Next Crypto to Hit $1 in 2024 – Top 10 Contenders

As the crypto market heats up, traders and investors are trying to figure out which tokens are likely to be the Dogecoins and Shiba Inus of this cycle—that is, which coins could explode upwards and turn casual crypto investors into millionaires overnight.

There are many contenders, including tokens that have gotten highly publicized listings on major exchanges and coins that are still on presale and raising huge amounts of money. In this guide, we’ll highlight 10 tokens that we think have the potential to be the next crypto to hit $1. We’ll also look at what factors to consider when estimating a cryptocurrency’s potential.

The Most Likely Cryptocurrencies to Hit $1 Next

We’ve scoured the crypto market to find promising coins that could be the next crypto to hit $1. Here are our top 10 contenders in 2024:

  1. Dogecoin20 – Doge-inspired meme coin with staking rewards and supply cap, raised $10m+.
  2. Slothana – New Solana meme coin with airdrop presale that could end without warning; $6m already raised.
  3. 5thScape – VR gaming and headset crypto with huge market potential; $3m raised.
  4. Sponge V2 – Relaunch of 100x meme token with plans to list on Binance and OKX; 168% APY.
  5. Smog – Explosive meme coin with largest Solana airdrop and Ethereum bridge just days away. Up 318%.
  6. eTukTuk – Sustainable crypto building EV tuk-tuks and charging networks across Southeast Asia. Almost $3m raised.
  7. Bitcoin Minetrix –  Hugely successful presale token with $12m raised to revolutionize Bitcoin mining.
  8. Book of Meme – Solana meme coin listed on Binance, less than 100x gain to hit $1.
  9. SolSnap – Instagram for Solana, up 113,000% in the first 24 hours after launch.
  10. Rosewifhat – Trending meme coin riffing on Dogwifhat, up 50,000% in 24 hours.

A Closer Look at the Most Likely Next Cryptos to Hit $1

We’ll explore what each of these promising cryptocurrencies is all about and why we think one of them could be the next crypto coin to hit $1.

1. Dogecoin20 – Doge-inspired Meme Coin with Staking Rewards and $10m+ Raise

Dogecoin20 is one of the best meme coins for 2024, and we think it could quickly shoot past the $1 threshold after launch. This token builds on the legacy of Dogecoin but makes a few important tweaks that could send its price to the moon even faster.

First, Dogecoin20 has a cap on its total token supply. There will only ever be a maximum of 140 billion $DOGE20. That’s a big deal because it means that as demand for $DOGE20 goes up, so will the token’s price.

Dogecoin20 Next 1 Crypto

We expect huge demand to stem in part from another major thing Dogecoin20 is doing differently from Dogecoin: staking. Investors in $DOGE20 can earn up to 80% APY on tokens they purchase during the presale, and rewards are expected to continue long after the coin’s launch.

The Dogecoin20 presale has been enormously successful so far, raising more than $10 million. The token is currently priced at $0.00022, and it’s expected to launch on 4/20, which is unofficially known as “Doge Day.”

2. Slothana – New Solana Meme Coin with Exciting Airdrop Presale

Slothana is the latest Solana meme coin to make a huge splash in the market. This meme crypto has already raised more than $2.8 million in its ongoing crypto presale, and it’s turning heads because of its explosive potential.

What’s really exciting about Slothana is that the token presale could end at any time without warning. Slothana is using a new presale format in which there are no price tiers or countdown timers. Instead, investors simply send $SOL to the project’s contract address and receive $SLOTH airdropped to their wallet.

Slothana Presale Next Crypto to Hit 1

This approach is likely to result in strong leftover demand for $SLOTH after the presale ends. That means that the token’s initial DEX offering (IDO) could see the price skyrocket as buyers outpace the availability of tokens.

$SLOTH is currently trading at a rate of 10,000 $SLOTH per 1 $SOL, or about $0.00280. So, the token will need to notch a roughly 350x gain after launch to hit $1. That’s hardly a challenge for a popular meme coin.

3. 5thScape – VR Gaming Crypto with Huge Market Potential

5thScape is an innovative crypto project with the potential to blow the virtual reality (VR) market wide open. The project plans to develop a new, more immersive VR headset and a series of VR games to go with it. Long-term, 5thScape is eyeing a move into movies, education, and more, putting its technology in front of a massive global audience.

We’re bullish on 5thScape because even if the project only grabs a slice of the VR market, it would still be a huge success. The VR market today is worth an estimated $8 billion and growing at a rate of 30% per year. It’s currently dominated by just two companies—Oculus and Meta—so there’s room for 5thScape to introduce a superior product and steal a large market share.

5thScape crypto presale next crypto to hit $1

5thScape’s presale has already raised more than $3 million. Early investors can lock in a 300% unrealized gain from today’s discounted token price to the planned list price of $0.01. Notably, that price is just a 100x gain away from $1—putting the $5SCAPE token in striking distance to be the next crypto token to hit $1.

4. Sponge V2 – Relaunch of Explosive Meme Token, Aiming for Binance and OKX

Sponge was one of the biggest meme coins of 2023, and it’s back in 2024 with an exciting V2 launch. The original token delivered a nearly 100x gain for investors, and the V2 coin promises to be even bigger.

Sponge V1 has officially been retired. Anyone holding the V1 token could bridge to V2 by staking and permanently locking their V1 coins. New investors can buy V2 directly and receive their coins when the new token officially launches in a few weeks.

Sponge V2 Presale Next Token to Hit 1

So far, Sponge V2 has raised nearly $23 million in bridged V1 tokens and new V2 token purchases. The new coin will launch at a price of $0.002133, more than 8,500% above $SPONGE’s original launch price.

We think it’s likely that this token could explode 100x or more after launch, given the size of its existing community, which is more than 13,000 token holders strong. In addition, the $SPONGE team is determined to get the token listed on Binance and OKX, which could result in huge gains for early investors.

7. Smog – Explosive Solana Meme Coin with Airdrop and Ethereum Bridge

Smog is a Solana meme coin that’s already shot up nearly 25,000% from its launch price. But we think that could be just the beginning for $SMOG.

The Smog community is currently awaiting the project’s first $SMOG airdrop in just a few days. This promises to be a huge event for Smog, showing off the potential for future returns and driving up demand for $SMOG tokens. Notably, Smog is calling this airdrop ‘Season 1’—indicating that future drops are in store for loyal token holders.

Smog Crypto Presale Next to Hit 1

In addition, Smog is preparing to launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum presale is nearly over, but investors still have time to buy $SMOG on ETH at a 10% discount to the token’s current price. Investors in $SMOG-Eth will also qualify for staking rewards up to 42% APY.

$SMOG is currently priced at $0.17 and has a market cap of $131 million. So, the token is just a 6x gain away from becoming the next cryptocurrency to hit $1.

5. eTukTuk – Sustainable Crypto Building EV Network across Southeast Asia

eTukTuk not only has the potential to be the next crypto to hit 1 dollar but also make a significant impact in the fight against climate change. That’s because this sustainability-focused crypto is helping to electrify Southeast Asia’s fleet of tuk-tuk vehicles.

eTukTuk is advancing on two fronts. First, it’s designing a new electric tuk-tuk specifically built for Southeast Asian drivers. The new vehicle will be distinct from the EVs currently available in Western markets, carving out a unique niche for eTukTuk.

eTukTuk Presale Next 1 Token

Second, eTukTuk is building a network of EV charging stations across the region. This is where the project’s $TUK token is important. It will be used to pay for charging as well as to share revenue with investors who buy and stake $TUK tokens.

While the charging network is under development, early investors in eTukTuk can stake their $TUK tokens to earn 102% APY rewards. The $TUK presale has raised more than $2.6 million at a current price of $0.029.

6. Bitcoin Minetrix –  Successful Bitcoin Mining Presale Token with $12m Raised

Bitcoin Minetrix is another high potential crypto that could change how the world mines Bitcoin. Currently, individual miners have two options: they can set up their own mining rigs or rent hashpower through the cloud. Investing in mining equipment is prohibitive for most new miners, so cloud mining is extremely popular.

However, cloud mining currently involves sending crypto to a hashpower provider with no guarantee they’ll deliver. Bitcoin Minetrix solves that by offering mining credits to investors who stake the $BTCMTX token. Investors can then redeem these credits for hashpower and earn mined Bitcoin in their crypto wallets.

Bitcoin Minetrix Next Crypto to Hit 1

This process is safer, more efficient, and more user-friendly. In addition, Bitcoin Minetrix is developing its own Bitcoin mining software to make the mining process even easier.

The success of its presale highlights the need for a solution like Bitcoin Minetrix. It’s already raised more than $12 million. The $BTCMTX token is currently priced at $0.0143 and offers staking rewards at a rate of 55% APY.

8. Book of Meme – Solana Meme Coin Newly Listed on Binance

Book of Meme is one of the hottest meme coins of the crypto bull market so far. Within 48 hours of launching on Solana’s Raydium DEX, the token exploded 58,000%. Shortly after, it became the newest meme coin to list on Binance and jumped another 450%.

Since the listing, $BOME has pulled back to a price of $0.013 in what appears to be a consolidation phase. Book of Meme is likely to remain relevant during this phase thanks to its strong memes on social media. It could also list on more centralized exchanges, including OKX and Coinbase.

Boook of Meme Crypto Could Hit 1

With a community of more than 72,000 token holders, we think it’s likely that $BOME will pump again. When it does, a 100x gain is hardly out of the question.

9. SolSnap – Instagram for Solana up 113,000% in 24 Hours

SolSnap is another new Solana launch that’s seeing massive success in early trading. Within 24 hours of listing on Raydium, the token has spiked 113,000% and is still climbing. It already has nearly 5,000 token holders and has broken the $0.05 price threshold. We think $1 could be next.

SolSnap is effectively Instagram for Solana. It enables users to send photos and messages via a mobile app. Unlike Instagram, SolSnap is fully decentralized. It also supports fun avatars, which is a great way to keep the community engaged and allow users to fully express themselves.

SolSnap Crypto Price Chart

The project’s $SNAP token powers the ecosystem and offers token holders exclusive access to advanced features. Given the token’s successful launch and the app’s potentially huge appeal, we think this token could be one of the biggest winners of 2024.

10. Rosewifhat – Trending Meme Coin up 50,000% on First Day of Trading

Rosewifhat is a trending new Solana meme coin that’s up more than 50,000% on its first day of trading. The token combines two memes the crypto community loves: the Dogwifhat meme (which has its own meme coin that recently broke $1) and Rose, the Telegram bot.

The new token is already up to a price of $0.002, and it’s still very early. $RWIF has just 2,000 token holders and a market cap of less than $2 million. So, there’s plenty of room for this low cap crypto to surge higher.

Rosewifhat Crypto Price Chart

Considering the popularity of Solana meme coins right now, there’s a good chance that Rosewifhat could be the next Binance listing or launch on another major exchange. If that happens, it could be a massive catalyst for the token and send it soaring toward the $1 milestone.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Next $1 Crypto

Evaluating whether a project could be the next crypto coin to hit $1 involves both research and a sense of what’s popular in the crypto market. We’ll explore some of the key factors we look at when comparing promising cryptocurrencies.


The utility that a cryptocurrency offers is a key part of its value proposition. Tokens that address an important market need or fill a gap in existing solutions are more likely to attract users and see token prices go up.

When thinking about a new token’s utility, we look carefully at what problem the project is trying to solve. We also evaluate whether the project actually solves that problem effectively and whether the token plays an important role in the solution.

As an example, $JUP—the native token of Solana’s Jupiter DEX—recently surpassed $1. The DEX addresses a need for a low-cost, efficient way to buy new tokens on Solana, and its $JUP token plays a crucial role in the DEX by offering users a discount on trading fees.

Viral Potential

Many meme coins don’t have utility, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach $1. Solana meme coins like Dogwifhat have achieved prices well over $1 by going viral and attracting huge numbers of users. The $WIF token is now held by more than 100,000 token holders.

Dogwifhat Price Chart on DEXTools

Not every meme coin will go viral, and it can be hard to know which tokens are most likely to catch users’ attention. We focused on meme coins that have already proven they can build large communities—like $SPONGE and $SMOG—as well as tokens that build on the legacy of Dogecoin, Pepe, and other extremely successful memes.

Roadmap and Catalysts

We always look at the roadmap a project presents to see what updates, features, and exchange listings it has planned for the future. Roadmap milestones can be significant catalysts for new tokens, sending their prices soaring.

Major exchange listings are especially powerful for pushing tokens closer to $1. One analysis found that token prices surge 73% within the first 30 days after listing on Binance.

Price Momentum

Price momentum is one of the most promising signs that a crypto token has a chance to break the $1 threshold. When prices are going up, crypto traders tend to pile into a token and push its price up even further. These pumps can get quite large—just look at what happened to $PEPE recently, which shot up 800% as trading volume surged.


We always look carefully at tokenomics when considering whether a coin can be the next cryptocurrency to hit $1. It’s important that a token has a limited supply and that the inflation rate is relatively low. That way, when demand for a coin increases sharply, supply won’t be able to keep pace, and the token’s price will go up.


Hitting $1 is a major milestone for any new cryptocurrency. While there are many tokens that would like to reach this price threshold, only a few will likely succeed.

We analyzed dozens of promising new tokens to find the 10 cryptos most likely to break the $1 barrier. The top contender we found is Dogecoin20, which has raised $10 million so far and could see a massive pump when it launches on 4/20. Don’t miss this chance to buy the next crypto to hit $1 before it hits exchanges.


Which crypto could hit $1 next?

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