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Gorilla token might be a meme coin of a different breed, as, since the token’s release in early November 2023, the team has been hard at work building all the elements of the Gorilla ecosystem detailed in the roadmap—and some that aren’t.

In this Gorilla price prediction, we’ll explore what Gorilla token is, what is being built for the Gorilla ecosystem, and what items we see affecting the future price of Gorilla.

Gorilla Coin Price Prediction 2024-2030

  • GORILLA was introduced in early November 2023 through a fair launch and its first recorded price was $0.0002359
  • After announcing launches on two exchanges, Gorilla climbed to its all-time high (ATH) of $0.01267 on the last day of November
  • It has since settled to trade around the $0.008 mark
  • Our Gorilla price prediction forecasts a positive two years in 2024 and 2025, with highs of $0.1050 and $0.1585 respectively
  • If all goes well for the crypto markets and the growth of the Gorilla token ecosystem, we expect GORILLA to spend the majority of 2030 above $0.2, a 2,455% increase on today’s price

Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $0.0140 $0.0650 $0.1050
2025 $0.0785 $0.1040 $0.1585
2030 $0.1975 $0.2255 $0.25

Gorilla Price History

The Gorilla token was released on November 9th, 2023, through a Fair Launch process on Uniswap. It was then listed on CoinMarketCap on November 13th, and the first price data from there indicates a price of $0.0002359. From here, the price of Gorilla dipped, to hit its all-time low of $0.0002015 on the same day.

On the 22nd of November, Gorilla Token was listed on BitMart, and, on the 26th terms were agreed to list on the MEXC exchange. From there, through the listing event, the Gorilla token climbed from $0.001347 to its ATH of $0.01267 on November 30th— an increase of 841%.

From here the token price declined, spiking 172% on December 3rd, the day before listing on MEXC, before then declining to dip beneath $0.004, on December 8th, seemingly finding support at this level. Since then Gorilla token has climbed and, at the time of writing, is trading at $0.007825.

Gorilla Token Price History Summary

  • Gorilla launched through a Fair Launch process on Uniswap on November 9th, 2023
  • Gorilla’s first recorded price on CoinMarketCap was $0.0002359, on November 13th
  • On the same day Gorilla hit its all-time low of $0.0002015
  • After launching on BitMart on November 22nd, and then agreeing to launch on MEXC the Gorilla price climbed to its ATH of $0.01267 on November 30th
  • The price has since declined, despite a brief 172% single-day gain, prior to listing on MEXC, on December 3rd
  • At the time of writing Gorilla was trading at $0.007825

Gorilla price history chart

Gorilla Price Prediction 2024

When looking at 2024, we first need to look at the factors affecting the whole crypto market. These are mainly positive and include the approval of a Bitcoin ETF and the future reduction of interest rates, which many say the gains from late 2023 are built on. There is also the 2024 Bitcoin Halving event, whose effect is usually not felt for 12–18 months but could have a positive price impact with the level of interest and adoption that has grown in crypto in the previous years.

On the negative side of the coin, there are also the ongoing lawsuits between the SEC and some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the SEC vs Ripple Labs, which has a jury trial set for Q2 of 2024.

In the Gorilla token world, $GORILLA was only released at the end of 2023, and has a roadmap which includes a launchpad (live in beta), swap platform, and NFT collection. Additional, a staking platform and game are under development, but are not listed on the roadmap. It seems like many of these development could be rolled out next year, and the successful release of each is likely to have a positive impact on the price of $GORILLA.

Finally, Gorilla is only live on two sizable exchanges, MEXC and BitMart, and not some of the bigger ones, like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. Any listing on these large exchanges will certainly give the price of Gorilla a boost.

Looking at this information, where the potential future positives greatly outweigh the potential future negatives, we can conclude that any forecast for the Gorilla token price is likely to be a positive one. As a result, our Gorilla price prediction for 2024 is a high of $0.1050, a low of $0.014 as we climb into 2024, and an average price of $0.0650.

Gorilla Price Forecast Long Term Outlook – 2025-2030 Predictions

The further we look into the future, the foggier things become. However, there are some things that we can confidently take into a long term Gorilla coin forecast, which will help us shed some light on what may happen.

Gorilla Price Prediction for 2025

2025 is when many analysts expect Bitcoin to be hitting new ATHs off the back of the Bitcoin halving in 2024—along with the rest of the crypto market. In the Gorilla ecosystem, we may still be awaiting the mainnet launch of one or two of the projects, and could also have had other protocols and items added to the roadmap—all of which are likely to give the coin’s price a boost.

With all that said, 2025 also looks like a bright year, and our 2025 Gorilla price forecast contains a high of $0.1585, a low of $0.0785, and a median price of $0.1040.

Gorilla Price Prediction for 2030

Things move fast in crypto and 2030 is a long way away. However, if we’re to look at the future of crypto and $GORILLA through an optimistic lens we can see a high level of regulation and adoption of cryptocurrencies across the board, along with a good uptake of the protocols and dApps in the Gorilla ecosystem by the crypto community.

In 2030, however, it is projected that we will be coming down from the potential highs of 2029, that might result from the Bitcoin Halving event in 2028. So things might not be as high as hoped by many in the crypto world. However, adoption will potentially calm these effects and make for a more stable market.

All-in-all, our Gorilla price prediction for 2030 is for a more stable token price with a relatively good level of adoption built on the back of utility in the Gorilla ecosystem, all resulting in a high of $0.25, a low of $0.1975, and an average price of $0.2255.

Potential Highs & Lows of Gorilla Coin Price

Below is a summary of our Gorilla crypto price predictions, both short and long term.

Year Low Price Average Price High Price
2024 $0.0140 $0.0650 $0.1050
2025 $0.0785 $0.1040 $0.1585
2030 $0.1975 $0.2255 $0.25

What do Other Analysts Predict for Gorilla Coin?

The DigitalCoinPrice website predicts that GORILLA will finally break the $0.10 barrier in 2031, predicting rock steady prices of $0.11 throughout the year.


The CoinCodex platform predicts a high of $0.041343 for GORILLA in 2025, with a lower high of $0.037452 in 2030.


On BeInCrypto, the price prediction for GORILLA points towards linear growth, finishing with highs and lows of $0.01355517 and $0.01143349 respectively in 2026.


The CoinArbitrageBot website predicts price growth of 170%, with a prediction of $0.021606, between now and 2025.


Posting on CoinMarketCap, RippleCoinNews predicts an average valuation of $0.1239 for Gorilla in 2030.


What is Gorilla Coin and What is it Used For?

Gorilla token is a meme coin that, from the outset, is not aiming to be the Meme-to-Rule-All-Memes, the Memeinator, or anything as memey as many of the other top meme coins. Instead, $GORILLA offers something different, by “combining viral appeal with substantial utility, creating an investment opportunity that transcends traditional meme tokens.

Gorilla token is an ERC20 token launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The developers behind Gorilla have a full ecosystem of tools and dApps planned, with some of them already launched and available. Below, we briefly run through each of these.

Gorilla Token Homepage

Gorilla Pad

A feature-rich IDO launchpad that operates across the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains—currently operating in beta. There are zero upfront fees for the projects that launch through it. Instead, there is a 5% tax applied to all sales (with 50% going into the $GORILLA ecosystem for buybacks, liquidity, and CEX listings.

Both projects and users are vetted (users are required to complete KYC) before being able to launch their project or buy tokens, and the team supposedly has experience launching tokens and the platform supposedly offers features such as claiming and refunding, whitelisting, token locking and vesting, and LP locking.

Gorilla Swap

There is little concrete information about the Gorilla Swap platform. It is said, however, to be cross-chain—probably Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, as it is expected that it will work in conjunction with Gorilla Pad. Furthermore, it is said that the Gorilla Swap platform will feature stop-loss limits and AI trading that allows users to mirror the portfolios of other traders, across various blockchains.

What are Stop-Loss Limits?

Stop-loss and stop-limit orders are two types of orders that traders can place in advance to either take profits or prevent large losses. These can be placed at any time, but are usually placed when a trader acquires an asset, and this is the scenario we’ll use here:

Stop-Losses: Stop losses, or stop-limits are used to limit the losses a trader experiences should the floor drop out of the price of an asset. If a trader buys an asset for $10 they may want to set a stop-loss at $9, so a sell order is triggered on their assets at that price and they only lose 10% of their original purchase.

Stop Limit: Stop limit orders are used to ensure that a trader doesn’t miss their target price should an asset’s price skyrocket while they’re not attending to their positions. In this scenario our trader, buying units for $10 each, may want to set a stop-limit of $11, triggering a sell order on their assets and allowing them to automatically take a 10% profit when their asset reaches that level.

Mad Gorilla NFT Collection

The Mad Gorilla NFT collection is said to be a part of the Mad Gorilla Unified Cryptonairs Collection #MGUC—taking a leaf, like so many new NFT collections, out of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (but does it also make our list of the top NFT collections to buy in 2024?). This NFT collection is currently under development.

The Mad Gorilla NFT collection is described in the whitepaper as a collection of 3,333 NFTs with “powerful utilities and benefits” that enhance the user’s “participation and influence within the project.” They will also give holders access to exclusive benefits and experiences in the Gorilla ecosystem.

Holders will be able to stake their NFT to earn $BANANA tokens, whose utility is yet to be described.

Staking Platform

A staking platform, while not on the roadmap, has been revealed on Twitter, and the testnet started in mid-December. Holders of $GORILLA will be able to stake their tokens. An update, also posted to Twitter, states that tokens staked to the platform will be used for liquidity and users will receive “a very generous rate of returns.”

Gorilla Game

A runner game, currently in beta, has been revealed on Twitter. The post teases future blockchain integration in the game, however, little is known about what the level of integration is and what the final plans for the game are.

What is Gorilla Token Used For?

It is not made clear in the Gorilla whitepaper or on the Gorilla Token website what part the Gorilla token will play in the Gorilla ecosystem—although readers would assume it’s an integral one. Utility that could be assigned to Gorilla includes:

  • Discount on platform fees for DEX users
  • Access to whitelist spots or discounts on the launchpad
  • Whitelist access for NFT purchases
  • In-game token for the Gorilla Game

However, these are just speculation, and there has already been the announcement of the $BANANA token that will be available to NFT holders and stakers. What utility will this token provide alongside Gorilla? It has not yet been stated.

What we do know is that a 0.5% fee is levied on each $GORILLA transaction, and this is put back into the ecosystem for marketing, project investment, and development.

Finally, it is also worth noting that some of the items listed above, specifically, the Gorilla Game, and the Staking Platform are not listed on the project’s roadmap.

Gorilla Token Roadmap

Gorilla Coin Overview

Here is an overview of the key Gorilla token stats.

Cryptocurrency Gorilla
Ticker Symbol GORILLA
Rank #1056
Price $0.007825
Price Change 24H -32.91%
Market Cap $5,624,286
Circulating Supply 718,737,088 GORILLA
Trading Volume 24H $1,565,056
All Time High $0.02414
All Time Low $0.0002015

What Influences the Price of Gorilla?

Numerous factors, that we took into account when making our Gorilla price forecast, will influence the price of Gorilla. We’ve detailed the biggest of those here:

Product Releases: The Gorilla token roadmap contains many items, and the completion and release of each product, e.g., Gorilla Swap and the Mad Gorilla NFT collection, is likely to raise interest in the token and, subsequently, induce people to buy it.

Exchange Listings: Currently, Gorilla token is not listed by any of the major crypto exchanges or brokers. When such listings occur, a coin’s price typically receives a major boost, and some can often sustain that valuation for a while afterward. Such a listing would also act to legitimize a coin that self defines as a meme coin.

Legal Developments with Other Meme Coins: The world’s regulators are currently targeting the biggest cryptocurrencies, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, (the SEC in the USA has an ongoing case against Ripple Labs, the creators of XRP). Eventually, they may target meme coins, whose’ unique model might turn up some interesting legal ideas. If anything legal does occur with one of many of the larger meme coins, then the price of others, including Gorilla, are almost guaranteed to take a hit.

Roadmap Additions: From above we found two items under development, the Gorilla Game and the Staking Platform, that were not listed on the roadmap. If there are other things planned or under development that are yet to be added to the roadmap, any additions or extensions could also increase excitement around the Gorilla token, increasing the price of it.

The Wider Crypto Market: As the price of Bitcoin and the top altcoins moves, the price of the rest of the crypto market follows. As this happens, be that on the back of Bitcoin ETFs, regulatory movement, or the Bitcoin Halving event, the price of Gorilla will move too—typically in line with these price movements.

Token Burns: 10% of the total supply of $GORILLA is dedicated to being burnt, per the tokenomics in the whitepaper. When these periodic burns happen (none of which have been announced yet) we can expect the price of the Gorilla token to receive a boost.

Is Gorilla a Buy?

While it calls itself a meme coin, Gorilla is all about utility. This is not dissimilar to some of the biggest meme coins, notably Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, who have evolved from meme coins to develop a payment tech stack (Dogecoin) and a layer 2 for Ethereum (Shiba Inu). Showing that the creators of Gorilla and the Gorilla token ecosystem seem have to preempted the future demands of token holders.

With the markets on the up at the end of 2023 more money is flowing into crypto and the markets are waking up. Meme coins, especially new ones, are traditionally the coins with the highest potential—meaning that Gorilla seems well placed to capitalize on the expected market growth next year.

Also, the Gorilla Launchpad is the only element of the Gorilla ecosystem that has been launched—and it is actually still in beta. This means that there is a lot still to come from the Gorilla team in the near future, enhancing the positive outlook for GORILLA.

While the items on the roadmap are being developed the team also seems to be building other items, like a staking platform and mobile game, that are not featured on the roadmap. Some may see this as a full commitment to the project and a show of ambition, others may perceive this as erratic or over-exuberant and showing a lack of direction or focus from the team.


The Gorilla token development team has multiple projects on their plate, including a DEX, a mobile game, an NFT collection, and a staking platform. This sounds more like the “build, build, build” of regular crypto than the traditional “shill, shill, shill” of the meme coin world.

This attitude might have some saying that Gorilla is a definite part of their portfolio for next year. Others may scoff at the fact that a new meme coin is running on a platform of development and not the meme-ination of the entire crypto market. However, does this approach have it on our list of the top cryptocurrencies to buy today?



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