How to Buy Pepe Unchained – A Beginner’s Guide

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the meme coin mania and the utility of faster and cheaper L2 blockchain technology. The project is currently conducting its presale—an exciting opportunity to buy $PEPU  tokens at a discounted price.

So, let’s see just how you can buy $PEPU tokens before they get exchange listings and wider adoption! Buying $PEPU tokens early allows you to benefit from potential price increases and makes you a part of the community right from the start.

This way, you’ll know all about the project’s progress and have a say in its future. Getting in before the token hits bigger exchanges can give you both financial and community involvement benefits.

Pepe Unchained Token Key Points

Here are the key takeaways of Pepe Unchained:

  • Meme Coin plus Layer 2 blockchain: As a meme coin, Pepe Unchained leverages the iconic cartoon character ‘Pepe the Frog,’ a wildly popular internet meme that has gained mass recognition in the crypto sector. Beyond its playful branding, Pepe Unchained also stands out as a Layer 2 blockchain. This technology allows it to offer substantially lower transaction fees and faster processing times compared to traditional Layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum. These enhancements make Pepe Unchained not just a cultural token but a practical choice for users seeking efficiency and affordability in their blockchain transactions.
  • Ongoing Presale: Pepe Unchained is currently hosting a presale for $PEPU tokens at $0.008032. Through its presale, Pepe Unchained offers tokens to the public at a significantly discounted price before the project goes live and secures exchange listings. It aims to raise funds for the project’s development and build a passionate, early community of supporters.
  • Tokenomics: Half of $PEPU’s 8 billion supply is reserved for the public through presale and staking rewards. The rest is divided between marketing, liquidity, L2 inventory, and the team to ensure the project’s smooth operations.
  • Building an ecosystem: Pepe Unchained is building for the long term, focusing on providing the crypto market with tech that makes it easy for users to engage with the Web3 space.

How to Buy Pepe Unchained ($PEPU): A Beginner’s Guide

Pepe Unchained Home Page

Here’s how you can buy Pepe Unchained at the ongoing presale stage. The process is pretty straightforward and will only take a few minutes, even if you’re a beginner. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Set Up a Compatible Wallet

First, you’ll need to set up a crypto wallet. We recommend using Wallet Connect, Best Wallet, MetaMask, or Coinbase Wallet, as they are not only supported by the project but also widely used in the crypto community.

Once you’ve chosen the wallet, download the wallet app. You can use the official wallet website or find the app in app stores to download it onto your desktop or mobile devices. You can also install the Chrome browser extension.

Once downloaded and installed, create an account. Self-custodial wallets do not require you to share personal information. Simply set a PIN and carefully write down your private key—a crucial 12-word phrase that must be kept in a secure location. Remember, losing this phrase means losing access to your crypto assets.

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet with Supported Crypto

Now that you have set up your wallet, it’s time to add funds. For the Pepe Unchained presale, ETH, USDT, and BNB are the accepted cryptocurrencies.

To purchase any of these supported cryptocurrencies, you can purchase directly from your wallet or use a centralized crypto exchange (CEX) like Binance or Coinbase. On the CEX, simply visit the exchange website, create an account, deposit fiat, select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, input the amount, and complete the transaction. Once purchased, transfer the coins to your wallet address.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to the Presale Website

In the next step, go to the official Pepe Unchained presale website. There, on the front page, you’ll see a widget right away. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ option and you’ll get several wallet providers. Select the one you have. 

Your wallet is now successfully connected to the Pepe Unchained presale. We’ll now move to the actual $PEPU buying process.

Step 4: Complete Pepe Unchained Presale Investment

In your crypto wallet, select the cryptocurrency you want to swap for $PEPU tokens. Once selected, decide on the size of your investment. With 1 $PEPU worth $0.008032 in the ongoing presale round, you can get 427,819 $PEPU tokens for 1 ETH, 71,773 $PEPU tokens for 1 BNB, and 1,250 $PEPU tokens for 10 USDT.

Remember, if you opt to use BSC (Binance Smart Chain) for your purchase, you won’t be eligible for staking rewards. However, using ETH (Ethereum) qualifies you for staking rewards, offering an impressive 11,196% annual return. So, we recommend buying $PEPU tokens using Ethereum if you’re interested in staking $PEPU tokens to earn passive income.

Now, confirm your purchase. You’ll receive a notification on your device requesting authorization for the transaction. Once completed, this will confirm your presale purchase. You’ll be able to claim these tokens once the presale is finished and the token is launched. At that point, reconnect the wallet you used to buy and stake PEPU tokens and select “claim.” While you can’t claim your PEPU just yet, you can begin staking your coins to maximize your gains.

To stay up-to-date with PEPU, keep an eye on Pepe Unchained’s X (previously Twitter) page or Telegram.

What is Pepe Unchained?

Building on the popular Internet meme, Pepe the Frog, Pepe Unchained positions itself as the future of meme coins. Describing itself as a superior version of the original Pepe, the project takes advantage of the well-established meme to carve out a significant presence in the market.

However, Pepe Unchained is more than just a meme coin; it’s an entirely meme coin ecosystem. It also involves a Layer 2 blockchain that facilitates instant transactions at low prices, all while offering the potential for massive gains.

L1 blockchains like Ethereum often experience congestion during peak usage times, resulting in slower transaction speeds and higher fees. L2 solutions mitigate these issues by processing transactions off the main Ethereum chain, thereby reducing the load and enabling faster and cheaper transactions.

Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is built on top of the Ethereum network and offers users the ability to trade and stake at very high speeds while incurring significantly lower gas fees than those on the L1. This increased efficiency and reduced operational costs mean that Pepe Unchained users can enjoy substantial staking rewards, currently as high as 9,441% per annum.

Why Buy Pepe Unchained?

Now, let’s explore why Pepe Unchained could be one of the best crypto presales to invest in this year. 

Meme Coin Mania

Meme coins are the clear winner of the uptrend that began in Q3 of 2023 and continued until March of this year. According to a CoinGecko report, the average returns of meme coins, at 1312%, have outstripped all other narratives, establishing them as the most profitable. 

As a result, the meme coin sector has exploded, with the total market cap reaching approximately $50 billion. The number and market value of meme coins continue to surge as interest in this fun and potentially lucrative narrative increases. 

When it comes to $PEPU, it capitalizes on the popularity of the internet meme which helps it capture market attention, a crucial factor in driving a token’s value. This positions you to take advantage of the new golden age of meme coins.

Popularity of L2s

While meme coins typically thrive on hype and virality without inherent value, they distinguish themselves by incorporating their own Layer 2 (L2) technology. Layer 2 is a secondary protocol built on top of an existing blockchain, designed to improve the scalability, speed, and efficiency of the primary blockchain. This setup enables the processing of a higher volume of transactions at a reduced cost.

Pepe Unchained leverages this technology with an L2 built on top of the Ethereum network, enabling faster and more cost-effective transactions. By accelerating transaction speeds beyond those on L1, Pepe Unchained allows you to stake, trade, and interact with the blockchain at lightning speed. With L2 taking off the load, fewer transactions are clogging up the main Ethereum network, which substantially brings down the gas fees on Layer 2. So, with $PEPU, dubbed the king of meme coins, the Pepe Unchained L2 acts as its realm.

Massive Rewards

By leveraging the L2 technology, PEPE Unchained ($PEPU) is able to offer double the staking rewards. Locking up tokens to help secure the blockchain provides significant benefits, especially for early stakers. As the number of stakers grows, the reward percentage typically decreases, meaning that presale buyers who stake their tokens stand to gain the most. 

Pepe Unchained Roadmap

The efficiency of its L2, enabling faster and cheaper transactions, reduces operational costs and boosts profitability. This not only makes double staking rewards feasible for Pepe Unchained but also ensures that users retain most of their profits.

Preparing for the Long-Term 

Instead of short-term traction, Pepe Unchained’s focus is on long-term success, for which it has outlined a roadmap. This begins with integrating Pepe Unchained into an ultra-based future, where its state-of-the-art L2 protocol rewards users to promote blockchain adoption. 

To support these ambitions, the project has set aside a hefty portion of its resources: 30% of the token supply is earmarked for community rewards through staking, 10% is reserved for providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and another 20% is dedicated to promoting Pepe globally.

Additionally, 20% of the $PEPU supply is for presale buyers, 10% will support ongoing operations, and the remaining 10% will fund the development of the $PEPU Layer 2 chain. With a total supply of 8 billion tokens, these allocations are designed to ensure the project’s growth and sustainability.

Pepe Unchained Price Prediction – What is $PEPU’s Potential?

Predicting the price of a crypto asset such as $PEPU is a complex task, especially for meme coins, as they tend to be extremely volatile. However, in the case of Pepe Unchained, we can examine several similar projects to determine the possible future trajectory of $PEPU’s price. 

Several coins based on the Pepe meme reached their all-time lows (ATL) in 2023. Since those lows, the largest one, with a market cap of $4.7 billion, has seen its value surge by more than 20,000%. PepeCoin, with a market cap of $322 million, has rallied 26,147% during the same period. Other examples, like Pepe2.0, PEPE 0x69 ON BASE, and PEPE (Ordinals), have experienced increases in their value ranging from 500% to 1,500%.

Based on this analysis, Pepe Unchained has a promising uptrend ahead, which could easily take its price to as high as $0.8. This represents a 9,900% increase in price, aligning with the traction other PEPE tokens have seen. This potential jump also makes sense, given the bullish momentum expected to drive prices higher this year and next year across the broad crypto market.

$PEPU certainly has the potential to achieve new highs, but to do so, Pepe Unchained must capture the market’s attention and usage. Notably, investing in cryptocurrencies, especially meme coins, is a risky venture. You should only invest what you can afford to lose and with a proper plan. 


As we talked about above, Pepe Unchained presents a lucrative opportunity by combining the price potential of the meme coin narrative with the utility of a layer 2 blockchain. Additionally, $PEPU offers extremely attractive rewards that benefit early stakers and presale investors.

So, if you’re looking to have fun while improving your speed and earning double the rewards, the PEPE Unchained ($PEPU) presale offers a pretty enticing opportunity!


What is Pepe Unchained?

How to invest in a Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) token?

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