How to Buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE) – A Beginner’s Guide

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Mega Dice is a well-established crypto casino with over $50 million monthly wagering volume and over 50,000 active players. With a token launch, Mega Dice plans to reward loyal casino users and investors looking for passive income.

This guide explains how to buy the Mega Dice token ($DICE), from setting up your wallet and getting SOL or ETH, to purchasing the token from the presale site.

Mega Dice Token Key Points

  • Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino with 50,000 active users and over $50 million wagering volume.
  • $DICE token holders who stake the token will earn daily rewards based on the casino’s performance.
  • Investors who buy $DICE during the presale can earn a unique NFT with additional rewards and exclusive benefits.
  • Refer other investors to the token presale and earn 10% of their invested amount without any caps.

How to Buy Mega Dice Token ($DICE): A Beginner’s Guide

Here’s how to buy the $DICE token during the presale in four simple steps:

Step 1: Set Up a Crypto Wallet

You need a crypto wallet to buy the token. $DICE is available on both Solana and Ethereum but we’ll take the Solana option as it comes with lower transaction fees than Ethereum.

The most popular Solana wallet is Phantom. Visit the Phantom Wallet website and select “Download”. Choose your browser. Supported browsers include Chrome, Brave, Edge and Firefox.

phantom wallet

Create a new account and save your seed phrase, also known as private keys. Never take photos of it and never write it on your computer. Use a paper and pen instead. You will need your seed phrase to restore your wallet access if something happens to your computer.

Note: You can use the MetaMask wallet if you prefer to use Ethereum and buy $DICE with ETH. Follow the same steps as Phantom to install the MetaMask wallet.

Step 2: Buy SOL

Visit a reputable crypto exchange like Coinbase or Kraken and buy Solana (SOL). Use either a card for a quick purchase or a bank transfer. Typically, purchases made with a card cost slightly more in fees but are faster.

While bank transfer may save you money on fees initially it may have an opportunity cost associated with a potential price increase in the SOL coins and the $DICE tokens.

Once you have your SOL, visit your account profile and select “Withdraw”. Use the Phantom address you created as a recipient of your SOL and select Solana as the network in case it’s not automatically selected.

Repeat the same process with ETH if you’re using MetaMask to buy $DICE.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to the Mega Dice Token Presale Page

Visit the Mega Dice token presale page and select “Connect wallet”. Choose Phantom from the options and approve the connection request on the Phantom pop-up window.

Select the amount of SOL you wish to spend and the site will automatically convert it to $DICE tokens.

mega dice token presaleStep 4: Buy $DICE Tokens

Select “Buy now” and approve the transaction that appears on your Phantom wallet. You’re all set now. Claim your $DICE tokens once the presale ends.

What is Mega Dice Token ($DICE)?

The $DICE token is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain that will be used as native currency within the Mega Dice Casino.

Token holders who stake $DICE will get daily rewards based on the casino’s performance. Given how the global online gambling market is projected to rise to $168 billion by 2032, $DICE holders could be earning some decent rewards in the years to come.

Aside from passive earning opportunities, $DICE will be the casino’s currency. This will enable active users to earn $DICE by playing games. Moreover, holding $DICE will unlock certain games and features in the casino. This should increase demand for the token and positively affect its price.

Mega Dice also plans to support the token by using its profits to buy back $DICE and burn a portion to lower the token supply.

Mega Dice casinoMega Dice is a popular and well-established crypto casino that aims to be the leading GameFi platform on Solana. Solana offers high-speed and low-cost transactions, giving users a smooth gambling experience, which is probably why the team chose this blockchain to host their $DICE token.

Currently, Mega Dice is available on the web and Telegram. It offers over 4,500 gambling games and a sportsbook with over 50,000 active players and more than $50 million in monthly wagering volume.

Mega Dice Tokenomics and Presale Information

The Mega Dice token $DICE has a total supply of 420 million tokens. One-third of that, or 35%, is allocated for the presale. Airdrops and staking rewards make up 25%, which brings 60% of the total token supply available in one way or another for active players and community members.

Affiliates and marketing take 10% of the supply, while for liquidity purposes – 15% of the total token supply will be allocated.

mega dice tokenomicsThe token is currently priced at $0.069 during the presale but the price will go up with each presale stage. This means investors who buy as early as possible could get the lowest price.

There’s a $5 million soft cap and a $10 million hard cap for the presale. Once the presale ends, claim your tokens. During this time, the token will be available on DEXs.

Why Buy Mega Dice Token?

As investors look for the next crypto to explode, the answer could be $DICE. Here’s why it makes sense to buy the Mega Dice token ahead of the Bitcoin halving event:

  • Utility: The Mega Dice token offers several features that could make it worthwhile, such as access to Mega Dice casino features, daily rewards from the casino’s profit, a chance to get a rare NFT with unique benefits, and more.
  • Tokenomics: There’s a total of 420 million tokens. Of those, 60% will be allocated to the community via a presale and rewards. In the later stages of development, the casino will buy back and burn $DICE tokens to lower supply and potentially increase the token price.
  • Established product: Mega Dice is a popular crypto casino on the web and Telegram. It already has an active community, meaning the risk of investing in $DICE is lower compared to presales where there is no real product yet.

Mega Dice Token Price Prediction

Crypto bulls see Bitcoin reaching $100,000 after the halving event. This could push the entire crypto space into a massive bull run extending throughout 2024. Since $DICE is not an isolated cryptocurrency, it will likely benefit from the crypto bull run.

With 420 million tokens in total supply, it means that to reach $1, $DICE will have a fully diluted market cap of $420 million. For comparison, a meme coin with an image of a dog and no utility whatsoever, called Dogwifhat, peaked at over a $3 billion market cap. $DICE getting to $1 is achievable during a bull run.

From the current presale price of $0.069 to reach $1 would mean a return of over 1,300% for early investors. For more information consult our in-depth price prediction for 2024-2030 for Mega Dice token.


Mega Dice is a well-known crypto casino operating on the web and Telegram. The casino’s token $DICE is designed to reward active casino players and investors by giving them access to exclusive features and earning a share from the casino’s profit.

To buy $DICE, you need either a Phantom or a MetaMask wallet. Phantom is a Solana-based wallet and it’s a better option given the $DICE token is built on Solana and has lower transaction fees than Ethereum. Connect your wallet to the presale site and use SOL to buy $DICE.


What is the Mega Dice Token?

How to invest in the Mega Dice token ($DICE)?

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