How to Buy Fight Night ($FNIO) – A Beginner’s Guide

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Fight Night is the latest meme coin inspired by boxing legends like Mike Tyson. Unlike most meme coins, which have no utility, the $FNIO token will be used in an upcoming boxing game made in a retro art style. Early investors can stake their $FNIO to earn generous rewards during the presale or get in-game advantages later on.

This guide shows you how to buy Fight Night in four simple steps, from setting up a crypto wallet to buying ETH coins to completing the purchase.

Fight Night Token Key Points

Before we move on, let’s look at the top features of the Fight Night project:

  • Presale: Fight Night’s $FNIO token is now in a presale where you can buy it at a lower price before it lists on exchanges. From the total token supply, 24% is allocated for the presale. $FNIO’s starting price is $0.0009 and will gradually increase during the presale.
  • Play-to-earn mechanics: The team behind Fight Night will launch a play-to-earn boxing game in the retro art style where you can use the token to gain special bonuses in-game. Depending on your in-game success, you earn $FNIO token rewards.
  • Tokenomics: The $FNIO token is built on the Ethereum network. The total token supply is 200 billion, with 96 billion allocated for the presale.
  • Staking rewards: Earn staking rewards when you lock your $FNIO tokens. 48 billion tokens are allocated for staking, of which 24 billion will be distributed in the first year and another 24 billion in the second year.

How to Buy Fight Night Token ($FNIO): A Beginner’s Guide

Buying Fight Night tokens during the presale is a straightforward process. You need a crypto wallet and some ETH or USDT to complete the purchase. Here’s how it goes step-by-step:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

The Fight Night token is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Because of that, you need an Ethereum-compatible wallet to buy the $FNIO tokens and store them once the presale ends.

We recommend MetaMask as this is the most popular crypto wallet with over 100 million users globally. Visit the MetaMask website and select “Download” to install it as a browser extension. MetaMask supports Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

Open MetaMask in the browser extension tab and follow the instructions to create a new wallet. Write down your seed phrase, which is the key to accessing your crypto wallet if something happens to your computer. Don’t share your seed phrase with anyone.

metamask wallet

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

You need ETH in your crypto wallet to pay transaction fees, but you can buy Fight Night tokens with ETH and USDT.

Visit a reputable crypto exchange like Kraken or Coinbase and buy ETH – and USDT if you want to use a stablecoin to buy $FNIO. Your options include a direct purchase via a card or a bank transfer to deposit fiat currency at the exchange and then buy the crypto on the spot market.

Buying it directly with a card is faster but costs around ~4% in fees. On the other hand, bank transfers have lower fees, but may take a few days for your funds to settle. By that time, the price of ETH could go up or down.

Once you have ETH or USDT, visit your account profile and select “Withdraw.” Then, select your MetaMask wallet address as a recipient.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to the Presale Site

Visit the Fight Night presale site and connect your wallet. You will see a MetaMask pop-up, asking you for connection approval.

Once you approve the connection, select either ETH or USDT to make a purchase and enter the amount you wish to spend. The Fight Night presale site will automatically convert it to the current exchange rate.

connect wallet

Step 4: Buy $FNIO Tokens

Confirm your transaction and approve it in your MetaMask wallet. Consider staking your tokens to take advantage of the high staking annual percentage yield (APY) during the early stages.

How to Stake $FNIO Tokens?

Fight Night is one of the best staking coins as it offers a high staking APY. Here’s how to stake:

  1. Select “Staking” on the Fight Night presale site.
  2. Select “Buy and Stake” next.
  3. If you already bought $FNIO tokens, you don’t need to buy any more unless you want to.
  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet.
  5. Confirm that you want to stake your $FNIO tokens.

The first days of the presale can yield an APY of over 30,000%. However, the APY will drop as more tokens are staked, as they all share the same emission pool.

This makes staking as early as possible the most prudent option, as you can earn the maximum amount of tokens through staking.

fight night staking

What is Fight Night?

Fight Night is an exciting new crypto project inspired by the Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Netflix match. Its native token, $FNIO, is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Aside from the potential for the coin to go viral due to memes inspired by Tyson and Paul, the project plans to release several products.

The first product is a boxing retro-style game in which you play the role of Tyson, who is struck by lightning and teleported to Muhammad Ali, where he receives magic gloves called the “Fist.” Tyson is then sent on a quest to defeat Evil Jake and his minions.

fight night game

By playing the game and winning boxing matches, you earn $FNIO tokens. You can also use the tokens to gain advantages in-game or swap them for ETH or USDT and pocket your profit.

Another product planned for release is a boxing-themed online casino platform. Players can win prizes, including $FNIO tokens, NFTs, and other rewards. Being built on the blockchain, the games will be secure and transparent.

fist of friendship

Next, the team plans to create a webtoon series, which will be released on Again, the story will focus on Tyson who turns from a casual gamer into a legendary fighter, battling evil forces in a pixel world.

Why Buy Fight Night?

There are several reasons to buy the Fight Night presale, including:

  • Meme potential: It’s not only cat and dog meme coins going strong this bull cycle. We recently saw Iggy Azalea’s meme coin become hugely popular among the Solana meme coin community. The same could happen with Fight Night as it draws inspiration from boxing celebrities like Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, especially targeting their highly-anticipated boxing match.
  • Presale price: Investors who buy successful cryptocurrencies in a presale typically get the lowest price before they launch on exchanges. This gives an unparalleled return on investment for those who find the next 100x crypto early on.
  • Staking rewards: Stake your coins during the presale to earn more $FNIO tokens without buying them. If you stake early enough, you can quickly double your holdings before the staking rewards drop.
  • Charity donations: Fight Night donates to causes like the Opioid Awareness Foundation and charities like Save the Children, Unicef, and Binance Charity. By supporting the Fight Night presale, you support the selected charities.

fight night charity support

Fight Night Price Prediction – What is $FNIO’s Potential?

The current $FNIO token price during the presale stands at $0.0009. The price will rise in stages, giving early investors the best entry point.

Based on the current token price and the hard cap of 48 billion tokens, the market cap once the presale ends could be $44 million. Given how new meme coins like dogwifhat and Pepe have market caps of about $3 billion and $6 billion, respectively, $FNIO could trade at $0.012 at some point in 2024.

Of course, this largely depends on how the Fight Night team executes their roadmap and how many planned products will be released this year. Also, based on our $FNIO price prediction, this new meme token could be heavily affected by the meme coin mania and by the next market hype.

The Fight Night’s roadmap outlines four phases:

  1. Project building and celebrity endorsements. During this phase, the team will focus on assembling developers, marketers, and blockchain experts, as well as securing endorsements from influential figures. During this phase, the team will build the game’s storyline and raise funds via a private sale.
  2. Presale launch. This is the current phase where early investors can invest in the project while the token price is low. During this phase, the staking platform will go live, and a large advertising campaign will begin.
  3. Exchange listing and product launch. During the third phase, the team will launch the Web3 retro boxing game and release the webtoon series. The team also plans to secure a top-tier exchange listing.
  4. Growth. This phase is focused on onboarding new users and reaching a milestone of over 100,000 $FNIO token holders.


Fight Night is an exciting meme coin inspired by boxing legends like Mike Tyson. Sometime after the presale ends, the team will launch a boxing retro-style game based on the Mike Tyson and Jake Paul match that will give $FNIO more utility and value to its holders.

Our how-to-buy Fight Night token guide explains the four steps to buying the token, from setting up your crypto wallet to connecting to the Fight Night presale site.


What is Fight Night?

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