How to Buy Smog ($SMOG) – A Beginner’s Guide

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Smog is a new meme coin on Solana offering a fair launch for all buyers and one of the largest airdrops. It aims to be the ‘ultimate meme coin’ and surpass predecessors like Bonk and Pepe. It plans to dominate the meme coin space by offering rewards for buying, holding, and staking the SMOG tokens.

This guide outlines detailed steps on how to buy Smog tokens, discusses its airdrop incentives, and also talks about its growth potential.

Smog Token Key Points

Below is a quick overview of Smog:

  • Fair Launch Model: Smog focuses on offering a fair launch, meaning there’s no presale. This ensures every buyer has the same opportunity to get $SMOG at launch.
  • Token Distribution: With its community-focused principle, Smog allocates a massive portion of its tokens to airdrops and community rewards, showing its commitment to fair distribution.
  • Market Entry Strategy: The project’s launch is strategically planned to capitalize on the growing interest in meme coins, leveraging the Solana blockchain’s efficiency to attract a broad audience.
  • Community Engagement: By avoiding a presale and focusing on airdrop campaigns, Smog creates a strong community foundation, crucial for long-term success and sustainability in the volatile crypto market.

How to Buy Smog ($SMOG) – A Beginner’s Guide

Below is a detailed guide explaining how to buy Smog.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Wallet

You need a digital wallet compatible with Solana, such as Phantom or Trust Wallet. These user-friendly wallets provide an app and a browser extension for accessibility.

Phantom Wallet

There are also many other wallet options that you can select from the ‘Connect Wallet’ widget powered by Jupiter.

Step 2: Buying Crypto

ETH, SOL, USDT, USDC, and BONK are among the many cryptos that can be swapped for $SMOG. These can be bought from any major exchange and transferred to your wallet.

Alternatively, some wallets allow you to buy these cryptos directly via third-party providers, simplifying the process. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the fees involved in such a case.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Go to Smog’s official page and click the “BUY SMOG” button on the buying widget. Alternatively, you can also click the “BUY SMOG” button on the top right of the homepage.

Buy Smog token

Next, you’ll be redirected to Birdeye, a renowned crypto data aggregation platform. This platform has a Jupiter-powered widget where you can swap your chosen crypto with Smog.

Connect Wallet To buy SMOG

Simply click on the widget’s ‘Connect Wallet’ button and select the wallet you have set up in the previous steps.

Step 4: Buy and Hold $SMOG

With your wallet connected and having one of the necessary cryptos (SOL, USDT, BONK, etc.), you can now exchange it for $SMOG tokens. The system will automatically begin tracking your airdrop points leading to $SMOG’s grand launch on the Solana network.

Step 5: Signup For the Airdrop

To further engage with the Smog community and earn additional rewards, users can sign up for the $SMOG airdrop on Completing various community tasks will earn you points, contributing to your airdrop rewards. These points will be tallied and updated a few weeks after the $SMOG launch.

What is Smog?

Smog is a hot new meme crypto on the Solana blockchain aimed at revolutionizing the meme coin sector. It follows the footsteps of predecessors like Bonk, Myro, and Dogwifhat, which have seen massive success in recent months. 

The meme crypto’s recent launch has brought new excitement, especially with its aim to be the most explosive crypto airdrop of all time. 

The Smog airdrop stands out as a key attraction, allowing participants to earn points through interactions such as engaging with social media, completing quests, and maintaining on-chain activity like buying, holding, and staking. This also places the token among the most popular trending coins.

Per the Smog litepaper, this approach incentivizes community participation and improves the token’s distribution fairness and engagement levels.

Smog Meme Token

Smog’s launch is backed by an ambitious vision, with a market cap expectation of $2 million at launch, driven by an anticipated inflow of $1 million in buys.

This optimism is based on Smog’s unique propositions, including its status as the only meme coin to rule them all, integration with for airdrop management, and a fair launch model that ensures equal opportunity for all participants.

Additionally, Smog’s launch comes when Solana’s trading volume on Jupiter exceeds that of Uniswap, showing a mature environment for meme coins on the Solana blockchain.

The project hints at the involvement of an anonymous team with a successful track record in launching meme coins like Pepe, Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Sponge. This background adds a layer of potential credibility to Smog’s market entry.

Smog Tokenomics

Smog has a strategic framework for distributing $SMOG tokens to achieve its goals within the Solana ecosystem. The total supply allocation supports the project’s growth, community engagement, and market liquidity.

The most significant portion, 50%, is dedicated to marketing efforts, showing the project’s commitment to widespread visibility and adoption.

Another significant 35% of the supply is set aside for airdrop rewards. This approach incentivizes community participation and aims to democratize access to $SMOG, creating a sense of ownership and loyalty among participants.

For exchange support and liquidity, 10% and 5% of the supply are reserved for Centralized Exchange (CEX) launches and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity provision, respectively. These allocations ensure that $SMOG can be readily traded across platforms, improving accessibility for many investors and ensuring price stability through liquidity support.

Interested users can join the Smog Telegram channel and follow it on X (Twitter) for the latest updates on exchange listings.


The Smog roadmap outlines a phased approach to the project’s development and growth. Phase 1 focuses on foundational activities such as Airdrop Research, Staking Build, Token Deployment, and Social Activation. This phase also mentions “Fighting Dragon Slayers,” hinting at engaging the community through thematic challenges or competitions, likely to build interest and solidarity among early adopters.

Phase 2 transitions into the execution of Smog’s strategic plans, including the Fair Launch, which highlights the project’s commitment to fair access for all participants.

The launch of the Airdrop Campaign and the goal to gather over 10,000 ‘loyal chosen’ holders also indicate a push for massive community growth and engagement. The platform’s plans for social dominance and burn opportunities further suggest efforts to increase visibility and manage token supply dynamically to preserve value, making it one of the best cryptos to watch out for.

Phase 3 aims for massive growth, with the Airdrop Launch and the initiation of Future Airdrops to continuously reward and engage the community. The ambitious target of over 100,000 ‘Chosen Warriors’ implies a significant increase in token holders and market capitalization. Furthermore, ‘Social Mastery’ and goals to become the “Sol King of all meme coins” show a vision for massive success and dominance in the meme coin space.

Why Buy Smog?

Buyers are looking for the next crypto to explode as the crypto market shows signs of rebounding. 

With a strategic focus on community building, Smog has set ambitious targets to expand its holder base significantly. Below are some reasons to buy Smog and participate in its airdrop:

  • Rewarding Airdrop Strategy: Smog offers an enticing incentive for buyers via its airdrop. This airdrop strategy rewards early adopters, improving the community members’ sense of ownership and loyalty. This community-driven nature can increase trust and engagement with the platform.
  • Fair Launch and Accessibility: Smog’s commitment to a fair launch model guarantees an equal playing field for all investors, eliminating the advantage often seen with presale allocations. This approach mitigates skepticism around the project’s legitimacy and encourages wider participation.
  • Proven Team Track Record: The hint at an anonymous yet successful team behind Smog, with experience in launching notable meme coins, adds a layer of credibility and anticipation around Smog’s potential performance in the market.
  • Solana Ecosystem Advantage: Leveraging the Solana blockchain, known for its speed and low transaction costs, Smog benefits from the technical advantages and growing ecosystem of Solana. This improves its appeal to investors looking for new opportunities in fast and efficient blockchain networks.

Smog Price Prediction – What is $SMOG’s Potential?

The enthusiasm surrounding meme coins, combined with Smog’s ambitious plans, could drive significant interest from both retail and institutional investors. Hence why our Smog price prediction is so bullish. 

The project’s focus on a fair launch and the absence of a presale ensure a fair entry point for all, potentially increasing demand upon launch. This was visible as the SMOG token saw an over 900% jump within a day of its launch on Jupiter.

Considering the trajectories of similar projects and the current market dynamics, Smog has the potential to perform well. Factors such as market sentiment towards meme coins, the platform’s marketing strategies’ effectiveness, and the crypto market’s overall performance will influence its price. Moreover, it is also crucial to factor in the macroeconomic factors when looking for the best long-term investments.

While providing a precise price forecast is challenging, Smog’s strategic approach, coupled with a growing interest in meme coins and the Solana ecosystem’s strengths, positions it for potential upside. If Smog successfully executes its roadmap and continues to build its community, we could see a positive trend in its market valuation.


Smog combines meme coins’ playful and viral nature with strategic tokenomics and a community-centric approach to growth. Its roadmap shows a clear vision for development and expansion, focusing on community engagement, market penetration, and sustainability.

This guide outlined a comprehensive walkthrough for potential buyers, from setting up a digital wallet to participating in the much-anticipated airdrop. Smog’s focus on a fair launch and its innovative airdrop strategy are designed to ensure fair access and reward community participation.


What is Smog?

How to invest in the Smog token?

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