How to Buy MaoCat (MAO) – A Beginner’s Guide

While the dog and frog-based meme coins have led the category for the last couple of years, MaoCat, a newly introduced presale project, enters claiming to be the latest addition to this mix.

Packed with a full-fledged utility-based ecosystem, the MaoCat project has been trending across social media platforms as a high-potential presale opportunity. In this guide, we shall check out the process involved in buying the project’s native token, MAO, while learning more about the project itself.

MaoCat Token Key Points

Here is a quick summary of the MaoCat project:

  • Presale Stage: The MAO token presale has commenced and has already raised more than 125 ETH. Investors have been pouring in to take part in the presale, to be eligible for early staking rewards and potentially massive launch gains.
  • Complete Ecosystem: Unlike a majority of conventional animal-themed meme coins, MaoCat aims to bring utility and benefits to its users by integrating multiple utility-driven features.
  • Audited Contract: One can invest in the project with assurance, as the project’s contract code has been fully audited by reliable third-party entities.
  • Staking Feature: Investors can participate in the project for future profits but can also stand a chance to constantly enjoy passive income, as it allows MAO token staking functionality. With an impressive reward rate and a mere 7-day minimum staking requirement, investors can enjoy returns while the token hasn’t even launched.
  • New Contender in the Category: The meme coin space has been dominated by dog and frog-based meme coins for quite some time now. Given the rising popularity of MAO, the likelihood of cat-based meme coins also gaining traction in the future increases.

How to Buy MaoCat (MAO): Beginners Guide

Here is the complete process you can follow to get your hands on the MAO token before the token presale ends.

Step 1: Set Up a DeFi Wallet

Ethereum Wallet

To purchase MAO tokens, you will need a wallet that supports the Ethereum chain, which is the blockchain on which MaoCat has been built. Start off by choosing from a variety of reputed and reliable crypto wallets. Some of the top options include Trust Wallet, Metamask, and Exodus.

Jot down your wallet details somewhere safe, as not knowing your seed phrase or string code could result in you losing access to your wallet entirely if your device where the wallet has been set up gets lost or damaged.

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet

Once you have set up a wallet, the next step is to fund it with crypto to buy MAO and cover the transaction fees that may be incurred. You may choose to buy funds directly from any third-party entity that the wallet itself supports within its platform or by depositing funds from another wallet or a centralized exchange where you have funds stored already.

Make sure that you deposit enough to cover the purchase price, the gas fee during the purchase, and some extra to cover the fee that may be incurred in case you decide to sell your tokens beforehand.

Step 3: Visit the MaoCat Website


Make sure to type in the correct URL and visit the official MaoCat website. Once on the website, look for the presale section and click on it.

Now, to purchase using your wallet, you will need to connect it to the website. Do this by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right of the interface. Once connected, you will be ready to buy your tokens.

Step 4: Buy MAO Tokens

Enter the amount of MAO tokens you would like to purchase or the amount of ETH you would like to exchange for the tokens. Recheck this, and click on the “Buy With ETH” button.

You will then receive a popup from your wallet, which you will be expected to confirm. Upon doing this, your purchase order will be approved, and the tokens will be deposited into your wallet as soon as the presale ends.

The presale bonus we discussed earlier will be applied automatically, so you simply have to purchase tokens within the first three phases worth 1 or more ETH.

What is MaoCat?

Imagine a meme coin, akin to the top ones like Dogecoin or Pepe, but with genuine utility. That’s one way to describe MaoCat, which features a cat mascot, diverging from the conventional use of dogs or frogs for meme coins. The name MaoCat originates from the Chinese word “Máo,” which simply translates to “cat” as well.


The homepage welcomes its visitors with the following message: “MaoCat emerged in the cat era of 2024. Previously, dogs and frogs ruled. Now, it’s cat time.” This signifies the project’s aspiration to break away from the norm and establish a new identity, one that could potentially lead to the creation of more successful meme coins, utilizing a cat mascot.

However, the MaoCat universe doesn’t simply end at community-building efforts or the appeal of its cute cat mascot. It extends to a variety of features and an ambitious roadmap created to cater to those who enjoy games and NFTs.


While there is not a lot of clarity on the offerings and development that the platform hopes to roll out in the future, they have listed on the website a couple of features that shall definitely be launched in the upcoming weeks post-launch. Some of these features that may excite meme coin investors are:

MAO Game – The MAO game is something that the project expects to launch as a P2E (Play-to-Earn) endeavor. According to the whitepaper, players will be able to build their LAND, grow it, save it, and fight in it. However, in order to purchase these in-game elements (which are available as NFTs), one will need to acquire MAO tokens first.

The game could not only be a source of entertainment but also a great way of creating income, as the possibility of a multiverse-like game could mean exciting rewards in the future.

MAO NFT – NFTs inherently start gaining value as soon as the project as a whole takes off in terms of popularity. Fortunately, the project has already started seeing massive traction lately, which means that investors would be interested in the NFTs from the very start anyway.

These NFTs, which are of two types—Cat NFTs and Land NFTs—can be bought directly from the website using MAO tokens. The Cat NFTs are a collection of 10,000 pieces and have utility within the MAO Game. These will act as the characters that users can play with. The Land NFTs will also form a part of the overall game ecosystem, further increasing their value as digital assets.

MAO NFT Marketplace – The project also plans to launch its own NFT marketplace, where holders will be able to buy or sell MAO NFTs with ease. This may not only include the NFTs within the ecosystem but also fan art and other related themes, all of which may start gaining massive value if the MaoCat project takes off in demand post-launch.

MAO SWAP – MAO swap would be launched as a major utility element in the project, as a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that uses a novel decentralized centralized liquidity mechanism as an AMM (Automated Market Maker) on the ETH smart chain.

It will offer swapping and liquidity facilities to the ecosystem, along with farming where holders will be able to enjoy fixed staking. The project also aims to create its own Launchpad for IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings), which may possibly feature popular cat-themed meme coins that launch, imitating MAOCAT.

Despite being in the presale phase, the project has already managed to set up a clear roadmap, which makes it a great option to consider, especially in these volatile market conditions where projects without a proper use case are often avoided by investors.

MAOCAT Tokenomics

According to the whitepaper, MAOCAT’s tokenomics have been designed to prioritize community involvement rather than catering solely to venture capitalists, who have monopolized much of the initial volume in the existing cryptocurrency market. The project therefore implements a fair distribution process, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to acquire MAO tokens early.


The project has a total supply of 5 billion tokens, divided into four parts. 54% of the supply is allocated for the presale, with 20% reserved for staking rewards. 16% is allocated to the private sale, while 10% is dedicated to providing DEX liquidity once the token is officially launched.

Naturally, the tokenomics have been developed with long-term potential and growth in mind, as the project is expected to gain popularity in the coming months. These tokenomics enable fair distribution, with purchases exempt from sales tax, alongside low team vesting and staking rewards for the next couple of years.

Presale and Future Prospects

The 10-stage presale of the MAO token has been structured to offer investors an opportunity to purchase the tokens at a progressively increasing price at each stage. This pricing strategy encourages early participation.

Since the project is built on the Ethereum chain, investors are required to purchase the tokens using ETH, as no other payment options are currently available on the website. Additionally, the earliest investors, specifically those who buy MAO tokens during the first three phases, are eligible for bonuses on each purchase they make.

Here is a table that illustrates the presale and its escalating prices across each stage:

Phase MAO Tokens Received Per ETH Bonus(%)
1 1,300,000 +20
2 1,200,000 +10
3 1,100,000 +5
4 1,000,000 None
5 900,000 None
6 850,000 None
7 800,000 None
8 750,000 None
9 700,000 None
10 650,000 None

One can also follow the social media channels of the MAOCAT project to learn more about the presale and launch details. The active social media channels for the project currently include Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter.


While meme coins have long been explored as some of the most profitable options around, investors seem to be on the lookout for less risky but high-potential projects in the space. This is what makes MAOCAT a good contender right now:

  • Meme Coin With Utility: Unlike many meme coins that primarily serve as speculative assets, MAOCAT sets itself apart with a fully-fledged ecosystem designed to provide genuine utility. This includes features like a play-to-earn (P2E) game, NFT integrations, and a proprietary decentralized exchange (DEX), enriching the user experience and adding substantial value. As investors increasingly seek assets with practical use cases, MAOCAT emerges as a leading option, offering a blend of entertainment and earning potential, making it an attractive choice for those looking beyond mere speculation.
  • Unique Theme: MAOCAT breaks the mold with its cat-themed aesthetic, diverging from the prevalent dog and frog mascots in the meme coin space. This unique theme not only appeals to cat enthusiasts but also positions MAOCAT as a novel contender in a saturated market. The distinctiveness helps build a dedicated community and generates buzz around the project, differentiating it from numerous imitators and adding a fresh narrative to the world of meme coins.
  • Presale Bonus: The structured presale bonuses are a strategic move to attract early investors, creating initial momentum and buzz around MAOCAT. These incentives not only enhance the attractiveness of the offering but also drive early participation. As more investors get involved during the presale phases, the increased demand and limited supply can potentially elevate the token’s value at launch, offering a promising investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the project’s early stages.
  • Solid Roadmap: MAOCAT’s comprehensive and transparent roadmap stands out in a field where many projects lack clear direction. This detailed plan outlines significant milestones and the development of key features, reassuring investors of the project’s seriousness and long-term viability. The early commencement of work on its promised features further boosts investor confidence, making MAOCAT a compelling investment for those seeking stability and commitment in the volatile meme coin market.
  • Exchange Listings: The potential for MAOCAT to be listed on major exchanges post-launch is a critical factor for its value appreciation. Access to larger trading platforms significantly broadens the investor base, enhancing liquidity and market visibility. This accessibility is crucial for driving up trading volumes and attracting a global audience, which can lead to a substantial increase in the token’s market value, providing lucrative opportunities for early investors to realize gains.

MAOCAT Price Prediction – What is MAO’s Potential?

There is a strong possibility of the MAO token’s value seeing a significant increase after its official launch. While we’ve already discussed other reasons why it may be a good purchase option, market conditions are also a factor to consider when trying to gauge its price.

Given the volatile conditions, investors may not be willing to risk investing in meme coins solely dependent on hype for value increases. Thus, there may be a possibility of the project garnering attention and value in the future.


With its strong yet unique concept, the MAOCAT project distinguishes itself from the rest of the crowd, making it a compelling option to consider for investment at present. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to easily purchase the tokens and begin engaging with the community or participating in the various events that the project will organize in the future.

However, we advise all investors to be mindful of the risks associated with investing in a project like MAO. If these risks have already been taken into consideration, then the MAOCAT project could indeed present an excellent opportunity for significant gains within the meme coin space.


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