How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Without ID in 2024

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Global regulators are now clamping down on anonymous cryptocurrency purchases, so avoiding KYC processes is becoming more challenging. That said, there are still ways to buy and sell Bitcoin while keeping your identity hidden.

In this guide, we explain how to buy Bitcoin anonymously in 2024. We cover various different strategies that enable you to legally access the Bitcoin markets while maintaining full privacy.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously in 3 Simple Steps

Before delving into our in-depth guide – let’s quickly explore how to buy Bitcoin anonymously in 2024:

  1. Step 1: Get the Margex App: The best place to trade cryptocurrency anonymously is Margex – a leading cryptocurrency trading platform with over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Simply download the Margex mobile app for iOS or Android or head to the website. You can create an account without verifying your identity.
  2. Step 2: Transfer Crypto to Margex: You’ll need to complete verification to buy crypto using fiat on Margex. Therefore, in order to buy Bitcoin without ID, you’ll need to pay with another cryptocurrency. Choose a cryptocurrency and copy your unique wallet address. Then, transfer the tokens to Margex.
  3. Step 3: Buy Bitcoin: Within the Margex app, click on the ‘Spot Trading’ button. Select the trading pair of the crypto that you transferred and Bitcoin (BTC). As the receiving cryptocurrency, select ‘Bitcoin.’ Type in the swap amount to complete the trade. You’ll now see the Bitcoin tokens in your Margex balance.

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Without ID Reviewed

The first step is exploring where to buy Bitcoin anonymously. There are several methods and platforms to choose from, each with its own pros and cons.

Here’s our selection of the top places to buy Bitcoin anonymously without ID in 2024:

  • Margex: Best Place to Buy Bitcoin with No ID; Comprehensive Trading Platform and Low Fees
  • Bitcoin ATMS: Buy Bitcoin Anonymously at a Physical ATM
  • Bisq: Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange With Escrow Protections
  • Hodl Hodl: Anonymous P2P Exchange With Buyers Paying Just 0.3% in Fees
  • LocalCoinSwap: No KYC But Very Few Sellers Willing to Accept Unverified Buyers

This section discusses some of the best options available for buying crypto without KYC checks.

1. Margex – Best Place to Buy Crypto Anonymously With Low Trading Fees

We found that Margex is the best option when buying Bitcoin anonymously. The process isn’t overly straightforward, as you’ll need to pay for your purchase with another cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin without verifying your identity. This is because Margex allows users to access a range of features, such as spot trading and futures crypto trading, without completing KYC processes or verification checks.

Instead, you simply need to download the Margex app or set up an unverified account. Initially, you’ll need to deposit some cryptocurrency tokens into your unique wallet address. Currently, Margex supports over 40+ different cryptocurrencies. This includes some of the best altcoins, such as ETH, USDT, MATIC, and BUSD.

Once you’ve transferred the tokens, you can then use Margex’s order book feature. For example, suppose you deposited ETH. You can choose the ETH/BTC trading pair, set the order parameters, and then swap ETH for BTC in real time.

Margex is a popular platform with over 500,000 users worldwide. It’s also a leading exchange in terms of liquidity, with an order book depth of $50,000,000. This ensures that you get the best exchange rates possible and you can easily trade your crypto assets. Moreover, Margex has a low fee schedule with a taker fee of 0.06% and a maker fee of 0.019% for market orders.

Crucially,  once you’ve bought Bitcoin anonymously, there’s no requirement to withdraw the tokens to another wallet. This is because Margex offers a safe, private, and fully functional wallet service.

To access certain features and increase your withdrawal limits, you’ll need to complete KYC. However, you can still buy Bitcoin anonymously without completing these checks. You can also access Margex’s wide selection of futures trading options and manage your crypto assets.

Margex offers a range of security features to keep your assets safe. These include:

  • 2FA
  • Encryption of private data
  • Cold storage of a large portion of assets held on Margex
  • Audits and compliance checks

margex copy trading

Margex enables you to copy trade – mirror the trading portfolio of other seasoned investors. Users can also perform technical analysis with advanced charts and tools. The platform also has staking options, so users can earn passive income without leaving the wallet app.

Margex also facilitates fiat money payments. Although this offers a convenient way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, KYC documents will be required. In terms of reviews in the public domain, Margex is rated 4.2/5 on Google Play and 4.6 on the App Store.

For those interested in learning more, read our full Margex review here.

Fee to Buy Bitcoin Taker fee of 0.06% and a maker fee of 0.019%
Top Features Comprehensive exchange with up 100x leverage on futures, trade anonymously without registering, demo accounts, copy trading, staking options

Pros pros

  • Overall best place to buy Bitcoin anonymously
  • No account required for spot trading – trade in complete privacy
  • Available online and via an Android/iOS app
  • Copy trading and demo accounts
  • Offers a comprehensive trading experience with staking and futures options

Cons cons

  • KYC required for certain features
  • You can only buy Bitcoin anonymously when paying with cryptocurrencies

2. Bitcoin ATMs – Buy Bitcoin Anonymously at a Physical ATM With Cash

The next best place to buy Bitcoin anonymously is via a cryptocurrency ATM. Here’s how it works; You visit your nearest Bitcoin ATM and select how much you want to buy. This will be stated in your local currency. Next, you’ll be asked to insert cash into the ATM, ensuring it covers the full purchase price.

After that, a receipt will be printed containing a unique wallet address and private key. In most cases, you can scan the QR code with a mobile wallet to claim the Bitcoin tokens. Some Bitcoin ATMs allow you to scan your wallet address when completing the payment, which is slightly more convenient. That being said, not all Bitcoin ATMs support an anonymous purchase experience.


On the contrary, some ask you to verify your phone number before requesting a government-issued ID. In this instance, your face will also be scanned to ensure it matches the ID you’ve submitted. KYC requirements will ultimately vary depending on the Bitcoin ATM provider. Another drawback of Bitcoin ATMs is that fees are typically high. Expect to pay 10-20% above the current Bitcoin spot price.

In addition, Bitcoin ATMs are usually positioned in major cities. So if you’re based in a remote location, this might not be a suitable option. The best starting point is to visit CoinATMRadar. After typing in your location, the platform lists the nearest Bitcoin ATMs. More than 32,400 Bitcoin ATM locations are listed in over 70 countries. Once you click on a location, CoinATMRadar lists key stats – such as fee and the ATM provider. You can then research whether or not KYC will be required.

Fee to Buy Bitcoin Depends on the ATM provider. Average fee of 16% according to CoinATMRadar.
Top Features Buy Bitcoin instantly with cash in your local currency, User-friendly purchase experience, Some ATMs allow you to cash out Bitcoin

Pros pros

  • Buy Bitcoin anonymously with physical cash
  • Tens of thousands of Bitcoin ATMs are available globally
  • Some Bitcoin ATMs only ask for a phone number
  • Small purchase amounts are usually supported

Cons cons

  • Some Bitcoin ATM providers have implemented KYC checks
  • Fees can be astronomical – often between 10-20% above the market price

3. Bisq – Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange With Escrow Protections

Bisq is another option to consider when attempting to buy crypto anonymously. In a nutshell, Bisq is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange that employs a peer-to-peer model. To get started, you need to download the Bisq software for Windows, Mac, or Linux. There is no requirement to open an account – so you’ll be trading in complete privacy.

Next, you’ll need to specify your local currency and preferred payment methods. Options include local banking networks, e-wallets, and Western Union. After specifying how much Bitcoin you want to buy, Bisq shows you sellers that accept your preferred payment type. If you proceed, the seller will be required to lock the Bitcoin tokens in the Bisq escrow.

Bisq review

The tokens remain there until the deal is completed. In the meantime, you will be required to send the money to the seller’s account. However, before proceeding with Bisq, there are several drawbacks to consider. First, the legality of Bisq facilitating anonymous fiat transactions remains to be seen. Sure, Bisq doesn’t personally handle fiat payments – but it does sit between buyers and sellers. This is why most P2P exchanges now have KYC policies.

What’s more, Bisq often struggles to attract sufficient volume. You might struggle to find a seller willing to accept your preferred purchase amount and payment type. In addition, Bisq sellers often charge considerably more than the average market price. You’ll also need to cover Bisq’s trading fees – buyers pay 1.15% of the purchase amount. Some users on Reddit also report that Bisq is a hotbed for middleman scams.

Fee to Buy Bitcoin 1.15% of the purchase amount
Top Features Decentralized peer-to-peer network, Available as desktop software, Key decisions are made by a DAO

Pros pros

  • Decentralized peer-to-peer software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Search for sellers that accept your preferred currency and payment type
  • Escrow system in place to ensure safe transactions
  • No identity requirements

Cons cons

  • Could be a hotbed for middleman scams and money laundering
  • The jury is out on whether Bisq is operating legally
  • High trading fees and sellers often list Bitcoin at an unfavorable exchange rate

4. Hodl Hodl – Anonymous P2P Exchange With Buyers Paying Just 0.3% in Fees

Next up is Hodl Hodl – a P2P exchange that supports Bitcoin. Hodl Hodl has been in business for over seven years and it now boasts more than 100,000 registered users. When opening an account, you’ll only need to provide an email address, nickname, and a strong password. No additional personal information will be collected and there are no KYC procedures in place making it one of the leading no-KYC exchanges out there.

Once you’ve signed up, you can search for a Bitcoin listing that meets your requirements. For instance, you can select your local currency and your preferred payment methods. Popular options include local bank transfers, SWIFT, Venmo, Neteller, and PayPal. Hodl Hodl will then display suitable listings, alongside the seller’s asking price.

Hodl Hodl review

If you accept a deal, the seller will transfer the Bitcoin into Hodl Hodl’s escrow wallet. You’ll then be asked to transfer the funds. Once the seller confirms payment, the Bitcoin tokens are released. However, we found that many sellers on Hodl Hodl have their own KYC processes. This means you’ll need to send the seller a copy of your government-issued ID. If you refuse, the seller will cancel the deal.

Another issue is that you often need to pay a premium on Hodl Hodl. In most cases, you’ll pay well above the Bitcoin spot price. That said, Hodl Hodl charges a commission of just 0.3% to buyers, which is competitive. There’s also a considerable lack of activity on Hodl Hodl right now. We found just over 100 individual offers available across all supported currencies and payment types.

Fee to Buy Bitcoin 0.3% of the purchase amount
Top Features Connect with sellers that accept your preferred payment method, Transparent exchange rates, Very user-friendly dashboard

Pros pros

  • Established P2P Bitcoin exchange with over seven years of experience
  • Register an account with an email address only – no other personal details are required
  • Supports plenty of local currencies and payment methods
  • Bitcoin is transferred directly to your private wallet after completing the payment

Cons cons

  • Limited activity with very few listings available
  • No assistance is provided in the event of a scam
  • Most sellers charge a premium when compared to Bitcoin’s market value

5. LocalCoinSwap – No KYC Requirements but Very Few Sellers Willing to Accept Unverified Buyers

You might also consider LocalCoinSwap when exploring how to buy Bitcoin without ID. This is another P2P exchange that does not have a mandatory KYC process in place. However, we found that the vast majority of sellers on LocalCoinSwap will not sell to unverified users.

This is because of issues with their respective payment provider, such as a bank account. Moreover, even if you do find a suitable seller, you’ll likely find that exchange rates are unfavorable. Nonetheless, LocalCoinSwap supports over 300 payment methods across many different currencies.

LocalCoinSwap review

Moreover, in addition to Bitcoin, it also accepts some of the best utility tokens. This includes Ethereum, USD Coin, and Tether. We also like that LocalCoinSwap doesn’t charge any trading fees when accepting a listing that’s already been posted. However, if you post a custom requirement you’ll pay 1% of the purchase amount. Finally, LocalCoinSwap has a TrustPilot rating of 4.4/5, but this is only across 128 reviews.

Fee to Buy Bitcoin No commissions when accepting a deal that’s already live. 1% commission on custom listings.
Top Features Avoid trading fees when accepting a seller’s offer, Supports multiple cryptocurrencies, Huge range of payment methods are available

Pros pros

  • Established P2P exchange supporting over 300 payment methods
  • KYC requirements are not mandatory
  • Also supports other cryptocurrencies – including Ethereum and Tether
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons cons

  • Very few sellers will deal with unverified users
  • 1% trading fee when you post a custom requirement

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

There is often a misconception that Bitcoin is an anonymous asset class. This is because Bitcoin transactions are not tied to the sender or receiver’s identity. However, the Bitcoin ecosystem is actually ‘pseudonymous’. This is because transactions can still be traced, as they are attached to a wallet address.

What’s more, all Bitcoin transactions are transparently posted to the blockchain ledger. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet address, you can track all future transactions. You can also view the balance held by the respective wallet.

  • For example, suppose you initially bought Bitcoin anonymously.
  • You use some of your Bitcoin tokens to make a purchase online, providing shipment details to your home address.
  • Thereon, there’s a link between your personal information and your Bitcoin wallet address.

This is also the case when transferring Bitcoin to another person. For instance, if you sent funds to a friend, they would be able to view all of your previous and future transactions – not to mention your real-time balance. That said, it’s still possible to store Bitcoin in complete privacy. The challenging part is selling Bitcoin for fiat money without revealing your identity.

This is because the best crypto exchanges have KYC processes in place. As such, you need to verify your identity before buying or selling Bitcoin with fiat money. The only way around this is to use a P2P exchange, but this comes with legal and security issues.

Why Buy Bitcoin Without Verification?

Now let’s explore why some people prefer to buy Bitcoin without KYC requirements.


Some people prefer to transact in complete privacy. This extends to online transactions, such as buying and selling Bitcoin. The ethos is simple – some people don’t feel comfortable handing over personal information.

For example, consider an everyday transaction in your local supermarket. You pay for your purchase with cash and the transaction is complete. However, if the supermarket then asked for your full name, home address, and a government-issued ID, this would likely make you feel uncomfortable.

buy Bitcoin without KYC requirements.

After all, why should you provide this information just to complete a simple transaction? The same thesis extends to Bitcoin. In the vast majority of cases, Bitcoin exchanges have a cumbersome KYC process. This means providing lots of personal data, contact details, government-issued ID, and proof of address.

Many platforms also ask for a selfie of you holding your passport or driver’s license next to your face. So, by finding a way to buy Bitcoin anonymously, you can avoid these intrusive measures.

Increased Purchasing Speeds

Depending on which platform you use, KYC procedures can be time-consuming. This is especially the case when manual verification processes are required.

In this instance, the exchange would need to manually review your government-issued ID and proof of address and compare it to the details you originally provided. Depending on how many applications the exchange needs to go through, you could end up waiting several days.

This is another reason why some people prefer to buy crypto without verification. By skipping the KYC process, you can transact a lot faster.

Broader Accessibility 

Some people prefer to buy Bitcoin anonymously because of increased accessibility. For example, according to the World Bank, more than 850 million people in the world do not have an official government-issued ID. That’s 850 million people who can’t buy Bitcoin through traditional channels. After all, those without ID won’t be able to complete a KYC verification check.

World Bank no ID 850 million people

In addition, some people are based in countries that have a complete ban on Bitcoin. According to Fortune, Bitcoin is banned in nine jurisdictions, including China, Algeria, Bangladesh, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Oman, Egypt, and Qatar. This means that people in these countries will not be able to use a traditional exchange to buy Bitcoin. Instead, they’ll need to find a way to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

Avoid Third-Party Risks   

The vast majority of Bitcoin exchanges are centralized. This means that you need to trust a third party in more ways than one. For example, there’s always the risk of your personal information getting into the wrong hands. Not only would this include your data but also the government-issued ID you provided during the KYC process.

  • By buying Bitcoin anonymously, you won’t need to worry about data leaks and identity fraud.
  • What’s more, traditional exchanges are also prone to remote hacks.
  • Therefore, keeping Bitcoin on a centralized exchange means your tokens could be at risk of theft.
  • You also need to trust that the exchange will honor your withdrawal should you wish to transfer Bitcoin to a private wallet.

Ways of Buying Crypto Without KYC

Now let’s discuss the different methods that allow you to buy Bitcoin anonymously. We’ll explore how each method works and what drawbacks to consider before proceeding.

No-KYC Exchanges 

We found that no-KYC exchanges offer the most user-friendly way to buy Bitcoin anonymously without ID in 2024. Many centralized exchanges will allow users to access a certain level of trading features without verifying their identity.

While you’ll need to complete KYC to access fiat services, you can use a platform like Margex to trade cryptocurrencies while enjoying all the benefits of a comprehensive trading platform. This includes deep liquidity, wallet recovery options, competitive fees, and advanced trading charts.

Decentralized Exchanges   

Many people choose to buy cryptocurrency anonymously using a decentralized exchange (DEX), as many of the best decentralized exchanges don’t require you to open an account opening.

All transactions go through the wallet you connect to the exchange. This means that you won’t be required to provide personal information or KYC documents.

However, there is a caveat – decentralized exchanges cannot accept fiat currency methods, such as a debit/credit card. Although some platforms have integrated with third-party processors, a KYC process will still be required. This will be undertaken by the processor rather than the exchange. Nonetheless, you won’t be buying Bitcoin anonymously.

As such, you’ll need to fund your Bitcoin purchase with another cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or Litecoin. In doing so, you’ll remain anonymous at all times.

P2P Exchanges    

If you’re looking to buy Bitcoin anonymously with fiat money, you might want to explore some of the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges. This method allows you to connect directly with sellers. You will initially be asked for your preferred currency and payment method. The latter often includes local bank transfers and e-wallets.

  • The P2P exchange will then list which sellers meet your requirements.
    The results are usually listed by the best exchange rate being offered.
  • Once you find a suitable seller, you need to accept the deal and transfer the funds to their stated account.
  • The Bitcoin tokens will remain in the P2P exchange’s escrow wallet until the deal is done.
  • If there are any issues, you have the safety net of the escrow.

Although some P2P exchanges offer a way to buy Bitcoin with no KYC, there are several drawbacks to consider. First and foremost, many P2P exchanges have recently implemented KYC requirements for all registered users. This is in response to increased pressures from regulators.

After all, P2P exchanges are still businesses that require access to banking facilities. Therefore, they must comply with all relevant anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing lawsPaxful – one of the largest P2P exchanges, has had mandatory KYC for most countries since 2020. The now-defunct also followed a similar KYC verification path before its recent closure.

While we also found P2P exchanges without mandatory KYC, many sellers will not deal with unverified users. In fact, sellers will often ask for ID from buyers to cover their own backs. Another drawback is that P2P sellers often charge unfavorable exchange rates.

LocalCoinSwap prices

In the example image above, we searched for Bitcoin sellers in Australia on the LocalCoinSwap website. As you can see, the majority of listings are at least 10% above the market price.

We also found that P2P exchanges attract a very small number of active sellers. For example, while Hodl Hodl claims more than 100,000 registered users, we came across just over 100 listings in total. This is across its entire ecosystem.

Bitcoin ATMs 

The next method to consider is Bitcoin ATMs. Like the previous two methods, this option also comes with benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start by explaining how the process works. You’ll first need to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM – CoinATMRadar is a good source. When you’ve located the ATM, you’ll need to select how much Bitcoin you want to purchase based on your local currency. You can then insert the cash notes into the machine.

In terms of how you receive the Bitcoin tokens, there are generally two methods. This will depend on the Bitcoin ATM provider. Some Bitcoin ATMs require you to provide your wallet address when completing the transaction. The ATM will automatically transfer the Bitcoin to this address once the purchase is completed.

Bitcoin ATMs review

Alternatively, some Bitcoin ATMs print a receipt with a QR code. This represents the private keys related to your Bitcoin. You’d then need to scan the QR code from a private wallet on your mobile phone.

When Bitcoin ATMs were first launched, they offered a way to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously. However, with increased reports of Bitcoin ATMs being used by criminals to launder money, many providers now have KYC processes in place. This means you might be asked to scan your government-issued ID before the transaction is approved.

Even if the Bitcoin ATM provider doesn’t have a KYC policy, you’ll likely be limited to very small purchase amounts. Therefore, make sure you research the provider’s KYC stance before visiting the Bitcoin ATM.  Moreover, some countries are clamping down on Bitcoin ATMs due to increased money laundering risks. For example, the UK’s FCA closed down 26 Bitcoin ATMs last year for operating illegally.

Another drawback of using Bitcoin ATMs is that fees are often very high. As we mentioned earlier, the median Bitcoin ATM fee is 16%, as per CoinATMRadar. This means that you’d need Bitcoin to increase by 16% just to break even.

Can I Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card Anonymously?

  • Regardless of what you read online, buying Bitcoin anonymously with a credit card is not possible.
  • The only way to use a credit card is by completing a KYC process. This is the case regardless of whether you’re using a centralized or decentralized exchange.
  • Even if you find a P2P seller accepting credit card payments, they will still need to ask you for some ID.
  • If they don’t, they’re breaching the terms and conditions of the respective financial institution. And hence, they’ll have their payment gateway removed once the institution finds out.

How to Stay Safe When Buying Bitcoin Without KYC

Read on to discover some tips on how to stay safe when buying Bitcoin anonymously.

Research the Bitcoin Provider Extensively 

The first step is to do some due diligence on the provider you’re planning to buy Bitcoin from.

For example, if you’re using a P2P exchange, research its reputation in the public domain. Check out forums like Reddit and review websites like TrustPilot. This should give you an overview of how current and past customers view the platform.

If you’re using a decentralized exchange, check out what security features it offers. More importantly, ensure the exchange has had its smart contract processes audited by a reputable third party.

You should also evaluate the legality of the platform you’re planning to use. For example, if the platform directly accepts fiat payments and it doesn’t have a KYC process – it’s likely operating illegally.

Use a VPN 

If you’re looking for complete anonymity, consider using a virtual private network (VPN). This is especially the case if you’re based in a country that doesn’t allow Bitcoin trading.

buy Bitcoin anonymously with a VPN

The VPN will hinder your true location and make it appear as if you’re based elsewhere. Moreover, VPNs prevent internet service providers from tracking your online activity.

Escrow Services  and Seller Reputation 

If you’re using a P2P exchange to buy Bitcoin anonymously, it’s crucial that the platform has an escrow service. This requires the seller to transfer the Bitcoin tokens to the exchange once a deal is accepted.

Once the tokens are in escrow, you can safely transfer the funds. Without an escrow, you’re trusting that the seller honors the deal. If they don’t, you’ll have nowhere to turn.

In addition, you should also research the seller’s reputation. On most P2P exchanges, buyers and sellers can leave feedback and ratings about their purchases. If a seller has previously caused issues, you’ll be able to see this before proceeding.

Can you Get Scammed on a P2P Bitcoin Exchange?

  • If there’s an escrow in place, it’s very difficult to get scammed as a buyer.
  • This is because once the seller confirms they have received the payment from you, they’ll release the Bitcoin tokens from escrow. At this point, you can withdraw the Bitcoin tokens to your private wallet.
  • Sellers have a greater chance of being scammed on a P2P exchange.
  • For example, we read a report recently where a P2P seller received a payment notification via SMS. Unbeknown to the seller, the SMS notification was fraudulently generated from the buyer.
  • As such, they released the Bitcoin from escrow only to later discover the payment was never received. The Bitcoin was already withdrawn by this point, so the seller had no recourse.

Secure Wallet 

It’s also important to have a secure wallet when buying Bitcoin anonymously. For a start, you’ll want to avoid keeping the majority of your Bitcoin tokens in a centralized wallet. This is because the provider could implement KYC requirements at any time. Until you fulfill this request, you might not be able to access your Bitcoin.

Instead, it’s best to consider a self-custody wallet with solid security features. This means that you’re the only person to have access to the wallet’s private keys. As such, nobody can restrict your Bitcoin transactions.

While Margex is a custodial wallet, unlike many other exchanges, it allows users to withdraw crypto to a self-custody wallet without KYC. This gives you access to all the advantages of a crypto exchange wallet while allowing you to keep the majority of your assets in a self-custody wallet. Margex also offers two-factor authentication, data encryption, and other security measures.

Assess Exchange Rates  

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when buying Bitcoin from a P2P exchange is not checking the exchange rate offered by the seller.

  • For example, suppose that you’re looking to buy Bitcoin anonymously with US dollars.
  • Bitcoin is priced at $27,500 on global spot exchanges.
  • On your chosen P2P exchange, the best rate available is $28,200.
  • This means that you’re paying 2.5% above the current spot price.

We came across plenty of P2P sellers charging more than 10% above the actual rate – so it’s crucial to verify this before proceeding.

Read the Terms of the Seller 

If you’re buying Bitcoin through a P2P exchange, you should also check the terms of your chosen seller. We found that while some P2P exchanges support anonymous accounts, many sellers have their own KYC requirements.

For example, you might find that the seller requires a copy of your government-issued ID. If you accept the deal but fail to provide it, the seller will cancel the deal. They might also leave a negative rating and review. This can harm your reputation on the platform.

Therefore, it’s wise to check the seller’s terms before accepting any deals.

How to Buy Crypto Without ID – Tutorial

We concluded that decentralized exchanges offer the safest way to buy Bitcoin without ID.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how to buy Bitcoin anonymously with Margex.

Step 1: Download Margex

The first step is to download the Margex app or head to the Margex website. The app is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android.

Once you’ve opened the Margex app, you’ll need to set it up. First, enter your email address. This is the only piece of personal information you’ll need to provide. Margex will then send a confirmation email or push notification – click the link provided.

magrex register

After that, you’ll be asked to set up face ID for two-factor authentication. While this isn’t mandatory, it will ensure your Bitcoin tokens remain safe at all times.

Step 2: Transfer Cryptocurrency to Your Wallet

Margex supports fiat currency purchases through the payment providers Changelly and ChangeNOW, but you will need to complete KYC with these providers.

As such, the only way to buy Bitcoin anonymously is to deposit cryptocurrency into Margex. You can deposit any token that is supported by Margex. Navigate to the wallet tab and search for the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. Once you’ve selected a cryptocurrency – click deposit. Then, copy your unique wallet address or use the QR code provided.

You can then transfer the cryptocurrency tokens. Depending on the token, it should take 1-3 minutes for Margexto update your balance.

Step 3: Convert Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin Anonymously 

The final step is to convert the cryptocurrency you deposited into Bitcoin.

On the main Margex dashboard, click on ‘Trade’. On the trading page, choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange. Then, select the pair from the drop-down list below.

margex trade

You’ll then need to type in the number of tokens you want to swap. After confirming the order, Margex will source the best exchange rate possible from its liquidity providers. Within seconds, you should find Bitcoin in your wallet balance.

Bitcoin Minetrix – Best Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Alternative With High Staking Rewards

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTC) is a trending new crypto that has combined Bitcoin’s democratic principles and the eco-friendliness of Ethereum to offer investors exposure to Bitcoin Mining.

The platform’s native token $BTCMTX is available via the recently launched presale. Early buyers can take advantage of early staking of $BMTXTC with high APRs and maximum reward limits before the presale ends. 

With the Bitcoin halving just around the corner, early investors are looking for alternative ways to give a return and cloud mining could be just the way to achieve that.

previsioni bitcoin - bitcoin minetrix

The idea is simple. Once purchased, investors stake their $BTCMTX tokens and in return they are provided with ‘Cloud Mining Credits’. These credits are then used to earn time on the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform.

Not only do token holders get the chance to mine lucrative Bitcoin, but they also earn 59% APY in passive staking rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix tokenomics

The presale is well underway and therefore early investment is recommended.

To stay updated with the latest news enter the Bitcoin Minetrix Telegram group and follow updates on its X (Twitter) account.


This guide has explained various methods that enable you to buy Bitcoin without ID. We found that the safest option is to use a trusted exchange like Margex. There is no requirement to complete KYC, and you’ll remain anonymous at all times.

You can buy Bitcoin anonymously with plenty of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Tether. What’s more, Margezalso offers more comprehensive trading features, offering you the full crypto experience.



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