Immediate Core Review – Legit Crypto Trading Platform?

Learning about crypto trading has become a must, especially at a time when the Bitcoin price is on the rise. Immediate Core claims to provide educational resources to learners worldwide.

How effective are the lessons available on Immediate Core, though? The answer to this question is the subject of this review for 2024.

Immediate Core Overview

Type of Platform Investment education platform
Topics covered Cryptos, stocks, commodities, mutual funds, and more
Training modes  Blogs, books, research papers, videos, and podcasts
Mobile App No Immediate Core mobile application
Fee Required No mention of a subscription fee
Customer Service Accessible through the Contact Us page

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What is Immediate Core?

Immediate Core portrays itself as a one-stop shop for financial education. The goal of this platform, per the content of the website, is to connect users with investment education firms. When it comes to its mission, the platform talks about democratizing financial education for everyone.

In essence, the site reportedly acts as a gateway to other crypto education firms. It states that learners from all around the world can access what the platform has to offer and can do so without any charges.

Immediate Core Review

In terms of what type of education is provided, Immediate Core doesn’t say much. However, from the looks of the website, we believe that investors will encounter lessons about stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Mutual funds are another subject we expect Immediate Core to cover since the platform talks a little about it on the website.

Getting started requires that users sign up, which is a seamless process, according to the platform. Only standard details are required, and the platform will then connect users to a suitable education firm.

The platform talks about providing tailored assistance and insights, which hints at the presence of blogs. However, as we dove deep into the content, we also saw it talking about lessons in the form of videos, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Despite the platform’s simplified features, it hasn’t provided any detail about the investment education companies. The site has also kept us in the dark about its founders. Its fee structure, although stated to be free, doesn’t provide a lot of details.

Who Created Immediate Core?

Immediate Core doesn’t tell us anything about who created it. When talking about the team behind the project on the About Us page, the only information that we came across is that users were innovators who wanted to remove the existing roadblocks that stopped crypto education from spreading.

There is also no information about these founders on social media sites. It is clear that the founders of this site are anonymous, which is not a big deal considering the site only provides crypto education and no trading facilities.

How Does Immediate Core Work?

Immediate Core only portrays itself as a crypto education platform, nothing else. Therefore, it has provided us with something that allowed us to take a look at how it works.

The platform states that users can first come to the website using a simple sign-up process. This process only takes a few minutes and involves the account managers learning about how much the users know about finance.

How Does Immediate Core Work

Then, these investors are partnered up with suitable investment education companies. Per the website, users will have access to customized learning, allowing them to learn about financial instruments at their own pace.

That being said, there is no mention of a tiered structure being present. So, we are not sure whether the lessons are divided among classes like basic, advanced, and intermediary.

Since the trading platform is web-based, no lessons can be downloaded from the platform, which can be considered a negative for those looking to learn about investment without having to rely on internet connectivity.

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Immediate Core Pros and Cons 

Listed below are the pros and cons of Immediate Core:


  • Signing up on the platform is simple
  • Users can reportedly learn through different methods
  • Video lessons and podcasts are reportedly available
  • Per the claims, there are no charges on fees


  • No details about who made the platform
  • No details are available about the partner investment education companies

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Devices Can be Used to Access Immediate Core?

Immediate Core does not provide any detail about which countries support it. However, as we explored the languages that the platform supports, we found that it is available in 12 languages. While it is not clear in which countries Immediate Core is available, we can state that it might not be available in the US due to the region’s regulatory issues.

Which Devices Can Access Immediate Core?

Immediate Core is a web application that does not make it clear on which devices it is supported. However, we tested the site’s compatibility by opening it on multiple devices. We found that the site opens properly on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Immediate Core – Top Features

Immediate Core doesn’t highlight a lot of features on its website. However, we were able to extrapolate some features from the claims it makes:

Easy Registration Process

The platform describes its registration process as “fast and seamless”. Investors don’t need to wait for long to start leaning about finances. They can come to the website, enter their details, verify their account, and get started with the learning.

Tailored Assistance and Insights

Immediate Core claims that users can get access to tailored assistance from the account manager. Furthermore, learners can also get personalized assistance when starting their learning journey, per the site’s claims. According to the website, a representative of the investment education firm contacts users when they create an account.

Multiple Modules to Learn 

Investors will have access to multiple learning modules, the site claims. They will reportedly be able to learn about mutual funds, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other financial aspects. Per the website, this information is delivered in a simple manner and in a comprehensible language.

Multiple Educational Firms

Immediate Core reportedly acts as a gateway, allowing investors to reach out to multiple education firms to learn about finances and investments. These firms, per the site’s claims, deliver optimal resources and multiple educational materials that range from books, articles, and videos to webinars and podcasts.

Is Immediate Core Legitimate or a Scam?

To mark a platform as a scam, we have to look at the claims the website has made and then try to look at evidence that can point to the contrary. However, in Immediate Core’s case, this isn’t a simple matter.

For one, the claims it has made are not big. Nowhere on its website has it been portrayed that Immediate Core’s main function is as a trading platform.

It simply claims to be a gateway giving users access to investment education companies. It doesn’t make any claims about how simple or difficult the lessons are, and neither does it make any claims that investors will be allowed to enter a trading community. Considering these factors, it doesn’t look like Immediate Core is a scam.

The problem arises when we consider other reviews. None of them have reviewed Immediate Core as an investment education platform. They have marked it as an auto trading platform, giving autonomous trading facilities. This creates a fair bit of confusion among learners.

Furthermore, there are no customer testimonials online that could tell us of the efficacy of the trading features the platform reportedly has.

Another matter of concern is about the makers of the platform. There is no information on it either on the website or anywhere else on the web. While their anonymous nature isn’t that alarming, a little more transparency from the Immediate Core’s end would have been good.

What is the Minimum Deposit Required on Immediate Core?

Immediate Core is not a trading platform, which is why it hasn’t mentioned any minimum deposit requirement. However, it may have a set subscription model or freemium features. Ask the customer support team to find out the answers regarding these points.

Immediate Core Customer Support 

Immediate Core doesn’t talk about any customer support. However, it does talk about tailored assistance that learners will get once they sign up on the website. While this indicates that investors can reach out to an account manager through multiple means, the only option that was visible to us was the Contact Us page.

The Contact Us page might not yield quick results since it is email-based. However, registered users might be able to access all the features that Immediate Core promises its user base.

How to Start Learning on Immediate Core

Learners can take the steps below in order to start learning on Immediate Core:

Step 1 – Registration on Immediate Core

Readers must first go to the official Immediate Core website and create an account. The site suggests that the process is simple and only involves entering key details, such as email, password, and phone number.

Create an Account on Immediate Core

Once the details go through, learners will likely receive an email with a link to verify their accounts. That will take them to the next step.

Step 2 – Pairing With an Investment Education Firm

Once a user has confirmed their account, an account manager may reach out to them to ask them questions about their financial expertise. Depending on the answer, learners may get paired up with a suitable investment education company.

We recommend answering questions as truthfully as possible since it isn’t clear whether Immediate Core has a tiered learning structure for investors with different levels of expertise.

Step 3 – Start Learning Through Immediate Core

Investors can then start their learning process. The website suggests that learning is free. However, it isn’t clear whether the investment education companies will ask them for some initial deposit. We recommend that investors clear all their doubts about the platform by switching on the learning modules.

How to Delete an Immediate Core Account?

Immediate Core provides no information about how to delete an account. The best option would be to find the button to delete an account on the dashboard. In case this option isn’t available, investors can instead talk to the customer support team to get their accounts removed.

That said, deletion of an Immediate Core account will only be wise if there is an automated payment model. If not, we recommend keeping the account dormant. That will likely close the account in a few months.

The Verdict

By all accounts, Immediate Core looks like a standard investment education platform. It does not talk about any trading features. All it focuses on is investment-related education and how to democratize it. In a bid to make it affordable, it has reportedly implemented a zero-fee model. However, there is no information online that could help us determine the truthfulness of this claim.

Another big issue is the lack of third-party reviews. No current available reviews have assessed the platform as an investment education. The lack of customer testimonials is also an issue, and so is the lack of info about the platform’s founders. Therefore, investors must take necessary precautions before using this website.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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