L the Memecoin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

L the Memecoin is a new crypto based on the fictional Japanese manga character “L”. Despite only launching yesterday, the project has become the most trending crypto on DEXTools, amassing an $8 million market cap.

In this L the Memecoin price prediction, we break the project down, identifying if it can be the next Dogecoin or whether its hype will be short-lived.

L the Memecoin Price Prediction Summary

  • The project is inspired by Elon Musk’s appreciation for the manga character L.
  • $L launched on 26 June with an opening price of $0.0000003875.
  • The price peaked at $0.0000321 but has now crashed to $0.00000705.
  • Our 2025 L the Memecoin price prediction forecasts an average price of $0.0000415.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.000028 $0.000034 $0.00004
2025 $0.000035 $0.0000415 $0.000048
2030 $0.00004 $0.000055 $0.00007

L the Memecoin Price History

The $L coin launched on 26 June 2023, but its origins can be traced much earlier than that. In 2021, Elon Musk tweeted that he likes the Japanese manga show “Death Note”, with his favourite character being “L”.

L the Memecoin was inspired by this Tweet, with the coin being created to support Musk and his business endeavours.

The $L token is running an airdrop, only available to Twitter Blue holders (verified Twitter users who pay $8 monthly). The purpose of the airdrop is to build a community of “non-bot” holders and to support Musk since he owns Twitter.

After going live on Uniswap on 26 June with an opening price of $0.0000003875, the price began a strong upwards trajectory, becoming the most trending coin on DEXTools.


The price experienced three explosive green candles, peaking at $0.0000321. However, the price has sold off since currently priced at $0.00000705.


From its open price to its peak, $L climbed a whopping 8,187%. However, it is now down 76% from its highs, as seen on the L the Memecoin price chart above.

L the Memecoin price history key points:

  • The L the Memecoin price opened trading at $0.0000003875.
  • Following its launch, the price climbed to a high of $0.0000321.
  • From its opening price to its all-time high (ATH), the price climbed 8,287%.
  • The price has now decreased 76% from its ATH, priced at $0.00000705.

L the Memecoin Price Prediction 2024

With the Bitcoin halving set to occur in April 2024, analysts are forecasting that many cryptos will increase in price due to Bitcoin’s supply shock. While it remains true that most of the top cryptos are likely to climb following the Bitcoin halving, many less popular cryptocurrencies will not.

Due to the L the Memecoin being very new, if it continues making lower lows, the community will lose interest, preventing the price from moving with the rest of the market in 2024.

Firstly, $L seeks to become Elon Musk’s new favourite meme coin. This is no easy task due to the sheer competition from other meme coins. Still, L the Memecoin is in an advantageous position since it is targeted directly at Elon and is unique, unlike anything we have seen before.

If he takes note, this will prove very beneficial for the price of L the Memecoin. This is evident in Elon Musk causing Dogecoin to soar in 2021.

More recently, as mentioned in our Wall Street Memes price prediction, Elon’s connection with the Wall Street Memes project has played a crucial role in its presale’s success.

Another factor that could sway the price of $L is that it targets the  Asian crypto markets by incorporating manga and providing dedicated Chinese, Japanese and Korean social media channels. This is not often seen with meme coins, so could make L the Memecoin one of the best high-risk high-reward cryptos.

The Asian crypto market has grown significantly in recent years and is relatively untapped for meme coins. This could potentially provide $L with lots of growth potential.

With that in mind, our L the Memecoin price prediction estimates a possible low of $0.000028, a high of $0.00004 and an average price of $0.000034 by the end of 2024.

L the Memecoin Price Prediction 2025

The L the Memecoin website features a roadmap consisting of three phases. The first phase features the airdrop and CEX listings.

So far, the project has already secured listings with high-profile CEXs like BitMart, LBank and MEXC. Considering how new the project is, this is an impressive feat and could signify even bigger exchange listings to follow, potentially with CEXs like Coinbase and Binance.

However, the L the focus shifts in the roadmap’s second and third phases to staking and governance. While the information on the website is limited, there is a mention of an $L decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), which will focus on “investments and incubations in projects that support justice, transparency and fairness in the crypto space”.

The incorporation of a DAO to L the Memecoin could certainly add legitimacy to the project since many experts predict that DAOs could revolutionize the future of crypto and finance.

Nevertheless, the project is still brand new, and a lot could happen between now and 2025. Regardless of the upside price potential, it is also essential to be aware that there remains a high level of risk, and the project may continue to lose its value.

However, providing its community grows and the team continues to build, our L the Memecoin price prediction estimates a possible low of $0.000035, a high of $0.000048 and an average price of $0.0000415 by the end of 2025.

L the Memecoin Price Prediction 2030

Forecasting the price of a brand new meme coin long-term is challenging, as anything could happen in the meantime. Based on the information available today, we do not expect L the Memecoin to succeed long-term.

That said, as we have seen with other top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, there is still potential for long-term success if the project can create value or utility.

Despite being brand new, L the Memecoin has successfully differentiated itself from other meme coins thanks to its unique method of launching and the inspiration behind the token. This could help create a long-lasting community, as it is much easier to build a brand around a distinguishable project.

If it continues to generate hype and grow its community, our 2030 L the Memecoin estimates possible lows of $0.00004, highs of $0.00007 and an average price of $0.000055.

Potential Lows and Highs of L the Memecoin Price

While some meme coins have proven to be long-term cryptos, it remains to be seen when $L can be one of them. However, we have listed our forecasted lows and highs of L the Memecoin for 2024 – 2030 below.

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2024 $0.000028 $0.00004
2025 $0.000035 $0.000048
2030 $0.00004 $0.00007

What Do Other Analysts Predict for L the Memecoin

Since L the Memecoin is newly launched, the predictions from analysts range highly. While some think it could be one of the most promising cryptos, others believe it is destined for zero. We have summarized the predictions of other analysts below.

According to Twitter crypto analyst @x1.eth, L the Memecoin could crash and lose all its value in the coming months.

In another $L coin price prediction, Twitter trader @DMTLAND_ predicts a price of $0.000045 in the coming weeks.

Other popular market analysts have suggested that $L crypto coin price could reach $0.00005 in the coming weeks.

What is L the Memecoin and What is it Used For?

L the Memecoin is a crypto meme coin recently created and inspired by Elon Musk’s love of the manga character, “L”. The project aims to support Elon Musk in his business endeavors, and it will do so by airdropping $L to Twitter Blue holders.

Musk recently purchased Twitter and created Twitter Blue, an authentication service that costs $8 monthly. By airdropping tokens to Twitter Blue users, it will cause more people to sign up for the service, essentially helping Elon Musk.

Overall, the purpose of L the Memecoin is to pay homage to Elon in hopes of him getting behind the project and causing its price to soar. However, L the Memecoin faces stern competition in this department, with Musk already rallying behind Dogecoin and, most recently, Wall Street Memes.

Currently, the only purpose for the $L token is to be a part of the community. However, the project’s whitepaper states that staking and governance will be released in the future.

L the Memecoin Overview

Cryptocurrency L the Memecoin
Ticker Symbol $L
Rank 2649
Price $0.000006264
Price Change 24H -37.37%
Market Cap $5M
Circulating Supply 750,000,000,000 L
Trading Volume 24H $6M
All Time High $0.00002988
All Time Low $0.000004235

What Influences the Price of L the Memecoin?

The main driving factor behind L the Memecoin is hype and community sentiment. The price is purely speculative since the coin does not hold any utility. If the community believes in the project, the price could explode quickly. However, if the community treat it as a “quick-flip” project, airdrop holders will likely dump their tokens, pushing down the price.

Looking ahead long-term, the utility and ecosystem developments that L the Memecoin provide could determine whether its price can achieve sustained growth. Many meme coins pump only to “round trip”, creating new lows and never recovering their ATH.

The only meme coins that are able to achieve long-term success are those that eventually solve problems, create utility or provide value to their communities.

Is L the Memecoin a Buy?

Despite being 76% down from its ATH, L the Memecoin still has a substantial market cap of over $8 million. Considering this, the price could fall much further if airdrop holders dump their tokens.

Our L the Memecoin price forecast has predicted that the project could still grow, but it will probably be much slower than it has seen so far. It is also important to be aware that the project could easily plummet further in the coming weeks.

Best Place to Buy Cryptocurrencies

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L the Memecoin’s early success is because it has taken a unique approach to its project. This has captured the community’s attention, causing its price to explode.

However, with an $8 million market cap, the project now carries lots of downside risk without providing any real value to holders. With that in mind, we have created a list of potentially better cryptos to buy now. Check it out by clicking the button below.



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