10 Best Crypto Coin Launches to Invest in February 2024

After the turbulent 2022, the cryptocurrency market has been having a great recovery this year with 2024 all set to end on a very high note. With bullish mania making its re-appearance, several new projects are gaining traction. So, today, we’ll help you know everything that you need to invest in this new wave of crypto.

As such, in this article, we’ll take a look at new crypto launches that you can invest in to maximize your chances of upside. We have created a list of promising crypto entrants based on several factors, including their utility, teams, roadmap, and potential, and will also help with how to invest in a new coin launch. So, let’s get started!

The Top 10 Crypto Coin Launches to Invest in

Here is our top choice of up-and-coming crypto to invest in:

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – The project leverages an innovative Stake-to-Mine model for hassle-free BTC mining.
  2. Meme Kombat – The play-to-earn (P2E) game for active fighting in AI-powered battle arenas and passive staking.
  3. TG.Casino Token – A licensed & fully decentralized crypto casino with no KYC and 25% cash back on all losses.
  4. Launchpad XYZ – A portal designed to make Web3 more accessible for users, over $2M raised via the LPX presale.
  5. Bitcoin ETF Token – Capitalizing on the long-awaited Bitcoin event, this project implements token burns and offers rewards.
  6. Shrapnel – A highly-anticipated multiplayer crypto first-person-shooter (FPS) title ready for release next year.
  7. PAAL AI – A crypto project leveraging the power of AI to simplify crypto trading and research.
  8. Wall Street Memes – The Wall Street Memes project features a WSM Casino, a buyback program, & staking ability.
  9. Stablecomp – A DeFi platform making it easy for users to manage and earn interest on stablecoins. 
  10. Celestia – A modular blockchain that aims to solve the scalability issue.

Reviewing the Best New Crypto Launches to Buy

While battle-tested Bitcoin and Ethereum offer a safer choice, these majors have already pumped over the past decade and become too big to offer the same huge uptrend that they did when they first came into the market.

As for coins from the last cycle, they are a thing of the past, and although some will get to shine again, a vast majority of them have had their share of the limelight. So, with a new cycle comes new projects that define the new trend and pump the hardest.

Now, we’ll take a deep dive into each of these coins to help you better understand the projects and determine just which crypto coin to invest in.

Bitcoin Minetrix: December’s Top New Coin in BTC Mining Space

With Bitcoin prices rising, so are BTC mining stocks. By leveraging this opportunity, a new Ethereum-based crypto project, Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), has raised almost $5 million, with each BTCMTX worth $0.012.

Bitcoin Minetrix Home Page

The token has a total supply of 4 billion, out of which 42.5% will be used to fund the mining operations, 35% will be allocated to marketing efforts, 12.5% is for BTCMTX staking rewards, and the remaining 10% will be allocated to community rewards for their active participation.

The project’s innovative Stake-to-Mine model allows for hassle-free BTC mining. Under this model, users can earn regular BTC rewards by simply staking their BTCMTX tokens instead of purchasing expensive hardware. So far, 341.2 million BTCMTX tokens have been staked with an estimated APY of 122%. 

The way the protocol works is it distributes non-tradable “mining credits” to those who stake BTCMTX, which can then be exchanged for cloud mining power, democratizing access to BTC mining. Users receive incentives based on their proportion of the staking pool and yearly return rates, with payments of 158.5 BTCMTX for each ETH block spread over a period of two years.

Currently, the project is in the launch phase, with the app and desktop software development, team expansion, negotiations with cloud mining conglomerates, and CEX listings coming in the next phase. This will be followed by the next phase, which includes the launch of a stake-to-mine platform along with the ability to burn mining credits for hash power and first mined BTC to wallet withdrawals. The final phase will focus on the mass adoption of BTCMTX tokens.

To stay up-to-date about Bitcoin Minetrix’s progress, dive into their whitepaper and connect with their vibrant community on X (Previously Twitter) and Telegram.

Meme Kombat: Most Promising New Coin in Play-to-Earn Gaming of December

This new gaming platform has raised $2.64 million to offer active betting and passive staking to its users. In a unique fusion, Meme Kombat (MK) combines memes and competitive gaming and features AI-powered battle arenas to provide an immersive experience and unpredictable outcomes.

Meme Kombat Home page

Yet to arrive in the market, Meme Kombat comes with an initial list of 11 famous meme coin characters as fighters, each with different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. To start playing, you need to purchase the MK token and then stake it.

Over twelve million MK tokens have already been staked by over 3,200 stakers, resulting in 2.29 million MK in rewards. Of MK’s total supply of 120 million, half is allocated for presale, with the remaining distribution being 30% for staking and betting rewards and the final 20% equally divided between DEX liquidity and community rewards.

Currently, the project’s focus is on the presale, determining which platform will be launched. Following this, season 1 will kick off, featuring battles and leaderboards. Subsequently, this will lead to the introduction of new battle types, rewards, and opportunities, and then an eventual expansion.

Read Meme Kombat’s whitepaper for more details and engage with their community on X (previously known as Twitter) and Telegram.

TG.Casino Token: Premier New Crypto Casino Coin

If you’re looking for crypto coin launches to invest in, you might want to take a look at this fully decentralized and licensed crypto casino. With crypto gambling rising exponentially, the Telegram-powered TG.Casino aims to offer instant play on thousands of slots, classic casino games, and a competitive sportsbook.

TG Casino Home Page

Currently, the project is having a presale, and so far, TG.Casino has raised $3.57 million for $0.18 per TGC token. 

The token is not required to play in the casino, which supports top cryptocurrencies, but it can be used to wager on games to access rewards. There is no vesting period for TGC tokens unless you stake them during the presale, which will be unlocked on launch day plus ten additional days. However, staking earns you daily rewards with the project boasting of staking APY of 170.25%. So far, 22.76 million TGC tokens are staked, and over 5.33 million TGC are paid in rewards. 

To keep up with the latest from TG Casino, make sure to follow them on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram. And don’t miss out on TG Casino’s whitepaper to stay fully informed about the project.

Launchpad XYZ: The Top New Coin for Web3 Accessibility 

This consumer-focused crypto platform provides insights and analytics on all Web3 sectors: crypto, NFT, DeFi, and metaverse. Additionally, the project provides training to become a successful trader and offers a custom AI called Apollo. By addressing the educational barrier to crypto adoption, Launchpad XYZ aims to gain attention and recognition.

Launchpad Token Home Page

Currently, in its pre-sale phase Launchpad XYZ (LPX) has raised just over $2 million with 1 LPX equivalent of 0.0445 USDT. Staking an average of 10,000 LPX over three months gives the user access to rewards such as discounts on trading fees, guaranteed access to NFT mint whitelists and presales, beta P2E game releases, badges, and more.

To keep up with Launchpad XYZ’s developments, follow their journey on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, and don’t forget to explore their whitepaper for more details about the project.

Bitcoin ETF Token: The Best Overall New Crypto Launch of February 2024

The excitement around a potential Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval early next year is propelling an emerging crypto project called Bitcoin ETF (BTCETF), which aims to benefit from the launch of the regulated investment vehicle.

BTC ETF Token Home Page

So far, this new crypto project has raised a total of $2.937 million in presale, with the initial pre-sale price of $0.005 per BTCETF surging to $0.0064 per token. 

For those curious about how to invest in next gen coin, Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) provides an intriguing option. It is an ERC-20 token that can be staked in the project’s Coinsult-verified smart contract to earn passive rewards, where the rate of rewards depends on your staked amount as well as the total amount of tokens staked by the community. Meanwhile, the token’s total supply is 2.1 billion, with 40% of it reserved for pre-sale, 25% for staking, and 10% for liquidity.

Slated to launch in the coming days, the project plans to implement a burning mechanism aimed at reducing the token supply and potentially increasing scarcity.

This plan involves removing a total of 25% of the BTCETF supply from circulation, which will occur in five distinct milestones: BTCETF trading volume reaching $100 million, the SEC’s approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in the US, the launch of the first Bitcoin ETF in the US, Bitcoin ETF assets under management (AUM) reaching $1 billion, and the Bitcoin price closing above $100,000. Following these milestones, the BTCETF token circulation would stand at 1.575 billion.

In addition to these token burns, BTCETF employs a 5% tax on all buy and sell transactions, which gets reduced by 1% at every milestone until it goes to zero.

The heightened anticipation surrounding the Bitcoin ETF approval — similar to the excitement that new investments like Bitcoin typically generate — along with the resulting sky-high price targets, has sparked attention for the BTCETF token from the community. This could lead to increased interest in the new project in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget to review the Bitcoin ETF’s whitepaper and follow their latest updates on X and Telegram.

Shrapnel: Top Upcoming Crypto FPS Coin 

This blockchain game, set to release in early 2024, has its token SHRAP currently trading at $0.3522. The token hit its peak at 0.435265 on Dec. 6 and has so far lost 18% of its value, with its lowest point being late in Nov. at $0.07249.

Shrapnel Home Page

The AAA extraction shooter game Shrapnel (SHRAP) blends NFTs and creative modding. Central to this is the SHRAP token, serving as both utility and the medium of exchange. Currently, the project is focused on developing an NFT marketplace, which will enable the portability of on-chain items and shrap rewards. Additionally, create-to-own cosmetics for gear and weapons are also in the pipeline.

To stay updated with Shrapnel’s advancements, follow them on X (formerly Twitter) and be sure to delve into their whitepaper.

PAAL AI: Best New Coin in AI-Driven Crypto Trading Niche 

This project is building a robust AI ecosystem by leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies. Its native ERC-20 token, PAAL, has a market cap of $100.47 million as it trades at $0.154.

Paal AI Home Page

The token is currently down nearly 29% from its $0.2187 peak hit in Nov. However, PAAL is up 339,508.4% from its all-time low (ATL) of $0.00004587 in July 2023. Meanwhile, out of its total supply of 1 billion, 650 million coins are circulating in the market.

PAAL Price chart

There are three PAAL AI tools available for users to try — AI assistance MyPAAL that provides personalized insights, analysis, and recommendations; autonomous research tool AutoPAAL for quality data sources, pre-set commands, and configurable watch agents; and a comprehensive solution AutoPAAL X for trading, parameter setting, and revenue sharing.

To stay updated with Paal AI’s latest developments and offerings, engage with them on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram and explore their detailed whitepaper.

WSM: The Most Anticipated Meme-Inspired Coin 

Wall Street Memes celebrates the retail investors who “took on Wall Street and won.” This token is available on several CEXs, including Kucoin, OKX, Gate.io, BitMart, WooX, MEXC, and others.

Wall Street Memes Token Home Page

As of writing, the $42.69 million market cap token has been trading at $0.02351, down almost 69.4% from its all-time high of $0.07699 hit in Sept. 2023. The token has a total supply of 2 billion, out of which just over 1.8 billion are circulating in the market. 

WSM Price Chart

The project also has WSM Casino, which comes with unique gaming experiences, wagering options on sports events, an interactive live casino environment, and seamless WSM token integration. A buyback program has also been introduced to support the token price under. 

Over 2.56 million WSM tokens have already been burned. Meanwhile, those with diamond hands can stake their WSM tokens and earn more WSM as a reward. Almost 470.5 million WSM tokens are currently being staked, with 43% p/a being the estimated reward offered.

Stay engaged with Wall Street Memes Token’s journey by following their updates on X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram, and dive into the whitepaper for a deeper understanding of their strategies and goals.

Stablecomp: The New Coin Revolutionizing Stablecoin Management

Stablecomp (SCOMP) aims to offer a safe yield for stablecoins with automatic self-composition, leveraged delta-neutral strategies, and unleveraged delta-neutral strategies. It is also planning for IDOs on Kommunitas, Spores, and NFTb this month, with its token coming on DEX Uniswap early next year.

Stablecomp Home Page

Its native governance token, SCOMP, allows users to boost their returns by staking SCOMP and getting veSCOMP tokens in return. SCOMP holders also get to vote on proposals, earn a share of protocol fees, and unlock insurance services.

Follow Stablecomp on X (formerly Twitter) to remain updated about the project’s progress and explore their detailed whitepaper for more details.

Celestia: A Pioneering New Coin Solving Blockchain Scalability 

Celestia (TIA) recently rolled out its mainnet data following the airdrop of its token, which has now achieved a market cap of $1.4 billion.

Celestia Home Page

The token reached an ATH of $11.31 on Dec. 6 but has since declined by 13.71%, currently trading at $9.75. TIA has also secured listings on popular CEXs, including Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Kucoin, Kraken, and Crypto.com.

The project aims to solve the issue of scalability and stability through its “modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users.” Its token is used as a gas token by developers to pay for blob space on the blockchain and to secure the network.  

Stay connected with Celestia through X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram and delve into their whitepaper for in-depth information on the project.

How to Invest in New Crypto Launches

So, these are the new coin launches, but how do you invest in them? Well, it’s a whole process that you must follow, so let’s take a look at that!

Finding New Tokens

We have to start with first finding new coins that are not yet listed on centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs), such as Coinbase and Binance, which means they are not yet widely available and are out of the public eye. So, how do you do that? Well, there are several tools available in the market that help you find new coin launches. Let’s take a look at the most prominent ones:

Social Media 

The most obvious place to get started is social media. Specifically, in the crypto sphere, Twitter is the most popular social media platform. However, it may not be the best place to hunt for new coins. On Crypto Twitter or CT, the trend is that coins gain attention post-accumulation, leading to CEX listings. This is why Telegram and Discord groups might be your best bet to discover new projects and get a head start on a new coin.

You can join upcoming projects and relevant communities or follow influential enthusiasts to get early information on promising projects. This will also help you build connections and find new coins together.

Blockchain Explorer

Another way to find new tokens is to use block explorers, which are tools that track transactions and blocks for a particular blockchain. For instance, if you want to know up-and-coming crypto on Ethereum, you have to explore Etherscan. And, if you want to get familiar with Solana, then Solana Explorer is your destination; similarly, BscScan is essential if you’re interested in BNB Smart Chain.

Additional tools in this category include Arbiscan, Polygonscan, Etherchain, Blockchair, Blockhead, and Ethernal.

Besides using blockchain explorers, you can also use blockchain analytics platforms like Dune Analytics to analyze activity on blockchains. These platforms also allow you to write custom queries and get desired data with charts. These tools are a great way to see what’s happening on-chain and will give you an advantage over other participants in the crypto markets.

Crypto Aggregators

To make it easy for new projects to advertise themselves to potential investors, and for users to find new coins, many websites provide a list of upcoming cryptos and the relevant information, all in one place. Here are some of the examples: 

  1. CoinGecko: This crypto data provider allows you to stay up to date with the market by giving you access to real-time prices of cryptocurrencies along with a list of new crypto coins with important information about them.
  2. CoinMarketCap: This Binance-owned CoinGecko alternative provides a list of crypto coins and relevant information.
  3. Token Metrics: This one is a great tool for finding new coins accompanied by actionable data.
  4. Top ICO List: It provides a list of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with their white papers and other documentation.  
  5. ICO Bench: This one is an ICO grading website that evaluates crypto projects using various parameters.
  6. DEXTools: This is a DEX data aggregator that can be an invaluable resource for searching promising new cryptos on decentralized exchanges. 

Besides these tools, you can also take advantage of CryptoPanic, CoinHills, CoinSpectator, CoinFi, Coinlib, and more.

Additional Tools

In addition to the tools provided above, you can find new promising projects by keeping an eye on reputable crypto news sites as they cover upcoming coins and significant developments happening in the crypto space. Furthermore, you can also check out crypto forums like Bitcointalk and Cryptocurrency Talk, where you get to interact with like-minded individuals and share insights. Often, these forums have dedicated sections for new project announcements.

Get Your Hands on New Coins

Now that you know how to find new crypto projects that have potential, let’s take a look at how you can get your hands on them!

Crypto Presales

One of the ways to get the new coin is by participating in presales, which means the token hasn’t been launched, but the project team is offering a set percentage of supply for sale to specific investors, which requires good connections or the general public.

There are various types of these presales, such as ICO, which was all the rage in 2017. Additionally, STO or Security Token Offering is gaining popularity due to changing regulatory conditions and offers more legal clarity. Also, there are Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) and Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), which, as the name suggests, take place on exchanges.

To invest in these projects, you can use platforms like CoinList, which is known for conducting sales of popular crypto projects, including Solana, Near Protocol, Stacks, Algorand, Filecoin, Flow, and Mina Protocol.

Another approach to investing in these projects is through launchpads, hosted by crypto exchanges and often requiring holding native tokens such as BNB for Binance. Notable launchpads for participating in ICOs, IEOs, IDOs, Initial Governance Offerings (IGO), or Initial NFT Offerings (INO) include Binance Launchpad, DAO Maker, KuCoin Spotlight, Seedify, GameFi, Polkastarter, Enjinstarter, and Red Kite.

Crypto Airdrops

Another way to get hold of shiny new coins early on is by participating in airdrops. In this approach, you don’t actually buy the coin as airdrops are a method by which a crypto project incentivizes its early users by giving them tokens. Essentially, what you do is use the platform, and in return, you receive free tokens.

Take, for example, the largest-ever airdrop, where DEX Uniswap credited 400 UNI tokens to all users who made at least one trade on the platform during a specified period. More recently, the Solana-based DeFi platform Jito airdropped $225 million worth of free tokens to users of its MEV services and JitoSOL holders.

To discover upcoming crypto airdrops, websites like Airdrops.io, AirDropAlert, AirdropsMob, Freeairdrop.io, AirdropKing.io, AirDropBob, and Earni.fi are valuable resources.

Buying the New Coin

Launchpad Token Buying Interface

Once you have found the coin and decided to participate in its launch, the actual general process of investing in a new crypto launch involves these steps:

Transfer Funds

The first step, of course, is to have sufficient funds in your wallet. This typically involves purchasing cryptocurrency from an exchange using funds from your bank account and then transferring it to your crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Phantom, or Exodus. Once the funds are in your wallet, you then need to convert them to the cryptocurrency supported by the platform where the new launch is taking place.

Connect Crypto Wallet

In the next step, you have to connect your wallet to the launch platform. Make sure the crypto wallet you use is supported by the platform and supports the specific token. When connecting your wallet, you have to authorize the connection by following the prompts. 

Make the Purchase

Once your wallet is successfully connected and funds transferred, simply navigate to the new crypto launch page and follow the instructions to make the purchase. For this, you have to specify the amount of funds (e.g., USDT, ETH, or SOL) you want to exchange for the new coin. Make sure you are aware of any specific requirements or limits set by the project and that you have enough funds to cover the gas fees. Now, confirm the transaction to complete the purchase.

Transfer Your New Coins 

Finally, transfer your coins to a cold wallet for a greater level of security. While software or hot wallets are good for interacting with dApps, hardware wallets will ensure that your funds are safe. When the coin gets listed on a major exchange, you can then transfer it to the CEX and take a profit.

How We Ranked the Best Crypto Coin Launches to Buy in 2024

Now, let’s take a look at the factors that we considered when curating this list of the new crypto coin launch 2024 for you to invest in.


First thing first, when considering how to invest in new crypto coins, it’s crucial to ensure the coin you choose has some sort of utility. Without utility, its price appreciation won’t sustain and may dump just as quickly as it went up. Additionally, a lack of utility means the coin won’t last long in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the idea behind the project, assessing if it solves any problems or offers unique solutions.

White Paper

Before getting into a new thing, it’s important to familiarize oneself with what the project is doing and the technology behind it, as this helps in better understanding the project itself. In choppy markets, even a small downturn may test your conviction. 

To gain insight into the new crypto project, you’re going to need its white paper as a starting point, which details all about the project as well as its tokenomics. For that, factors such as token type, supply, and distribution, as well as any lock-ups, must be considered. The whitepaper will also cover the roadmap, which will tell you what you can expect from the project in the future in terms of development and milestones.

Team Strength

When researching a crypto project, its team must be examined in terms of who the members and advisors are, their educational and work background, Github and Codebase contributions, social media, and, of course, their reputation in the crypto market. You don’t want to invest in a serial scammer, who may end up rugging the project with no way for you to get your money back. Strong and loyal backing is key to a project’s success. 

Price Potential

Not every crypto project is the same; some, like meme coins, possess vast price appreciation potential, while others, particularly those focused on building infrastructure, are suitable for long-term investment. Analyzing the market potential of new crypto launches will indicate their demand. For this assessment, examining the project’s competition and market performance can prove insightful.


Wall Street Memes community

One of the most important factors that are critical to a project’s success is the community, even more so in crypto, which is all about decentralization. A strong community, or lack of it, can make or break even the projects with the most potential. A growing and engaged community is a sign of investor confidence and contributes to the project’s adoption by building awareness, nurturing loyalty, and providing feedback.

Things to Keep in Mind When Investing in New Crypto Launches

While crypto offers great potential for significant returns, it is not without its risks. So, it’s important to keep some key points in mind when focusing on not just up-and-coming crypto to invest in but also when investing in crypto startups and new ventures like the Bitcoin Minetrix.

Crypto is Inherently Volatile

The best thing about crypto is also its biggest risk, and that’s volatility. Crypto is a volatile asset, which means you see significant moves both on the upside and on the downside. 

Bitcoin Trading Chart

For instance, Ethereum, which has a market cap of multi-billion dollars, surged from around $700 to over $4,000 in just the first four months of 2021. On the flip side, we saw the crypto king, Bitcoin, crashing from about $60k in April to below $30k in June 2021. This volatility tends to be even more pronounced for newer and lower-market cap coins. 

In certain cases, you may see the value of a token rising or dropping quickly in seconds on just a rumor. So, before you enter the market, make sure you are comfortable with a high degree of uncertainty and have done your homework.

How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

Make your investment size based on your risk profile. If you are someone who loves taking risks, lower market coins or new crypto launches are the perfect bet for you, as they are sure to give you a rollercoaster ride. But if you are more risk-averse, then you may consider investing in majors like BTC and ETH. 

Remember, the crypto market is affected by external factors such as speculation, market sentiments, and macro landscape just like the traditional stock market.

Risk Management

Or the market will manage it for you, as suggested by Su Zhu, founder of now-collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, at the peak of the 2021 bull market only to fall victim to the same himself. This means diversifying, hedging, and, most importantly, taking a profit. 

When trading, you can make use of risk management tools such as stop-loss and being cautious with leverage. Moreover, other things to be kept in mind include the liquidity of a project which means enough buyers and sellers of a coin, monitoring the market, counterparty risk, and choosing the right platform to invest. It’s important to manage risk; otherwise, you’ll just be adding to your losses.

Prioritize Security

Given the proliferation of scams, rugs, phishing schemes, frauds, and hacks in the crypto market, safety must be your topmost priority in crypto. Not to mention, crypto is all about being your own bank because ‘not your keys, not your crypto.’ 

So, make sure you are securing your funds and your winning investments by making use of hardware wallets. Only keep the required amount on software wallets and the rest in cold storage. Moreover, always select a secure platform to make your crypto investments and use two-factor authentication for added security.

Do Not Forget Taxes

While it may not seem like such a big deal, it is important to figure out what you owe to the government. Crypto may not have regulatory clarity yet, but any gains made from crypto investments are taxed

Generally, capital gains tax applies to profits made from selling crypto holdings, and losses are allowed to be deducted to a certain extent. However, different countries have different rules, and they may also change rapidly. Make sure to check your taxation liability in your local jurisdiction.

Never Invest More Than You Can Afford to Lose

Launchpad Token Buying Interface

Last but not least, do not put the money that you need in crypto, especially when considering investments in new crypto coin launches in 2024. It’s been seen time and again that during the bull market peak when euphoria is at an all-time high, people give into the FOMO (fear of missing out) and end up making rash decisions like putting their retirement money into crypto. And when risk is not managed appropriately, it ends up being exit liquidity. So, it is important that you only invest what you can afford to lose, not just in crypto but in any market. 

How to Invest in a New Crypto Coin Launch

Now, to see how to invest in a new coin launch here’s the step-by-step process for you to follow: 

Step 1 – Head Over to Bitcoin Minetrix’s Website

Go to the official website of Bitcoin Minetrix and click on “Connect Wallet.” 

Bitcoin Minetrix presale


Step 2 – Connect Wallet and Enter ETH or USDT to Buy BTCMTX

Now, simply follow the prompts to authorize the connection.

Input the amount of ETH or USDT you want to spend to buy BTCMTX tokens. 

Click “Buy $BTCETF Tokens” to complete the transaction.

Step 3 – Claim Tokens

Go to the Bitcoin Minetrix site and click ‘Claim Tokens’ to transfer tokens to your wallet.


So, this is how to invest in a new coin launch! And if you’ve been wondering when to invest in crypto 2024, then this is your answer: get in at an early stage. As we have already discussed, buying coins early is a great way to leverage a lucrative opportunity and gain an edge over other investors, in turn enhancing your potential returns. 

Investing in crypto may seem daunting at first, but with proper research, careful consideration, and the right strategies, you can take advantage of this innovative and fast-paced industry. Finding crypto gems like Bitcoin Minetrix early will allow you to get your hands on tokens with high potential at lower rates before they are listed on popular exchanges and gain wide adoption and uptrend.



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