How to Buy Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) – A Beginner’s Guide

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Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is a new meme coin project that’s currently raising presale funds. It primarily operates on the Base network – which is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in 2024. $DAWGZ will also launch on other popular networks – ensuring token holders enjoy cross-chain interoperability.

This guide explains how to buy Base Dawgz during the presale. We also explore how Base Dawgz works, its upside potential, and what risks to consider before proceeding.

Base Dawgz Token Key Points

Here’s what you need to know about Base Dawgz:

  • Presale Project: Base Dawgz has just launched its much-anticipated presale campaign. Almost $215,000 has been raised in the first 24 hours. The presale is currently in stage one, meaning those investing today get the lowest price possible. $DAWGZ tokens are selling for $0.00479.    
  • Dog-Themed Meme Coin: At its core, Base Dawgz is a meme coin inspired by the Shiba Inu dog breed. Meme coins are hot right now, especially those on the Base network. Base Dawgz also offers staking pools, meaning passive rewards for holders. It has also developed a refer-to-earn concept. Those referring investors to the presale earn 10% of the investment size – payable in USDT.  
  • Cross-Chain Interpretability: Base Dawgz operates on the fast-growing Base network. However, it also offers cross-chain interpretability, as $DAWGZ will also function in other ecosystems. This includes Solana, BNB, Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche. As such, Base Dawgz will have exposure to the most active blockchain networks globally. 
  • Post-Presale Listings: Base Dawgz is currently a pre-listing project, so investors will be buying $DAWGZ tokens before they’re sold to the public. After the presale, Base Dawgz will launch on decentralized exchanges. It will also form partnerships with centralized platforms for increased exposure.  

How to Buy Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ): A Beginner’s Guide

It takes minutes for experienced crypto traders to invest in presales. All that’s needed is a self-custody wallet with some crypto coins. However, if this is your first time buying presale tokens – you might need some help.

Read on, we’ll now explain how to buy Base Dawgz tokens in the fastest way possible.

Step 1: Set Up a Base Chain Compatible Wallet

So, the first step is to set up a wallet. This is required to invest in the Base Dawgz presaleHere’s where things get a bit complicated.

The Base Dawgz presale accepts popular coins like ETH, BNB, and SOL. So, using any wallet that’s compatible with these networks is fine. However, Base Dawgz is a Base network token. Meaning – you should choose a wallet that’s compatible with the Base network.

Download Trust Wallet

We’d suggest opting for Trust Wallet. It’s not only compatible with Base but all other networks that Base Dawgz will operate on. Used by over 100 million traders, Trust Wallet can be downloaded as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Download, install, and open the Trust Wallet app. Create a new wallet alongside a PIN. You’ll see 12 random words displayed on the screen – this is your backup passphrase. Write it down in the correct order and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2: Add Coins to Trust Wallet

You’ll now need to buy some coins and transfer them to Trust Wallet. This needs to be a coin that the Base Dawgz presale accepts. 

Here are your options:

  • ETH/USDT (Base)
  • ETH/USDT (Ethereum)
  • BNB (BNB Chain)
  • AVAX (Avalanche)
  • SOL (Solana)

So, if you already have one of the above coins, you can use them to invest. If not, you can purchase some on the Trust Wallet app.

Trust Wallet buy crypto

Click on the ‘Buy’ button and choose a coin. We’d suggest opting for USDT on the Ethereum network. It’s pegged to the US dollar, so it’s easier to assess how much you’re investing.

Trust Wallet will recommend the best fiat payment gateway based on your preferred payment method and currency. Most gateways accept Visa, MasterCard, and selected e-wallets.

You’ll need to type in your personal information and upload a government-issued ID. This only needs to be completed once. After that, you can buy coins instantly.

Once everything is confirmed, the coins will appear in your Trust Wallet balance.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to the Presale Website

You now have everything you need to invest in the Base Dawgz presale.

So, visit the Base Dawgz website and click on the chosen network and you’ll see the presale dashboard. There are five logos – each representing the supported networks.

If you’re investing USDT on the Ethereum network as suggested, click the Ethereum logo. Then, click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. You’ll then need to choose the wallet you’re using to invest. That’s Trust Wallet if you followed our recommendation.

Connect a wallet to the Base Dawgz website

Trust Wallet will ask for authorization before connecting to the Base Dawgz website. Confirm the connection and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Complete Base Dawgz Presale Investment

You should now see that your wallet is connected to the presale website. Next, you need to type in the number of coins you want to swap for $DAWGZ.

For example, we’ve typed in 750 USDT. The presale dashboard shows us that we’ll receive 156,576 $DAWGZ tokens. This is based on the current presale price of $0.00479.

How to invest in the Base Dawgz presale

The final step is to confirm the investment via your connected wallet. So, open Trust Wallet and approve the transaction. The coins will then be transferred to Base Dawgz’s presale wallet.

Step 5: Claim $DAWGZ Tokens

Base Dawgz will distribute $DAWGZ tokens to investors after the presale finishes. When it does, you can return to the Base Dawgz website to claim your tokens.

You’ll need to connect the same wallet that was used when investing. This ensures that only you can make a claim. The tokens will then be transferred to your Trust Wallet balance. They’ll remain there until you decide to sell.

What is Base Dawgz?

In a nutshell, Base Dawgz is a new meme coin project. It’s built on Base – the fast-growing network developed by Coinbase. This network is ideal for meme coin trading, as Base offers rock-bottom fees and lightning-fast transactions. That said, Base Dawgz is a cross-chain meme coin. This means it will also operate on other networks.

This includes Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB. This will ensure that Base Dawgz has access to the most active blockchain ecosystems. Moreover, token holders can move between chains at any time, meaning Base Dawgz supports interpretability.

Like many meme coins, Base Dawgz has opted for the Shiba Inu dog breed as its logo. While this isn’t unique, the same concept is used by the most valuable meme coin projects – including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and FLOKI. Although Base Dawgz doesn’t have any intrinsic value, presale investors will be targeting substantial gains.

Base Dawgz presale website

These potential returns are built into the risk spectrum – as nobody quite knows how presale tokens will perform. For instance, the minimum presale raise is $8 million. 20% of the token supply will be sold to presale investors. So, the minimum market capitalization will be $40 million after the presale. Considering that many meme coins are worth over a billion dollars, the upside could be huge.

Not only that but investors will also be able to stake their $DAWGZ tokens after the presale. Staking new cryptocurrencies early often results in high-interest yields, although APYs are yet to be published. Base Dawgz is also running a refer-to-earn scheme. Simply send your unique referral link to friends and family.

And, when they invest in the presale – you’ll receive 10% of the purchase amount. The referral commissions are paid in USDT. Although Base Dawgz has every chance of becoming the next crypto to explode, never invest more than you can afford to lose. After all, presales – especially those related to new meme coins, are ultra-speculative. While you could make money, financial losses are also possible.

Why Buy Base Dawgz?

We’ve explained the basics of how Base Dawgz works. Now let’s explore the investment thesis. 

Here’s why Base Dawgz could be one of the best crypto presales in 2024.

  • Base Meme Coins are a Hot Narrative: Base is a layer 2 network backed by Coinbase – which is considered one of the most trusted exchanges globally. Coinbase – which has over 100 million customers, recently launched its ‘Smart Wallet’. This will make it seamless for retail clients to invest in Base meme coins from their Coinbase account. With this in mind, Base is one of the fastest-growing networks – with the likes of Mochi, Toshi, and Brett generating significant gains. $DAWGZ is capitalizing on these trends, as the Base network is its primary home.
  • Cross-Chain Access: In addition to Base, $DAWGZ tokens will also operate on other networks. This includes established ecosystems like Ethereum, Solana, and BNB. Not to mention up-and-coming networks like Avalanche and Polygon. Therefore, any existing traders within these ecosystems can easily buy Base Dawgz. This is a huge benefit for $DAWGZ holders – as there will be plenty of organic liquidity in the market.
  • Presale Discount: Seasoned meme coin investors will often buy tokens during the presale campaign, as this offers the lowest entry price before the exchange listing. The Base Dawgz presale is no different. Stage one investors pay just $0.00479 per token. The presale price increases by 5% every five days. This means a 5% upside each time the price increase is implemented.
  • Staking Rewards: Another reason to invest in Base Dawgz is that $DAWGZ tokens can be staked. This will generate passive rewards. And, when you’re ready to cash out your position, you simply need to unstake your stakes. This is a great way of boosting your $DAWGZ profit potential.
  • Share-to-Earn: The Base Dawgz team has created a share-to-earn mechanism. Put simply, those sharing Base Dawgz content on social media networks will earn points. Accumulated points can then be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens. This is a smart move, as it will organically market the project to the crypto community without using operating capital.

Base Dawgz Price Prediction – What is $DAWGZ’s Potential?

Some analysts believe that Base Dawgz could be the next 100x crypto meme. However, these viewpoints are purely speculative, so it’s important to dig a bit deeper. 

First, we’ll need to estimate Base Dawgz’s market capitalization after it completes the presale. The whitepaper doesn’t provide a hard cap limit. However, a soft cap target of $8 million has been stated. As mentioned, the presale will sell 20% of the overall supply. This means at a minimum, Base Dawgz will be listed on exchanges with a $40 million valuation.

This small-cap valuation is welcome news for presale investors. After all, there are dozens of meme coins with market capitalizations in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This includes BOOK OF MEME, MAGA, Mog Coin, and Memecoin. There are also meme coins valued at over $1 billion, including Brett – which also operates on the Base network. Base Dawgz is aiming for a similar valuation, meaning the upside for presale buyers could be sizable.

Base Dawgz Price Prediction

In addition, presale buyers will enjoy an immediate upside every time the price increases. We mentioned that a 5% increase takes place every five days. So, let’s say you invested $1,000 in the presale. After 20 days, that $1,000 would be worth $1,215.51, based on the compounding effect. This is before $DAWGZ tokens are listed on exchanges.

Moreover, we can’t ignore how much interest there is in the Base network right now. Considering Coinbase’s 100 million+ users, alongside its vast resources, Base could become one of the most active networks globally. It’s a great alternative to the main Ethereum network too – as fees are minute.

And, the Base network just launched ‘On-Chain Summer’. This 3-month event invites developers to the Base ecosystem – with $2 million worth of ETH available as grants.


The Base Dawgz presale offers a rare opportunity to invest in a legitimate Base meme coin. Investors get an immediate upside every five days – as the presale price increases by 5% each time.

What’s more, Base Dawgz is a cross-chain meme coin – it will also operate on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Avalanche, and Solana. However, presale buyers should do their research before proceeding – there’s no guarantee that Base Dawgz will be successful.


What is Base Dawgz?

How to invest in Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) token?

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