How to Buy Mollars Token in 2024 – A Beginner’s Guide

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Mollars is a hot new crypto project aiming to solve the problem of centralization, transparency and fairness in the financial and gaming worlds. Its native token, MOLLARS, is an ERC-20 token designed to be a store of value given that there will be a maximum of 10 million tokens. However, the team hinted at a potential web3 project launch that will give the token utility.

Moreover, the team plans to recede at some point, giving token holders control over the project via DAO voting. This will add another value for the MOLLARS token in the form of governance, which could make the token highly valuable if the project succeeds. Read more to learn how to buy MOLLARS token.

Mollars Token Presale Key Points

These are the most important facts about the Mollars token presale:

  • Molars (MOLLARS) is a new crypto project aiming to solve major issues in the financial and gaming worlds, including centralization, transparency and fairness.
  • There will be a maximum token supply of 10 million, 4 million of which will be sold in a presale.
  • The presale goes in six rounds, each with a slightly higher token price than the previous one.
  • The token presale ends either on May 1st or once the hard cap of $2 million raised is reached.

How to Buy Mollars Token (MOLLARS) – A Five-Step Guide

MOLLARS is available during the Mollars token presale, which will last until the hard cap is reached or until May 1st. You need ETH, USDT or a card to complete the purchase.

Here’s how the process goes:

Step1: Create a Crypto Wallet

To connect to the presale site and to store your coins once you can claim them, you need a crypto wallet that works on the Ethereum network. We recommend MetaMask since this is the most popular crypto wallet with over 100 million users worldwide.

Go to the MetaMask website and install the wallet. This is a browser extension and you can access it only through your browser. Create a new wallet if you don’t have one and write down your seed phrase.

MetaMask hot wallet

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

MOLLARS is available only for purchase with ETH or USDT. To get your hands on some of these coins, open an account at a centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase. You can make a credit card purchase or deposit funds via bank transfer.

Once you have the coins, withdraw them to your MetaMask wallet that you set up in the previous step.

Step 3: Connect to the Mollars Token Presale Site

Visit the Mollars token presale site and select “Connect Wallet”. Choose MetaMask from the list of options, or any other wallet that you use, and follow the instructions to connect to the site.

Mollars token presale widget

Step 4: Buy MOLLARS

Enter the amount of ETH or USDT that you wish to spend and the site will automatically convert it to the current exchange rate and show you how many MOLLARS tokens you’ll get in return. Select “Buy Now” whenever you’re ready.

Make sure to leave some ETH to pay for the transaction fees, known as gas fees.

Step 5: Claim Your Tokens

Tokens during a presale typically aren’t available for claim right away as the token hasn’t launched yet and there is no liquidity pool. When the presale ends, you can claim the tokens to get them transferred to your MetaMask wallet.

Once you have your tokens in your wallet, you can sell them on an exchange, or hold them.

Make sure to follow Mollars on X and join the Mollars Telegram channel to stay up to date on the presale and when you can claim your tokens.

What is Mollars Token?

The MOLLARS token is built to be a store of value of the Mollars ecosystem. That’s because there will be a maximum number of 10 million tokens once all are emitted. However, with a burn tax of 1% on each transaction, the number of tokens will drop.

Moreover, the team mentioned they plan to build a decentralized exchange, per the Mollars whitepaper. If this happens, MOLLARS holders could potentially get benefits like revenue share or discounts on top of having utility for the token.

Mollars token presale page

It’s also worth noting that MOLARS will likely be a DAO governance token as the founders say they will recede and leave the project governance to the MOLLARS holders.

Presale Started December 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $2,000,000
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

Mollars Tokenomics & Presale

The total supply of MOLLARS tokens will be 10 million. Of those, 40% (4 million) will be available on the presale, and 24% (2.4 million) for the rewards everyone can earn by participating in the project. The last 20% (2 million) will be used for liquidity and as funds for the ecosystem.

Mollars tokenomics

With 4 million tokens for grabs in the presale, this will be a limited supply of tokens. There will be six presale rounds and every round will have a slightly higher token price than the previous one, starting from $0.30 apiece in round one. Here’s how that looks:

Presale Stage Token Price Amount of Tokens USD Value
Round 1 $0.30 200,000 $60,000
Round 2 $0.40 300,000 $120,000
Round 3 $0.45 700,000 $315,000
Round 4 $0.50 1,200,000 $600,000
Round 5 $0.55 1,100,000 $605,000
Round 6 $0.60 500,000 $300,000

Luckily, there are ways to get more MOLLARS tokens without purchasing them. The team has launched a gamified rewards program where you earn points for completing tasks. Convert these points to MOLLARS. There will be 2.4 million tokens for the rewards program.

What the Future Holds for Mollars: The Roadmap

Mollars roadmap

There are four phases in Mollar’s roadmap:

  1. Groundwork is the first phase where the team builds the smart contract for the MOLLARS token and incentivizes community engagement.
  2. Take off is the second phase where the token will be launched, but also where the team starts collaborating with developers, influencers and content creators, as well as to start a marketing campaign to increase awareness for the project. Moreover, the token will be listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges during this phase.
  3. Community fortification is the phase that will provide benefits to MOLLARS token holders, including early access and exclusive content. During this phase, the team has set an ambitious goal of reaching $1 billion in market cap and getting the token on top-tier exchanges. The main project during this phase is likely to be the beginning of the development of a decentralized exchange.
  4. The evolution phase is the last part of the roadmap where the leadership will transition to the community via the Mollars DAO.

Why Buy Mollars Token During the Presale?

The main reason to buy any token presale is the potential for a huge return on investment. Mollars comes with a small token supply right off the bat. Of those, only 4 million tokens are available in the presale. If the project takes off, one token could be worth a lot.

Moreover, during the presale, you have a chance to buy the token at a lower price, starting from $0.30 apiece to $0.60 in the final round. This means if you buy in the earlier rounds, you get an even better price than if you bought in the last round. And once the token is listed on exchanges, it could have a higher price, which could be profitable if you sell it right away.

In the long run, the team will burn 1% of all MOLLARS transactions, meaning the token supply will keep dropping. With fewer tokens available for purchase, the price could potentially go up.

There are no price predictions as of this writing, which makes it hard to forecast how much a MOLLARS token will be worth in the future. But if all goes well and the team delivers a decentralized exchange, the MOLLARS token could be a profitable investment.

Mollars Token Price Prediction – What Could MOLLARS Token be Worth?

The MOLLARS token comes from a new crypto project that is currently in a presale phase, making it hard to give an accurate Mollars price prediction. However, based on the information available so far, we could see the price at least 10x from where it currently stands in the presale prices, meaning a price of $4.5 to $6 could be realistic during the next bull run.

Of course, multiple aspects affect the token price, such as inflation and interest rates, Bitcoin halving as well as market hype. The team hints at a web3 product release in their whitepaper. In their roadmap, they say they plan to build a decentralized exchange during the third phase of development. If any of this materializes, we could see the price skyrocket.


MOLLARS is a new token presale that is now a store of value token of the Mollars ecosystem. In the future, the token is likely to become a utility token in a new web3 project – potentially a decentralized exchange – and a governance token where MOLLARS token holders can vote on the future and the development of the Mollars ecosystem.

With over 1 million tokens sold so far and only 3 million tokens left in the presale, this could be a good time to consider adding some MOLLARS tokens to your high-risk/high-return portfolio.



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