 0.097%
VIP 4 500,000 USD 0.095% / 0.096%
VIP 5 1,000,000 USD 0.09% / 0.095%
VIP 6 3,000,000 USD 0.085% / 0.09%
VIP 7 8,000,000 USD 0.08% / 0.085%
VIP 8 20,000,000 USD 0.075% / 0.08%
VIP 9 50,000,000 USD 0.07% / 0.075%
VIP 10 100,000,000 USD 0% / 0.058%
VIP 11 120,000,000 USD 0% / 0.045%
VIP 12 240,000,000 USD 0% / 0.037%
VIP 13 440,000,000 USD 0% / 0.03%
VIP 14 800,000,000 USD 0% / 0.025%
VIP 15 1,600,000,000 USD 0% / 0.022%
VIP 16 3,000,000,000 USD 0% / 0.02% Futures Futures is a trading feature that allows users to speculate on the future price of cryptos via both perpetual and delivery futures. Perpetual futures do not have an expiration date (allowing traders to hold positions indefinitely), while delivery futures have a set expiry date. Key features of Futures include:

  • Perpetual Contract Bonus: This bonus can be used to pay for margins, losses, fees, etc., and helps to reduce the risk of contract trading. It is obtained through giveaways and can be used directly as trading principal, trading fees, funding fees, etc. However, it cannot be transferred or withdrawn and is valid for 30 days​​.
  • Demo Account: offers a free demo account with virtual funds and allows users to practice futures trading without risking real money​​.
  • Copy Trading: The platform also offers a copy trading feature that allows users to mirror the trades of experienced traders.
  • Other Trading Products & Services: offers various products and services in addition to future trading. This includes lending and yield farming, an NFT marketplace, and structured products for passive income​. Bonuses & Competitions is currently hosting a ‘Futures Trading Competition’ with a dynamic prize pool. To be eligible, participants must have a minimum of 500 USDT in their futures account. The competition involves trading in all USDT-M Perpetual pairs on

The prize pool increases based on the the trading volume, with a potential total prize pool of 30,000 USDT if the cumulative trading volume exceeds 500 million USDT.

It is worth noting that the top 50 winners will share the prize pool. Participants must achieve a minimum trading volume of 100,000 USDT during the competition and complete KYC verification to be eligible for rewards​. Futures Trading Competition has also recently offered new users a ‘Newcomer Bonus Bash.’ The total prize pool for this promotion was $88,000. New users could unlock their first reward by completing KYC verification and earn more with their initial deposit or trade.

There’s also a referral bonus for bringing in friends. The recently updated partner program allows users to invite friends to register and trade. Users can earn a share of up to 40% bonus commission with their friends.

Is the app safe?

The app allows users to create an account and start trading within a few minutes. It is available at both Apple and Google Play stores​. It is worth noting that over a million users have downloaded the app on the Google Play store.

The app has also received good reviews due to its user-friendly interface. At the time of writing, it has a rating of 4.1 on the App Store and 4.2 on the Play Store. The app has a clean look and a well-designed interface.

It also offers customization options by allowing users to tailor their trading experience to their preferences. The interface includes various order types, order books, and charting tools. platform

The app’s usability is generally good, with features like ‘Flash Swap’ for easy token swapping and various options for earning passive income.

While it has many advanced functions that are perfect for experienced traders, it is still suitable for beginners. It has created manuals and instructions for several activities, like how to buy cryptos and how to start with spot trading. The app can also help users manage their portfolios and get an overall view of all investments.

Most importantly, the platform has taken multiple measures to protect user funds and transactions. It has integrated two-factor authentication and secures user funds in cold storage. Additionally, it has a variety of blockchain-based solutions, including cross-crypto address technology and multi-signature security protection technology to increase safety. Staking Options offers one of the best staking platforms via its HODL & Earn program, allowing users to earn passive income by holding cryptos in various ways. The platform also offers locked and flexible staking to meet different user requirements.

  • Locked Staking: Locked staking is a term deposit in which users must lock up their cryptos for a specific period without withdrawing them earlier. The interest revenue and principal are instantly released when the investment period expires. Locked staking is suitable for those who wish to lock up their assets for a predetermined period for the highest return possible​​.
  • Flexible Staking (IMPT or Bitgert program at Flexible staking allows users to participate without locking up their tokens. The term is only one period or 28 days, and a flexible interest rate determines the annualized yield. The interest is calculated based on the 7-day average amount of tokens in position (excluding borrowed positions). This option doesn’t restrict access to the assets, allowing users to withdraw their stakes whenever they wish​​. offers PoS (Proof of Stake) staking products similar to a checking account deposit. Users can earn daily interest on their balance crypto (if it’s no less than the minimum threshold) while retaining the flexibility to use their crypto at any time. The platform aims to include as many coins as possible in the PoS staking list and offer competitive staking interest rates to users.

Users can go to the investing platform on the app or website and select “HODL & Earn” to view all their staking opportunities. Please be aware that staking options and interest rates are always changing, and certain items can become unavailable due to high demand​​. For more information on’s staking options, visit their HODL & Earn and Flexible Staking pages.

What Payment Methods does Offer? supports traditional payment methods as well as cryptos for deposits and withdrawals. Users should choose their payment method based on their geographical location, preferred fiat currency, and convenience. It’s important to note that the availability of these payment methods may vary depending on the user’s country and other factors.

Here is an overview of the payment methods available on

Bank Transfer

  • ACH/SWIFT/Wire: Widely used in the United States for USD transfers.
  • SEPA: Popular in the European Union for cashless euro payments.
  • Faster Payments Service: Common in the United Kingdom for GBP transfers.

Online Payment Systems

  • iDeal: Mainly used in the Netherlands for Euro transfers.
  • PayID/Poli: Mainly popular in Australia for AUD transfers.

Credit Cards

  • Visa and Mastercard: Accepted globally and support various fiat currencies.
  • Apple Pay: Available on Apple devices for convenient payments.
  • Google Pay: Used for contactless purchases on Android devices.

Crypto Payments via Gate Pay: Gate Pay is a blockchain-based payment system that allows users to pay with cryptos without intermediaries. It supports fast transactions with no service fees.

Minimum Deposit does not have a set minimum deposit requirement for cryptos. However, it maintains a general guideline of a minimum deposit of 0.0001 BTC for all crypto coins. This means that for some cryptos, the minimum deposit could be as low as $1 or even less.

However, the minimum order size for trading on is about 10 USDT (recently changed from 1 USDT) in value for all crypto pairs.

Withdrawal Times

Withdrawal times at vary depending on the withdrawn crypto and the congestion of the blockchain network. While the platform processes withdrawals quickly, the actual time it takes for the funds to reach your wallet depends on the speed of the blockchain. Customer Service’s customer service is available 24/7 to help users with inquiries and issues. They offer multiple channels for support, including live chat, email, and a ticket submission system. Users can start a live chat directly from the website or the app by clicking the customer service icon.

The live chat feature allows users to interact with customer service agents in real-time and get immediate assistance.

Moreover, has a comprehensive Help Center with FAQs and articles to help users find quick answers to common questions. The platform’s customer service is generally well-regarded, with users appreciating the quick response on live chat support for immediate assistance​.

Is Trustworthy? is a trusted crypto exchange platform that operates in over 200 countries worldwide. Currently, it has a high Trust rating of 9 (out of 10) on CoinGecko.

However, it does face restrictions in specific jurisdictions due to international regulations, particularly in the USA, Mainland China, and Singapore. Despite these restrictions, has obtained regulatory licenses in Malta and Hong Kong, increasing its credibility with users in those regions.

Moreover, the review on Reddit by its users shows growing optimism. Its mandatory ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ process shows the platform’s commitment to regulatory compliance. This aligns with anti-money laundering laws and local regulations.

Areas Could Improve is a well-established crypto exchange with over 14 million registered users and a good reputation in the market. However, like any platform, there are areas where could improve:

  • Regulation and Availability: is unavailable in certain countries due to regulatory constraints. For instance, and Binance (among 8 other crypto platforms) were recently red-flagged for not complying with PMLA norms in India. Working towards compliance with regulations in more jurisdictions can expand the platform’s user base​.
  • Customer Support: While offers good customer support, there is room for improvement in response times and the availability of support channels. Increasing the existing support options and ensuring timely assistance can improve overall user satisfaction.
  • Fiat Withdrawals: does not currently support fiat withdrawals. Adding this feature could make the platform more accessible and convenient for users who prefer to withdraw in fiat currencies​.
  • Fee Structure: The fee schedule on can be complex and confuse some users. Simplifying the fee structure could make it more user-friendly.

What’s Our Methodology?

At Techopedia, we have a comprehensive methodology for reviewing crypto exchanges. We aim to publish fair, detailed and validated reviews for our readers. Here’s how we do it:

  • Trust: First and foremost, we test whether a broker is safe and trustworthy. We inspect its regulatory credentials, the safety of accounts, and the broker’s reputation in the trading community. We want our readers to be able to pick reliable and secure exchanges with confidence.
  • Coverage: We analyze multiple exchanges, both old and new. Based on our research, we evaluate what each one offers in terms of trading features, platform compatibility, customer service, learning materials, security features, insurance coverage, staking and rewards, and several other aspects.
  • Methodology: We have a standard method for objectively evaluating, comparing, and ranking the exchanges. We Look at some key areas and parameters to gauge the quality of the exchange based on which we arrive at our opinion.
  • Weighting: We assign a weight to each quantitative factor we analyze based on the important aspect. We identify the most critical and useful features and rank each broker based on those features.
  • Update: We frequently update our reviews to be as updated as possible. We regularly update our evaluations to reflect changes in the market, new features, and user feedback.

Conclusion has emerged as a promising crypto exchange since its launch in 2013. In this exchange review, we saw how the platform offers a massive selection of 1700+ cryptos with several trading tools catering to beginners and experienced traders.

The platform is also focused on increasing its regulatory compliance across several jurisdictions to offer a safe trading environment for its users.

While there is room for improvement in areas such as user experience and customer support, the platform’s competitive fees and security measures make it a strong choice for traders looking for a reliable crypto trading experience.


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