Next 100x Crypto – 8 Crypto Coins That Could 100x in 2024

next 100x crypto

Whilst many say they’re “in it for the tech”, the majority of crypto investors are here for the gains, and what they’re often seeking is the next 100x crypto that could help reverse all their previous misfortunes in the crypto markets.

Here we’re highlighting eight cryptos that we think could go 100x (or more) in the near future. We’ll also discuss the criteria we used to select them and the tactics and channels that can be used to uncover them.

8 Cryptos That Could 100x Next

Below is a summary of the 8 projects that we believe could be the next 100x crypto.

  1. Sponge V2 – A meme coin that has already done 100x once, relaunching with a V2 and new utility.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Bitcoin cloud mining platform that could be in high demand once existing miners drop off after the Bitcoin Halving event
  3. Meme Kombat – A game pitting the most popular meme characters against each other in an AI battle arena; bull-market-induced 100x possible.
  4. Launchpad XYZ – An all-in-one Web3 asset trading platform, whose rise to prominence will start with the upcoming bull market.
  5. Pepe on SOL – A Solana iteration of the popular Ethereum meme coin Pepe. Targeting growth on the back of an expanding Solana meme coin ecosystem.
  6. Contract Address – A new Solana meme coin with no goals except to be a true meme coin, giving it the potential to follow the top 3 Solana meme coin and 100x.
  7. Internet Computer – A world computer designed to replace the internet, by replacing the traditional IT setup and incorporating blockchain technology.
  8. BabyShark – One of the freshest meme coins on the market, capitalizing on the most popular YouTube video ever.

A Closer Look at the Next 100x Crypto Coins

Below we dive into each of our picks for the next 100x cryptocurrency.

1. Sponge V2 – Leading Meme Coin with 100x Potential

The Sponge V1 token was a huge initial success and is one of the top meme coins, hitting over 100x in its first few days of listing. Now the developers behind Sponge V1 are migrating the token to a new smart contract, in preparation for a relaunch, Sponge V2, with new utility in an exciting play-to-earn game and the desire to hit tier 1 centralized exchanges.

Sponge V2 staking dashboard

This relaunch gives others the chance to get in on the action by purchasing Sponge V1 tokens through the website (which are sold at the market price of $SPONGE for absolute fairness). These are then automatically staked for the holder, meaning they earn staking rewards in the form of Sponge V2, increasing their holding with a 309% APR.

Sponge Token All-Time Chart

In anticipation of this event, many are calling for Sponge V2 to mirror its previous incarnation and do 100x or more! With a current price of $0.000797, a 100x gain would push the Sponge V2 token into true penny territory, with a final valuation of $0.0797. This valuation is only a 30x increase on the all-time high (ATH) of Sponge V1, and investing $100 in Sponge at today’s prices would mean returns of $9,803.1797 were the investor to realize their gains at the point of 100x.

For more details interested buyers can explore the Sponge V2 whitepaper, as well as the X, and Telegram channels.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Innovative Cloud Mining Solution

The Bitcoin Minetrix platform is currently at the presale stage and has so far raised $8.7m, of a hard cap of $33m, toward building its proposed, tokenized Bitcoin cloud mining platform. According to the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper, $BTCMTX holders will be able to stake their Bitcoin Minetrix tokens ($BTCMTX) to earn non-transferable Bitcoin Cloud Mining Credits, which can that be exchanged for allotted cloud mining power with which they can mine Bitcoin.

All of this allows the average Joe to mine the world’s top cryptocurrency from their own home without needing to invest, or power, the expensive mining rigs needed to do so.

With the 2024 Bitcoin Halving event on the horizon, Bitcoin mining is about to become more expensive than ever, and this is expected to squeeze out the smaller miners who can no longer operate profitably—leaving a gap to be filled by opportunist cloud miners.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Currently, Bitcoin Minetrix is priced at $0.0129 in the presale. Those who contribute $100 at this price would receive 7,751 $BTCMTX. If this project were to be the next 100x crypto $BTCMTX would be worth $1.29 per token, and that investor’s $100 would be worth $9,998.78.

Eager to learn more about this cloud mining crypto project? Follow the latest developments via the Bitcoin Minetrix Telegram, Discord and X channels.

3. Meme Kombat – Popular Meme Coin Presale With Over $7M Raised So Far

Meme Kombat is currently at the presale stage and is building out a wagering platform that pits the crypto-verse’s favorite memes against each other in a battle arena while allowing token holders to wager against which meme they think is going to win. These battles will be complete with AI-generated battle sequences to ensure maximum enjoyment for an audience of meme coin degens. Season 1 will feature 11 of crypto’s most popular meme characters.

Based on the Meme Kombat whitepaper, all the battle results will be posted and processed on-chain to ensure full transparency, and players will be able to wager directly on the battle, to earn tokens from a pot, or against their friends to finally understand who knows memes best.

Meme Kombat Banner

Meme Kombat has already raised over $7 million in its presale and $MK tokens are currently priced at $0.279 each. To buy 100 of these tokens now would cost just $27.90, if this coin were to go 100x once it is released to the public, and be valued at $27.90 token, those 100 $MK tokens would be worth $2,790—not bad for an investment of less than $30.

Follow Meme Kombat on its X and Telegram channels to stay in the loop regarding the latest news and updates.

4. Launchpad XYZ – All-in-One Trading Hub Driven by AI

The Launchpad XYZ platform is the perfect next project on our 100x crypto predictions lists as it is being designed with all the tools—including an AI token analysis module—to help investors find their next 100x token. Launchpad XYZ is an all-in-one trading hub where Web3 traders can trade cryptocurrencies, NFT, and tokenized real-world assets with supporting token insights. It also provides education and training tools to help traders define their own decision-making framework for trading.

The Launchpad XYZ team is currently raising funds through a presale to build out this platform. Those who contribute $50 or more to the presale can earn 1 of 5 levels of Launchpad NFT, each granting access to different levels of the platform.

Launchpad XYZ Presale Banner

As the crypto market seems to be entering a bull market at the beginning of 2024, Launchpad’s platform seems well-placed to take off—should it be released in time. If it does, those who contribute the minimum amount to the presale right now would have 1102 $LPX tokens.

If the token were to 100x in the next bull market then 1102 $LPX, with a token value of $4.537, would be worth $4,999.77 leaving those that take profits with gains of $4,949.77. Plus they still hold their Launchpad XYZ NFT, which could also have significant value by this point.

More details can be found on the LPX whitepaper, as well as the LaunchpadXYZ X and Telegram groups.

5. Pepe on SOL – Popular Meme Coin Making its Solana Debut

The first Solana iteration of the popular Pepe memecoin went live on Solana on January 19th, 2024—aptly called Pepecoin on SOL and using the $PEPE ticker.

As with most meme coins, Pepe on Solana has little in the way of functionality but aims to be fun, innovative, and to empower the community built around it. Goals on the roadmap include getting a Times Square billboard, starting an NFT collection, introducing a Pepe bot, and creating a video game.

Pepe on Solana Homepage

With the continued popularity of meme coins on Solana it can be expected that Pepe on Solana could achieve our target of 100x. The original Pepe coin (on Ethereum) did 70x in its first few weeks of existence, and it was introduced in a bear market. The forces driving the Solana meme coin market at the moment, along with us seemingly moving into a bull market, could well help Pepe on Solana beat this and rise 100x in the near future.

At its current price of $0.004983, Pepe on Solana would reach $0.4983 if it was the next 100x crypto. a $100 investment today would give an investor 20,068 $PEPE. If Pepe on Solana saw 100x that investor would be sitting on a bag worth exactly $10,000.

6. Contract Address – New Solana Meme Coin with Airdrops and More in the Future

The Contract Address token (Ticker $CA) is a Solana meme coin that describes itself (as all good meme coins do ) as “a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only. There is only a contract address.”

The website just contains memes focused on the $CA token, but in less than a month they have built up a following of over 5000 on Twitter and a Telegram group with amount 2000 members.

Contract Address All-Time Chart

Contact Address has recently announced that it’ll be providing an airdrop to Saga Phone holder, something that helped the price of BONK, and Saga phone sales, sky rocket when a Bonk airdrop was announced for holders.

With a current price of $0.001292, 10,000 $CA would set you back just under $13. If Contract Address were to follow in the path of the three most popular Solana meme coins and 100x, reaching $0.1292 per token, then a stash of 10,000 CA would be worth $1,292—which means an unrealized profit of $1,279.

7. Internet Computer – Enabling Complete Decentralization

The ICP token of the Internet Computer Protocol is currently down over 98% from its all-time high of $750.73—leaving a lot of room for growth in the next bull market.

The Internet Computer Protocol is aiming to redesign the internet with Web3 in mind. The goal is to replace the traditional IT setup and design it for blockchain-based applications and Web3, replacing PoW and PoS with proof-of-useful-work, where nodes must stick close to a median level of work to be permitted to continue making blocks for the network.

One of the main goals, and selling points, of the Internet Computer is that, like the existing internet, it is designed so that developers pay the network fees for transactions, not the user—it total opposition to existing blockchain networks.

Internet Computer All-Time Price Chart

With its growing popularity, growing network of dApps, and novel approach to integrating blockchain technology into the existing world the Internet Computer has been tipped by some to be the next 100x crypto.

If it were to do so today it would have a price of $1,212, just a 60% increase on its all-time high, which is quite mellow for blockchain tokens. This means that a a $100 investment today, would net the holder a round $10,000 were it to hit this valuation.

8. BabyShark – Brand New Meme Coin Using the Most Popular YouTube Video Ever

Launched on January 13th, BabyShark (Ticker: $BABYSHARK) is piggybacking on one of the hottest trends with children around the world, with all their parents in the know, the BabyShark song (which became YouTube’s most watched video in 2020 and is still going strong today).

The baby theme in the meme coin ecosystem is nothing new, with Baby Doge and Baby Shiba Inu both delivering success for early investors during their existence.

BabyShark Tokenomics

As we are seemingly exiting the crypto winter a meme coin revival is underway, led by Dogecoin, and the BabyShark meme coin could be launching at the perfect time to climb on the meme hysteria rocket and take a trip to the moon. With its already wide name recognition inside and outside the ecosystem, along with plans to release an NFT collection, and create a BabyShark ecosystem—complete with wallet and swap—BabyShark also has many more utility plans than most other meme coins.

At the current price of $0.00000000000441, you can buy 226,757,369,614 $BABYSHARK tokens for $1. If this coin were to 100x then the price of BabyShark would be $0.000000000441, and your tokens would be worth $100, with $99 of that being profit.

How We Selected the Next 100x Cryptocurrencies

There are numerous metrics and angles that can be used to make the 100x crypto predictions, here are the ones that we looked at when building this list.

Future Utility

What utility is that project providing? Is it solving a problem, is it just another version of an existing protocol, or does it offer something new? Those that provide something novel are more likely to be considered for inclusion in this list.

Most importantly, doe the future utility and projected use cases of this project show that it has the legs to drive the utility, and hype, needed to give its crypto a realistic chance of going 100x.

Potential for Future Growth

Some tokens have already done everything they’re going to do, and built everything they’re going to build. Others, like many of the top layer 1 cryptocurrencies, have extensive roadmaps that will continue bringing improvement and utility to the network.

If the potential for future growth in both a coin or network’s technical capabilities and/or its utility is high, then these will add future value to said token or network, helping it to climb aboard that rocket to 100x.

Social Sentiment (Hype) and Community

Meme coins and the meme coin ecosystem live and breathe hype, and these coins live and die on social sentiment in a vicious cycle of speculation. That being said, these coins, and all the other more serious cryptocurrencies, need hype to help them reach the lofty heights we’re looking for here. So if a coin is hype-able it has a chance of featuring here.

For the more serious coins we also want to look at the size of the community and how dedicated they are to building, shilling, and defending their coin and its network. The stronger the community the more likely they are to also help it reach 100x by buying and shilling more.

The Danger of Acting on Social Sentiment

It should be noted that social cues and sentiment can also be driven by token holders in coordinated pump and dump schemes where social discourse and hype are coordinated to make it seem like legitimate price action.

Whereas, actually, these individuals are going to dump their tokens on the market once the price is high enough, leaving those that buy in late high and dry holding tokens that are worth much less than what they paid for them.

Current Token Price

Tokens that are already hitting all-time highs, or close to them, are less likely to have the capacity or space for huge levels of future growth, meaning that they’re very unlikely to attract the investors needed to drive the price up 100x.

Those far from their all-time highs, but still with potential in what utility or functionality they offer, are likely to drive towards our target of lofty gains should everything go their way. There is also the possibility that some of the best tokens currently at the presale stage could 100x as coins with the right marketing and levels of interest can skyrocket after their release.

Token’s History

If a token or network has a history of delivering large pumps in price then there will be more investors who believe that it can do it again, providing more fuel for the fire once the climb upward begins.

If a token, however, has been bumbling along in a particular price range for a long period, or been on a sustained downward trajectory, then its ability to change direction and head north could be in doubt, and the other points mentioned above need to provide evidence that it can do so before it’s considered a potential 100x crypto.

How to Find High Potential Crypto Tokens

Reading the analysis and methods of others is all well and good, but how do you find these tokens yourself? Here are some methods and platforms that can be incorporated into someone’s strategy when they’re looking for the next high potential token.

Coin Aggregators: Specifically, the most popular coin aggregators, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These platforms not only rank coins but show what coins are trending and also host lists of the newest coins. They also display social metrics and have their own communities and comments section that can allow you to get an insight into the social sentiment around a token.

DexTools: The DexTools platform is similar to a coin aggregator, except it focuses on aggregating trading information and token pairs from decentralized exchanges—offering users analytics and trading tools with which to analyze token pairs. Its focus is on DEXes and the pairings available there, giving users a different perspective on tokens.

X (Twitter): X is the global town square, and is where the majority of public conversations around tokens happen—making it a great tool for discovering trends as they happen. There is, however, a lot of shilling done on X and users should be wary of pump-and-dump schemes before they just start aping into tokens hyped on X.

What is “Aping in”?

To ape into a token is to purchase a presale token, market token, or NFT without conducting proper research. This is typically done on the back of the fear of missing out (FOMO) on potential gains.

The act of aping is to do so in an impulsive manner that is not informed by reason or prior research.

YouTube Commentators: YouTube and videos are where influencers and analysts post a lot of their content and this is where you can find insights from those who’ve been doing this work for a while. One to take note of is Jacob “Crypto” Bury, who has been noted for finding his followers the next successful coin on multiple occasions. He has also built a community of like-minded crypto fans on Discord, full of useful trading tools and hints.

Other notable crypto commentators on YouTube include: BitBoy Crypto, Michael Wrubel, and Crypto Banter.

Jacob Bury Welcome Banner

Technical Analysis: Good old-fashioned technical analysis is an important part of any token hunter’s or investor’s toolkit. Completing a technical analysis can help to inform you which direction a token may be traveling in the near future, and whether its stars are aligning for a big move upwards or not. If you’re new to technical analysis, check out our best cryptocurrency trading courses for beginners.

Professional and Enterprise Reports: Numerous companies in the space release quarterly and annual reports on the state of crypto, and even on different industries and niches within the blockchain space. Those who curate reports like this include Messari, DappRader, CoinGecko, and Binance.


100x is a big move for any asset, and predictions for such large moves are just that, predictions. That is why it is always important to research a project yourself before investing in it.

If we were, however, to direct you to look at one in particular, it would have to be our #1 pick, Sponge V2—a token that has already proven it can do 100x in the past and is going through a relaunch phase that will see it add greater utility, and more hype, to its already popular meme coin status.



Which coin could 100x next?

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Ben has been a freelance writer for almost a decade and started writing in the cryptocurrency space in 2019. Since then he has produced both technical and promotional content for layer 2 protocols (Milkomeda), blockchain development companies (dcSpark and Emurgo), and written content for his own ecosystem mapping website.