Mode (MODE) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Mode, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem built on the Optimism Layer-2, just began distributing its $MODE token to early users through an airdrop. Once the airdrop is complete, $MODE will start trading on exchanges for the first time — and there’s a lot of excitement around how high the price of $MODE could go.

In our Mode price prediction, we’ll take a closer look at the $MODE token’s launch and forecast what price this token could reach in 2024. We’ll also look into the future and forecast the price of Mode for 2025-2030.

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Mode Price Prediction 2024-2030

Mode held its long-anticipated token airdrop on May 7, 2024. The token began trading on decentralized and centralized exchanges immediately, including, MEXC, Bitfinex, and others. It is currently priced around $0.055, but it does not yet appear to have found a stable price equilibrium.

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Here’s what we know about Mode so far:

  • Our real-time MODE/USD data shows a current price of $0.05525
  • and ByBit handle more than 70% of all $MODE trading
  • The airdrop released 550 million $MODE, with 1.3 million tokens now in circulation
  • At its current price, $MODE has a market cap of $71.875 million

Mode is building a DeFi 2.0 ecosystem that incentivizes developers with token rewards and users with revenue sharing. It’s highly scalable and could be one of the most successful DeFi networks to launch in the current crypto bull cycle. With that in mind, our Mode price prediction for 2024, 2025, and 2030 is highly bullish.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.040 $0.085 $0.120
2025 $0.070 $0.140 $0.250
2030 $0.125 $0.525 $0.950

Mode Price History

Mode made its initial distribution of $MODE tokens through an airdrop on May 7, 2024. The airdrop sent out 550 million $MODE, kicking off trading in the token on a variety of decentralized and centralized exchanges.

The airdrop was one of the most hotly anticipated airdrops of 2024, even though it represents only 5.5% of the total 10 billion supply of $MODE tokens. Prior to the airdrop, $MODE was only held by the project team and major investors and was not available for trading.

Since trading began, the price of $MODE declined from an initial price of $0.058 to a low of $0.047. The token’s price has since recovered to $0.055 as the market tries to determine support and resistance levels.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to know about $MODE’s price action:

  • Trading launched on May 7, 2024
  • The token hit a high of $0.058 and a low of $0.047
  • Trading volume since launch is more than $17 million
  • Most trading in $MODE takes place on and ByBit

Mode Price Prediction 2024

We expect Mode to steadily gain value throughout 2024 as trading on the token normalizes and the project begins to focus on developing its ecosystem. Mode’s stated goal is to create a DeFi network that rewards developers for building and token holders for being a part of the community. It’s gotten support from major crypto investors as well as a grant from the Optimism Foundation to become the DeFi hub of the Optimism platform.

The token airdrop signals that Mode is closing in on launching its platform and making it available for developers to start building. That may not happen by the end of 2024, but momentum in this direction is likely to keep the price of the $MODE token moving upward.

Mode Network Homepage

The price of $MODE is also likely to benefit this year from additional exchange listings. $MODE is not yet listed on Tier-1 exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or OKX, but it could be the next Binance listing once there’s more trading liquidity established for the coin. Historically, Binance and Coinbase have delivered major price bumps for newly listed tokens, and we expect that to hold true for $MODE.

In addition, the growth of the crypto market overall is likely to act as a tailwind for Mode this year. Crypto investors are excited about the next wave of development, especially in DeFi, and they’re more likely to buy new cryptocurrencies like $MODE when prices are going up across the market.

With all of this in mind, we think $MODE could reach a price of 0.085 by the end of the year. We forecast a potential high price of $0.12 — a 118% increase from today’s price—if the bull market is especially strong or $MODE is able to launch its first DeFi dApps before the end of the year.

Here’s how we foresee the price of $MODE changing throughout the remainder of the year:

2024 Price
June $0.060
July $0.060
August $0.070
September $0.075
October $0.075
November $0.080
December $0.085

Mode Price Prediction 2025

We expect even more momentum for Mode heading into 2025, as the platform is likely to open up to more developers and start launching the first DeFi dApps built on Mode. These dApps are expected to generate transaction fees, which will be paid out to developers in Mode tokens and shared with Mode token holders who stake their coins.

While the rewards may be small at first, Mode paying out rewards to token holders will send a strong signal that the platform is achieving its promise and that there are potentially more significant rewards down the line for anyone who holds $MODE tokens. As a result, we expect demand for the $MODE token to shoot higher, outstripping any inflation due to $MODE tokens paid from the project’s funds to developers.

We also expect Mode to continue to benefit from gains in the broader crypto market in 2025. Some analysts expect Bitcoin to hit fresh all-time highs in 2025, which could encourage more investment in DeFi generally and in Mode in particular.

Another factor that could impact the price of Mode, but which is more difficult to predict, is the development of the Optimism Layer-2 network on Ethereum. If Optimism can continue to scale up and reduce its transaction fees, that could encourage more developers to build dApps on Mode as opposed to other platforms. Optimism has been actively growing and meeting its development goals, so it seems likely that it will continue to be a strong support for Mode in 2025.

With these growth factors in mind, we think $MODE could reach a price of $0.14 by the end of 2025, which is a 155% gain from today’s price. Accelerated development on Mode or a resurgence in the popularity of DeFi during the crypto bull run could result in a high of up to $0.25.

2025 Price
Low $0.07
Average $0.14
High $0.25

Mode Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

Looking beyond 2025, it is difficult to know with certainty what will happen to the DeFi market broadly and $MODE specifically. However, the years from 2026-2030 offer a lot of promise for the project. These are the years in which many new dApps built on Mode should come online and begin generating transaction fees that can be shared with token holders.

The value of the $MODE token in the long run will depend to a large extent on how many dApps roll out and how widely they are used. If the crypto market continues to go up after 2025, DeFi is likely to be one of the biggest areas of growth and Mode will play an important role in this sector. On the other hand, if the crypto market pulls back, DeFi transaction volume could fall sharply and Mode’s growth could be stunted.

We think growth is the most probable path, especially since global crypto adoption is expected to increase between 2025 and 2030. Even if DeFi activity slows moderately, growth in the number of crypto users participating in DeFi through Mode can help the token’s value continue to grow.

With these influences in mind, we predict an average price of $0.525 for $MODE by the end of 2030. We foresee a possible high of $0.95 if the crypto market is growing through this period and a possible low of $0.125 if the crypto market is contracting.

2026 $0.25
2027 $0.34
2028 $0.42
2029 $0.49
2030 $0.525

Potential Highs & Lows of Mode Token

A lot of the $MODE token’s potential depends on the trajectory of the broader crypto market, and especially the DeFi sector. $MODE is likely to outperform our average price predictions if DeFi grows faster than expected, and it may underperform our forecasts if there’s a significant pullback from the crypto market.

Taking this into account, the table below shows potential highs and lows for $MODE each year from 2026-2030.

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2026 $0.08 $0.25 $0.45
2027 $0.10 $0.34 $0.60
2028 $0.10 $0.42 $0.72
2029 $0.12 $0.49 $0.85
2030 $0.125 $0.525 $0.95

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Mode?

Since Mode just launched its token, there are relatively few price predictions for $MODE from other analysts. However, several sources have offered forecasts that we can compare to our own:

  • Crypto exchange BitGet predicts $MODE will reach a price of $0.07 by the end of 2025 and a price of $0.13 by the end of 2030. This is in line with our low-end predictions for $MODE.
  • Coincu predicts $MODE will reach $0.96 by the end of 2025 and $2.51 by the end of 2030. This is significantly higher than our highest estimates and seems unrealistic given the current rate of growth in DeFi.

What is Mode and What is it Used for?

Mode is a new DeFi ecosystem built on top of Optimism, a Layer-2 network running on the Ethereum blockchain. Mode is designed to facilitate the development of new DeFi dApps, serving as a hub for all things finance on Ethereum.

Mode differentiates itself from existing DeFi solutions in a few key ways. First, by building on Optimism, Mode is able to process transactions more quickly and cheaply than most existing DeFi solutions. The project’s scalability should only improve as Optimism itself gets faster.

Mode Points towards token airdrop

Mode also incentivizes developers to build by rewarding them for their efforts. Developers on mode can qualify for airdrops of the $MODE token. Mode also supports sequencer fee sharing, giving developers a portion of the revenue from the DeFi projects they build. Fee-sharing contracts are represented by NFTs, giving developers the ability to sell their future fee income for upfront payment.

Mode Token Overview

The $MODE token plays a critical role in the future development of the Mode ecosystem. First and foremost, it’s used as a governance token. Individuals who hold $MODE tokens will be able to vote on important decisions like how the project is developed, how fees are shared, and more.

On top of that, $MODE is used to pay shares of fees to developers who build on the Mode platform. Token holders who aren’t developers can also stake $MODE in order to receive a portion of the platform’s revenue.

Initially, $MODE was distributed to key investors and the project team. 19% of the project’s 10  billion tokens were set aside for investors, and another 19% were set aside for core contributors. 35% of the supply is reserved for user and developer airdrops, and the remaining 27% is set aside for Mode’s treasury.

Mode Tokenomics

The first 550 million tokens from the user and developer airdrop pool, representing 5.5% of the total supply, were airdropped on May 7, 2024. Trading in $MODE began at this time.

Cryptocurrency Mode
Token MODE
Price $0.05525
Market Cap $71,875,298
Circulating Supply 1,300,000,000
24 Hour Trading Volume  $17.9 m
All-Time High $0.058
All-Time Low $0.047
24 High $0.058
24 Low $0.047

Is Mode a Buy?

Mode is an exciting new DeFi project with a strong project team, a high degree of investment, and a clear niche in the Optimism ecosystem. According to our Mode price forecast, this token could gain approximately 55% by the end of the year and more than 850% by 2030. There is also the possibility of greater returns if the DeFi ecosystem grows faster than we anticipated.

However, Mode did not make our list of the best DeFi 2.0 coins to invest in for 2024. While this token has strong potential, we think there are other tokens that offer more certainty and opportunities for greater returns.

There is also serious risk that Mode falls behind other DeFi projects or that the crypto market falters, resulting in reduced value for the $MODE token. As with any crypto investment, you should always perform your own research and only invest money you are willing to lose.


Mode generated a lot of excitement with the launch of trading for its long-awaited $MODE token, which is now available on, ByBit, and many other exchanges. According to our Mode price prediction, this token has the potential for steady long-term gains as it seeks to become the hub of DeFi on the Optimism Layer-2.

However, we think the current crypto bull market presents even better opportunities than Mode. Check out our list of the best cryptos to buy today to find the next great crypto investment.


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