Immediate Avage Review – Legit Crypto Trading Software?

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Immediate Avage is a relatively new trading platform that pays a lot of attention to defining the concept of trading as a whole while promising to provide users with a straightforward system to buy and sell assets.

How legitimate are this platform’s features? Explore this Immediate Avage review as we take a closer look.

Immediate Avage Summary

Here are the key details we found on the Immediate Avage website:

Type of Platform Advanced Crypto Trading
Minimum Deposit $250
Claimed Success Rate Not mentioned
Supported Cryptocurrencies Cryptos, stocks, Forex, commodities, and other options
Mobile App No Immediate Avage Application
Withdrawal or Deposit Fees No mention of Withdrawal or Cashout Fees
Customer Service 24/7 – After Registration

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Avage?

Immediate Avage advertises itself as a beginner-friendly platform focusing on simplifying the core concepts of trading.

Immediate Avage

Trading is revolutionizing the world, the site claims. However, even though trading is accessible, it requires a lot of patience and research to do properly. Immediate Avage claims to have a simple solution for this issue – removing all the research-related roadblocks that stop people from exploring assets.

It promises to condense the enormous amount of market data about assets and display it in a form that anyone can understand.

“Investors won’t need to spend hours looking for various resources”, the platform says. All the information that investors want is reportedly provided in one place.

Supporting this nuanced take on trading are perks like broad device compatibility, a simple trading interface, and a demo trading account that the platform says will help investors fine-tune their strategies.

However, we couldn’t test these features nor confirm their presence since it has a steep deposit requirement of $250. That said, the site asserts that it doesn’t charge any other fees.

Who Created Immediate Avage?

Immediate Avage is mum about who created the website, but on its “About Us” page, it does tell an interesting story.

It tells a tale of a team that came together after almost giving up on trading. This team envisioned the creation of a crypto trading platform where research is streamlined, trading is simple, and UI is interactive.

However, despite these details, the website has said nothing about who these team members are. Social media sites are equally oblivious to the platform or its makers.

How Does Immediate Avage Work?

Immediate Avage AI doesn’t have any features akin to a trading robot. That means it doesn’t support hands-free trading features. At least, that’s the impression we got upon reading the website’s content.

However, multiple third-party reviews tell of a different platform of the same name. They talk about a Bitcoin robot with features like the Smart Trade Automator that offers autonomous trading facilities.

But the site we got access to purportedly has only simple trading utilities since its goal is to make crypto investments more streamlined.

Per the site’s claims, investors can get all the core info about cryptocurrencies in one place, which hints at the presence of educational tools.

On the other hand, the platform also says that it condenses the information so that investors only need to look at important information. It is possible that this utility leverages artificial intelligence.

The platform also talks about an account manager who helps investors get familiar with the platform and provides them with trading advise.

Based on these disparate pieces of information, we can consider the following as the way how Immediate Avage works.

  • Investors first create an account and make a deposit, after which they get access to the trading tools.
  • The same investors can test the site using the demo trading account, after which they may switch to live trading.
  • The platform’s account manager may advise them about which cryptos to pick or help them learn the intricacies of the platform.

You may find more information about it by talking to the customer support team.

Immediate Avage Pros and Cons


  • Offers a simple sign-up process
  • Claims to offer a straightforward trading system
  • Features account managers
  • Claims to have been designed to make investments simple


  • No details about the devs are available
  • No customer testimonials
  • Requires a deposit of $250

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Devices Can be Used to Access Immediate Avage?

Immediate Avage is a web-oriented application, which means it is accessible on all devices. We tested it and found that the website opened correctly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Immediate Avage Supported Countries

Per the website, Immediate Avage is available in a broad range of countries. However, the platform states that it is not available in the US.

US-based users may need to use a VPN to access the website.

Immediate Avage – Top Features

Immediate Avage claims to use the following features to offer a smoother and more comfortable trading experience to users:

Support on Multiple Devices

According to the website, Immediate Avage is available on multiple devices. Whether a trader is stationary or mobile, according to the platform, its features will be accessible everywhere.

Intuitive User Interface

In order to remove any obstacles to using the website, Immediate Avage has reportedly employed a robust user interface. According to the claims, this interface only makes necessary details available.

Account Manager

Investors won’t have to trade alone, according to the claims. There is an account manager available whose help and advice will be instrumental in executing trades.

Demo Trading Account

It is important for investors to assess the platform’s quality before starting trading. To help with that, Immediate Avage reportedly offers a demo trading account. However, a deposit of $250 has to be made in order to access any of the platform’s features, including this one.

Simplified Withdrawals

According to the website, investors will have access to a simplified withdrawal process. Per some third-party reviews, withdrawals don’t take more than 24 hours.

Is Immediate Avage a Scam?

Immediate Avage does not make any bold claims. You won’t find that it promises to deliver guaranteed profits or a high win rate. It also doesn’t promise the presence of any automated trading features.

Is Immediate Avage Scam or Legit?

It only asserts that users will find it easier to interact with the platform to execute trades.

However, there is no evidence to prove even the minor claims it has made. Third-party reviews are quite ambiguous in this regard as well, focusing too much on the quality of its trading features rather than listing them.

The lack of customer testimonials also doesn’t allow us to see the full picture. And since this platform’s name is similar to other sites featuring a crypto trading bot, there is a lot of confusion around whether this platform is legit or not.

Investors must test the site on their own to learn about this platform’s efficacy.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Immediate Avage?

There is a mandatory deposit of $250 that has to be made by anyone wanting to use this platform. This deposit unlocks the features that the site claims to have. Furthermore, Immediate Avage also reportedly uses this amount to execute the initial trades.

Immediate Avage Customer Support

24/7 customer support is available on Immediate Avage. However, this feature is only meant for registered users. Non-registered users have to remain satisfied with the Contact Us page, which doesn’t always provide a response.

How to Start Trading on Immediate Avage?

Listed below are the steps to start trading on Immediate Avage:

Step 1: Registration

Visit the official Immediate Avage website and start the registration process. Fill out the registration form with your name, email, and phone number. A link will be sent out for identity confirmation. Clicking on that link will reportedly take you to the broker’s website, from where you will be able to use your credentials to log in.

Create an account on Immediate Avage

Step 2: Deposit the Minimum Amount

Once you have created your account, according to Immediate Avage, it is ready to use. Before you can start live trading, however, a deposit of $250 has to be made. Multiple modes of payment are available, including bank transfer, Neteller, and credit or debit cards.

Step 3: Start Trading

After the account has been funded, investors are advised to test the site’s features using the demo account first. The site also says to start the trading journey slowly. “Don’t invest too much in your first few trades”, the platform asserts.

How to Delete an Immediate Avage Account?

Immediate Avage doesn’t say anything about the process of deleting an account. However, since the site claims to be transparent, this feature may be found in the dashboard.

Alternatively, investors can talk to the customer support team for answers.

The Verdict

Immediate Avage is one of the more modest trading platforms we have reviewed so far. It doesn’t claim that it has any large features, neither does it claim to generate guaranteed profits. And from the content, much focus has been placed on exercising caution while trading.

However, even with the minuscule details available, there is no supporting evidence online. Although third-party reviews have been positive, they talk about features that we did not come across. No one knows who made this website, and information about the assets available on the platform is also not available.

Therefore, it is better to invest conservatively when using this website. Alternatively, investors are advised to look for legitimate AI trading platforms for their trading needs.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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