How to Buy 5th Scape Token in 2024 – Beginners Guide

Virtual reality (VR) is much more than immersive gaming, and it is set to revolutionize every aspect of our lives—from medicine to education and training. The new 5th Scape project is building a VR ecosystem that has a token, $5SCAPE, at its very heart—empowering the creators, the curious, and the holders with a variety of benefits.

Here we’re going to cover how to buy the 5th Scape Token (with a presale discount) and dive into the potential future growth of the VR economy, the elements of the 5th Scape ecosystem, and the benefits $5SCAPE holders receive in it.

5th Scape Token Presale – Key Points

Here’s a rundown of the most important elements of the 5th Scape project and presale for investors:

  • The 5th Scape token ($5SCAPE) will be the currency of the 5th Scape VR ecosystem, which will include a range of VR content and VR equipment.
  • Token holder benefits include lifetime access to content, free basic game access, and discounts on all products in the 5th Scape ecosystem.
  • $5SCAPE is available for purchase now through the presale, for $0.00187 per token.
  • There are 12 presale rounds, each raising $1.25m before moving on to the next round—where the price per token rises.
  • The $5SCAPE exchange listing price will be $0.01 (with a listing market cap of $52.11m).

How to Buy 5th Scape Token ($5SCAPE) – A Five Step Beginners Guide

The 5th Scape presale is currently live, and investors can purchase $5SCAPE tokens in just a few steps with Ethereum, Tether, and debit/credit cards.

Here’s how to buy the 5th Scape token right now.

Step 1: Create Crypto Wallet

As the 5th Scape token is on Ethereum (as an ERC20 token) investors need a wallet that accepts these types of tokens. For this, we recommend MetaMask, a free and widely trusted Ethereum wallet that is available as a mobile app and browser extension.

Head to MetaMask’s website, download the wallet, and complete the setup process by following the instructions in the browser extension.

MetaMask Download Browser Extension

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

$ETH or $USDT can be used to purchase $5SCAPE in the presale. These tokens can be bought from centralized exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase, or through MetaMask by clicking the “Buy & Sell” button and following the prompts. Users can use debit/credit cards, bank transfer, and other payment methods to make their purchases here

Tokens bought on centralized exchanges must be sent to the MetaMask wallet created in Step 1.

Step 3: Connect to the 5th Scape Presale

Click “Connect Wallet” on the 5th Scape presale page, select MetaMask, and follow the prompts to authorize the connection to the site.

5th Scape Presale Page

Step 4: Buy $5SCAPE

Select your currency ($ETH or $USDT) and enter either the amount you want to spend or the amount of tokens you want to buy.

Click “Buy 5th Scape” and enter your password in the MetaMask popup to confirm the transaction.

Step 5: Claim Tokens

$5SCAPE tokens aren’t available immediately and will be available for claim, from the 5th Scape website, after the token generation event (TGE).

To ensure you get updated on exactly when claiming becomes available, follow 5th Scape on Twitter and join the Telegram group and Discord server.

What is 5th Scape Token?

The 5th Scape token ($5SCAPE) is the utility and payment token of the 5th Scape ecosystem. The 5th Scape team is aiming to develop a virtual reality (VR) ecosystem—complete with VR equipment—and the goal of the $5SCAPE token sale is to raise funds for development.

While many think of virtual reality as just gaming, its future utility and use cases go much further. In fact, many analysts expect VR to have a huge impact on multiple industries, creating billions of dollars in value in the process. Some growth estimates include:

The VR headset market is set to be one of the slowest growing—with a global CAGR of 3.57% between 2024–2028. But, VR as a whole is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.91% between 2022 and 2025.

People Using VR

5th Scape Presale Statistics

Presale Started January 2024
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit/Credit Card
Chain Ethereum (ERC20)
Presale Token Allocation 4.16 Billion (80% of Supply)
Hard Cap $15 Million
Minimum Investment N/A
Maximum Investment N/A

5th Scape Token Use Cases and Benefits

$5SCAPE is the utility and payment token of the 5th Scape ecosystem, and all its use cases are designed to both benefit holders and drive token demand. Use cases and holder benefits include:

  • Currency of 5th Scape VR ecosystem
  • Discounts on products
  • Free basic access to games, of which there are already 5 slated for development this year
  • Special features and in-game items from 5th Scape
  • Early access to the latest VR content
  • Membership in a community of fellow VR enthusiasts
  • Access to special VR content, including games, educational content, immersive animation, and movies

In addition to all these benefits, 5th Scape is going to build a Developer Center to empower creators by providing them with the tools, resources, and support to create and sell VR content.

5th Scape Games

Alongside growing the community and getting the $5SCAPE token listed on aggregators and exchanges, the 5th Scape 2024 Roadmap focuses on the development of 5 games.

Cage Conquest: Expected Release Q2

An immersive MMA game featuring dynamic combat, iconic MMA arenas, a Champion’s Journey mode, and Online PvP Championships.

Epic Arena: Expected Release Q4

A cricketing VR game that combines strategy with some iconic stadiums from world cricket, featuring a Career Ascension mode, Skill Development through training modules, and an online Multiplayer Showdown mode.

Immersive Kick Off: Trailer Release Q3

A football (soccer) game where players can build their character and improve their skills in a career mode. Featuring iconic stadiums, skill-based challenges, and the ability to play against opponents online.

Archery Master: Trailer Release Q4

In a world filled with mythic creatures and breathtaking landscapes, players will work to improve their skills and upgrade their arsenal to become an archery master.

Thrust Hunter: Trailer Release Q4

In this racing game players can customize their vehicle and race through magnificent tracks with dynamic weather conditions and realistic physics and driving experiences. Players must race others around the world to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

5th Scape Tokenomics and Presale

There is a total supply of 5.211 billion $5SCAPE tokens, and 80% (4.16B) of those are being sold in the presale, through 12 funding rounds, to raise $15m to develop the 5th Scape platform and games.

Round Price Quantity of Tokens USD Target
1 $0.00187 668m $1.25m
2 $0.00215 581m $1.25m
3 0.00248 504m $1.25m
4 0.00285 438m $1.25m
5 0.00327 382m $1.25m
6 0.00376 332m $1.25m
7 0.00433 288m $1.25m
8 0.00498 251m $1.25m
9 0.00572 218m $1.25m
10 0.00658 189m $1.25m
11 0.00757 165m $1.25m
12 0.00870 143m $1.25m

Why Buy 5th Scape Token During Presale?

The 5th Scape presale is your chance to get the $5SCAPE token at a discount from the launch price of $0.01, with the earliest of contributors having 434% of unrealized gains in their wallets when the token launches on exchanges—and the last contributors also having a healthy 14.94%.

Not only that, 5th Scape is developing products—both physical and digital—in an industry that is set to see explosive growth over the next 5-7 years, with the next 3 years alone set to see a CAGR of 22.91%. Intelligently, the team is also starting by focusing on VR gaming, which is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 36% up to 2030.

People don’t make predictions past 2030, however, it is widely predicted that VR, along with AR and cryptocurrencies, is going to become a huge market, and 5th Scape, starting its journey now in 2024, has a good chance of being a part of that future.

This all helps to give $5SCAPE token exceptional appreciation potential across both short- and long-term timescales. For more details read our $5SCAPE price prediction for 2024 – 2030.


5th Scape is a project building at the cutting edge of technological development, in a market that is widely expected to boom in the coming years. If 5th Scape can establish itself in the VR space, then presale contributors could be looking back at their contribution to the $5SCAPE presale as one of the best things they’ve ever done.

The 5th Scape presale is live right now, having just begun in January 2024, and the $5SCAPE token can be bought at a steep discount from the listing price (with DEX listings targeted for Q3 of 2024).



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