How to Buy Oracle Meme (OMEME) – A Beginner’s Guide

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If you’re aiming to pull a 10x or 100x, meme coins are the way to go. After all, meme coins are leading the 2024 cryptocurrency bull market. However, not just any meme coin will do.

You must focus on meme coins before they get listed, which means buying them in the pre-sale phase. This is where Oracle Meme ($OMEME) comes into the picture. Its pre-sale is slated to start on May 27.

Now, let’s see what makes the Oracle Meme worth your time and money!

Oracle Meme Token Key Points

Oracle Meme Coin Home Page

Here’s what presale investors need to know about Oracle Meme and its native $OMEME token: 

  • Fair Market Launch at Affordable Prices: Once the presale starts at the end of May 2024, anyone can participate simply by connecting their wallet to the presale widget on the official website and sending supported crypto to reserve the right to $OMEME tokens. In the presale phase, prices are usually heavily discounted from the future listing price. 
  • Meme Coin with an Ecosystem: Meme coin mania is currently driving the crypto market narrative, positioning $OMEME as a potentially hot asset. But this one is more than just a meme coin, featuring plans for a Meme AI Generator, Meme Coin Generator, Layer 2 Meme Network, Meme Wallet, and Meme Launchpad with $OMEME at the center of it all.
  • Staking for Passive Income: In exchange for helping secure the network by locking up your tokens, you’ll receive rewards as high as 107% APY. This means that in addition to price appreciation, you also get to enjoy extra passive income. 

How to Buy Oracle Meme ($OMEME): A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to buy OMEME tokens in presale, follow this step-by-step process:

Step 1: Set Up a Compatible Wallet

First, you have to get a wallet that supports Ethereum, Polygon, or BNB Chain, as presale participation is only allowed via these three blockchains. You have the option to choose between MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet. Once chosen, you can download and install the wallet app or its browser extension.

Step 2: Buy Crypto

Next, buy the crypto you’ll use to purchase OMEME tokens. Oracle Meme supports ETH, BNB, MATIC, or USDT. You can buy any of these coins right from the wallet, which is usually a costly option, or you can buy them on a crypto exchange and then transfer those coins to your wallet.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

On May 27, as the presale goes live and Oracle Meme launches its OMEME buy widget, you’ll be able to use it to connect your wallet. 

Step 4: Buy OMEME

Once you have connected your wallet, follow the instructions to send your USDT, ETH, BNB, or MATIC to reserve the right to $OMEME tokens. 

You’ll be able to view your OMEME token balance on the buy widget on the homepage or in the staking menu.

These tokens will be claimable when the project announces them on its website and social media accounts. The claim button will be available before the token’s centralized exchange (CEX) listing.

What is an Oracle Meme ($OMEME)?

As the name suggests, Oracle Meme is a meme coin featuring a dog in Oracle garb, who sees the future of meme coins in his crystal ball that displays a Pepe.

The project aims to leverage the power of blockchain technology, creativity, and community to lead the meme coin mania. To achieve its vision, it will be introducing tools and platforms that will transform the way memes are created, distributed, and monetized. 

The OMEME token will be at the heart of its vast and thriving ecosystem. It will incentivize creators and community engagement. The token is specifically designed for microtransactions, tipping, and purchasing unique meme assets.

When it comes to tokenomics, the ORACLE MEME coin has a total supply of 50 billion. The team sets aside 40% of this supply for early investors and supporters. This means 20,000,000,000 OMEME tokens will be available to the general public at a discounted rate, pointing to a more democratic distribution of supply instead of widely criticized back-room VC allocation.

Oracle Meme Tokenomics

Of the remaining 60% supply, a solid 20% has been set aside for staking rewards to encourage long-term holding. Another 15% is allocated to the Liquidity Pool to ensure OMEME’s liquidity on exchanges. Additionally, 10% of the supply will be used to promote the coin and expand its market presence, while another 10% is for future project developments and updates. The remaining 5% is to reward the community through events and competitions. Any amount that is not used by the project will be burned.

To learn more about the project, visit its official website or check out its whitepaper. You can also join its fast-growing community on X, Discord, Telegram, and Instagram to enjoy memes and help the project grow.

Why Buy the Oracle Meme?

Here’s a summary of why Oracle Meme could be one of the best meme coins to buy: 

Market Loves Fun Meme Coins

The most important trend in crypto has always been meme coins, and the funnier and crazier they are, the better. 

As we have seen for the last few months, PEPE, WIF, BOME, BONK, and BOME have had tremendous traction, with their prices experiencing a face-melting rally. Meme coins allow investors to 1000x their investments.

With their entertainment value and huge upside potential, meme coins also help the industry by onboarding a new wave of investors and crypto enthusiasts. Leveraging the powerful force of memes, Oracle Meme coin aims to lead the market and enables its users to be part of a thriving community and grow together.

Wide Accessibility

To participate in Oracle Meme’s presale, one has to simply send their crypto to the project address. By simplifying the presale investment process, the meme coin project makes it easy for anyone to participate and get in early before the project has a public launch and gets listed on global crypto exchanges, which tends to send prices skywards. The funds raised in this stage will be used to support the project’s initial development, marketing, and liquidity.

In addition to offering global accessibility where Oracle Meme’s presale is open for everyone, the project has already started its marketing efforts to spread the word around, drive user adoption, and promote growth.

Passive Income 

One of the best ways to support a Proof-of-Stake crypto project that you favor is by securing its network, achieved by locking up your tokens for a set period. In return for staking the native tokens, the project rewards you with additional tokens. Instead of letting your crypto sit idle, you can put those tokens to work without having to sell or trade your tokens. This way, staking provides long-term crypto “HODLers” a way to earn passive income and diversify their crypto portfolio.

To reward its supporters, encourage long-term holding, and reduce OMEME circulating supply, Oracle Meme has allocated 10 billion tokens to staking rewards. Interestingly, you can put your OMEME to work immediately after you buy them, with Oracle Meme offering an APY of 107%.

Bull Market Mania, Altcoin Rally

The crypto market has been riding a wave of bullish momentum since late 2023. This year, Spot Bitcoin ETF approval and Bitcoin halving have driven BTC prices to new highs. 

Now, as we enter summer, the market has slowed down, with prices taking a breather before going for another leg higher. While the crypto market participants are not sure of exactly what innings we are in, the early or the last phase of a bull run, the consensus is that this bull cycle still has fuel left.

With the bull market not over yet, Bitcoin will soon rise to new highs, and in tandem with that, altcoins will also rally significantly. As we have seen several times, it’s the last leg of a bull market when prices go vertical, and valuations rise to astronomically high levels before a sharp correction. However, before the tragic crash, when the green wave comes, meme coins like OMEME will skyrocket. Given that meme coins are the darling of the crypto market, exciting times lie ahead for meme coin enthusiasts.

Roadmap for a Flourishing Ecosystem 

While a meme coin, the Oracle Meme project aims to move the needle on what it means to be a meme coin by growing its ecosystem and reaching the masses. The exclusive meme ecosystem will feature:

  • Meme AI Generator to create memes with the help of AI and customization options.
  • Meme Coin Generator to create your very own meme coin with just a few clicks.
  • An L2 solution called ORACLE CHAIN for fast, low-cost transactions.
  • A Launchpad to launch new meme coins and give ORACLE MEME holders early access to those new projects.
  • Personalized Meme Wallet to be available as both a browser extension and mobile app.

Currently, the Oracle Meme is in the early presale stage. Once that is complete, the token creation and top-tier CEX listing, as well as the stake incentives phase, will start. 

After that, the team will launch a big event for the community with competitions and bounties, which will be followed by the launch of the above-mentioned platforms one by one, then partnerships, and ultimately, mass adoption.

Oracle Meme Price Prediction – What is $OMEME’s Potential?

Oracle Meme coin has just launched with its presale round yet to commence. This means we don’t even know the price at which the presale will occur, which makes it hard to anticipate the future price of OMEME. 

However, we can surely project the kind of momentum and movement OMEME price would see based on the performance of other meme coins.

The journey of Oracle Meme

If we take a look at the original meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE) has rallied 95% over the past six months. However, this veteran meme coin has been around for nearly a decade. So, let’s see how the newly launched tokens of this cycle have been faring. 

The $3.45 bln market cap PEPE is currently trading at $0.000008228, up 14815% from its low of $0.00000005514 less than a year ago. The market favorite, Dogwifhat (WIF), was trading at $0.001555 just before 2024 started, and since then, it has had a face-melting rally of 185,361% to now trade at $2.86. Both of these coins are among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. 

Then there is the Book of Meme (BOME) coin, which has surged 18,011% in a matter of days, according to CoinGecko. Many others like this have seen a massive rise in their prices in just a few days, which goes on to show the popularity of meme coins and how much attention they have been getting.

All these examples paint a bullish picture for OMEME, though a lot of this success depends on just how much traction the coin can get. Having said that, investors must always keep in mind that meme coins are extremely volatile. As such, always do your research, have a clear strategy, and only invest what you can afford to lose.


In the vast world of meme coins, Oracle Meme has emerged as a unique project that aims to lead the transformation of this sector. Featuring a cute dog with his crystal ball, the project will be introducing a suite of products to encourage the creation, sharing, and enjoyment of memes while providing financial incentives through OMEME. The native token allows holders to enjoy price appreciation and massive staking rewards.

So, if you want to be a part of this MEME community and take advantage of its varied juicy opportunities, then make sure to participate in Oracle Meme’s upcoming presale! After all, it has all that it takes to rank among the best meme coins globally. 


What is Oracle Meme ($OMEME)?

How to invest in the Oracle Meme ($OMEME) token?


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