How to Find New Meme Coins Early in 2024

For those wondering how to find new meme coins early, this guide is your starting point. We’ll walk you through the process of identifying these meme coins before they hit mainstream.

Understanding why time is crucial in this market can significantly impact your investment returns. With that in mind, we’ll also provide practical tips on distinguishing genuine opportunities from scams to help you make better and safer decisions.

The Best Way to Find New Meme Coins Early – Overview

If you are short on time, here is a quick summary of the top ways to discover new meme coins early.

  1. Look for high-potential presales – Identifying popular presales quickly selling out is one of the best ways to find high-potential meme coins early.
  2. Join crypto discords and other social channels – Meme coins are socially driven, so it is important to be social when hunting for the next high-potential project.
  3. Use tools like DEXTools and CoinCodex – Analytics tools and data provider websites can prove invaluable in quickly aggregating data on the latest and greatest projects to one dashboard.
  4. Track blockchain activity – By “following the money” and watching the wallets of successful meme coin traders and whales, you can sometimes discover the next meme coin to explode.

A Closer Look at How to Find New Meme Coins Early

Look for High-Potential Presales

One of the easiest ways to catch new meme coins early is to look for presales. However, this is easier said than done. In other words, there are several things to look for in high-potential meme presales:

  • Large Social Following – A large social media following or media coverage can indicate high community interest, which can indicate the success/failure of meme coins.
  • Securing Centralized Exchange Listings – The project’s ability to secure centralized exchange listings proves its team’s ability to take action and increases its upside potential.
  • Solid Tokenomics – Top ICOs often allocate significant portions of tokens to the community. This increases the project’s decentralization, mitigating the risk of the team dumping tokens and enabling more organic price action.
  • Bring something new to the crypto market – Projects that bring something new to the crypto market generally have the best chances of success. This is because so many emerging meme coins are released daily that not doing so makes it hard to stand out.

Some projects that include these points and have actually done well are Wall Street Memes and Meme Kombat ($MK).

Wall Street Memes is a presale meme coin that has raised over $25 million in four months and is widely touted as the next big meme coin. The project launched as part of an already successful brand with over one million followers. Even Elon Musk has engaged with Wall Street Memes on Twitter several times.

Meme Kombat ($MK) is a recently launched presale with a new take on meme coins. It gathers all of the world’s most successful meme tokens together under one roof. This is a completely unique style of presale, bringing memes together under one architecture with multiple betting opportunities. It is opposed to the classical style of single-meme presales, and it could see traffic from some of the enormous followers of the world’s most famous memes.

Join Crypto Discords and Other Social Channels

One of the top ways to sift through the noise and identify new emerging meme projects is to join the best crypto Discord groups and utilize other social channels. 

One such channel is Jacob Bury’s Discord channel, which provides a blend of high-potential projects while minimizing risk. Bury also delivers deep market analysis, combining crypto fundamental and technical analysis to help the community understand his decision-making process. At the time of writing this, the group has over 17,000 members.Jacob Bury

You can also find alerts on new high-potential meme coins in some of the top crypto Telegram groups. One of the best groups is B2C Crypto Calls & News. The group provides a unique blend of mainstream crypto news and degen meme coin plays, providing ample opportunity to buy new projects early while staying current on broader market conditions.

B2C Telegram

Finally, YouTube can be a brilliant resource regarding where to find new meme coins. There are many channels, but some of the best are Jacob Bury’s YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto’s channel, and Crypto Banter.

Use Tools Like DEXTools and CoinCodex

Besides identifying high-potential presales and joining social channels, one of the best ways how to find new high-potential meme coins is by using data and analytics tools that allow you to scan the blockchain at the click of a button.

  • On DEXTools you can browse the highest daily gainers, top trending crypto, and much more. It also provides project-specific data like market cap, trading volume, locked liquidity, the amount of holders, etc.
  • CoinCodex provides even more extensive data sets. For instance, you can browse new ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs.
  • Launchpad XYZ is a platform that provides users with 10x trades every month. It has recently delivered three predictions of 10x gains or more. For example, the token (ELON 2.0) shot up a whopping 29x.
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are highly trusted providers of crypto data for metrics like market cap, price history, and markets to buy the token. 

Track Blockchain Activity

Monitoring blockchain activity is key to uncovering insights into emerging meme coins. This includes monitoring transactions, smart contract interactions, and wallet addresses to see trading volume, holder distribution, and potential market manipulations like pump and dump schemes.

Tools like Etherscan for Ethereum-based tokens can provide a pool of information, from transaction history to token holder distribution. For example, you can filter one of the top meme coins, like, Pepe or Shiba Inu, by the largest holders and sift through the wallets, manually tracking their activity.


For a broader analysis, especially to track and analyze whale transaction data, Nansen is an amazing resource. Nansen tracks and labels over 250 million wallets across 10+ blockchains, making it faster and easier to understand each wallet. As such, Nansen is more beginner-friendly than using Etherscan or an equivalent. However, the main trade-off is that Nansen’s best features require a premium account, costing $100+ monthly.


Why It Is Important to Find New Meme Coins Early

Finding new meme coins early is really important for a couple of reasons:

  • Lower Entry Price – Getting in early means you can buy the coin at a lower price before everyone else starts to notice and, most importantly, before the price goes up.
  • High Return Potential – When a meme coin becomes popular, especially if famous people or social media start talking about it, its value can jump up very quickly. Therefore, if you buy it early, you can make a profit because you bought it cheap, before all the hype.
  • Influence on Development – Early investors can have a say in the direction of the coin’s community or project, influencing its development and future.


In conclusion, not only did we explore effective strategies on how to find new meme coins early, but we’ve also looked at why catching these opportunities at their inception can be lucrative. Understanding the potential benefits and how to identify these coins can significantly enhance your investment strategy, 

However, it’s crucial to understand that the crypto market is inherently violent. Therefore, make sure you stay informed and cautious.



How do I find out about new meme coins early?


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