Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

Notcoin is one of the hottest crypto tokens on the market today, rocketing to a $2.5 billion market cap and taking first position among native coins on the TON blockchain. With so much momentum behind it, many investors and traders are wondering just how high $NOT could rise this year and beyond.

In our Notcoin price prediction, we’ll take a close look at $NOT’s price potential and forecast the token’s value from now until 2030. Keep reading to find out whether Notcoin is a smart token to buy today.

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Notcoin Price Prediction 2024-2030

Notcoin is a play-to-earn token built on the TON Network, the blockchain originally built by Telegram before being spun off into its own project. The Notcoin game is an applet on Telegram in which users tap on a virtual coin and earn tokens, which can then be converted into $NOT cryptocurrency.

The Notcoin game has proven incredibly popular, with more than 35 million active users by the time token redemptions for $NOT launched on May 16, 2024. The $NOT token listed on decentralized exchanges for trading on the same day.

From its launch to the beginning of June, $NOT has exploded by nearly 350% to a current price of $0.0244. It’s been one of the best altcoins of the year so far for investors. The token now has a $2.5 billion market cap and is the 47th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Here’s what we know about Notcoin right now:

  • Our real-time NOT/USD price data shows a current price of $0.0244
  • $NOT is available on most major exchanges, but not yet on Binance or Coinbase
  • $NOT has a market cap of $2.5 billion and is the largest coin on the TON Network other than $TON
  • 24-hour trading volume in $TON is $2.2 billion, making it the 7th-most heavily traded token on the market

Notcoin’s game is available to everyone on Telegram, which has a user base of more than 700 million worldwide. In addition, it’s part of the TON Network, which is one of the fastest-growing new blockchains and has the backing of Telegram.

Another positive sign for the token is that the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is standing behind $NOT. Durov was gifted $7 million in $NOT by holders and said he plans to hold the token until it gains 100x in value.

All of this suggests a very bullish outlook for Notcoin, with the price continuing to rise throughout this year and into 2025. Over the long term, further development of the Notcoin game could continue to drive engagement and keep the value of $NOT high.

Here’s a breakdown of our $NOT price prediction:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2024 $0.013 $0.050 $0.085
2025 $0.025 $0.090 $0.150
2030 $0.010 $0.145 $0.275

Notcoin Price History

Notcoin launched for trading on May 16, 2024. At that time, early players of the Notcoin game who held in-game tokens were able to redeem their tokens for $NOT on the TON Network.

The coin was initially priced at $0.010, but fell at first to a low of $0.0046 after 10 days of trading. The price of Notcoin then quickly began to rise, hitting an all-time high of $0.02896 on June 2.

Notcoin Price Chart

The current price of $0.0244 represents a nearly 350% gain from the token’s initial price and a market cap of more than $2.5 billion. Trading volume in $NOT has been especially impressive, with the token seeing more than $4.3 billion in 24-hour trading volume at its peak. $NOT trading surpassed trading in almost all other cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Here are the key points traders need to know about $NOT’s price action:

  • $NOT launched on May 16, 2024 at an initial price of $0.010
  • $NOT has rocketed 350% to $0.0244 and a $2.5 billion market cap
  • Trading volume in $NOT is over $2.2 billion, making it the 7th-most traded token.

Notcoin Price Prediction 2024

Notcoin is one of the hottest tokens of 2024, which is saying a lot in a year that’s been extremely bullish for the crypto market. The token’s trading volume and the fact that it has attracted more than 35 million users to its trending play-to-earn game is hard to ignore. Most important, these signals indicate that Notcoin’s meteoric rise is likely to be more than a short-lived pump.

We think that Notcoin has the potential to keep rising on its current momentum. While trading volume has declined from $4.3 billion to $2.2 billion, that’s still an enormous amount of volume and represents nearly the entire market cap of $NOT being traded on a daily basis.

On top of that, Notcoin has an important catalyst still ahead of it: listing on Binance and Coinbase, the world’s two largest exchanges. Research has shown that Binance listings typically generate a sustained 41% gain for tokens, and the gain for $NOT could be even bigger considering how much attention the coin has gotten already. Listing on Coinbase could propel $NOT even higher.

Another reason we’re bullish on $NOT is that the token has only tapped into a fraction of its potential audience so far. Although 35 million people currently play the Notcoin game—a huge number—Telegram has more than 700 million users. That means Notcoin could potentially attract 20 times more players than it currently has without migrating onto a new platform.

All of this encourages us that Notcoin has a lot of potential to keep growing in 2024. We predict an average price of $0.050, just over double the token’s price today, with a possible high price of $0.085—a 3.5x gain from today’s $NOT price.

Here’s a breakdown of our Notcoin price prediction for each month in 2024:

2024 Price
June $0.032
July $0.037
August $0.041
September $0.044
October $0.046
November $0.049
December $0.050

Notcoin Price Prediction 2025

Looking forward to 2025, we expect even more gains in the future price of Notcoin. The play-to-earn game could continue making inroads with Telegram users, increasing the number of people who hold and trade $NOT tokens. Notcoin could also develop deeper connections with the rest of the TON Network ecosystem, creating use cases that further drive up demand for $NOT.

NotCoin Earn More NOT

Notcoin’s roadmap also lays out the idea of Notcoin as a ‘Netflix for games.’ The platform could enable developers to build more crypto games on Notcoin’s infrastructure, using $NOT for in-game transactions and rewards. This would turn Notcoin from a standalone game into a development ecosystem for crypto gaming, making it an integral hub for Web3 activity.

We also expect growth in the TON Network itself to serve as a tailwind for the value of $NOT. The TON Network is actively attracting developers to create a myriad of projects for DeFi, crypto gaming, decentralized infrastructure, social networking, and more. Greater development is likely to attract more users to TON Network, and many of them are likely to try out Notcoin’s play-to-earn game.

With all of this in mind, we forecast a price of $0.090 for $NOT by the end of 2025, with a potential high up to $0.150. While there is likely to be some volatility in Notcoin’s value, we think the token will grow steadily throughout the year.

2025 Price
Low $0.025
Average $0.090
High $0.150

Notcoin Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2026-2030 Predictions

Many of the same trends that we think will shape Notcoin in 2025 will continue to boost the value of $NOT in 2026 and beyond. Development on the platform is especially important since this creates a vibrant ecosystem in which new games are introduced and users are kept engaged. We predict that the original Notcoin game will be a minor part of the Notcoin ecosystem by 2030 rather than a key driver of growth.

Greater adoption of crypto and Telegram over the remainder of the decade both bode extremely well for Notcoin’s value. More people will try out crypto for the first time, and many of them will do so through the TON Network on Telegram since that’s often the easiest on-ramp to Web3. Notcoin will be easily accessible to these new users, driving demand for $NOT tokens far into the future.

While specific predictions are difficult, we think $NOT could achieve a price of $0.145 by 2030, a roughly 6x gain from today’s price. That equates to a market cap of $15 billion, which is just below the market cap of $TON today.

In a highly bullish scenario—one in which TON Network becomes one of the most dominant blockchains—$NOT could potentially reach a price of $0.275 by the end of the decade. However, if $NOT fails to attract developers for its gaming ecosystem, the token could fall back to around its list price of $0.010.

Here’s our $NOT price forecast for 2026-2030.

2026 $0.105
2027 $0.115
2028 $0.130
2029 $0.140
2030 $0.145

Potential Highs & Lows of Notcoin Token

Notcoin’s success depends on two key factors as well as market trends. The first is continued growth of the TON Network, the blockchain on which Notcoin is built. This seems highly likely considering that TON Network is actively gaining developers, has significant backing from institutional investors, and is deeply integrated with Telegram.

The second factor is Notcoin attracting developers to build out its own gaming ecosystem as part of the future of blockchain gaming. This is less certain since it’s unclear whether developers on TON Network will decide to build games within Notcoin’s framework or develop standalone games and tokens. Notcoin has not yet begun the process of opening its platform to external developers, so it remains to be seen whether it can achieve scale.

We’ve developed high and low price predictions for $NOT that reflect the uncertainty around the platform’s development as well as general price volatility. Here are potential prices for $NOT under bullish and bearish trajectories:

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2026 $0.022 $0.105 $0.180
2027 $0.018 $0.115 $0.205
2028 $0.013 $0.130 $0.235
2029 $0.011 $0.140 $0.255
2030 $0.010 $0.145 $0.275

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Notcoin?

The meteoric rise of $NOT has turned heads throughout the cryptocurrency market, and many analysts have weighed in with their own Notcoin price forecasts. Here are some of the most notable predictions:

  • Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe predicted that Notcoin could rise 2x-5x faster than Bitcoin over 2024, although he didn’t give a specific price target for $NOT.

Notcoin Forecast by Michael Van de Poppe

  • CoinCodex predicts that $NOT could jump to $0.077 within the next 3 months, a bullish price target in line with our high prediction for Notcoin in 2024.
  • Digital Coin Price forecasts a price of $0.045 for $NOT by the end of 2024, in line with our own forecast.

What is Notcoin and What is it Used for?

Notcoin is a play-to-earn crypto game built on the Telegram network. In the game, players simply tap a digital token to earn coins, which they can then redeem for $NOT tokens through the TON Network.

Notcoin players can earn additional tokens by completing simple tasks, such as following social media accounts. Players who earn a lot of $NOT tokens can climb the game’s leaderboards and earn additional tokens for their performance.

NotCoin Play to Earn Game

Notcoin cannot be used for in-game purchases or upgrades at this time, but it does have value through token staking. In addition, players with more than 10 million $NOT tokens can redeem their coins for an exclusive Notcoin NFT.

In the long term, Notcoin plans to roll out a token swap to enable easier trading around $NOT. The platform also plans to allow developers to create their own play-to-earn games using the $NOT token.

Notcoin Token Overview

The $NOT token is the token that players earn for playing the Notcoin play-to-earn game. It’s fully integrated into the TON Network ecosystem and can be easily swapped for $TON or any other tokens on the TON Network.

Notcoin has a total supply of 102,719,221,714 $NOT tokens, all of which are currently in circulation. The token has a current market cap of $2.55 billion.

Cryptocurrency Notcoin
Token NOT
Price $0.0244
Market Cap $2,547,150,694
Circulating Supply 102,719,221,714
24 Hour Trading Volume  $2,285,048,513
All-Time High $0.02896
All-Time Low $0.004605
24 High $0.02644
24 Low $0.0214

Is Notcoin a Buy?

Notcoin is one of the hottest tokens in the crypto market right now, with a soaring price and massive trading volume. While the surge may taper off somewhat, our Notcoin’s price prediction today suggests that the token’s upward momentum will continue through the remainder of 2024 and into 2025. Notcoin has the potential to deliver substantial gains for investors as the token attracts more Telegram users and builds out its developer ecosystem.

That said, even our most bullish prediction for Notcoin indicates that the price of Notcoin will gain at most 6.25x by the end of 2025. Meanwhile, there are many emerging cryptocurrencies with the potential to deliver 10x or even 100x gains. Investors and traders willing to take on more risk may find greater opportunities in these new tokens.

Of course, it’s important that investors do their own research before buying $NOT or any other cryptocurrency. While our prediction is bullish, this is not investment advice and there is no guarantee that $NOT will continue to gain value.


Notcoin is a play-to-earn crypto built on the TON Network and integrated into the Telegram messaging app. Its $NOT token has soared to a $2.5 billion valuation in the past few weeks, and based on our Notcoin price prediction it may have even more gains ahead.

However, Notcoin is already a large-cap crypto, so potential future gains are relatively limited compared to investing in new cryptocurrencies. Investors looking for the biggest opportunities in the crypto market should check out our guide to the best cryptos to buy today.


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