How to Buy SpacePay – A Beginner’s Guide

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In the crypto realm, a new project called SpacePay is making its mark with a focus on real-world applications

SpacePay offers merchants and payment companies a gateway to affordable and innovative commerce, enabling cryptocurrency users to unlock the full potential of their digital assets in everyday transactions.

Spacepay Presale Page

Recently, SpacePay launched its presale campaign. So, let’s see how you can buy $SPY tokens at the lowest price within minutes. 

SpacePay Token Key Points

Here are the key takeaways of the innovative SpacePay project:

  • Ongoing Discount Presale: SpacePay is currently conducting its presale, offering investors the opportunity to buy $SPY tokens before they’re listed on crypto exchanges and become widely accessible. During the current presale stage, the tokens are up for grabs at $0.00147 per $SPY—the lowest price before it increases with listings and broader market sentiments. 
  • Making Crypto Payments Easier & More Accessible: SpacePay is revolutionizing retail payments by facilitating cryptocurrency acceptance and allowing seamless conversion to all traditional currencies. Its easy-to-use payment APK empowers traditional POS terminals, simplifying crypto transactions for both merchants and users. 
  • Well-Structured Tokenomics: The total supply of SPY is 34 billion tokens, with the highest percentage (20%) reserved for public sale, while 17% is allocated to user rewards and loyalty. Additionally, at 46%, a good chunk of the token supply will be used for project growth, divided between marketing efforts, ecosystem expansion, and platform development. 
  • Generous Rewards Programs: SpacePay leverages its utility token to offer long-term value to its token holders via several benefits, including airdrops, early access to new services, direct insights into future plans from project leadership, and more.

How to Buy SpacePay ($SPY): A Beginner’s Guide

Spacepay Home page

Here’s how you can buy SpacePay via the presale, a straightforward process that will only take a few minutes, even for those new to crypto trading.

Step 1: Set Up a Compatible Wallet

The $SPY investment process begins by setting up a crypto wallet. Although you have several options here, Best Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect are highly recommended and compatible with SpacePay for presale purchases.

After choosing your preferred wallet, download it to your device of choice. You can opt for a mobile app for your Android or iOS device or a browser extension for Chrome. Once installed, open the wallet, set a PIN, and secure the backup passphrase. Now that the wallet is set up, it’s time to add funds.

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet with Supported Cryptos

Ensure your wallet is funded with a cryptocurrency that SpacePay accepts for its presale. For the $SPY presale, SpacePay supports several cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, BASE, USDC, and USDT, allowing you to fund your wallet with any of these altcoins.

To purchase these supported cryptocurrencies, you have two options:

  1. Directly within your wallet (which can be costly)
  2. Through a centralized crypto exchange like Binance, which is often easier and cheaper.

Simply visit the exchange’s website, register, deposit fiat currency, select your desired cryptocurrency, choose the amount, and complete your transaction. Remember, when buying from an exchange, you’ll need to transfer the coins to your wallet address.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to the Presale Website

Next, visit the SpacePay website. Once there, you’ll find the widget right away. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. You will then be prompted to select a wallet provider; choose yours. Your crypto wallet will now be connected to the SpacePay presale.

Step 4: Complete SpacePay Presale Investment

Now, choose the cryptocurrency you want to use to buy $SPY tokens, and then input the amount you wish to invest. For example, 100 USDT will get you 68,027 $SPY tokens, while 1 ETH will get you 2,618,490.26 $SPY tokens.

Once you confirm the purchase, you will receive a notification on your device requesting authorization. The coins will only move from your wallet to the presale address once you’ve confirmed, marking the completion of your presale purchase.

The $SPY presale will last for about a month, and once it is over, you will be able to claim the tokens. To do this, keep an eye on SpacePay’s X (previously Twitter) page or Telegram.

What is SpacePay?

SpacePay is a London-based payment protocol that aims to transform the future of digital payments. Backed by global investors, this fintech startup seeks to achieve its vision by providing merchants and payment companies with next-generation cryptocurrency solutions.

With its MVP completed, SpacePay is currently in private beta and fully compliant with regulatory standards. It is also compatible with all Android POS Terminals.

SpacePay POS Terminal

For merchants, SpacePay offers the ability to enhance POS operations through its simple-to-use payment APK. This allows customers to use cryptocurrency for transactions while guaranteeing merchants receive payments in their local currency effortlessly. Moreover, SpacePay ensures smooth, fast, and secure transactions, offering access to a network of over 400 million new customers.

To usher in a new era of financial flexibility, SpacePay has integrated with French credit card service company Ingenico, Sunmi mobile devices to support businesses across various industries and smart-card security solution provider Feitian.

SpacePay transactions are completely free for users and as simple as scanning a QR code at the terminal. It also supports an extensive range of popular wallets, including Ledger, Metamask, and Coinbase. This way, SpacePay simplifies crypto payments, eliminates complicated processes, and ensures a seamless experience.

Why Buy SpacePay?

Now, let’s explore why SpacePay could be one of the best crypto presales to invest in this year. 

Presale Buyers Get Discounted Prices

The best way to amplify your investment returns is to invest at really low prices. By getting in before the others, you maximize your chances of significant returns. A crypto presale offers just that opportunity—it’s one of the earliest points to get involved in a promising project. In the case of SpacePay, you can buy $SPY tokens at a cheap price of $0.00147 before the token gets listed on exchanges. 

Once the presale is completed successfully, the team will focus on DEX and CEX listing, which can significantly increase the token’s visibility, accessibility, and demand. By purchasing now at heavily discounted prices, you enter the market before most of the buyers, minimizing your losses and maximizing your profits. 

Payment Narrative

The number of people owning crypto has been increasing rapidly, with a 34% growth in 2023, reaching 580 million users worldwide. As the number of crypto owners continues to rise each year, an increasing number of companies are eager to cater to this demographic. 

SpacePay App Interface

According to CoinLedger, about 76 retail and e-commerce companies, including the likes of Adidas, Etsy, and H&M, are now accepting crypto. So, with crypto awareness and adoption on the rise, we can expect more companies to adopt this payment method. Statista estimates cryptocurrency payments to grow at a CAGR of almost 17% between 2023 and 2030.

As a payment method, crypto offers the benefits of reduced transaction fees, fast settlement, and the ability to reach customers underserved by traditional payment providers. Against this backdrop, SpacePay presents a good opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend. 

Insane Rewards

Given that the project uses $SPY to incentivize user engagement, token holders get lots of attractive rewards just by holding $SPY tokens. With SpacePay essentially operating like a public company, $SPY investors get full access to team calls, a share in the platform’s revenue, early access to private features, products, or services, loyalty airdrops for their support, voting rights on company direction, and charitable donation matchups. 

This way, SpacePay rewards its users for their commitment and fosters a sense of ownership among the community while ensuring that the $SPY token plays a key role in its ecosystem and drives the platform’s growth.

Audited Smart Contract

The $SPY token follows industry-standard protocols to ensure trustworthiness, immutability, and transparency in all transactions. With its presale launched, SpacePay also plans to get audited by a reputable third-party security firm. This ensures there are no potential vulnerabilities in the smart contract and that it operates as intended while maintaining the highest standards of security. It also allows users to engage with the platform without worrying about security and having peace of mind when investing in the presale. 

Strong Tech & Tokenomics 

SpacePay has set high ambitions to become the decentralized equivalent of traditional payment giants Mastercard and Visa for cryptocurrency, starting with its plans of launching over 4.5 million devices across 9 countries this year. It is also developing the world’s first fully decentralized, advanced NFC technology and collaborating with globally leading card machine companies. 

Besides positioning itself as a leading innovator in the crypto payment sector, another area where SpacePay stands out is tokenomics. It has a total supply of 34 billion tokens, with a commitment that no new tokens will ever be issued. As a utility token, it rewards active participation through various incentives. Users receive monthly loyalty airdrops, a share in revenue as a passive income, access to quarterly connect webinars, and the ability to vote on proposals to shape SpacePay’s future. 

SpacePay Price Prediction – What is $SPY’s Potential?

Right now, SpacePay is focused on raising money from the general public through its presale. But with no hard cap proposed by the project, it can’t be established just how much its initial market cap would be as it gets listed. Nonetheless, SpacePay has plans to have its native token listed on major CEXs, including the MEXC Global exchange, which will increase the demand for the token and its price.

Moreover, with the broader market sentiments projected to remain bullish in the short and long term, the price has the potential to rise tremendously. During bull markets, prices across the sector tend to skyrocket, but as the trend shifts, they correct just as aggressively, so always be mindful of that when investing, especially in the highly volatile crypto markets. 

SpacePay Recognition

But this isn’t all, the platform has completed its MVP, and once its flagship product, Payment APK, concludes its testing phase, it will allow crypto transactions to be integrated into the retail environment. Moreover, SpacePay has completed a buy-back option and is now in the process of acquiring IP to boost its market position. It has also secured $750,000 from private investors and won the ‘New Payment Platform of the Year’ at the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022/23, which speaks of SpacePay’s capabilities. 

Not to mention, the project has allocated 18% of its supply to marketing & community building and another 18% to strategic partnerships & ecosystems, which will help it gain traction.

So, with the implementation of community reward programs and partnerships with leading payment processors and financial institutions on the horizon, the project is primed to gain market attention for years to come. For further details on this exciting new project read our SpacePay price prediction for 2024 – 2030. 


With crypto gaining mainstream adoption and its ownership on the rise, SpacePay emerges as an exciting project that wants to make crypto a part of the retail routine. Focusing on building advanced technology, forming partnerships with big names to expand its network, and offering its users lucrative rewards, SpacePay certainly looks like an enticing opportunity. 

It is currently conducting a presale, during which you can purchase $SPY at just $0.00147 per token before its public launch and subsequent exchange listings to maximize your returns.


What is SpacePay?

How do I invest in SpacePay ($SPY) tokens?

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