Kucoin Referral Code & Rewards For April 2024

Kucoin referral code

Kucoin has launched a limited-time offer for customers using the Kucoin referral code to receive rewards of up to 700 USDT. This Kucoin sign up offer is a way for new customers to get more for their deposits from one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Established in 2017, Kucoin offer a wide variety of features and tools for both the novice and experienced trader. Alongside margin trading, futures and peer-to-peer trading, users have the ability to lend or stake their digital assets for additional rewards.

By using the current Kucoin coupon code, you have the chance to receive:

  • 500 USDT sign-up bonus
  • 200 USDT in trading coupons
  • Access to low fees and over 1,300 trading pairs

Read on to find out how to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Explaining the Kucoin Referral Bonus

The Kucoin sign-up offer rewards new customers who join with the chance to receive a 500 USDT bonus for opening an account, plus a further 200 USDT in coupons to use for trading. In total, new members have the opportunity to earn 700 USDT deposited directly into their account by using the Kucoin referral code below. So, how does it work?  

Once signed up, customers will need to complete tasks in the rewards hub section on the platform, which will unlock the bonuses. All tasks must be completed within the first 30 days of sign up to receive the Kucoin welcome bonus.

Should you be successful in completing all of the challenges, you will be able to withdraw the bonus, and additional rewards. All rewards will be automatically added to your account within 14 days of accomplishing the requirements.

Latest Kucoin Sign Up Codes

The Kucoin promo code can often change, and some customers make the mistake of using ones that have expired. The promo code from this promotion is “rMSG95L”. When signing up using our link, the code is prefilled in the “Create Account” account section, so there is no need to manually enter the Kucoin code.

Guide to Claiming the Kucoin Sign-Up Bonus

Okay, so you want to take advantage of this Kucoin sign-up bonus but are unsure what exactly you need to do? Let’s walk you through this step-by-step.

Step 1: Create an account

Firstly, you will need to register for an account. All you need is an email address. Ensure that the Kucoin referral code is entered in the “Referral code” section. If not already prefilled, please enter the code  “rMSG95L”. 

Kucoin account creation process, first step

Step 2: Verify your email address

Kucoin 6 digit verification code prompt

Once your email address has been entered, you will be sent a verification code, ensure you use the code 10 minutes after it is sent, otherwise, you will need to start the process again.

Step 3: Upload your ID

Okay, so you have registered and verified your account, you will now be taken to the platform. The next step is to upload your ID to fully complete the registration process.

Kucoin identity verification process prompt

Step 4: Deposit into your account

At this stage, the only thing left to do is to fund your account. Click on deposit or buy crypto, and you will be taken to the payment page. 

Kucoin fund your account prompt

As seen below, you will not be able to deposit unless you have uploaded your ID.

Kucoin select coin to deposit crypto prompt

Step 5: Start trading

Now that you have gone through the first four steps, the final one is to start trading and receive your rewards.  

Kucoin Sign Up Offer Terms & Conditions

So you may be asking what are the terms of the Kucoin bonus? We list the main parts for you below.

  • You must be a new customer of Kucoin 
  • Complete the reward tasks within 30 days of registering
  • Each reward can only be received once
  • To withdraw the bonus, you first need to complete the reward tasks, in the Reward Hub
  • The rewards will be credited to your account within 2 weeks of completion
  • Lastly, withdrawals must be made within specified time frames

About Kucoin Exchange

Now you understand the bonus, and the terms of engagement, let’s take a closer look at the Kucoin exchange. Founded in 2017, Kucoin has grown to become a household name in the crypto world. Operating as a Centralized Exchange (CEX), the platform has over 1,300 crypto trading pairs and is available in over 200 countries.

Over 400 projects have been launched through Kucoin, including its native token which has a current market cap of over $1 billion at time of press. Kucoin is one of the most secure exchanges on the market, with clients required to go through KYC (know-your-customer) onboarding to open an account. Read on to learn more about know-your customer and what it means for you.

Kucoin global statistics 2024 world image

The platform has an easy-to-use interface, with access to FIAT deposits, as well as P2P and third-party solutions like BTC Direct. Customers also can trade derivatives and use web3 services like Wonderland, the NFT marketplace, and the Halo self-custodian wallet

Staking is another feature of Kucoin, with stakers able to leverage their unused or otherwise dormant funds to receive additional rewards. Overall, Kucoin is a safe, and secure way to trade crypto, from small to larger cap coins. Be sure to check out our latest article on the best staking coins for 2024

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Kucoin after they were charged $22 million by the New York Attorney General’s Office for illegal operations in the State.

Reasons to use Kucoin for Crypto Trading

Kucoin has a strong reputation amongst crypto enthusiasts, and its platform is great for beginners. It provides access to over 1,300 pairs and 750 tokens. Additionally, the fact that it has over 27 million users, with a daily trading volume of $1.8 billion means that many see it as a reliable platform. Understanding what makes a good cryptocurrency exchange is crucial for your trading journey. A recent report by Deloitte highlights the importance of choosing a trusted exchange like Kucoin.

For beginners, Kucoin provides not only trading tools, but it also teaches you how to use them with its Kucoin Learn feature. New traders are able to learn the basics of crypto and Web3 from experienced trainers.

Finally, it has around-the-clock customer support in over 20 languages, meaning that if you ever run into difficulties, there is someone there to help. 

Kucoin Sign-Up Bonus Benefits

For those new to crypto or trading, there are several benefits to the Kucoin sign-up offer. Let’s go through them together.

Additional capital

The main benefit is the additional crypto you receive to further increase your account. A 700 USDT reward will be added to your initial deposit. This way, a 1,300 USDT deposit can become 2,000 USDT should you unlock all the rewards.

Discounted fees

There are of course fees associated with buying and trading crypto. However, if your trades are profitable, the Kucoin bonus acts as a buffer, instead of fees being taken from your profit. For example, a deposit of 1,300 USDT which makes 500 USDT profit may incur 300 USDT in fees. Instead of 1,500 USDT, the fees are deducted from the 700 USDT bonus instead, leaving you with 400 USDT rewards, in addition to your profit.

Improved trading skills

It can be challenging to improve your trading skills, especially for a beginner. However, the tasks associated with the Kucoin referral bonus help you learn the skills essential for cryptocurrency trading.

Check out our guide to the best crypto trading courses to learn more about the basics of cryptocurrency trading.


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