How to Buy Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) – A Beginner’s Guide

how to buy $FWIF

Market insiders are tipping Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) as the next crypto to explode. This new meme coin has a market capitalization of just over $1.3 million – meaning you can invest at a favorable entry price.

In this guide, we explain how to buy Frog Wif Hat. Learn how to invest in $FWIF before it goes to the moon.

Frog Wif Hat Key Points

Let’s start with a quick overview of Frog Wif Hat:

  • Literally a Frog With a Hat: This new meme coin is based on a virtual frog wearing a hat. It takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to French culture, with Frog Wif Hat always seen with a cigarette and a baguette. 
  • Cross-Chain Meme Coin: Frog Wif Hat operates on the Ethereum blockchain. After finalizing its bridge aggregator, Frog Wif Hat will also operate in the Solana ecosystem. This means Frog Wif Hat is a cross-chain meme coin, giving it exposure to the world’s largest dApp networks.  
  • Fair Launch: Frog Wif Hat was listed on Uniswap in the prior 24 hours. This was a fair launch, ensuring that nobody had an early-bird advantage. What’s more, 100% of the total $FWIF supply is already in circulation. Unlike other meme coins in the market, this eliminates the risk of a ‘rug pull’
  • Meme Coins Are Booming: 2024 is proving to be a solid year for new meme coins. This includes dogwifhat, a new Solana meme coin that has already achieved a market capitalization of over $500 million. Increased confidence in high-risk meme coins means that Frog Wif Hat can ride the wave. 

How to Buy Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) – A Beginner’s Guide

Now let’s move on to our beginner’s guide. You’ll learn how to buy Frog Wif Hat in four simple steps.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Wallet

First, you’ll need a crypto wallet that’s compatible with the Ethereum network. This is because Frog Wif Hat is an ERC-20 token. Some of the best crypto wallets include Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and Exodus.

However, if you’re a beginner, we’d suggest MetaMask. You can install MetaMask on popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Used by over 100 million people, MetaMask is also considered safe. What’s more, MetaMask is free to use. 

How to install MetaMask

Visit the MetaMask website and download the wallet to your preferred browser. Once installed, open MetaMask and type in a password for your newly created wallet. Write down the 12-word passphrase shown on-screen.

That’s it – you’ve just created a MetaMask wallet.

Step 2: Buy ETH

Like many new cryptocurrencies, Frog Wif Hat currently trades on just one exchange – Uniswap. This means you can only buy $FWIF with ETH. If you don’t currently own ETH you’ll need to buy some. 

The most cost-effective options to MEXC. Considered one of the best crypto exchanges, MEXC doesn’t charge trading commissions. Moreover, you can instantly buy ETH with a debit/credit card, and then transfer the coins to MetaMask.

MetaMask buy ETH

However, if you’re buying ETH for the first time, it might be best to use MetaMask. This is because the ETH will automatically be added to your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay, and other popular payment methods.

MetaMask transaction fees are higher than MEXC but the process is more convenient.

Step 3: Visit Uniswap and Connect Wallet

You can now visit the UniSwap exchange. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. Choose MetaMask.

Connect MetaMask to Uniswap

You’ll need to authorize the connection to Uniswap. Simply open your MetaMask wallet and confirm. 

Step 4: Buy Frog Wif Hat

Now set up your trading order on Uniswap. The ‘You Pay’ box should be changed to ‘ETH’. The ‘You Receive’ box should also show ‘FWIF’. This means you’ll be swapping ETH for FWIF.

You also need to provide your investment stake. Uniswap doesn’t have a minimum trade requirement. Simply type in the number of ETH you want to swap for FWIF.

How to buy Frog Wif Hat on Uniswap

In our example above, we’re buying 0.3 ETH worth of Frog Wif Hat. This gets us more than 776,000 $FWIF tokens.

As one of the best decentralized exchanges, Uniswap charges just 0.3% when trading. That’s just $0.30 for every $100 worth of tokens swapped. Finally, confirm the swap – Uniswap will execute your order instantly. 

This means it will deduct ETH from your MetaMask wallet. It will then add Frog Wif Hat. After completing the trade, you disconnect MetaMask from Uniswap.

How Do I Sell Frog Wif Hat?

  • Frog Wif Hat trades on Uniswap, meaning you can enter and exit the market 24/7.
  • The selling process is similar to buying.
  • Simply connect your wallet to Uniswap and swap $FWIF for ETH.

What is Frog Wif Hat?

In a nutshell, Frog Wif Hat is a new meme coin. It has taken inspiration from dogwifhat, a trending meme coin on the Solana blockchain. Frog Wif Hat is also based on a French theme. Not only does it wear a béret but it carries a baguette at all times.

What’s more, Frog Wif Hat is always seen smoking. According to the project’s website, Frog Wif Hat doesn’t like foreigners and is constantly grumpy or drunk [SIC]. All that being said, Frog Wif Hat is simply a meme coin without any use cases. 

What is Frog Wif Hat?

This means its value will be determined by speculation and hype. The project’s native token, $FWIF, was recently one of the new coins listed on Uniswap. This was a fair launch, meaning Frog Wif Hat opted against a presale campaign. Moreover, Frog Wif Hat issued 100% of its overall supply, so the development team doesn’t own any tokens.

Frog Wif Hat Tokenomics

Here’s what you need to know about Frog Wif Hat’s tokenomics. 

  • Frog Wif Hat created 1 billion $FWIF tokens. The entire supply is in circulation. This means that the demand and supply metrics cannot be manipulated by the development team. Moreover, investors don’t need to worry about a rug pull. This is because the team doesn’t have any tokens to dump.
  • According to DexTools, over $343,000 worth of Frog Wif Hat is held in a locked liquidity pool. The funds will be locked for the next 29 days.
  • Frog Wif Hat is an Ethereum-based project, making it one of the best ERC-20 tokens to buy. That said, Frog Wif Hat will also be launching on the Solana network. This will be achieved in phase 2 of the roadmap via a bridge aggregator.
  • There is no transaction tax when buying and selling Frog Wif Hat. However, you’ll still need to pay a 0.3% commission when trading on Uniswap. This goes to the liquidity pool and not Frog Wif Hat.


Aiming to become one of the best meme coinsFrog Wif Hat has outlined some key roadmap objectives. This includes a mixture of legitimate and facetious goals. 

  • For instance, the first phase – which has been completed, includes ‘swearing at some Americans’, ‘lighting a long cigarette’, and listing $FWIF on Uniswap.
  • In the second phase, Frog Wif Hat will complete its bridge to the Solana network. This will help Frog Wif Hat become one of the best Solana meme coins to buy. Moreover, phase two aims to reach 1,000 wallet holders. In the same phase, the Frog Wif Hat aims to ‘eat a baguette’ and ‘have a large glass of wine’.
  • The third and final phase aims for a $100 million market capitalization. This is in addition to 10,000 wallet holders. Considering Frog Wif Hat is currently worth just over $1.3 million, this would represent an increase of almost 77x. However, there’s no guarantee this target will be realized – so proceed with caution.

Why Buy Frog Wif Hat?

Here are some reasons why Frog Wif Hat could be one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024:

Meme Coin Craze

Meme coins remain one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies to invest in. For example, consider that Pepe increased by over 7,000% in just 17 days last year. And then there’s Bonk, which is up over 1,700% over the prior year.

Dogwifhat is one of the latest success stories. Launched in late 2023, it has grown to a market capitalization of over $500 million. Some commentators believe that Frog Wif Hat could replicate similar gains.

Low Token Price

Today, you can buy Frog Wif Hat at just $0.001374 per token. This makes it one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to buy. For instance, suppose you invest just $100. This would get you over 72,000 $FWIF tokens.

Here’s a table showing how many $FWIF you’ll receive based on current prices:

Initial Investment Frog Wif Hat Tokens
$100 72,780
$200 145,560
$300 218,341
$400 291,121
$500 363,901
$600 436,681
$700 509,461
$800 582,242
$900 655,022
$1,000 727,802

$1.3 Million Market Cap

Frog Wif Hat is a micro-cap cryptocurrency. It’s currently valued at just over $1.3 million. This is a tiny fraction of other leading meme coins, meaning there could be substantial growth to come.

For example, we mentioned earlier that dogwifhat has surpassed a market capitalization of $500 million. If Frog Wif Hat can replicate a similar valuation, that would require growth of 77x.

Frog Wif Hat price

In addition, investing in a micro-cap meme coin means you can target huge growth in a short period of time. Even a small wave of buying pressure can take Frog Wif Hat to the next level.

100% Circulating Supply

Another plus point is that 100% of $FWIF tokens are already in the circulating supply. This means investors don’t need to worry about a huge batch of tokens being dumped by the creators. This isn’t the case with other popular meme coins.

For example, just 65% of Bonk’s overall supply is currently in circulation. In some cases, meme coins don’t have a maximum supply at all. This means they can issue an unlimited number of new tokens, which is a huge risk for existing holders.

Frog Wif Hat Price Prediction – What is $FWIF’s Potential?

Frog Wif Hat is a brand-new cryptocurrency with limited trading history. This means making a $FWIF price prediction is challenging. 

Nonetheless, we can look at how other, similar meme coins have performed in recent times. For example, we mentioned how Pepe increased by over 7,000% in just over two weeks of launching. Similar to Frog Wif Hat, Pepe has no use cases. What’s more, it’s also based on a fictional frog.

Another relevant comparison is dogwifhat. While this meme coin is literally based on a dog wearing a hat, it’s already a half-billion-dollar project. This highlights that investors are snapping up new meme coins at the earliest opportunity.

If Frog Wif Hat can replicate similar hype and FOMO, the upside could be huge. There are no issues with dilution, as 100% of $FWIF tokens are already circulating. Moreover, those investing today will enter the market at a $1.3 million valuation – which is minute.


In summary, Frog Wif Hat has every chance of becoming the next meme coin to blow up. And what better time to enter the market than a $1.3 million valuation?

To buy Frog Wif Hat today, simply connect a wallet to Uniswap. You can then instantly swap ETH for $FWIF tokens – no account is required. Just make sure you’ve considered the risks before proceeding.


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